The information on this webspace is evidence of slave labour in Australia.

A person could be doing far more interesting things with his time than describing Australians(aussies). Aussies are worthless people. Australian culture is a worthless culture.

The racist police organisations in Australia are doing slave labour experiments against certain racial groups.

(similar to the police organisations that used to exist during the apartheid era of South Africa.Many of those caucasian South African police racists in the police and militaryhave probably migrated to Australia.

Many Boer Police have migrated to Australia.)

The racist police organisations in Australia are using slave labour device technology to pressure citizen(s) into describing Australians(aussies) that a citizen(s) has nothing to do with.

i.e. The police organizations in Australia are doing slave labour experiments against citizen(s) who don't have a criminal record. Everything they do is a 'behind the back' of the victim of experiments. There are no letters sent to the victim(s) of experiments to attempt to explain why. There have been no formal explanations about such experiments. So a person can come to the conclusion that they(police organisations) are doing extremely illegal activities against modern law system, against article 147 of the 4th Geneva Convention. So a person can come to the conclusion that they(police organisations) are doing experiments for no other reason than a person's race (or racial category).

If you have information to prosecute the racist activities of Australians, try to find the website connected to this webspace. On the website is an email address to send information.

The author(s) of this webspace probably do not want to prosecute many of the 'small fish' that Australian police organisations want to prosecute. The author(s) of this webspace want the racist police organisations in Australia and nazi doctors in Australia to be prosecuted first.

[i.e. To elucidate things as politely as possible, the author(s0) of this webspace want to prosecute nazi doctors and racist police scum including Katrina Nichols and Adam Burne first...and also want to prosecute middle eastern gang scum along with the racist police and nazi doctors.]

See also the webspaces:




Australians(aussies) are worthless people.Australia(aussie culture) is a worthless culture.

A person could be doing for more interesting things than describing aussies.

For example, here is what a person thinks about Australians(aussies) summarised in a poem

. Aussies are clowns,

Aussies [are] Gallipoli clowns.

Aussies [are] vietnam clowns.

Gallipoli and Vietnam were humiliating defeats against the Australian nation.

Australia has is an illogical culture that magnifies their defeats rather than celebrating victories. Australia has is an illogical, worthless culture that no intelligent person would support.


The mentality/attitude of Australians(aussies) is that they are racially intolerant while projecting an image of  friendliness toward certain racial groups.

[Pretend friendliness is a way for Australians(aussies) [to] have access to certain racial groups: those racial groups which Australians(want) to exploit ]

When Australians(aussies) can no longer project an image of friendliness, Australians(aussies) want to murder those certain racial groups which Australians(aussies) don't racially tolerate.

[A cybernetic listening device/slave labour device attached to the nervous system] is one of the methods used for racists(modern nazis) to appear friendly toward individual(s) they are racially intolerant toward. Australians(aussies) are such modern Nazis.



Australians(Aussies) have a culture that for years sows racial hatred behind the backs of certain racial groups, and then aussies pretend they want to be friendly afterwards.  

i.e. when aussies are younger they are taught to do all manner of horrible racism against certain racial groups.

When aussies become older then they pretend to be respectable... but when aussies beocme older they teach their offspring to do racism.

So the cycle of racism continues from one generation to the next  among aussies.

Such racism does not need to be occuring.

Because aussies sow hatred, aussies should expect to reap hatred: hatred against aussies.

Because aussies sow hatred, aussies should expect to reap hatred...

(Because aussies sow hatred, aussies should expect to reap hatred,

instead  friendship when aussies pretend to be older and wiser and friendlier.

And when other nations discover how aussies teach their offspring to be racists while they are young  ,

other nations don't need to consider younger aussies as friendly either.

Perhaps some people see both young and old aussies  as worthless people... a worthless culture.)

     <------Aussies have been asking the question: Do you believe that societies become more racially tolerant over time?

 Answer:  NO. Aussies have a sodomite society, a dishonest society, that is secretly racially intolerant(intrinsically xenophobic) from one generation to the next. Sodomite societies are always acting as wolves in sheeps clothing against some racial group.

  Sodomites are based on creating injustice against some racial group that they relegate to the status of outsiders.  Genesis 18:20-21

Galatians 6:8 -Those who live only to satisfy their own sinful nature will harvest decay and death from that sinful nature. But those who live to please the Spirit will harvest everlasting life from the Spirit.

 Proverbs 22:8 -Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity, and the rod of his fury will fail.


summary: What do the author(s) of this webspace want?


[say device real] 
[say in letter ]
[send written letter] 
     <------ this could be called confirmation of technology.
[write device real ]
[write in letter] 
[send written letter]

       <----- send letter(s) to me/us , send to international courts, etc.


Australia,USA, Britain was experimenting with slave labour devices against mentally retarded people in sheltered workshops during the 1980s. Aussies didn't want to say anything because such devices are used like a Sodom and Gomorrah 'tree of knowledge' or 'world tree' for sodomites(aussies) to gather around and do their depraved molech/baphomet customs.

[Sodomite nervous systems can detect when such devices ar enear. Ground/ionosphere energy/waves build up to a smaller extent in such devices(receiving circuit are a component) and sodomites through perverse sex activity result in sodomite nervous systems being able to detect such waves when near devices.

  Whether people want to believe such information, it needs to be stated for reference.The ability of ancient and modern sodomites to detect ground-ionosphere waves is probably similar to how "dowsers(dowsing)" can find water flowing underground, and "geomancy" abilities that freemasons teach their members. Freemasonry groups are based upon sodomy(ritual sex) customs, similar to how Templars  were said to kiss each other at the base of the spine.

Such waves detected by (1)very large antennas for detection of very low frequencies,

and possibly also (2)complex neural networks like the human brain and nervous system(from a biology poin t of view animal brains and nervous systems.Also, brains being divided into 2 hemispheres maybe brains act like "ground-ionosphere wave interferometers" in a similar way to how 2 eyes are "visible light interferometers".  The 2 halves of the brain could also be described as a "neural network interferometer" .)

How modern nazi doctors intend to develop slave labour devices to use against many people:

sheltered worshops 1980s,early 1990s (mentally retarded people)-----> then mid 1990s people with nervous system damage(mentally normal) -----> then eventually certain racial groups(mentally normally)(see publication 'conversations with rauschning')

australia_is_a_worthless_nation.jpg <--- posted 25/10/2018

Australian(aussie) behaviour can be summarised as:
1) pretend friendliness to get within reach of people.
2) hitting people in the ribs by surprise.

Aussies act in a such a way with words: pretend friendliness, then they hit by surprise.

Safe Bases are probably connected to this kind of behaviour,
however Safe Bases are probably places where aussies physically hit people in some manner.

....and racial hatred crimes occur near safe bafes.

Australia is a nation that is about Indo-European(Aryan) colonialism against certain racial groups.
Australia is a nation that is about the kind of racist behaviour that occurred in Nazi Death Camps in World war 2.

Australians reveal the identity of their culture, by creating situation where socially alone, with no witnesses.
Also, Australians reveal the identity of their culture, probably by luring people into safe bases,
and then enacting the racism that don't want to be seen by other people.
Indo-European(Aryan) colonialism is the same kind of behaviour that occurred in Nazi Death Camps in World War 2.
- colonialsim where people are forbidden to speak because of race.
- people being spat on because of their race, if they speak.
- people being physically attacked (slapped,punched,kicked) on because of their race, if they speak.
- people being murdered because of their race, if they speak.

Australians(aussies) are taught to conspire this kind of racism.
Australians(aussies) play games of which people to speak to and which people not to speak to ...
Australian women in particular are taught to how to enact this kind of racism.

Terminology connected to such racism.
Ostracism,Marginalisation,Racial crime,race hate violence, Racially motivated murders,"shut up slave" behaviour,
sodomite selfishness (including selfishness for one's race), sodomite injustice (Genesis 18:20)

slave_labour_experiments_in_australia_connected_to_nazi_concentration_camp_slogan_arbeit_macht_frei_or_the_lie_that_work(slave labour)_results_in_freedom__slave_labour_is_really_a_step_toward_extermination.jpg

Australians(aussies) should try to remember the lessons of world war 2.

If Australians are trying to exterminate certain racial groups in Australia (via experiments with slave labour devices), such modern nazi activity might result in the destruction of the nation of Australia.

[Australia should formally admit/confirm that it is perpetrating experiments with modern slave labour devices, and face the consequences in international court. If Australia continues to be silent  in the context of the use modern slave labour devices, it is going to result in the annihilation of the nation of Australia.

 The author(s) of this website think that Australia is beyond redemption in terms of its secret Nazi activities (race war activities), so Australia is probably on a path of annihilation (annihilation against the nation of Australia. ]

added 14/08/2017:

Such slave labour devices have been developed by nations such as the USA,Britain,Australia according to the plans of the nazi party as described in world war 2 publications such as "Conversations with Rauscning" . Slave Labour and extermination of certain races were part of the nazi plan of conquest in World war 2. Britain,USA,Australia are following such a nazi-ideology plan in the decades after World 2. 

Added 20/08/2017:

The following illegal medical research possibly has something to do with modern slave labour device technology("cybernetic listening device" technology).

Physical Control of the Mind: Toward a Psychocivilized Society ,by Jose M. R. Delgado M.D.

José Delgado, a neuroscientist from Yale University...

...This work was supported by grants from the Foundations' Fund for ...  the Office of Naval Research, Washington...

a radio-equipped array of electrodes, or "stimoceiver,"

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Ewen_Cameron  <---- British/Scottish medical doctor.

torture techniques on his involuntary hospitalized patients... use of a football helmet clamped to the head with taped messages...

Dr. Ewen Cameron, who would conduct inhumane research on patients on ... Patients were made to wear football helmets fitted with internal speakers, ...

such experiments possibly  are connected to "electronic harassment"  techniques where slave labour devices are attached to the nerves to cause  discomfort, to adversely affect concentration, as an attempt to turn  any human being into  a vegetable that sits in one place and does nothing, learns nothing, sees nothing, hears nothing. <--- referred to as "sensory deprivation" . 

i.e. humans turned into vegetables that sit in one place and do nothing when biological experimenters want them to do nothing ,and humans that can do only menial  labourtasks when biological experimenters want them to work.


Cameron converted the horse stables behind Allan Memorial into an elaborate isolation and sensory deprivation chamber where he kept patients locked in for weeks at a time


See also author R. Stuart MacKay.






Virgona is probably a Spanish Jew. He is probably connected to slave traders in Spain.

Mark virgona (spanish jew) ---- BENJUMEA family in Spain(slave traders) & DELGADO----- Juan Carlos of Spain --- Phillip O'greece(Windsor,England,UK) --- Snowdon(Amrstrong-Jones,Wales,UK)
| |
| Syria(Ummayyads),Iran(Persia,Sassanids) ---- Israel(Netanyahu)
| |
| Saudi Arabia

Thai wife of virgona ----- Thailand ----- Sultan of Brunei (Borneo)

Virgona is possibly a sex criminal that has taken vacations to Thailand (sex trips).Maybe Virgona married a Thai woman to hide his homosexual/bisexual lifestyle


Sodomites(predatory humans) <-----> Slave Traders(predatory humans).

There is probably often a connection between groups of Slave traders  and Sodomite lifestyles.


Paul John Hobbs owns the home that Mark Virgona lives in.

[Virgona is a renter, not a home owner. This is probably relevent to state, because there might be a connection of Paul John Hobbs to the previous renters and/or owners of the home where Mark Virgona lives.]

Jew's aren't special.Jews are mortal.Jews are capable of dieing like any other race/people.

Why didn't the jewish god protect the 6 million jews in World War 2? Because Jews are not protected by god.

Benjamin Netanyahu:probably a member of the arab-jewish "Benjumea" family from Spain.
Benjumea are Arab-Jewish slave traders(racists) related to the Umayyad family from Syria.
Benjumea are spanish-arab-jew racists who are obsessed with blonde people.
[which suggests they have allied themselves with germanic nazism in some way.]
Over the centuries, the Benjumea family have made war with and intermarried with the Sassanid family from Iran.
Names:Iddo,Benjamin,Yonatan Netanyahu ,Benzion Netanyahu, Tzila Segal.


...and from a theological point of view, evidence that modern jews are NOT god's people.

The prophecies in the bible(old testament) are "conditional".

18:10-12King James Version (KJV). 10 If it do evil in my sight, that it obey not my voice, then I will repent of the good, wherewith I said I would benefit them. 11 Now therefore go to, speak to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, saying, Thus saith the Lord; Behold, I frame evil against you,

ancient Jews failed to be faithful to the ways of the Jewish God, so they are no longer god's people.

So the unfulfilled prophecies about jews in the old testament will NEVER come to pass.

.. also from a military influence point of view:Judaism, as a religion , is something to laugh about.

Judaism is a religion based upon a temple of worship, but there is an Islamic temple located where Jews consider their temple should be.Modern Israel does not have sufficient military power to remove the Islamic temple and rebuild their own temple.  The Jewish god is not strong enough to remove an islamic temple from modern Israel, similar to how the Jewish God was NOT strong enough to militarily defeat the nations which had chariots of iron in ancient times (Judges 1:19 ).


Alan Sparkl might be connected to a physical attack on a professional cricketer called Ricky Ponting at a pub/bar(oldstyle hotel where  beer is served to the public). In the news story about Rickey Ponting getting a black eye in 1999, Alan Sparkl or someone that looks very similar to Sparkl made a comment.

[That news story about Ricky ponting might have some connection to Westmead Children's hospital in Sydney Australia, and/or psychiatrists at Westmead Hospital psychiatric ward C4a: Doctors R.T. Brad, Robertson, Snelling, Hany Samir.,Sharon Moore. The femaile psychiatrists have probably since married so now have different surnames.Maybe the news story is connected additionally to a former policeman named Adam Burne. who llater worked for Norwest Legal services in connection with himself(Burne) being a "bad cop"(corrupt racist policeman)  R.T Brad possibly has some association with Adam Burne.

     See also below mention of a woman looking very similar to Mili Avital(actress) working at Westmead Hospital as sa "triage doctor" who first interviewed people who come into the main entrance(emergency entrance?) at Westmead hospital. i.e. A woman that went to the same High School as Toni Collette(actress) and is of possibly of Turkish ethnicity.]

[added 29_01_2018]

Recent information: Alan Sparkl ipossibly has the ethnicity: Hungarian-Sicilian(Italian) - Gypsy .

Sparkl says he is Hungarian and has inbred Sicilian(italian island) eyes.


Information which someone out there might know more about:

Wayne Brodie's family possibly owns an underground "mosh pit" in Papua New Guinea
(underground slavery disco? underground basement with disco music ?.
See the movie "World on a wire" for further information about undergorund mosh pits.)

Mary Donaldson from Tasmania has access to such venues and so her nickname is "Mosh".
[Such a nickname might suggest she is a heavy metal music fan.]
Wayne Brodie is friends with a relative of Mary Donaldson.

The western media portrays Mary Donaldson as an Australian, but she has a Boer(Caucasian-Dutch-South-African) accent.

Local Adventist pastor Lewis G. Parker used to be a missonary in Papua New Guinea,Lewis G. Parker looks ethnically Dutch.

The Mosh Pit in Papua New Guinea is on the way from Australia to the East-Asian-Muslim "Sultan of Brunei" on the island of Borneo.
Students from Sydney University sometimes make extra money for themselves by prostituting themselves in the harem of the Sultan of Brunei.
The Catherine Zeta-Jones double from Sydney university is possibly one of the University students who prostituted themselves in such a way.
She might be friends with Jose (Ho-zay) an Indonesian exchange student who attended University, but whose name sounds like a Philippino.

The underground mosh pit in Papua New Guinea possibly has something to do with a news story about the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller in 1961 in Papua New guinea,

See also information about Mary Rockefeller Morgan who Lewis G. Parker has some resemblance to.( like brother and sister or close cousins.)



names/terminology: Disney, Miley Cyrus, Billy-Ray Cyrus, Sukhihova, Andrew Windsor, Jeffrey Epstein,Snowdon(Amstrong-Jones),Margaret Windsor, Anne Windsor,Andrew Windsor, ,Anglo-germanic terrrorist factory aka safe base/racial safety base/sodomite base ,name possibly Brad morgan or he knows Brad Morgan,Paul Saunders, Robert Saunders the brother of Paul Saunders.

http://tapnewswire.com/2015/09/mossad-blackmail-ring-linked-to-prince-andrew .


Cyrus is a Persian(Iranian) name.    Is Billy -Ray Cyrus a Persian(iranian) or Arab in America?


networks of  Ukraininian homosexuals/Russian homosexuals/Mongol homosexuals. [ukrainian/russian/mongol mafia?]

boris moiseev ---- resembles Snowdon.

Dima Bilan(Omsk,Russia) [singer,Russian Mongol]

Philipp Kirkorov[Bulgarian Russian actor that portrayed as a Sultan in films.]

   <------ See also a similar character portrayed in the music video "take a ride" by Brooklyn Bounce.\

[Such Sultan film characters possibly look more like Vlad the Impaler(Romanian) than Turkish Sultans.]

Notre that when such portrayals occur, the person's real face is not shown.

Racists want to substitute their own faces then portray their racist selves as Sultans.

Racists want to substitute their own race face(racial face)  and then portray their own race as Sultans. 

If Turks and Romanians conspire to steal a kingship/kingdom then they create propaganda about a Sultan with a turkish face, or a Sultan with a Romanian face, but really their victim is not Turkish, and is not Romanian, and has a different face.


Description of racism to do with people falsely portrayed as Sultans:

To falsely portray christians as muslims is probably a way to socially isolate, racially segregate, enslave , murder people who are really nominally christian(from a chrisian culture).

If a person is falsely portrayed by racists as a Sultan, then such a  person might really be from a family of

nobles/kings from a nominally christian nations.


Networks of British Homsexuals that interact with networks of Ukrainian/Russian/Mongol/Serbian homsexuals (Ukrainian/Russian/Mongol Mafia?) . Britain possibly tries to inflitrate and subvert Russia through networks of homsexuals in Britain and Russia. Australia and the USA are racially allied with Britain so Australia and the USA are probably involved in similar  activities via networks of homosexuals with anglo-celtic connections.

Liliana Pavlek(Sydney Australia) ---- Boy George (George Alan O'Dowd) and Chameleon imagery.Karma Chameleon song ?

Liliana Pavlek(female) possibly resembles Boy George(effeminate male) when she dresses up in make up.

Liliana Pavlek says she is Croatian, but she has a mother Kata who was born with a Serbian surname.


   Andrew Pitzing (Sydney Australia) ---- Elton john and his music trips to Russia ?

          ----- George Michael(deceased) --- homosexual "turkish looking people"in the Russian orthodox church?


[24/01/2017:000] - first draft of information - 

(Trevor Garland(Diplomat,homosexual freemason criminal) - is he the Wizard of Oz? ]

Trevor garland --- judy garland
[wizard of oz,wicked witch/mason of the west.]

Is Trevor Garland related to Derryn Hinch(radio personality?)

Consul to Solomon Islands/Guadal Canal (Diplomat) South Pacific islands <-------------------------------------------> Banimarama in Fiji making threats about tracking people, hunting people down in year 2015.

[Garland knighted by Charles Windsor]

See information about Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme[Phillip windsor(O'greece) which news stories have connected to Adrian Cooper (news story titled "Decorated Sydney teacher pleads guilty to indecent act while watching boys shower at Warrnambool Caravan park.")

Oakhurst Property near Blackett ---- Rene Berrier(Blackett) ---- Middle Eastern Gang(Torkich,Andre Dada ...) 'brothers for life' middle-eastern gang? Gang connections between NSW and Victoria Australia?

Masonic lodge in Orchard Hills NSW Australia ?

[There seems to be a system of racism in Australia where people who are knighted by the Windsor family,
are committing homosexual crimes against migrant families,
probably as a way of racially subjugating migrant families.
i.e. as a way of racially persecuting and physically sexually harming migrant families.]
Lewis G. Parker
[adventist missionary to Papua New Guinea]
Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland.
Virgina Roberts that made sexual slavery allegations against Andrew Windsor.

See photo of Andrew Windsor and convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein(jewish-american banker).

[Note that Epstein resembles the husband of Anne Windsor (Antony Armstrong-Jones a.k.a. "Snowdon" who recently died.) Anne Windsor being the [niece] of Elizabeth Windsor whom the british consider their queen. 

Windsor = Saxe-Coburg-und-Gotha family originally from Germany.

Also politicians advertising their properties in the media.
Warren Entsch
Tony Abbot  

They have "secondary/auxilliary/rural/semi-rural" properties that they advertise,
probably as venues of ritual prostitution(perverse sex).

Tony Abbot    <---- does Tony Abbot know Mark Virgona, Adam Burne , Andrew Millett?


Is there a correspondence in a film?

Banimarama (Fijian,south pacific Islander <------> "the Afro-british guy in  the "Pacific Rim" movie.


does the news story about about Trevor Garland have something to do with PNAU rock videos ?


PNAU - Chameleon (Official Music Video)

There have also been news stories about Australian "Russian Mafia" members being arrested in Serbia, around the same time as the Trevor Garland homosexual sex crimes news story.


The author(s) of this webspace think that such rock videos have a connection to the Ukraine via the

Ukrainian/Russian/Mongol mafia presence that used to exist in places like Nauru(South Pacific Island)

Maybe the Ukrainian/Russian/Mongol mafia have returned to Nauru in recent years.

[Nauru, Solomon Islands, Wallis & Futuna Islands possibly form a triangle of illegal trading by sea.]

There are videos on youtube that suggest some kind of Ukrainian child music industry, maybe involving Ukrainian jew families <---> Mossad-USA connections ? 

A video called "Namal-lyo-ee" by "Dasha Pishnaya" has resemblance to the PNAU Chameleon rock video.

Даша Пышная - Намалюй

[lThe Ukrainian rock video has similar look to to the  PNAU Chameleon rock video. See the latter part of the Ukrainian video.


About PNAU Chameleon rock video"

"third eye" themes music video.
typhonic channels and satanic enlightment via sodomy.
e.g. templars kissing each other at the base of the spine]

templars <--Roslyn Chapel ,Scotland---> freemasons

See also information above about "Mosh Pits" in Papua New guinea which might be connected to Mary Donaldson (alledged Aussie(Australian) with an apartheid-dutch-boer accent.)



    Dima Bilan --?--- Shura(Шура) the clown: appears in music videos by Ukrainian child music industry.

    Dima Bilan ---?---"Brooklyn Bounce" rock video "Take a Ride" ---?-- Dumitru Evgeniu


Racists turn a person into a cyborg, then racists pretend they don't know anything about the cybernetic technology (slave labour device).
Racists want to waste a person's life away.
Racists want a person to be a "robo-cop" for them: slave labour situation where a person is forced to solve crimes that the racist nation of Australia never intends to be solved.
<----- The NSW Police force is perpetrating such racism .
[Roger Rogerson was/is involved with "Operation Hammer" which is hint about the Underground Economy activities.]

This is racism similar to portrayed in the movie "The Matrix" where people are put to sleep for all of their lives,

instead of living their lives. 

Names: George Bush, Roger Rogerson, Graham Langlands aka "Changa", Toni Collette.


Elizabeth Windsor(Finland racial type?,Finl,finland racial type in Hungary?) Saami,Suomi
England ---- Saxe-Coburg-und-Gotha(Germany) ------ Tyrol(Raetia/Northern Italy)
Mary Donaldson(has a Boer accent,Finnland racial type?)
Tasmania Australia ----- South Africa (Boer,former Apartheid Regime)----- Holland---Finland
Jasmina Stojanovska(Finnland racial type)
(Azerbaijan?:former Soviet Union)----- St Petersburg(Russia)? ----- Holland?

Saxe-Coburg-und-Gotha(Germany) ---- finland racial types in Hungary?

Ritual prostitutes that look like this (see image --- someone on the internet posting images under the nickname "me_????????" where ? is a numeral.



Lethalporn.com ? <----- Possibly  the website where the pornography star above appears.



[Recent information 04/02/2018]
The rise of Maria Sharapova to fame was probably of the underground economy/illegal variey...
Maria Sharapova starred in a video documentary with a suggestive title "Sharapova - no strings attached".
Maria Sharapova might be connected to a model on the internet known as "Nata" who has some resemblance to Maria Sharapova .Nata is probably difficult o find on the internet because Governments have started to shut down "torrent" sites, but Nata can still probably be found on darknet.

The rise of Maria Sharapova to fame was probably of the underground economy/illegal variey...
The Sharapova family are posibly the illegitimate offspring in the Ukraine of the american Rockerfeller family, produced over the decades via secret holidays of american capitalists to safe bases located in the former soviet Union.
Wesern capitalists such as the Rockefeller family were secretly financing the Soviet Union as some kind of social experiment
to do with the "Hegelian dialectic" of "Thesis,Anithesis resulting in synthesis"(the satanic ideology of pressure from the right, pressure from the left, resulting in social change).

The rise of Maria Sharapova to fame was probably of the underground economy/illegal variey. Sharapova was born in the Soviet Union, then her family migrated to the USA in 1993 during political instabiliy of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the formation of a temporary political entity called the CIS(Commonwealth of Independent states). In the USA, the Sharapova family possibly made money from providing some manner of illegal services to politician such as Bill Clinton, Al Gore etc.

In 2001, George Bush came to power, and as some kind of induction into Illuminati circles and lifestyles, George Bush's family and friends made a raid(pillage) on the safe base where Sharapova's family would frequent in the USA. That was possibly considered a raid/pillage by families from New York against the Sharapova family in California USA.

Sharapova's family protested and conspired murder and terrorism via George Bush's business partners the Bin Laden family. Her biological connection to the Rockefeller family also had a role to play in the events of 11th September  2001. The Bush family had knowledge of the revenge activity of the Sharapova family, and secretly supported the revenge conspiracy because the Bush family are racists who support anarchy, race war activity,initiation of overseas wars as a way to produce racial segregation, division and hatred between racial groups, and as a way to appropriate overseas oil resources for themselves.

In 2009 came to Australia via her association with Tennis, with to cover the Sharapova's involvement in terrorism. Sharapova came to Australia to murder people, to cover up illegal experiments with Omega antennas. In 2001 the Sharapova family and or associated americans were possibly misusing the identities of a household descended from an ancient family who had become victims of biological experiments in Australia.Maybe illumnati families in Europe secretly signalled their jealousy/displeasure at Americans misusing identities(fraud/identity theft) through an act of terrorism on 11th September 2001.

[i.e. Germanic families(Scandinavians.Germans) <---------> Turkey/Armenia(Bianilla Federation(Mountains of Ararat,Urartu,Togarmah),Iran,Israel   .<---------> Saudi Arabia ]

There is a historical/prehistoric connection between such families, such cultures and they signalled their displeasure against Americans through an act of terrorism in 2001.

Possibly relevent to the Viking-Middle Eastern slave trade during the dark ages/middle ages in which European Jews,Scandinavians,Arabs  were probably involved in perpetrating slavery. See also mention of the Ummayyads(Syria) and Sassanids(Iran/Persia) to whom politicians such as Benjamin Netanyahu are possibly related. Middle eastern slave traders obsessed with blonde people. ]

The Bush family had knowledge that a terrorist attack was going to happen in the USA in 2001, but did nothing to stop it. Terrorism is probably how Illuminati families across the Earth signal to each other, and the Bush family are connected to military wars & race war activity when they get into political office. e.g. The 1991 Gulf War,the Rodney King racial violence incident, L. A. Riots , the 2003 Gulf War.

[See also information on the internet, books, magazines about George Bush's connection to the american C.I.A. spy organisation, and the way that the CIA use "blowback" to kill their own USA citizens. Blow is probably connected to the desire of the Bush family to produce race wars, overseas wars, racial seregation,racial hatred , and appropriate oil assets.]

[The Rodney King incident and L.A. riots in 1992/1993 possibly had something to do with families from New York. Massachusetts,Maryland,Virginia raiding/pillaging safe bases in California as part of Illuminati lifestyles/illuminati customs as a way to encourage race war activity.

The Rodney King incident and L.A. riots possibly had something to do with the Bush family raiding/pillaging safe bases in California as part of Illuminati lifestyles/illuminati customs as a way to encourage race war activity.]

The Bush , Rockefeller, Sharapova, Bin Laden families should be formally charged with "mass murder" and face the gallows.




Jens-Stoltenberg(NATO,Norway),Jason-Stoltenberg(former-tennis-player),Maria-Jovanovic(SBS-Reporter),Joanna-Jovanovic(Serbian-SDA),Ivan-Lendl(former-tennis-player),Maria-Sharapova(tennis-player),some-woman-with-hairy-eyebrows-that-is-maria-sharapova's-homosexual-sodomite-girlfriend,the-Jonas-Brothers( television-actors),Peter Kelu(serbian-SDA)


06_03_2018.jpg                          unknown name standing near Peter Dunn, Wylie Pearson--?---Tara Wells
Jason Harris ---- Ralph Quitadamo,Michael Chebyl,Rosemary Finn,Rennie Seguna

perpetrators of racial violence: Los Angeles Police Officers Koon,Briseno,Wind,Powell .

victim of racial violence: Rodney King ("Bloods" gang member?) <--- gang terminology "Crips" and "Bloods" .

Such racial violence occurred during the Presidency of George Bush (George H. W. Bush).

  21_02_2018__001.jpg     aka

george_bush__rudy_giuliani__l_a_riots__rodney_king_racial_violence_incident_red_berets__guardian_angels__vigilante_organisation__british_redcoats__red_berets__brother_of_stephen_cousens__wayne brodie__margo_evans__21_02_2018.jpg

L.a. Riots(Los angeles), California 1992, USA
Rodney King racial violence incident California.[4Police officers: Briseno, Powell, Solano, and Wind]

See picture of Rodney King wearing BASEBALL CAP

Rudy Giuliania New York Mayor 1990s USA

George Bush member of American Skull and Bones organisation <---> Totenkopf: WW2 Nazi death's head organisation.

Recent information:
New York -----> California.[Customary Sodomite pillaging/plundering of safe bases.See information about Maria Sharapova's family migrating to California USA.]


[Recently discovered information.]

Katrina Nichols
local Policewoman in year 1995-1999 ,Spanish-Ukrainian Jew ?
Probable Mossad Agent/Informer

Lisa Sliwa
[guardian angels vigilante organisation]

Curtis Sliwa
[guardian angels vigilante organisation]

Rudy Giuliana <---?---> Steven Parsons
[Former New York Mayor,Italian Freemason/Illuminati Racist,Cross-dresser]

surname_cousens__red_berets__guardian_angels_vigilantes__01_02_2018 _002.jpg

Mrs Cousens is probably describable as a "member of a slave trading network" in Sydney Australia.Mrs Cousens is a woman that wants to be near the person(s) she is observing.The person's she observes could be describable as "victim(s) or intended victim(s) of a slave trading network. Mrs Cousens pretends to be friendly,but there is satanic intent behind her words when she speaks to people.

       See also a description of Mark Virgona s a modern slave trader in Australia. Mark Virgona lives close to Mrs Cousens.

Both Cousens and Virgona are observing person(s) in a neighbourhood.

mrs_cousens__01_02_2018 _003.jpg

image000:Katrina Nichols

Katrina Nichols could be connected to a pornongraphy star calling herself Jolynn/[{Jo-lynn].Jolynn is connected to her terminology "facials"
Also Katrina Nichols is possibly connected to amodel known as "blujeanne" similar to the word "blue jeans" .

Interpol/Europol bans certain websites, australian internet service providers filter out such websites so that Australian citizens can't see the faces that appear on such websites, then ritual prositute criminals like Katrina Nichols and her relative/[doubles] appear on such websites as a way to make money for themselves.. Such behaviour i sometimes referred to as the Underground Economy (Project Hammer) .


Event occurred 14/08/2017

A woman with her hair in a Bun,a mobile phone next to her face, dressed in a black coloured suit with trousers.
She drives a  "Ute"(small utility truck) with number plate EY-34-?? (probably EY-34-HE)
Possibly a relative of Katrina nichols.
i.e. Corrupt racist butch lesbian male-hating race-hating policewoman Katrina Nichols.
The woman with hair bun described above touched a person on the arm when bank customers were standing in a bank queue.

              image 001:  nsw_police_in_australia_10_11_2016__000.jpg                                 

Added 25_01_2017 into 19_12_2016

Is the police woman a relative of Vanessa Speight the sister of Darren Speight?

image 002:


Image 003:  nsw_police_in_australia_10_11_2016__002.jpg



[Posted 04/07/2017]

See also the face of the policewoman in "image 001:  nsw_police_in_australia_10_11_2016__000.jpg " 

    Is the police woman a relative of Vanessa Speight the sister of Darren Speight?

added 16/08/2017:

    Glen Kennewell possibly has a younger body double working at  a local motor-vehicle company called "Heartland Hyundai".  His body double was seen a few months in ago in  year 2017  sitting at the front gate of the

motor-vehiclecompany together with other workers. Maybe they were having a lunch break.


Names: Justine Damond (deceased, Australian(aussie) in USA)

Brett Beehag,studied veterinary science at Sydney University,then possibly moved to Wollongong NSW Australia.

Glen Kennewell,Louisa Kennewell,Toni Collette,Wayne Brodie

Sydney University <--->vivsection experiments on domestic pets.(cats, dogs)<--->Biological Experiments against humans.




Gabrielle Maina
Died 19 October 2017

Formerly a teacher in
Redfern NSW Australia
near Sydney University.

This is posted to prove
that Australian(aussie)
teachers are capable of dieing.
[Aussie teachers are mortals.]

Further Names:Greg Meller
[Gregory Meller]
Is Meller a local relative of Gabrielle Maina ?

Added 20/02/2018:

The is a rock star calling herself "Petite Meller".
In one of her rock videos called Baby Love,
she portrays herself in Africa,among African children.

Greg Meller & Gabirelle Maina(deceased) are possibly connected to her in some way...

... and Gabrielle Maina probably had a connection to Sydney University ( Redfern &Camperdown,Australia).

Image005: balloons.jpg

Information about ritual murders by Australians(aussies) using biological warfare attacks.
Australians (aussies) are a sodomite culture.
The Police organisations in Australia don't want to do anything to prosecute such biological warfare attacks,
because Australian police organisations are sodomite police who support ritual murders.

Current information:
When shops that should be selling people new ittems start selling items that are used or damaged,
it might be an indication that Australians(aussies) are planning to murder people by a biological warfare attack.

e.g. When a K-Mart store that normally sells new items suddenly opens a store returns section for people
to browse & buy used items.

e.g. When an Australia Post shop that normally sells new items sells,begins to sell items that have been openned and are scratched,
or items that look new from outside, but when you open them they are vandalised,broken.

The store might be in location that is geographically of low elevation (a low place,or hill valley, compared to high places).
Or a post office might be in corner of a shopping centre, isolated from the other shops.
Or maybe a place of business like a bank which originally easy to access, suddenly gets moved into a difficult-to-find corner of a shopping centre.

such biological warfare attacks possibly involve the use of bacteriophages shaped like microscopic/nanoscopic tripods. Bacteriophages can get through the cellulose barrier(wooden barrier) in plant cells & bacteria, so they easily go through human skin.

Also live vaccines killed many people before medical researchers discovered that dead vaccines were safer to use. A bubonic plague "live vaccine" called "Yoph" is posibly one of the biological warfare substances used to murder people.

Image006: council_workman_29_10_2016_.jpg

added 12/06/2017:

From  a distance and nearby, Ralph Quitadamo resembles professional rugby league player Jonathan Thurston.

Ralph Quitadamo is a small italian male.


Recent information:

Rosemary Hunter ------ ------------------Chinese Military ---------------------- ku Klux Klan(modern nazis/armanen orden)
                 ----- ukrainians,baltic nations (modern nazis/armanen orden) -----     german nazis(modern nazis/germanen orden)

anglo-celtic sinophiles/chinophiles are usually connected to the Ku Ku Klux Klan.

Sydney University racism schemes:
                                                                           -----Sail ship Slave Trader families/pirates (oceanic trade routes & caribbean)
Many racist anglo-celtic students and staff ------------- Chinese military ---------------American Opium trader families (Chinese Opium Wars ) ---------- Ku Klux Klan, racist american anarchists(republuc supporters) , irish workers party racists.
                                                                           ---------------British Opium trader families (Chinese Opium Wars)   ---------- Ku Klux Klan, british & american monarchists.
                                                                           ---------------Dutch Opium trader families -------- Israelis(Rothschilds,Mossad,etc),Dutch South Africans,Persians(Iran),South-Asia-Indians

[this text information will become a diagram when time permits.]

Added: 20/08/2017

Names of people who might be chinese military, in connection with Ku  Klux Klan allies John Taggart,Mrs K. Byrne,Rosemary Hunter, Leah Middleton and her relatives LEslie and Peter, etc:
Chi Hoon Lee
antonio Kang
some phillipino "Jose"
Edwin Ho
Kai Feng who attended Granville Tafe some years ago.
Feng might have been befriended by locals such as Andrew Gosper, his jewish relatives or doubles connected to a jewisdh woman working at Coles Supermarket,Zachary Etcell, Petern Dunn and his friends, Brett Beehag.
Feng borrows text books from people and does not return them.
feng has some kind of incurable condition with his ear. Probably a strain of bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics.
Gordon Yu or his brother aka "Yuey/Yoo-ee" a colleague of Daniel Mamo.
Colin Lee,Mark Yip, friends of Philippinos Ronald Subacao,Ronald Barago,Alvin Montano  <--- Colin Lee resembles Aoki from the 1980s series "21 Jump Street". Actor Johnny Depp starred in that series. 
Some woman working at a local St George Bank that resembled politician "Graham Richardson".  <--- A dark haired woman with a ring through her nose worked with her employed as a bank teller. The dark haired woman might be a relative of Nathan Pritchard and she might be connected to Michelle Gibson and Joel Gardiner.  If that woman is somehow connected to politician Graham Richardson, there might be connections to sinophile/chinofile politician Paul Keating who many would remember made statements such as "Australia is a part" of Asia, and australian-jewish politician Bob Hawke who strangely cried on television about the Tianamin Square massacre.
The St George Bank used to be located on the Main Street of the town,near to the bank where Louisa Kennewell worked.Vietnam Veteran and cricket coach=Joshua Cameron's father Robert James Cameron (aka Jim Cameron) used to work for a bank or building society called "United Permanent" which went out of business. So the family of joshua Cameron might be the major conspirers in conspiracies where racists became employed as bank tellers, and conspired murder against people.
The daughter of Jim Cameron called Leanne Cameron was discovered to be working at the St George Bank in Parramatta. Joshua Cameron,Leanne Cameron,Wayne Brodie,Lousia Kennewell all lived on the same street as each other.Daniel Mamo lived nearby them.
Jim Cameron being a former Vietnam Veteran possibly had connections to  Vietnamese Military in terms of illegal ecnomy schemes to make money. Vietnamese military probably know chinese Military, Vietnam and China being communist countries allied to each other.

Image007: rosemary_hunter.jpg

The husband of Rosemary Hunter is/was called Stuart Hunter. Stuart Hunter had a large collection of books by

Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Burroughs was the author of Tarzan books.

Tarzan books are possibly collected by racists. e.g. The type of racists who believe that a caucasian man should rule the Jungles/Forests of Africa. The type of racists who believe thatonly caucasian people can bring order/justice to the jungles/forests of Africa.

Added 28_04_2017 :


There is something very wrong with Australians(aussies) . They are pretend friendly, as though they are christians but they are not christians. Aussies are selfish materialists. Aussies are friendly toward the children of migrants. Aussies are too friendly toward the children of migrants. Why?


- Rosemary Hunter and her husband Stewart Hunter inviting a neighbourhood child to watch an television episode of 'sale of the century' in the back room of their home, after sunset. The back room was dark with lights turned off and television turned on. -

-Rosemary Hunter and Stewart Hunter inviting a neighbourhood child on a car trip to Swayne's Nursery (which was at the time located around the Galston area.) Rosemary and Stewart Hunter owned a predominantly blue Mitsubishi car which they called "Mitsi" , similar to the television actress Mitsi Gaynor.

- Joe Vella and Linda Vella inviting a neighbourhood child to their home. There was a ping pong table in the back portion of their home, possibly a back room of the house or a garage. Their son Jason Vella was playing several games of ping pong with the neighbourhood child. A neighboorhood child was often winning in games of ping pong against Jason Vella. Then Joe Vella took the ping pong racket from his son Jason and made a comment about the child being a "hustler" . A neighbourhood child did not know what the word "Hustler" meanst. Later a neighboirhood child looked up the word "Hustler" in a dictionary, and the dictionary described the word to mean "prostitute" . A neighbourhood child thought it was a strange word to use about a child, and then decided it is best to have nothing further to do with Joe Vella and his family.

[Joe Vella was at that time a coach of a local junior rugby team called the 'Lalor Park Kookaburras' . That Junior rugby league team had light blue jumpers and brown coloured shorts (short trousers ) . ]

Question:Does the [incident concerning Joe Vella described above] have something to do with the behaviour of the man in the picture march_2015.jpg ? He is wearing a rugby league jumper similar to the Lalor Park Kookaburras.

Added 13_06_2017:

       Brian Hill probably should be mentioned in connection with Jason Vella.  When Brian Hill and Jason Vella had stopped attending High School, one day they appeared together in a car at the High School. Brian Hill got out of the car ,came near , and said the word "Hello" to a person. However, the way in which Brian Hill pronounced the word, it sounded strangely derogatory or hostile. A  person being polite replied Hello, walked off and though  nothing further about Hill and Vella . Brian Hill and Jason Vella were not academically intelligent so they left High School after 4 years or less, and the academically intelligent students completed 6 years of High School.  [THe word "less" is mentioned because the author(s) of this website because maybe Jason Vella did not graduate from High School, similar to Ralph Quitadamo and Shane Pisani.]

Ralph Quitadamo was probably expelled from High School due to bad behaviour.

Brian Hill said he was New Zealand Maori . In High School,  Brian Hill was friends with Neil who lived near Feeny .

During his second year at High School , Brian School tried to recruit various students into his Junior "Rugby Union" team. Rugby Union is a sport similar to Rugby League, but with more frequently occurring serious injuries. Brian Hill is liar. Brian Hill recruited people to his Rugby Union team with promises about the team going on a free trip to New Zealand. However, when people joined his Rugby Union team they were told they wouldn't be going on a trip to New Zealand. To go to New Zeland, each team member had to sell a certain number of tickets for a lottery called a "raffle" , and such tickets were no longer being sold by the team members.

Note that "Raffle" lotteries at some time become illegal.

     A person joined the Rugby League team with the idea that a person would be going for a free trip to New Zealand. However, because Brian Hill had lied and there was no trip to New Zealand, a person played a few matches of Rugby Union and then stopped playing for that team.

A person remembers that it was very uncomfortable playing in that Rugby Union team because a person had outgrown his Rugby League Boots but was still using the same boots. A person did not want to bother to spend money to buy new boots.

   Somehow "Big Chris" from Blacktown City/Blacktown Junior Rugby League Club had become a member of Brian Hill's Rugby Union team .

     There was a member of that Rugby Union team called Joshua. Joshua mentioned a school called "Parramatta Marist" in which there was a male school teacher who would watch the legs of students under their school desks and  touch the legs of students in a homosexual manner. The way in which Joshua would talk about such circumstances might suggest that Joshua was used to teachers touching the legs of students in a homosexual manner.  A person thought that Joshua was joking about circumstances, so a person left that Rugby Union team and thought nothing further about Brian Hill's Rugby Union team. 

In hindsight, perhaps the questions could be asked about the sexuality of Brian Hill and the sexuality people who remained in the Rugby Union team of Brian Hill.

Added 15/06/2017:

Justin Howlett was a member of Brian Hill's Rugby Union team.

Brian Hill was the son of the coach of the male Caucasian rugby Union teach.

[Hill has a polynesian mother(possibly polynesian) and his his father is caucasian.]

However, if Brian Hill's mother in polynesian, she might some type of Polynesian that looks African.

During his High School yearsBrian Hill resembled "Jai" from the television series Tarzan with the actor Ron Ely.

A turk called Ali Haaki was friends with Justin Howlett.

Added 18/06/2017:

       The name of Ali Haaki is mentioned because Haaki is a Turk who possibly knows Ivan Torkich:Torkich probably considers himself a Turk.

Also Ali Haaki possibly knows the full name of a woman who went to High School with actress Toni Collette.

That woman facially looks like a twin of the character a Shauri  in Stargate(1994).

i.e. She facially looks like a twin of American-Jewish actress Mili Avital.

That woman is probably Turkish.

That woman went to High School with Toni Collete, and then that woman became a student at Sydney University.

The author(s) of this webspace are quite that woman is a biological experimenter.

She is a woman whose name should be ascertained so that she is more easily brought to justice.

What is her name?

Added 13/07/2017:

Recent information:

There is a possibility/probability that Rosemary Hunter has been selling information the decades with the Chinese military, (in a similar way to how Sydney University staff/students  have probably been selling information to the Iran.)

Rosemary Hunter possibly considers herself a "Hungarian Hun"/Germanic Hun/Hun descendant.

The Huns came from Mongolia, but were a different nation to Mongols. The Mongols were a stronger nation than the Huns, so the Huns were expelled from Mongolia and eventually invaded European countries such as Hungary.

So Rosemary Hunter is possibly involved in schemes for western nations to take over Mongolia, so she has probably been seeling information to the Chinese military . Rosemary Hunter might have become a [national traitor]/informer/[double agent] over a period of decades as a way of making money for herself.

Rosemary hunter moved to the Blue Mountains in 1984/1985.

Alison Rothwell from the Blue mountains possibly became involved in selling secrets to the Chinese in similar manner to Rosemary Hunter.

 There were also 2 chemistry students called Peter(male) and Leslie(male) in Chemistry 1 labs at Sydney University. A greek homosexual/bisexual member of academic staff called Emilios Patsilides was a lab overseer (lab demonstrator) during those chemistry labs .

[ Emilios Patsilides preferred to be known as "Mr Emilio" rather than mentioning his surname was Emilios Patsilides.  He had a wife or relative Zoe Patsilides working possibly as a secretary or administrator in the chemistry department or "School of Chemistry" at Sydney University. However, based upon the way that Patsilides was unable to keep his hands to himself, it can be stated that Emilios Patsilides is probably some kind of forceful homosexual .i.e. Probably a person whose homosexual lust for students result in antics such as walking behind lab students and trying to pull down their trousers when they are writing at the the lab desks. ]

Leslie is known to another student called Campbell. Peter and Leslie possibly know Wayne Brodie. Leslie possibly came from Seven Hills (a suburb with the same post code as Lalor Park). Leslie has been seen at Seven Hills train station.

Peter and Leslie are Australian racists(aussie racists).

Strangely, on one occasion, Leslie was seen standing with a chinese male student on a grassed area between Fisher library and the Geology library, as if to signal that she goes with Chinese.  So there is a possibility/probability that Leslie and Peter become involved in selling information to the Chinese military, in a similar way to Rosemary Hunter and Alison Rothwell.

added 24/07/2017:

    Rosemary Hunter had a double (body double) living in the same street as herself, when she lived in the neighbourhood where actress Toni Collette grew up. Hunter's double was called "Mrs Finn" and she had a daughter called "Rosemary Finn" . Rosemary Finn was known to various people who played for Lalor Park junior rugby league team coached by Joe Vella, and Rosemary Hunter was known  to Ralph Quitadamo, Jason Harris, Stephen Collins, Mary Camilleri(Maryanne Grifa), Rachel Griffiths, and the blonde who lived on the corner. Rosemary Finn would knock on people doors, possibly selling flowers, or introducing herself as part of a neighbouring family. Ralph Quitadamo mentioned that he knew Rosemary Finn.


In year 2003, Rosemary Hunter and her husband Stewart were residing at 15 Ridge Street Woodford 2778 suburb of the Blue Mountains , on the western border of Sydney NSW Australia.



[Linda Vella is older: maybe in her 60s or 70s . Vella is her married name(surname).Linda Vella married Joe Vella.

Linda Vella ----possibly related to --- Kylie Minogue.

(Linda Vella maybe spanish/portuguese origin? Cautella family ? Married into Maltese family.)

Linda Vella has gills around her mouth similar to Ivan Torkich.

Maybe Linda Vella, and Kylie  Minogue are biologically related to Ivan Torkich 

[Cautella -- Delgado--Regehr--Bush ?]

InformationPosted: 10/10/2017

Rosemary Hunter --- Shirley Finn (brothel madam deceased in 1975)

Rosemary Hunter -- Politician Sylvia Hale --- Shirley Finn.

See information about Rosemary Hunter having a body double called Mrs Finn that used to live in the same street as her before Hunter moved to the Blue Mountains. Mrs Finn had a daughter called Rosemary Finn that was friends with Ralph Quitadamo.





Leah Middleton is possibly related to Peter and Leslie who were students in from Chemistry 1 labs at Sydney University some years ago.

The Middleton family are slave traders mentioned in historical accounts.

Image008: cop_associated_with_paul_saunders__resembles_newsreader_robert_canning.jpg

His name is possibly Brad Morgan, or he probably knows Brad Morgan.

The Cop associated with Paul Saunders (Brad Morgan?) was seen walking around in Penrith in 1996.

The Cop was walking behind a person, sneaking up behind a person, and then the person turned around

(and that sneaking up behaviour of the cop occurred near the south side of Penrith train station,

where there is a footpath next to a road with cars.)

Maybe his place of work moved from the local Police Station to Penrith Police station around 1996.

A computer game called 'Frontier: First Encounters (FFE)' was bought near Penrith in 1996. FFE is part of a series of the  "Elite" series of computer games. The first computer game was Elite in the mid 1980s, followed by Elite 2 Frontier in the early 1990s, then FFE.

So the Cop Associated with Paul Saunders (Brad Morgan?) is probably a modern sodomite that reacts to information connected to the computer game Elite. Paul Saunders and his brother Robert Saunders were fans of the computer game Elite.


  *******#######**** Brad Morgan is a racist Jew. ***########********  <--- recent discovery

Brad Morgan is a racist jew employed as a policeman in the NSW State/Province Police Australia.

WhenBrad Morgan was a high school student, he had some resemblance to Jai from the television series Tarzan(1966 with actor Ron Ely).

Brad Morgan was frequently seen together with a blonde male student who was much taller than him.

i.e. Brad Morgan had some similarity to Brian Hill when he was a high school student.

Image 009:


In 1995, a complaint was made to him about the unwillingness of Burne and Nichols to arrest gang criminals.An interview was organised and attended by the complainant.

At the end of complaint interview, the superintendent/seargent replied that no action would be taken. During the complaint interview he made strange comments about someone being 'Tarzan' and the local area being under the 'law of the Jungle'.

i.e. Such comments were made about a suburban area in the city of Sydney Australia.

Added 22/06/2017:

     Is the police superintendant connected to David Wilbow/Wilbough who played Junior Rugbly League for Lalor Park ? Is he related to Wilbow/Wilbough? Wilbow was a friend of Jason Vella.

from the way that the Superintendant spoke  , their is a possibility he was a friend of Rosemary Hunter, Stewart Hunter, or maybe Les Sanday who was their neighbour. Les Sanday probably attended the local R.S.L. club.

RSL = Returned Servicemen's League (former Australian military members).


Image 010:



Posted 20/02/2018

Recent information:

THe blonde australoid femalecheckout worker from Big W.[Maybe she is a relative of David Christian's mother (blonde australoid).
i.e. A checkout worker that was a younger double of David Christian's mother. ]

Checkout worker at "Big W" department store.She was a work colleague of Joanne (Checkout worker/checkout operator).
medium height thin(skinny) australoid female with blonde hair. Her facial appearance was a combination of these 2 faces. See faces in image  above.

David Christian, Trevor Christian,

Marie Bashir aka Marie Shehadie (aussie arab(lebanese)).

joanne From Big W.


australoid boxers & arab boxers(martial artists) that are perpepetrators of violent crimes,

and and an anglo-celtic-aussie that plans such violent crimes (Toni Collette [actress]) ,

and italian- aussie  that plans such violent crimes (Ralph quitadamo [dole bludger/social security unemployment benefits bludger.])

Image 011:


This is a first approximation to the appearance to the chamber magistrate/judge.

[He probably does not look like anyone famous. He does not seem to resemble anyone in particular.

So this a first approximation to his physical description.]

He could see that a person was horribly injured by a brutal gang attack in June 1995, but he did not want to give any legal assistance.

He might be a racist in Australia with apartheid South African connections.

The Downing Centre is a court in Sydney CBD(Central Business District) where the Skyskrapers are.

The Downing Centre should have a record of his name from 1998, as should the local suburban police courthouse  records from 1995.

Documents connected to the Downing Centre in 1998 were examined but they don't have a record of the names of Judges. Australian Magistrates/Judges seek to hide their names from citizens.

The Downing Centre was recently contacted in writing about ascertaining the name of this magistrate/judge, but they did not reply.

Image 012:   14_12_2016.jpg

The police car pictured had number plate CH-??-??

Later another police car drove past with number plate CB-20-?? .

[Maybe something like CB-20-MK as viewed from the side and from a distance.]


[Additional information - 23/12/2016]

The schoolgirl pictured resembles Dr Sharon Moore.

See Image 014 


Local schoolgirl truant in short skirt came near on 07/05/2018 around 11:00am
She has a scrawny build similar to Andrew Millett,and face maybe similar to relatives of Leah Middleton.
[See reference to the caucasian female physics student with rastafarian braided hair from Sydney University]

School truants are sometimes described with the expression "playing hookey" .

Question: Does the terminology "playing hookey" have something to do with the word "hooker" ?

unknown_person_formerly_from_high_school__probably_relative_of_mark_virgona.jpg [republished 24/11/2017]

Added 24_04_2017:

There are suggestions that  Sonya Chapman is connected to this information. Sonya Chapman being her unmarried name, or her name before she got married.

The author(s) of this webspace have no association with Sonya Chapman.

Various local people went to school with Sonya Chapman in the same academic year as herself, and those people are probably friends with Sonya Chapman. i.e 

Some of those people include Adrian Buggs/Bugs(nickname Bugsy),David Clements,Gary McGee,Michael Wilbow(Wilbough), Paul Saunders ? ,  Richard Bazlidenski, Craig Lamb, Andrew Cowans, George Deery, Blake Crawford the brother of Danielle  Crawford ,etc .

Added 06_05_2017:

 From memory, Sonya Chapman is a female who possibly resembles males Mark Virgona and Adam burne in face . i.e. Her facial appearance is possibly  as though she could be the sister of Mark Virgona, or the sister of Adam Burne.. Chapman is the not sister of Virgona or Burne but she might be a relative of Virgona and/or Burne

Added 04/09/2017:

    Virgona is possibly Greek-Portuguese. Maybe Portuguese who pretend they are Spaniards. 

Also, Mark Virgona [resembles]/[is possibly related to] corrupt racist former policeman Adam Burne.


Adam Burne might be connected to a "Bodgie" gang called the "Bra Boys"/"Maroubra Boys" from Maroubra beach suburb in Sydney Australia.

Bodgies were a caucasian gang subculture during the 1950s and 1960s. The word "Bodgie" is not used much in modern times. The word Bodgie was used much more in the 1970s as a way to describe the degraded criminal/convict anglo-saxon culture in Australia.

After the 1980s, people in the western suburbs of Sydney who liked visiting the beach called themselves "skegs" .Robert Sigsworth had a friend called Nathan Cook who lived in the western suburbs of Sydney but was heard to be talking about surfers such as  ,Mark Occhilupo  who he referred to via the nickname " 'Occy/Okky'  Nathan Cook probably considered himself as  a Skeg.

Local serbs/macedonians(skopjans) and italians such as Toni Amabile, Michael Kostic mentioned in an secondary academic school class that they visited the beach.i.e.During  a health/sex education class taught to by teacher Mr Wiechmann(pronounced Wish-man) , Tony Amabile was heard bragging by various people. Tony Amabile mentioned that he went to the beach with a philippino female named  "Joy". Tony Amabile bragged that he went to the beach with Joy, took her behind some rocks, and "gave it to her" sexually.

[ i.e. Tony Amabile bragged about going to beach with philippino female Joy and taking her behind some rocks, and having sexual intercourse with her.  The author(s) of this website have never met  Joy and have nothing to do with Joy. There is reason to believe that philippino female at some time became a local prostitute known to many local people. Joy is probably connected to an east-asian gang called the "Parramatta Boys" . The author(s) of this website think that the woman dressed in pink clothing in the image  "28_12_2016_001.jpg" is possibly a relative of Joy. The author(s) of this website would also like to suggest immoral philippino racists such as Joy and her relatives should not bother people who have nothing to do with her.  Joy and her relatives could be bothering Tony Amabile and Michael Kostic, Boris Dovecer instead of bothering innocent people.

Boris Dovecer is mentioned becauseduring a sports day afternoon attended by many secondary school students, he mentioned he knew females "Joy" and he knew "Cassie". Boris Dovecer mentioned that he was considering to "have some joy with [Philippino] Joy"]

various names are mentioned in the above paragraphs because the visits of local people from the western suburbs to beach suburbs such as Maroubra possibly has something to do with "Bodgie cop" Adam Burne becoming employed at a local police station .

Image 013:  Adam_Burne_further_information_19_12_2016.jpg

Added 25_01_2017 into 19_12_2016

A phone call was made to the NSW Police on 10th April 2013 about the probably connection between Mark Virgona and Jimmy Saville, but the phone call information was ignored. The female policewoman listening to the information simply hung up the phone.


vidence of Ritual Prostitution and Ritual Murder in local suburban area of Sydney NSW Australia.

Max Summerfield (died Monday 21/08/2017)

Reporter Christy Coulcher
[former Miss Australia(losing contestant/model)
has somehow become a Chanel 7 News Reporter.
Is she a ritual prostitute?
Does her  News Story in this sububrban area
have something to do with her being an aussie ritual prostitute]

Andrew Millett
[has somehow become a Helicopter Pilot who reports on traffic congestion in Sydney
for Channel 7 and Channel 10 news.
Andrew Millett grew up and is a former school student in this suburban area.]

Recent News Story: 22/06/2017

... [Denmark's] Frederick turned away from Queensland Pub

then Frederik barged his way
into the pub using 
QLD Dignitary Protection Unit
of the QLD Police.

Other information:

According the Australian media Donaldson and Frederik were said to have met each other in a pub called the Slip Inn in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics.

However, it is more likely Denmark's Frederik and aussie ritual prostitute Mary Donaldson first met each other in an [underground facility/safe base/racial safety base/sodomite base/Germanicterrorist factory]. Is there a safe base or underground base somewhere near the Slip Inn in Sydney NSW Australia?

added 19/09/2017:

What is the name of the relative of Mary Donaldson that worked in Seven Hills Shopping Centre?

[She is a friend of Wayne Brodie.]


Image 014 :  nazi_medical_doctors.jpg


 Between the years 2001 - 2003 a person has requested medical records from Westmead Hospital, but twice Westmead Hospital simply ignored the request. These doctors possibly have something to do with the corrupt behaviour of Westmead [Hospital] .  The medical records have various names of doctors(modern nazi doctors) and the doctors pictured probably did not want their names to be known/confirmed. So this information is posted here.

These are not police. These are corrupt racist doctors who probably work together with the corrupt racist police to unjustly harm citizen's mental/psychiatricreputations and so to unjustly confine citizens.

added 15_06_2017:

It might be mentioned that at a local Hospital psychiatrists and psychiatric staff encourage patients to socialise at a residential property owned by that Hospital. However, Brodie Bass the male homosexual friend of actress Toni Collette lived in that street. Brodie Bass grew up in the street where psychiatrists and psychiatric staff encourage patients to visit/socialise.

              This webspace describes actress Toni Collette as a woman who receives money from crimes and then launders that money. This webspace describes actress Toni Collette as a woman who conspires to make money from crimes and then launders that money. So it is possible/probable that Toni Collette might be laundering the money via the psychiatric system in a local Hospital. The money from Collette's criminal activities is possibly invested in properties owned by a local hospital, such as the residential property in the same street that Brodie Bass lived.

           i.e. Toni Collette possibly conspires to put sane person(s) into the local psychiatric system, and at the same time launders money from crimes in properties owned by the local hospital. Then Collette possibly tells psychiatrists to encourage her victim(s) to be seen around such properties.

If the victim(s) of Toni Collette are seen near those properties, Collette possibly makes horrible lies about them.

And when Toni Collette makes horrible lies about people, racists cops (racist police) possibly take her lies as an excuse to bother her the victim(s) of Toni Collette, instead of asking Toni Collette about her criminal activities.

However, when people are seen near the properties where Toni Collette launders money, often they might not be innocent people. Often they might be people who have been corrupted by Toni Collette. Often they might be people who Toni Collette has made allies of. e.g. Information about Greg Mellor/Meller and Alistair White and his siters, Reza Ebrahim,arab Andre Dada. Meller, the White siblings, and Reza Ebrahim,arab Andre Dada are probably allies of Toni Collette.

Image 015:mariana_pavlek__her_friends__their_possible_connections__in_1990s.jpg

Pavlek is not a police officer.

Added  [03/01/2017]

Was/ Is Joanne from Big W involved in circumstances where groups of Australian(aussie) believe they own certain certain citizens?

i.e. Situations where Australians(aussies) isolate heterosexual migrant families, where Australians(aussies) make lies that migrant heterosexual families are homosexuals? In such situations are Australians(aussie) involved in conspiracies to turn heterosexuals into sodomites by force ?

    Did Mariana Pavlek become a sodomite in such manner?

Has Mariana Pavlek become a female sodomite that has conspired to murder people in her own family ?

Has Mariana Pavlek become a female sodomite that [has conspired]/[is still conspiring]  to turn people in her  migrant family into Sodomites?

[Added 9/04/2017]

There are suggestions that racists are challenging people to mention that Liliana Pavlek is a modern sodomite. Those racists are possibly members of the Croatian Ustashi and other racist organizartions such as P.O.R.A.(eastern European neo-Nazi organization possibly connected to the HAO High Armanen Orden). So this webspace will mention this.

***********The author(s) of this webspace think that Liliana Pavlek is a modern sodomite.*************

The reasoning why is: Liliana Pavlek has probably conspired to murder or murdered people who are biologically related to her. She did not explain to them that she was a modern sodomite.When people become sodomite, it seems to be that they turn against people who they are supposed to care about.

Liliana Pavlek is probably an immoral woman who thinks she can secretly conspire against people against people and escape justice.

[Added 27/05/2017]

Liliana Pavlek has a mother called Kata (the eastern European form of the name Kate). Kata migrated from eastern Europe to Australia. It has been discovered that Kata is a wordlly evil woman that conspires against the family that she married into.It has been discovered that  Kata possibly had access to extensive networks of spies and informers from the Communist Era. When Communism collapsed those networks probably transformed into networks of fascists. So now Kata is part of a group of fasicsts/nazis that extends around the world.

      Whoever Liliana's mother Kata is connected to, they are people who are able to put the faces of body doubles into media. They are able to put faces of body doubles int media such as Rock Videos. People looking like Liliana sometimes appear in rock videos. At other times, faces similar to her brother Tom and her daughter Mariana(aka Anne) have appeared in rock videos. The rock videos depict absolutely ridiculous scenes of Liliana or her brother or her daughter openly mixing socially with an multiracial group.  It needs to be said that scenes depicted are so unrealistic that they take away the breath of anyone who knows how racist and segregationist Liliana , her brother Tom and daughter Mariana really are. The multiracial racial scenes depicted in certain rock videos are so unrealistic that such scenes should be labelled as 'absolute garbage' when they appear on television.

    The author of this webspace have reason to believe that the network of spies and informers that Kata belongs to eventually reaches rich British homosexuals(sodomites) in the music industry such as Elton John and Boy George.

    See information about Sodomites beings "Bad Shepherds" and "Wolves in sheep's clothing" in the section

"11/05/2017:   People who are sodomites are racially intolerant."

     This webspace will name 2 such rock videos:

       -" Just dance" by Lady Gaga et al. The 2 lead singers resembles Mariana Pavlek and her uncle Tom.

      -  "Feel Good" by Kaya , Gryffin, Illennium . Note there probably 2 different version of this song.This webspace is describing the imagery at    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBkWR-WfEeU   . Kaya, the singer shown in the video, has a similar face to the way Liliana Pavlek looked when she was a teenager or in her 20s . In modern times, Liliana Pavlek probably dyes her hair blond and prefers her hair to be cut short . However, when she was younger her hair was longer and dark coloured.

     If a person were silent about such rock videos, that would be assisting racism: the type of culturally based racism that assists those don't need to be assisted and disadvantages those who don't need to be disadvantaged. i.e. The racism of her mother's culture (Kata's Culture), not the culture of Liliana Pavlek's father, and whatever culture Kata belongs to Kata probably doesn't want to reveal the culture that she follows.  Racists such as Liliana Pavlek are pretend friendly when they are younger, but they become less friendly over time. By the time people discover that such associations needs to be cut off, it is too late for people to dig themselves  out of the ditch that racists have put people into, or people can only dig themselves out of the ditch with efforts that take time to implement.   Therefore the author(s) of this webspace have decided to describe the type of racism that Liliana Pavlek is involved in.


Liliana Pavlek is a crypto-racist.

Liliana deliberately acts in a conspiratorial way to so that her behaviour seems as mysterious as possible.

When certain people are adversely affected by Liliana Pavlek's dishonest mysterious behaviour, the Liliana makes lies about such people.

Whatever Liliana has to say, Liliana shouldn't be believed.

Certain people don't have evil intent.Certain people had good intent toward each other.

Liliana has always had evil intent.

i.e. Liliana Pavlek conspired to isolate people, in such a way that certain people did not know that she was deliberately isolating them.Certain people did not miss not being around her boring self.

So Liliana decided to conspire against certain people in an attempt to make herself relevant to them.

After a long time of Liliana conspiring against certain people, things eventually go wrong.

People who care about each other become isolated from each other, then one of comes to harm.

Liliana then makes lies that certain people did not like each other.

So Liliana should not be believed. It is Liliana that has hatred toward certain people.

Liliana makes lies about people,especially when people have become upset or people are under stress.

People who care about each other had good intent toward each other.

Liliana did not have good intent toward such people.

Liliana Pavlek has always had evil intent.

Whatever Liliana has to ask should be ignored, because it is Liliana has sadistic hatred toward certain people.

Liliana Pavlek should be sitting in an international court answering questions about her activity as an biological experiments perpetrator.

If Liliana Pavlek has anything to say, an international court would be the appropriate place for say what she has to say.

Justice must occur against Liliana Pavlek.


The name of Liliana Pavlek's mother is Kata.  Kata has been heard to use an expression in croatian language "Drek na šibici"   which is pronounced "Drek Na Shibitsi" . To translate this expression as politely as possible: such an expression means "excretion(bodily waste) on a stick" or "excretion on a match" .

                  Kata used to have a husband called Velko. Velko died in 1980. The brother of Velko heard Kata using the expression above about a stick/match . The brother of Velko said that such an expression was something very disgusting. The brother of Velko suggested that Kata was a rude woman who used very rough uncultured language. The bother of Velko suggested that Kata was a very rough uncultured "primitive" woman.

As far as is known , Velko did not know exactly what that expression means.

As far as is known, the brother of Velko did not know exactly what that expression means. The brother of Velko thought it probably meant something very disgusting, and he was probably correct.

i.e. Kata is primitive in terms of her attitude. Kata  is primitive in terms of her view of the world, her views about people, and in the language expressions that she uses. Kata is a person with a small mind. Kata is a "small-minded" person.

The author(s) of this website think it is relevent to state something further about Kata and her uncultured expressions. The author(s) of this webspace think that the expressions that Kata uses are connected to American terminology for homosexuals. The author(s) of this wespace are of the opinion that the language Kata frequently uses is connected to the American Slang term "faggots". The word "faggot" means a "stick" if you look it up in many dictionaries... however in  American slang the word faggot means homosexual. The author(s) of this website thinks that Kata is a woman who gives people hints that she secretly uses small sticks(sticks,matches,toothpicks) upon her own body in some homosexual way.  Perhaps homosexuals use small branches or matches or toothpicks on their body to prepare themselves for perverse sexual activities. Perhaps it is a way that homosexuals(sodomites) consider that they are cleaning themselves before they engage in perverse sexual activities.

       Therefore, the author(s) of this webspace think that Kata is a sodomite that is a woman.

The author(s) of this website think that Kata is a sodomite women , meaning that Kata is a woman sodomite, meaning that Kata is a female sodomite.

Added 12/06/2017: The birth certificate name of Kata is probably Kata Ivanovic (pronounced Iv-van-ov-ich) .

Added 26/06/2017:

Croatian culture is a heterosexual culture.

There is a racist organization in Croatia called the Ustashi (those who rise up in rebellion) .

The Ustashi like Germans, German customs, nazism.

Germans are a homosexual(sodomite) culture .

The author(s) of this website think the Ustasha secretly promote sodomy customs in Croatia.

Liliana Pavlek is probably a member of the Ustashi. Liliana Pavlek is probably a sodomite.

[Liliana Pavlek has probably conspired to murder people who are not sodomites.

Liliana Pavlek should be labelled as a kin-slayer.]




Added 29/09/2017:

Joanne from Big W was/is possibly involved in "illegal work practices" .
[Possibly local businesses employing people outside the chronological limits that the law stipulated.]

Image 016:  mrs_cousens_24_12_2016.jpg

Cousens isn't a police officer. Cousens knows Wayne Brodie and Joshua Cameron.

Added 20/05/2017: Mrs Cousens possibly uses twisted satanic expressions when she speaks. She uses expression such as " You look after your parent, won't you ? ".

Her expressions seem friendly or harmless when she speaks, but she probably conspires against people.

Mrs Cousens has back-to-front thinking. She is really suggesting that a child should invest efforts into raising a parent instead of parents raising a child. When the parents  have the intention that  their adult children should work, get married, raise a family, Mrs Cousens is the type of racist that has the intent that people should be alone and spending time watching over their parents.

Added 22/05/2017: The sons of Mrs Cousens have some GENETIC PROBLEM where they can't move their mouths much when they speak. So when the son's of Mrs Cousens speak, they look like they are throwing their voices. When the sons of Mrs Cousen's speak, they speak like ventriloquists (entertainers who make words without moving their mouths while holding a puppet with a moving jaw, in a manner such that it seems like a puppet is speaking).

It is evident that the son's of Mrs Cousens have some kind of GENETIC PROBLEM (due to inbreeding) to do with their mouths/jaws because both her sons speak like ventriloquists.

    One of the son's of Mrs Cousens in Steven Cousens (Stephen? Cousens) aka "Cuzzie" resembling the face of the male in the picture above. The other son of Mrs Cousens has an unknown name.

Based on the communications over Omega antenna networks, the sons of Mrs Cousens make lies that people who are bigger and stronger than themselves are weak. i.e. The son's of Mrs Cousens are part of a group of racists who make such lies.

The son's of Mrs Cousens follow Nazi ideology but they don't want to apply Nazi [ideology] against themselves...

Based upon the communications over Omega Antenna networks, the son's of Mrs of Cousens follow an ideology where they want to separate people, isolate people in the same way that Nazis separated people according to race and transported them to Nazi concentration camps.

The son's of Mrs Cousens follow Nazi ideology but they don't want to apply Nazi against themselves...

The Cousens follow Nazi ideology but they don't want to apply Nazi ideology against their weak genetically imperfect selves. The son's of Mrs Cousens are cowards who conspire behind the backs of people.

An educated guess is that the sons of Mrs Cousens secretly believe that because the anglo-celtic race is smaller and weaker than some races/(racial categories) , that the anglo-celtic race should murder and/or attach slave labour devices  to those bigger stronger races as a way of artificially disadvantaging bigger stronger races.

The sons of Mrs Cousen's are probably connected to racist 'Alistair White'. Monique the sister of Alistair White was said to have married a doctor, but the name of the doctor is not known. Monique White might have married a modern nazi doctor with connections to the Red Beret military organization which might be a British military organization. The doctor who Monique White married is possibly a friend of Les(Lesley?) Sanday whose son might be a military doctor that has travelled overseas. Les Sanday mentioned something about his doctor son travelling to overseas with some United Nations mission, however in actuality the son of Sanday might be a military doctor.Les Sanday is a member of the R.S.L. (Returned Serviceman's League) . Members of the RSL are possibly people who have fought in wars such as Vietnam and World War 2.

Image 017:  peter_mikhail.jpg    There is reason to believe that he is the type of person that does not want to leave a person in peace. Even on a day like Christmas, Mikhail and his friends don't want to leave a person in peac

Image 018: wayne_brodie.jpg

Wayne Brodie isn't a police officer. He knows police officers...Peter Mort, Brad Morgan(see above),Christopher "Chrissy" Leyshon(Leyshon is related to Daniel Mamo who was a failed Rugby League personality),etc.


Added: 30/07/2017

Nick Bryant(Nicholas Bryant),Wayne Brodie, Joshua Cameron are possibly members of [the crime organisation known as "The Family" ] . At some time  after their High School Years, they have probably become members of such a crime organisation.

Nick Bryant  & "Seven Hills Toongabbie R.S.L Club"   <------->Recent News story about convicted criminal  "Arthur Alliband"

Wayne Brodie --Daniel Mamo --Jason Roberts(aka "Robbo" aka "Jay Roberts")---Shane Down(cricketer) --- Michael Mehrs(cricketer) --- Brett McGill(cricketer).

[Jason Roberts and Shane Dowd were seen together on the same bus.

among the friends of Jason Robert is  Andrew Millett.]

Bryant,Wayne Brodie,Mamo,Dowd,Mehrs,McGill played cricket for the Seven Hills Toongabbie R.S.L Club .

It is the opinion of the author(s) of this website that there were/are females deliberately patrolling. around the the Seven Hills Toongabbie R.S.L Club, as though it was some kind of pagan temple/maritime admiralty temple.

They are probably ritual prostitution females protrolling around the Seven Hills Toongabbie R.S.L Club.

Alliband  probably found out about such ritual prostitution activity, had sex with one of those females, and then was jailed.

Michael Mehrs was heard to yell out at one of the patrolling females the word  "scrag/"slag"/""scrubber" .

There was also another female seen patrolling near a cricket practice area in Seven Hills and she possibly would be considered as an "asatru blonde" or "heavy metal chick" .

Such terminology is derogatory words for females who have sex and then use something like a water hose to clean  the sperm out from of their bodily orifices.

See also other information about Nick Bryant being a terrorist. Nick Bryant is probably [related to]/[connected to] Martin Bryant the aussie terrorist who massacred many people in Port Arthur Tasmania Australia.

i.e Nick Bryant is possibly part of a [Germanic/Scandinavian/Dutch-South-African "Terrorist Factory"].

A local [safe base]/["racial" safety base]]/[sodomite base] is possibly where such a Terrorist Factory is located.


(Battle of the Little Bighorn).

-see also information about the Port Arthur Massacre in Tasmanai Australia 1996
by Martin Bryant, which may have been Ku Klux Klan activity, during the time John howard
when John howard became Prime Miniter of Australia.


See also Jason Roberts (pictured below) who has facial similarity to General Custer.

Are Jason Robert and Nicholas Bryant relatives of each other?


Jason Roberts is/was possibly a member of something like a
Steven Spielberg/"Raiders of the Lost Ark" fanclub.
[Posibly something like a scout group that analysed
video recordings(VCR recordings) of the the
film "Raiders of the Lost Ark" because the film contained
some sexually suggestive comments. ]
That group of scouts possibly started out being interested in females,
but they eventually all became Aussie sodomites.

THe adults that were supposed to be mentoring such a group
are maybe describable in euphemistic terms as "Naughty Scout Master(s)".
The terminology Naughty Scout Master is mentioned in 1970s british comedy
series such as "The Goodies" that starred the actors Tim Brooke-Taylor,
Graham Garden and Bill Oddie.

There is a website that might know something about such a Raider's of the Lost Ark fanclub.
Maybe there were various such fanclubs existing in different areas and different countries.


See also information about Andrew Taggart(sometimes referred to as John Taggart),Peter Payne, Peter Dunn.

An educated guess is that Andrew Taggart might be/been one of the "Naughty Scout Master(s)" based upon a conversation between himself(Taggart) and Peter Payne.

Various names that might be connected to the [scout group]/[film fanclub] described aove are: Jason Roberts,Peter Dunn,Jason Sankey,Shaun Savage, Paul Van Neijenhoff, Craig Barnes, Craig Devine, Joshua Cameron,Brett Beehag, Wylie Pearson. Also Wayne Brodie lived near the Scout Hall of [Scout Group]/[fim fanclub] described.


See also

"Image 006: Posted 13/07/2017 , 13_07_2017__janet_howard_double_on_23_12_2008.jpg"

and mention of  "David Evans" , "Margo "Evans"

Some years ago Margo Evans yelled out a threat that she would get the "San Franciso Police" onto people.

[Margo Evans did not care that her son David Evans was a violent coward who physically attacked children younger than himself. Margo Evans is a racist who simply yelled out such a threat.] 

People such as  Politician John Howard, Margo Evans,David Evans have possibly been involved in a years long/decades long conspiracy to enslave and murder certain families, and the conspiracy of Howard and Evans probably involves technology that the San Francisco police know about ([Project Monarch]/[cybernetic listening device]/[slave labour device] technology.).

added 19/08/2017

this information is possibly relevant to connections between criminal/racist politicians and criminals/racists in the entertainment industry

(i.e . connections between politicians and "bread and circuses" professions.)

Ray Meagher   <-----> John Howard (actor) <---->  John Howard politician

Robert Hughes(actor,convicted sexual criminal) ----- Robert Hughes (art critic) ----- Boon,Johnson families.

(student with unknown name looked similar to Brooke Satchwell.- see year 10 photo) & actress Toni Collette was a student in the adjacent school) ---- Brook Satchwell -television series "neighbours" ---- Holly Valance.

This text information will be converted into a diagram when time permits.


(Posted 17/06/2017)


(Posted 17/06/2017)


This information is posted on the internet because there is reason to believe that the local suburban area of Sydney Australia has families connected to Operation Paperclip. Operation paperclip involved the migration of nazi scientists to the USA(, and possibly other Anglo-celtic countries such as Australia).

The USA has never explained why it saved the lives of Nazi scientists such as Werner Von Braun that should have been put to death by War Tribunals such as the  Nuremburg trials which executed several nazi doctors.

The authors of this website would suggest that the Nazi scientists connected with Operation Paperclip probably continued to act as racists in a secret manner, over a period of decades.

Nazi medical activity in Sydney NSW Australia possibly has something to do with the racist activities of the German Nazi scientists connected with Operation Paperclip that the USA should have put to death (but did not put them  to death).

It also needs to be mentioned, that in this suburban area of Sydney Australia there are probably many informers to Israeli spy organization Mossad. Mossad has known about the nazism that has been occuring in Sydney Australia over a period of years, and Mossad does not care.  When Gentiles (Non-jews) are adversely affected by modern nazism, Mossad should be considered a racist organisation that cares nothing about Gentiles. Mossad are hypocrites about Nazism . The Israeli Government are hypocrites about Nazism. The Israeli Government has been called a "racist entity" in television news programs and newspapers.

The author(s) of this webspace have no connection to Mossad. The author(s) of this webspace are Gentiles.

THe author(s) of this webspace know that information about Nazism has been sent to organisations such as the Simon Wiesenthal Centre who say they are hunters of Nazis . Such information was sent in years 2004,2005,2006.  However, the Simon Wesianthal Centre are hypocrites about nazism , similar to Mossad. The Simon Weisenthal Centre did nothing to stop the medical nazism that has been occuring in Sydney Australia over a period of years.

The author(s) of this website are of the opinion that that the nation of modern Israeli are Nazism supporters in modern times. Israel over the years learned about the various techniques that German Nazis used against their victims. In modern times, Israel and Mossad are using the same techniques and committing similar injustices to the Nazis during World War 2 .


The following url if investigated might lead to information about where Australian(aussie) suburban communities hide/store/launder their pirate harvesting money.



These people are not the police.

Mariana Pavlek and Liliana Pavlek and Drago Pavlek are possibly involved in corrupting police people.

The police organizations in Australia were/are already racist organizations.

The diagram includes a description of illegal technology being used in Australia.

The police organizations in Australia possibly use such illegal technology to enslave citizens.

[e.g. The NSW Police, the AFP.]

Enslaving citizens is against the law in Australia. So the police are breach of their own law system.

[There is legislation in Australia against "modern slavery" ].

Cybernetic methods of enslaving a citizen can also be described as biological experiments.

So Australia is in breach of the international law. (ICCPR, Geneva Convention article 147)

Australia has been in breach of the ICCP and the Geneva Convention article 147 since 1995.

The illegal technology is probably connected to the construction of so called safe bases which are really apartheid bases. Caucasian south africans migrated to Australia over the decades and possibly built such apartheid bases in Australia. So over the decades the police in Australia have become like the racist police force in South Africa during the Apartheid regime(s).

Such illegal technology is probably known to caucasian police in South Africa or caucasian police who migrated from South Africa to Australia.

[Names appearing in the picture tom_and_evica.jpg are: Velko, Kata(Kate) whose birth certificate name is probably Kata Ivanovic, Drago Pavlek, Liliana Pavlek, Mariana Pavlek, Marko Pavlek,  possibly Jozo/Joseph Pavlek whose given is uncertain but he resembles  Yanukovych ukrainian former politician(Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych), Tom, Evica, Belinda Chikosh, Hervoje/Hrvoje (pronounced Her-vo-yeh), Domogoj (pronounced Do-mo-goy), Bozica (pronounced Bozh-it-sa where the zh is pronounced like z in the word seizure.) ]

Added 28/05/2015:

It has been has discovered that Tom is a racist. Tom is  a nazism supporter. Tom is a racist who is obsessed by people's skin colour.

[Tom did not explain his views about race. Tom did not epxlain that he is race hater. ]

However, it can be stated that has Tom has mongol blood. Mongols are considered a yellow skinned race.

So Tom is yellow and/or Tom has yellow mongol blood flowing through his veins. i.e. Yellow skinned Mongol genetics.

The Mongols invaded Eastern Europe and were interbreeding with Europeans for periods of 300 or 400 years.

This is historical information that racists such as Tom cannot change. It is a period of European history associated with the term "The Mongol Yoke" .

Tom likes to mix with racists from the Croatian Ustashi. However, his friends probably whisper behind his back that looks Chinese. When viewed in profile, Tom has high cheekbones like East-Asians have high cheekbones . 

The father of Tom was named Velko.

Velko came from Croatia, however Velko looked chinese/japanese.

The father of Tom came from Croatia but he looked chinese/japanese.

i.e. Tom's father looked Chinese or Japanese in the manner of actors such as David Carradine who portrayed mixed-race chinese people in films and tv series involving martial race. e.g. The 1970s television series 'Kung Fu'.

Tom's father had a different face to David Carradine, but still Tom's father looked like a mixed-race chinese or Japanese.

Tom's own brother said that Velko looked like some kind of Japanese race.

The brother of Tom's father said that Tom's father looked like some kind of Japanese race.



Drago Pavlek and his racist organisationconnections somehow are specialists in
killing people in plane crashes.

People make much money and then Pavlek and his
racist organisation connections murder them. This practice is probably called called pirate "harvesting".
It is like letting the corn grow for a period of time and then chopping it down, but racists
chop down humans.


Drago Pavlek and his racist organisationconnections somehow are specialists in
killing people in plane crashes.

People make much money and then Pavlek and his
racist organisation connections murder them. This practice is probably called called pirate "harvesting".
It is like letting the corn grow for a period of time and then chopping it down, but racists
chop down humans.

Aliyah [singer,music videos,died in plane crash]
Melanie Thornton[singer,music videos,died in plane crash]

New York  2001Chesly Sullenberger is some kind of doubleDrago Pavlek.
[probably a face double.]




Information Added Later:

About Wayne Brodie: see also surnames such as "Braudy" in the USA  and Broady in the UK. Dutch crime families such as the Brodie family in Australia probably often modify their names to hide their familial connections.

The Dutch made colonies in South Africa. Dutch crime families are probably often connected with Apartheid racism activities.

 The Brodie family (in past or present) might be connected to a crime figure Griselda Blanco.Griselda Blanco was connected to Miami Florida USA Drug Syndicate. 

Griselda Blanco looks very similar to  Abby Lee  Miller from the television series Dance Moms.

Wayne Brodie lived across the road from Joshua Cameron and his sister Leanne. Wayne Brodie is friends with Leanne. Leanne Cameron could be connected to dance studios. Maybe Leanne Cameron has connections to programs such as Dance Moms.

[During his years at High School in the 1980s, Wayne Brodie was overheard to say that Leanne Cameron was like a prostitute, probably because of the number of boyfriends she accumulated during her high school years. i.e. Possibly overheard on the way to bus that transported the cricket team on sports days. However, Leanne Cameron and Wayne Brodie are probably friends in the present time.]


The Stefanovic family tree,racist Douglas Jeremic(cousin of Stefanovic,friend of Wayne Brodie), racist Wayne Brodie, and racist families who resided near Wayne Brodie.



 ,Image file republished late 2016/early 2017:

Added 10/09/2017 :

The Bush family are possibly intermixed with Cherokee Indians and perhaps have built an illegal immigration scheme around that secret: an illegal immigration scheme which is probably a way to profit from the trafficking of illicit drugs.

In the 1970s, the western media was possibly giving clues about the Bush family being intermixed with iCherokee Indians. i.e. Lynda Carter (who is said to be partly mexican) was appearing on television and Linda Carter might be a relative of the Bush family.

Also, there was a song by singer Crystal Gale called "don't it make my brown eyes blue"  which has nazism themes of turning people who have brown eyes into people with blue eyes. Singer Crystal Gale looks similar to Lynda Carter.

The illegal immigration scheme is probably based on an ideology of migrating people from one place to another and their family acquiring certain racial traits along the journey path. i..e Families acquring traits acceptable to modern nazis such as blue eye. blonde hair genetic traits. [When families are trying to integrate certain racial traits into their families, it implies that such families are ritually prostituting their family members to people who have those genetic traits acceptable to nazis. So families who become involved in the illegal immigration scheme are moving from place to place and prostitituting their families along the  migration path.]

The Bush illegal immigration scheme possibly involves intermixing cherokee indians with anglo-germans  in the USA, then sending them across the border to Mexico. To send families into Mexico is a way for families to lose their Cherokee racial identity and to become considered Mexicans.In Mexico, maybe such families are  interbreeding with Spanish families . After their family are considered mexicans,, then they are transported back into the USA to intermix with anglo-celtics and anglo-germans in the USA.

The families that are illegally trafficked in such a way are probably carrying illegal drugs with them.

Such illegal immigration schemes probably involve the use of [Safe Bases] (a.k.a. [racial safety bases]/[sodomite bases]/[germanic terrorist factories]/[modern sodomite bases] . Some bases might be underground bases,  There is a possibility that sometimes military technology such as submarines are used sometimes to transport families from place to the next.

Individuals cannot change their genetics. Families who are involved in such immigration schemes are gradually changing their genetics by interbreeding with people with anglo-german genetic traits and producing offspring who have more anglo-german genetic traits than their parents . So modern nazis such as the Bush family probably encourage individuals to undergo plastic surgery operations to conform as much as possible with to racial stereotypes (nazi racial stereotypes). 

Concerning people/families who become involved in such illegal immigration schemes, their is probably the attitude that "there is no way back for them". They have killed too many innocent people to ever care about modern anti-racial-discrimination laws, and they'll keep living the lives of modern nazism that have been living over the years.

The presence of modern nazis in professions such as plastic surgery, and th access that  the Bush family have to the C.I.A. and US Military infrastructures such as submarines has something to do with the familiarity of the Bush family with modern nazi doctor experiments (illegal cybernetic experiments). The communication/tracking technology used in illegal cybernetic experiments is used by submarines.[See USApatent 787,412 of year 1905]

Question: Was Carrie Fisher related to the Bush family? Was Carrie Fisher an illegitimate offspring of the family of George W. Bush and George H. W. Bush?  Carrie Fisher closely  resembles Dorothy Bush Koch who is sister of George W. Bush and J.E.B Bush(John Ellis Bush).

Added 22/08/2017

Anna Chapman(aka Anya Kushchenko,fascist ukrainian/russian spy jailed in United Kingdom ) <---> Karrie Fisher <---> Dorothy Bush Kosch (sister of politician George W. Bush)
[resemblances to Leia from Star Wars]

some connection to Leah Middleton? Leah middleton from NSW Australia looks like an american redneck Ku Klux Klan member.
The middleton family are slave traders spoken about in historical accounts.

Some connection to Jason Kerr, Craig Akroyd,Mathew Payne,and some Russell who is friends with Jason Kerr? The family of Nathan Pritchard ? Teresa Emilogu ?
Jason Kerr was a fan of Star wars films. The Rand Corporation (multinational/transnational organisation) ?


Juris Ulrichs.
Sydney University physics lecturer.

[Ulrichs resembles Prescott Bush.]

Prescott Bush.
[American Racist Eugenics supporter.
American Trader/profiteer with the German nazis during world War 2.(american traitor)
Parent of George H.W.Bush.
Grandparent of George W. Bush]

George H W Bush.
[Skull and bones member <-- similar to Nazi-deaths-head-organisation Totenkopf
racist CIA director.
former USA President.]

George W. Bush
[Skull and bones member <-- similar to Nazi-deaths-head-organisation Totenkopf
Ku Klux Klan pretend christian.
see information about "christian identity" cults.
Former USa President]

Added 08/11/2017:

During the  USA presidential election held sometime between 1988-1990 , a person on television made the comment "George Bush bends over for people" . i.e. George H W Bush.  That television program was seen in Australia also.

           That comment occurred on either  on the american version of "Meet the Press" or "The Today Show: with Bryant Gumble and Jane Pauli" .

  The people who observe over the international antenna network are sadists who want to challenge people to find those television programs from 1990.

  However there is another piece of evidence about that comment occuring on television. That comment on television started something like a meme  about George Bush bending over forwards for people.

Later on, racists in the USA started a "counter-meme" against the initial meme about George Bush bending over backwards.

The existence of the meme about George Bush bending over backwards for people, is evidence that there was initially/originally a meme about George Bush bending over forwards for people.

<---- People understood during that Presidential Election that George H W Bush was a faggot/poof/homosexual/bisexual . So it can be said that George Bush is a "racist faggot". George Bush is a racist sodomite.



These two males are wearing martial arts shoes. They are probably martial artists.

Is the taller male of the two related to a male nurse/worker called Ashley at the local hospital?

[Ashley is connected to Enda Bannan.They been seem walking  through the same building at Blacktown Hospital in 2015.]

Also, a question could be asked about whether Ashley is related to a person called Mathew Payne.







About the Philippino woman in the pink t-shirt and red hat:

Is she connected to the Parramatta Boys gang in Sydney Australia ?

Is she a relative of a Philippinno prostitute called "Joy" who was friends with Boris Dovecer and Tony Amabile?

When she comes near strangers, is she signalling some kind of vicarious conspiracy activity ?


See also information about a group called Groups of Martyr Baha Eleyan. Are they connected to the activity of Apartheid Bases (terrorist factories)? 

Are such terrroist incidents describable as modern Shem and Japheth racism? Are Shem and Japheth making each other strong through such terrorist incidents as hinted in Genesis 9:26-27 ?

Added 12/06/2017:

The family of Robert Saunders has a genetic problem called "Cerebral Palsy" in their family. People with cerebral palsy are colloquially referred to as "spastics" . The younger brother of Robert Saunders, Mark Saunders was diagnosed w with "mild cerebral palsy". i.e. Mark Saunders is a "mild spastic" . Robert Saunders during his high school years mentioned that his brother Mark was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.


added 24/07/2017

The family of Robert Saunders comes from Amberley Air force base: an airforce base in South Australia.

Robert Saunders might be connected to a crime organisation from South Australia called "The Family".

See mention of  "Bevan Spencer von Einem" at http://carsandpeople.yolasite.com/

The family of Robert Saunders was probably imported into the neighbourhood where actress Toni Collette grew up.
Imported possibly by groups of racists such as Wayne Brodie and his friends, Rosemary Hunter and her friends, etc.

Wayne Brodie and his friends, Rosemary Hunter and her friends might be members of the crime organisation known as "The family".

See mention of Joshua Cameron being part of a group of sadistic vietnam veterans involved in slavery activities.
See mentin of keeping people in the dark and feeding them B*** S*** " which might be modern slave trading ideology.
Perhaps the crime organisation known as "The Family" are connected to groups of sadistic vietnam veterans, motorcycle gangs, etc.

Also Wayne Brodie is probably a dutch-south-african. i.e. A person connected to the racist Apartheid regime that existed for several decades in South Africa.

Michelle Saunders is said to be the non-identical twin of Mark Saunders. Movies such as "Lethal Weapon"

and "Diehard" are suggestive of Dutcvh-South-Africans being involved in terrorism.

Saunders moved from South Australia, to Queensland, then to Sydney New South Wales.

Saunders mentioned he had a friend called Matthew Tilley.

added 22/08/2017:

      Amberley Air force has been discovered to be in Queensland.

So what air force base was the Saunders family involved in when they were in South Australia? There are 2 Air Force bases listed: RAAF Base Edinburgh and Woomera .


This information is probably relevant to the information at url:



Car number plate YGH-41L Brownish coloured stationwagon/hatchback. The driver has an Ahrimanic face.

He might be a blonde male that used to appear at a bus stop in the mornings where an old woman called Veronica Abbot caught the bus some years ago. Veronica Abbot is probably deceased. Veronica Abbot lived in the same street as actress Toni Collette. And the blonde male described walked down the street where Toni Collette lived:walked from that street to the bus stop located on an adjoining street. The blonde male described waited at the bus stop together with an old woman of dutch-german appearance who would seemingly greet a person with the words "hello boy" . The use of the word boy by germanic looking strangers when speaking to a person might suggest that such Germanic strangers are racists.

      The bus routes changed around the year 2005, so that bus stop no longer exists. Buses no longer formally drive through that road.  

The driver of the car YGH-41L might be that blonde male, or someone resembling him in the local area.

 Local Germans resembles serial killer "Bevan Spencer von Einem". <----- That blonde male described has a resemblance to serial killer Bevan Spencer von Einem.

The blonde male might be connected to a crime organisation from South Australia called "The Family".

Note also, local person Bruce O'Brien has a similarity to such a facial type, but has dark hair.

Bruce O'brien is a friend of Martin Okroglic. Okroglic is a friend of Boris Dovecer.

Bruce Obrien was possibly in the same academic school class as John Gillespie when they were year 7 students some years ago. Possibly 7/3 , the top school academic class being 7/1 and the worst school academic class being 7/8 . i.e. The secondary school where Neal Winter was a music teacher.



Added 09/08/2017:

Recent information: "Billy Goats Gruff" is possibly a code word connected to this news story.

The Billy Goats Gruff is a children's tale that aussies learn about in elementary school. It is a tale involving goats, a bridge that the goats are trying to cross over, and a troll living underneath the bridge.

David Stefanovic sometimes used terminology about Billy goats Gruff.

David Stefanovic announced to his church members that he was a former drug user when he was living together with his cousin Douglas Jeremic. David Stefanovic sometimes mentioned the word "Billy" in connection with use of the illicit drug Marijuana. A "Billy" is possibly like a kettle of  water to boil illicit drugs in, or to pass drug vapour through before inhaling.


This information might be relevant to a situation where some years ago the families of Joanne from Big W and Joanna Jovanovic possibly secretly met each other, united together in a murder conspiracy. Maybe their families know each other and are seen together. Joanne from Big W might be Anglo-Irish-Portuguese and Joanna Jovanovic is Serbian.

     Joanne from Big W is a body doubleof Karen (Karen is a David Evans).

Added 04/09/2017:

Joanne and Karen are possibly of Portuguese-Basque ethnic origin.

i.e. People who say they are British, but are really Basque-Portuguese. 

Karen and Joanne have a similarity in face to model Atlanta de Cadenet L'Agent whose modelling work seems to be associated with the word "Basque" .


Are the stefanovic family Serbian Basques?
[Blagoje Stefanovic and his daughters have big ugly heads like
butternut pumpkins or Gourd Pumpkins.
Are such heads a Basque genetic trait?
Describable in Croatian language as
"Glave koa Buče, Bučari, Glave koa Bundave"]

strange comments over the Antenna Network:

Genevieve White communicated:
Will you take our bread and butter away from us?
"ETA" used to be a margarine in Australia.

Is the terrorism of ETA (Basque organisation) like a business to
to Alistair White and his sister Monique and Genevieve ?
They grew up in the same neighbourhood as actress Toni Collette.

Is the terrorism of ETA (Basque organisation) like a business to
to actress Toni Collette ?

Possible connection:
anglo-portuguese neo-nazis <----> ETA (Basque terrorism organisation.)


Music video with body double of Joanna Jovanovic from Granville Adventist Church(Serbian)
Sydney NSW Australia. Her name was Joanna Jovanovic before she got married
(she is probably married and has the surname of her husband.)
The music video contains themes of abduction,captivity,slavery. Has Joanna Jovanic committed such crimes?

Michael of Romania (recently deceased).
Romanians such as Dumitru Evgeniu possibly connected to terrorism against countries such as France.

Videos by the music group "Peking Duk" possibly give hints about such Romanaian Terrorism.

e.g. The video Take Me Over by Peking Duk displays face of someone who played
William the Conqueror(Norman) in a documentary,one of his doubles.
Boris the Effeminte Serbian is said to be Serbian,but his face looks
Iranian(Persian).[Serbia was under Turkish(muslim) OttomanEmpire for approximately 400 years.]
John Bowles - former high School studentJohn Bowles mentioned he watched a John hurt film called "1984".
THe film "1984" was based upon a book by George Orwell.


Added: 25/07/2017

Information about Wylie Pearson and some kind of conspiracy involving Czecho-Slovakians(Czech, Slovaks) and the sport of Tennis.

[Maybe people out there could investigate this information further(to confirm this information)]

      Wylie Pearson ---- Holly Valance(aussie actress of Czech origin. Czech parents)

       John Bowles ---- Kylie Minogue ---- Jana Wendt (Czech)


       Peter McDonald(English Language school teacher) ---- Ivan Lendl(Czech)

       The Stefanovic fanily(Serbian SDA)---Joanna Jovanovic(Czech-Serbian SDA)--- the father of Joanna Jovanovic. (Czech-Serbian? SDA) ---- Ivan Lendl(Czech tennis player )
       Joanna Jovanovic(Czech-Serbian SDA)---Holly Valance(aussie actress of Czech origin.Czech origin.)

       Toni Collette(aussie actress)  ------Louisa Kennewell ---- Wayne Brodie ------ Joshua Cameron,Brett Beehag, Clive Bunker ,Selina Bonello.

       Toni Collette ---- Michelle Coppak(Ukrainian) ---- Old Ukrainian Woman(Olga? Olga Coppack? Godlen Horde Ukrainian-Mongol >) ---- Maria Sharapova (Blonde Ukrainian Mongol ?)  [Golden horde ? Ilegitimate Rockefeller ?]

       John Bowles ---- Brodie Bass  <--- Bass and Bowles were seen walking near each other(single file) at local Railway train station in the morning around 9:00am when a person travelling to Sydney University.

        Ben Collette --- Toni Collette ---- Brodie Bass.

        Ivan Lendl(Czech tennis player ) --- Maria Sharapova.

      [ Kylie Minogue --- Ivan Torkich ? did he work as a security guard for Kylie minogue ?
                         As far as a person knows, Ivan Torkich probably worked as a Gyprocker for his Uncle.i.e. A blue collar worker.
                         The Uncle of torkich possibly had a business premises or factory somewhere around the Inner city of Sydney.
                         Maybe around Lucas Heights.]
       Richard Collins(Sydney University, Lucas Heights)  ---- Ivan Torkich's uncle ----- Ivan Tokich.

       Sydney University Employment service ---- "Wright And Company" Alexandria NSW Australia --- 2 serbian workers ---- Ivan Tokich.

       Martin Okroglic(Slovenian Aussie) --- Ivan Torkich.

       Renee Berrier --- Michelle Gibson.

        Question: Is Maria Sharapova the type of coward who travels places and murders innocent people? Is she a spy or similar to a spy?  Military intelligence ?

[i.e. When Maria Sharapova can't murder people she hates, does she murder innocent people in people's families ?]




When Wylie pearson was an academic school student in elementary school, Pearson considered himself the "Chess Master".
Then a person studied a book on chess and beat Wylie Pearson in a Chess match.
Wylie Pearson wanted to know the racial origin of the person.Pearson suggested the person might be "Czecho-slovakian".
So Wylie Pearson and his friends(Joshua Cameron,Brett Beehag,Clive Bunker, Wayne Brodie) probably began a years long conspiracy involving Czecho-Slovakians (Czech and Slovaks).

Clive Bunker and Selena Bonello lived in homes next to the elementary school.
Near to the homes of Clive Bunker and Selina Bonello was a tennis court, and a grassy playing field inside the elementary school.

 Peter McDonald(English Language school teacher) asked if a person liked Tennis.
McDonald mentioned made a strange comment that a person resembles Czech Tennis player Ivan Lendl.

[John Bowles was given the nickname Wendl by his friends]

When people graduated from Higfh School, some went to University.
A peson was travelling to Sydney University by train.
At the same train station appeared Brett Beehag and Joshua Cameron.
Beehag was travelling to Sydney University. Cameron was travelling somewhere else(maybe a TAFE College or another University.)
Cameron and Beehag were waiting for Wylie Pearson who caught the train from a neighbouring suburb.
Cameron and Beehag want a person to wait up for Wylie Pearson.
A person did not want to wait for Wylie Pearson, so a person caught the next train, and left Cameron and Pearson at the train station.
[..and maybe such events resulted in Cameron,Beehag, and Pearson deciding to commence a murder conspiracy against a person.
When Joshua Cameron's father was a cricket coachhe mentioned the words  "Don't be a stranger" .
Such words were possibly were a hint that the Cameron family intended to detrimentally observe a person over the years.]



Added 31/07/2017 :

Aussie Soap Operas such as "Neighbours" and "Home and Away" are very popular with racists because such soap operas portray mono-racial neighbourhood situations. Such aussie soap operas have been criticised by various people because of their promotion of mono-racial neighbourhood situations and their promotion of racial stereotypes.


Zoran Gajic and one of his church members resembling Von Paulos(Nazi commander form World War 2)

Zoran Gajic was working as a seventh day adventist pastor when these faces were seen together in the same church.

The name Gajic is pronounced as "Guy-ich" / "Gai-ich" / "G-eye-ich"in his language.



On one saturday morning during the 1990s, Blagoje "Bill" Stefanovic was overhead speaking to his son David Stefanovic.
As Blagoje and David walked into the front entrance of their serbian adventist church in Granville NSW Australia, Blagoje Stefanovic was overheard to mention the words
"Zoran's Nazi theories", but he did not want to mention anything further about pastor Zoran Gajic.

i.e. Blagoje stefanovic used the words "zoranove nacističke theorije"
(zoranove nacističke teorije) .

Blagoje is pronounced Blah-goy-yeh.


Peter Kelu resembles the Jonas brothers.
[Petr Kelu is a serbian seventh day adventist who was
attending the SDA Church in Blaxcell Road Granville NSW Australia.]

see the image file "joanne_and_karen_possibly_connected_to_eta_basque_terrroist_organisation_05_09_2017.jpg"

Is Holly Valance connected to ETA (Basque Terrorist organisation)?

The mother of holly Valance has a big ugly head like a butternut pumpkin or Gourd Pumpkin. Is that a Basque genetic trait ?  

I01_02_2018 _004.jpg

s holly Valance(actress) involved in terrorism with trucks and cars?

Did Holly Valance sacrifice neighbours star Jessica Falholt ?

Jessica Falholt actress from"Neighbours" television series dies from same car crash as her sister Annabelle(also actress).   Annabelle actress from "Home and Away" television series.

Do modern witches(sodomites)sacrifice other people as a ritualistic way to save themselves?

Music Video: Do you like a truck - by Geo Da silva
[(is there a} Holly Valance double (in the music video)?]


unknown male former student
from local secondary school.[He is standing near Scott Campbell,Owen Crossley,Simon Davis,Theo Ballis,Ronie Gilchrist,Mark Virgona's double,so some of those names might know his name.]

brooke satchwell(neighbours actress)

holly valance(neighbours actress), Kylie minogue(neighbours actress)


Names: Nicole Dickson, Kylie Minogue,Holly Valance, Martin Lynes, Jeremy Kewly .

See also information about Robert Hughes.

Nicole Dickson resembles the sister of a former local person Jason Hogan.

Jason Hogan used to live in the neighbourhood where actress Toni Collette grew up in,

then Jason Hogan moved away from that neighbourhood.

Added 31/07/2017 :

Aussie Soap Operas such as "Neighbours" and "Home and Away" are very popular with racists because such soap operas portray mono-racial neighbourhood situations. Such aussie soap operas have been criticised by various people because of their promotion of mono-racial neighbourhood situations and their promotion of racial stereotypes.



Holly Valance is possibly involved in Real Estate crimes.

Maybe that is why Holly Valance married into a Real Estate family in Britain.

[If readers of this information can find the website corresponding to this webspace,

there is mention of racists making rumours(lies) about homelessness against [socially isolated people who own homes.]  ]



Holly Valance has a younger body double
called Demi Lovato.
Demi Lovato apepars in present day rock videos.
Demi Lovato was an actor in a television movie called "Camp Rock" .

Holly Valance was featured in a rock video called "Kiss".
The video looks like it has Turkish/Armenian/Togarmah influences.
i.e. Togarmah Pagan Worship System.

Does that rock video suggest that Holly Valance has a connection to the
KISS Army?
[Knights In Satan's Service fanclub]

Was the rock band K.I.S.S. influenced by
The head movements of singer Gene Simmons might suggests so.
Simmons twirls his hair around similar to a Togarmah Pagan Worship system dancer.

kiss_music_group_composed_of_racists_jews__probably connected_to_crimes_by_mossad_agents_03_10_2017.jpg

[Knights in Satan's Service]

K.I.S.S Army.
[the kiss fan-club]

[Crimes by Mossad agents.
Mossad does not care about civil rights.]

News story about Mossad blackmail ring connected to Andrew Windsor.

Andrew Windsor.

Jeffrey Epstein.







Jason Stoltenberg
[former tennis player]

Maria Jovanovic
aka Maria Zivic(Zhivich)

Stoltenberg and Jovanovic have similar faces.




added 08/02/2017:

Recent Information: Lois Vujanic is an ignorant racist that pretends to be a christian.

Lois Vujanic invites people to lunch or dinner as guests, observes their children, then makes lies about the children guests of being adopted.

Lois Vujanic makes such lies behind the backs of the people she invites to lunch or dinner.

If Lois Vujanic had any knowledge of genetics, she would know better.

Children often don't resembles their parents, and have resemblances to grand parents.

The fact that Lois Vujanic makes such horrible lies about people's children suggests she is an extreme racist and/or other type of criminal: Lois Vujanic is possibly a nazism supporter.

Added 17/05/2017:

Milos Vujanic and his wife Lois Vujanic have a connection to a school called Seven Hills West. Milos Vujianic says he is a pentecostal . He belongs to some obscure pentecostal church organisation possibly called "Christian City Church" or similar. Milos and his friend Zaheer(probably a south-asian-indian pentecostal pastor) attended or presented pentecostal church meetings held at the hall at Seven Hills West public school (elementary school/primary school) .

Milos is pronounced Mil-osh.

      At that time,  Seven Hills West had a very bad reputation. Seven Hills West public school was infamous as the worst school in the area. Seven Hills West primary school was probably attended by local crime figures (juvenile criminals/juvenile delinquents?) Nathan and Morgan Cain . Identical twin brothers Nathan and Morgan Cain were notorious in the  around Seven Hills, Lalor Park, etc and referred to as "The Cain Gang" .

The Cain Gang were connected to other crime figures such "Lockie" and probably also Angelo Tsakos who was killed by the police. Afterward,Peter Tsakos the brother of Angelo Tsakos starred in a short film called "The Killing of Angelo Tsakos" which aired on SBS channel(Channel 0) in Australia. The short film suggested there was police corruption involved in the death of Angelo Tsakos, and his brother Peter was publicly asking for information concering the death of Angelo.

     Was Tsakos a student of Seven Hills West public school? There is a possibility that Tsakos did attend that school.

Milos Vujanic is a pretend christian. Milos Vujanic is really a serbian racist . Milos Vujanic possibly believes that some racial groups should not be allowed to be christians and that those racial groups should be made to convert Islam by force. Milos Vujanic possibly belongs to an organisation called the "Chetniks". During World war 2, Chetniks were sometimes allied with the German Nazis and sometimes fighting the German Nazis.

Question:The pentecostal church organisation put or posted advertisements into the postal mail boxes of local residents. Did Milos Vujanic and his pentecostal church organisation deliberately lure people to church meetings for the purpose of murdering people ?  i.e. Were his pentecostal church organisations deliberately luring people into bad areas ?


John Bowles is not a policeman. Bowles knows Joshua Cameron.And Joshua Cameron knows Daniel Mamo & Wayne Brodie who know racist corrupt police.


Alexiou is not a police person. He is Greek Mafia person who pretended to be a Christian. Alexiou has association with the Seventh Day Adventist Church and the Greek Orthodox church. Alexiou is friends with cross-dressing SDA (Robert Jelasic )/(Richard Jelasic).See the 1990spublication "Parramatta Youth Experience" to see a photo of Jelasic in drag (women's clothes). 

    Seventh day Adventists are a cult that have an obsession about keeping the mosaic law. The hypocritical obsession that Seventh Day Adventists have with keeping "the law" , and the support of racial segregation in the writings of the SDA false prophet Ellen G. White possibly has relevance to Seventh Day Adventists knowing racist corrupt police.


Ukrainians were Nazi allies during World War 2. 

ukrainians migrated to Australia after World War 2 and established themselves in racist communities in Australia. See the image balloons.jpg to ascertain what crimes Ukrainians are involved in Australia.

Ukrainians are a racist culture, and so the church denominations Ukrainians usually belong to are 'Orthodox Church' (Eastern Orthodox/European Orthodox).

Orthodox Church denominations are nationalistic. Nationalism is about creating divisions between groups of humans. So Orthodox Church denominations are often supporters racist activities in countries such as Australia. i.e. Orthodox Church denominations are often supporters of secret racist, segregationist, nazi activities.




Seven Hills Toongabbie RSL Cricket Club located at Best Road Seven Hills.

 [Added 21/03/2017]

About Wayne Brodie: see also surnames such as "Braudy" in the USA . Dutch crime families such as the Brodie family in Australia probably often modify their names to hide their familial connections.

The Dutch made colonies in South Africa. Dutch crime families are probably often connected with Apartheid racism activities.


[These questions/information do not support immoral professions.

These questions/information are for the purpose of describing racism in the hope that

justice occurs.]

Richard Bazlidenski/Bazledenski and his sister know her name.

Shane Pisani , Stephen Collins and Camilleri know her name.

Ralph Quitadamo might know her name because he is friends with Shane Pisani.

What is her name? [name = Given name + surname]

Information added 29_01_2017:

The tall blonde that lived on the corner possibly was/is associated with 'Peter Rogers Dance School'.

[Peter Rogers was the kind of person that would be seen walking around shopping areas in dancing tights.

So there is a probability that Peter Rogers was an effeminate homosexual dance instructor.

Note that a local newspaper article mentions that Peter Rogers was popular. So that might suggest that

it is a secretly homosexual suburban area in which his dance studio was located.

[i..e. A racist suburban area in Sydney Australia that during the 1980s and 1990s was friendly toward to Caucasian homosexuals and unfriendly to migrant racial groups.i.e. The type of racist suburb that magnifies the reputations of Caucasian homosexuals,causes isolation to migrant racial groups, lies that migrant heterosexuals are homosexuals as a way protecting the reputations of sodomite anglo-saxons-celtics.

anglo-saxons-celtics are Caucasian.

For those who are politically correct, the word sodomites is a biblical term that describes both ancient and

modern people according to their practices. It is not a vulgar word.  See 1 Kings 14:22 (KJV) ]

Peter Rogers is possibly a relative of people such as Andrew Millett, Mark Virgona, Adam Burne , Stewart Hunter the husband of Rosemary Hunter, etc. Peter Rogers probably looked similar to the various named here (Millett,Virgona,etc).

Based on a news paper article Peter Rogers died in year 2013.

Contrary to news paper articles, during the 1980s and 1990s, Peter Rogers Dance studio was located on a busy road on which Mark Virgona works: ( a spray painting company called 'Rae's Graphic Signs').

So Peter Rogers dance studio was within 2-3 minutes walk from where the tall  blond lived who lived on a perpendicular busy Road, and about 2-3 minutes walk from where Mark Virgona works (Rae's Graphic Signs).


Added 11/06/2017:

It has been recently discovered(today) that Andrew Millett is now working as a helicopter pilot, initially for Channel 7 News and now for Channel 9 News in Australia.


The author(s) of this webspace are quite sure that Andrew Millett is a sexual criminal: the type of criminal that Neal Winter ,  Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris are. Andrew Millett could be an Australian relative of British media star Jimmy Saville. See the information in the image file "Adam_Burne_further_information_19_12_2016.jpg".

  It is probably also relevent to state that Andrew Millett was probably a student in the High School Music class that had a Neal Winter as its music teacher.

The author(s) of this webspace would like to state also, that Andrew Millett is an epileptic. If Andrew Millett has an attack of epilepsy, it could result in him crashing the helicopter that he is piloting.

During High School, Andrew Millett was called names like "Fit man". Andrew Millett was not physically fit. Andrew Millett was a short sickly male student whose epilepsy and inbreeding probably had something to do with the physical weakness of his body. Nicknames such as "fit man" refer to his epilepsy problems. People who suffer from epilepsy seizures are spoken of as people who "have fits"  or people who are "having fits" .

The last time that Andrew Millett was seen in the local area, he was in car with Brett Beehag at the service station nearest their former High School. .  A person walked up to that car, and put his hand on the side of the front bonnet in an attempt to talk to Millett and Beehag who were inside the car. A person was standing toward the side of the car. A person wanted to know what they knew about biological experiments. However, Millett and Beehag did not emerge from the car. Instead the car started moving in a dangerous way and then sped away.  Millett and Beehag were sadistically laughing/smiling as the car started moved and then sped away.

[That service station existed, but in recent years has been demolished to make way for a public transport bus T-way. ]

See also the Channel 9 (Sydney,Australia) news story that screened today on 11/06/2017 at aproximately 6:00pm "Video shows helicopter’s frightening drop in altitude before emergency landing in Sydney park".

Added 11/06/2016:

Andrew Millett as a school student would make nuisance calls to people (threatenning calls maybe with heavy breathing or other kinds of strange behaviour). His school teacher John McCleery found out about Andrew Millett's juvenile delinquent behaviour. Inj later years, there is a possibility that Andrew Millett became involved in bugging phone lines, eavesdropping,listening devices, etc. Eventually his interests in surveillance might have extended to nazi experiments against living humans ("cybernetic listening device" technology = "Slave Labour Device" technology).

added 04/09/2017:

Cricket coach Jim Cameron possibly labelled Brett Beehag with a nickname "bogang" or "boigang".

Perhaps that is some kind of Bodgie subculture nickname.

On one occasion when Jim Cameron invited cricket player(s) to his home, Jim cameron appeared across the road where Brett Beehag was standing.

When talking to Breet Beehag,  Jim Cameron was heard to utter the words "boigang: the man who cannot die."


There are various people with the name Mathew. This mathew (Mathew Payne) is an Australian(aussie) relevent to the information such as 10_11_2016_000.jpg and see also mention of Ashley (Ashley is a Caucasian  male). Mathew Payne has probably conspired over the years.


The woman  in the news story might be connected to the Press Secretary of the corrent USA Government.

Maybe she takes down notes when politicians are speaking.


Recent Information :

     The name of the woman in the USA politics news story is probably Sarah Huckabee Sanders(Saunders).

The news stories connected to her seem to frequently show women's legs.


names:George young(musician), Malcolm young(musician)
Douglas Jeremic: Heavy Metal fan (AC/DC fan)
Wayne Brodie
Angela Morris[Big ugly inbred Maltese eyes.Bulbous eyes similar to selina Bonello]


David Stefanovic said that Douglas  Jeremic was his cousin.

Jeremic is a friend of Wayne Brodie. They lived near each other, went to the same school, played afternoon sports together, etc. Douglas Jeremic is a heavy-metal music fan. He would be seen wearing t-shirts with slogans such as "Rest in Peace, Bon Scott" or " R.I.P. Bon Scott" . Others would comment that the slogan should be more like "Rest In Hell , Bon Scott" because Scott the lead singer of the group AC/DC was probably a satanist.


Rolela is an artist (paintings).


What is Cognitive Archaeology really about?

This website thinks that cognitive archaeology("primitive mind" project) is associated with
aussies(sodomites) socially isolating migrant families,
aussies(sodomites) making lies about mental retardation against socially isolated citizens,
aussies(sodomites) lying citizen(s) born in Australia were born overseas
(racism where citizens are treated worse than tourists because of race.).

Is Cognitive Archaeology really about digging into people's nervous system with technology to capture their cognitive functions to capture their sensory activity?
Is Cognitive Archaeology really about digging into people's bodiesby using prosthetic devices? Is it about turning some races of humans into Cyborgs or Cyborg Slaves?
Is it about creating human slaves by using technology to enslave their nervous systems, by capturing data of nervous system activity, by putting signals into a person's nervous system etc.

If cognitive archaeologists dig into the ground is it to establish an underground base, is it to build ground antennas.
Is it to observe the lands of [other] races?

Is when racists want to forcefully study [other] races of people whether or not they want to be studied?

Are Hippocampal Neuron Patterning experiments against humans very much part of cognitive archaeology?

Other terminology that might be connected to Cognitive Archaeology:
Ancient Mind
Neurocognitive Mapping.


Parker is a former SDA pastor in the local suburb.


SDA church seeks to waste away the lifetimes of certain racial groups. The SDA church lures certain racial groups into bible studies and church attendance , by methods of advertising its magazine, prophecy seminars, archaeology correspondence courses, etc.  The SDA church considers compulsory that people should observe a saturday sabbath every week. The SDA church beleives that on each Saturday Sabbath, people should do no work. In a practical sense,when people observe a Saturday sabbath they are wasting away 1/7 of their lifetime doing nothing. something that the SDA church does not reveal to people is that it is a church that attract many racists. The SDA church secretly supports racial segregation, however, people only discover this if they investigate the writings of their false prophet Ellen G. White. The SDA church does not advertise the details of those writings of Ellen G White that support racial segregation, so the SDA Church dishonestly portrays itself as a racially tolerant Christian denomination. Only when people closely investigate the writings of Ellen G. White do they discover that the SDA Church is not racially tolerant. Because the SDA church secretly racist to its church, there is a probability that racists control the hierarchy of the SDA Church. there are suggestions that the racists in the SDA Hierarchy secretly support the type of Nazism ideology where if they convince certain racial groups to waste 1/7 of their time by observing the Saturday Sabbath, then that it might be possible to waste more of their time. By luring certain racial groups to the SDA church, racists consider it might be possible to waste the whole lifetimes of certain racial groups.

SDA Church = Seventh Day Adventist Church [denomination/cult] .

Added 12/06/2017:

People who have experienced the hidden racism among the SDA Church members, might possibly describe the SDA Church as a "christian-identity cult"/"Ku Klux Klan religion", rather than a christian denomination.

i.e. Experiences such as SDA church members following people around years after people stop attending the SDA Church.


posted: 07/08/2017


(15/02/2017) [The author(s) of this webspace are trying to describe something that various people probably do but have difficulty in describing. The author(s) of this webspace are putting together pieces of information, so the authors don't know in which the pieces of information lead. If the information does not prove useful in prosecuting modern nazism and modern sodomite activity, then the author(s) of this webspace intend to remove the information from the webspace. If the information does prove useful in prosecuting modern nazism and modern sodomite activity, then the author(s) of this webspace intend to leave the information on the webspace. ]



- There are persons who believe in meeting people by chance, and there are people traders.

- People don't normally advertise themselves.People traders befriend persons to get access to persons lives, then the people traders advertise/theoretically sell/trade persons behind their back.

- If people desire an advertised person, normal people might hope to meet an advertised person through social interaction. But people traders act in ways to prevent such meetings of people and they usually do not explain what they want and waste the time of normal people . If you want to meet an advertised person, people traders want you to offer them a person in exchange. i.e. If you want to meet/use/buy an advertised person, people want you to have a person to give them. [i.e. Trading people is probably a form of prostitution, and it is not enough to simply pay money to meet an advertised person. People traders want you to give them a person which they can meet/use/buy for themselves.]

- Trading people probably has everything to do with notions about keeping racial groups pure.If you want to meet a person from the same race as yourself, the people traders probably don't bother you much because if you marry and have offspring with someone from your own race, you are generationally renewing the products that they trade in.

- If people traders are trading a person and a person does not know about, he might sometimes discover strangers advertising themselves with items/symbols/scenery that look strangely recognisable.And strange situations happen with such advertising.e.g. if the person asks if people are looking for him, people often seem to be looking for someone else.

the author(s) of this webspace are not trying to trade people because:

-the author(s) of this webspace have no friends.

-this authors(s) of this webspace have nothing to offer racists.

- this authors(s) of this webspace [are] sure that western societies support racism such as trading people, slavery and slave labour. i.e. western societies have developed slave labour technology because they are pretend racially tolerant and really racist, so the author(s) of this webspace does not know if this information will make any difference in efforts to prosecute racist technology.

This information might be a description of 'human trafficking' but because the police in western societies never seem to explain the details of what human trafficking is, the author(s) this webspace thinks the police in western countries don't care about human trafficking when it happens to certain racial groups.


[The author(s) of this webspace are trying to describe something that various people probably do but have difficulty in describing. The author(s) of this webspace are putting together pieces of information, so the authors don't know in which the pieces of information lead. If the information does not prove useful in prosecuting modern nazism and modern sodomite activity, then the author(s) of this webspace intend to remove the information from the webspace. If the information does prove useful in prosecuting modern nazism and modern sodomite activity, then the author(s) of this webspace intend to leave the information on the webspace. ]

Added 21_03_2017

Recent information: When trading people activity is occurring, when you travel places for work or study, the strangers around you seek to find information about you, but they don't want to talk to you to gain information. Such strangers begin turning up in your neighbourhood and asking questions about you. Or strangers send their relatives into your neighbourhood to ask questions about you. So trading people often results in social isolation. Social isolation where strangers would rather talk to your neighbours instead of talking to you. And situations where strangers would talk to neighbours rather than you might suggest that illegal activity such as breaking into homes(home invasion)  occurs as part of the activity of neighbours gaining information (concerning the system of trading people).

Added 12_04_2017

Trading people leads to unnecessary strange situations such as some ugly little assyrian arab man called John Baba wants a person to go with his ugly sister. John Baba says this behind the back of the person. John Baba is from a middle eastern gang. If a person doesn't want to go with John Baba's ugly sister, John Baba wants to injure or murder a person.

[A person has nothing to do with arab culture. A person was raised in a different culture. A person does not need to mix with Arab culture because Arab culture is racist toward to some racial groups.  So John Baba is deliberately trying to disadvantage a person. John Baba should not be conspiring to injure or murder a person.

A person is not a racist. John Baba is a racist. etc.]

loretta_james.jpg    [16/02/2017]

Loretta James is a woman who does not want to leave people in peace.

James is a pretend christian and really a nazism supporter. She probably conspired murder people during the 1990s.

James and her friends are probably married (or have numerous sodomite boyfriends), but James and her friends are immoral racist people who are probably trying to cover up their murder conspiracies.

James and her SDA friends are married people who don't want to leave single people in peace, especially the single people who have survived murder conspiracies.

Loretta James is/was a Seventh Day Adventist at the Parramatta/Old Toongabbie SDA Church in Sydney during the 1990s.

Added 25/02/2017

Similar things could be said about Joanna Jovanic. Joanna Jovanic is probably married and does not want to leave single people in peace. See serbian_sdas_seventh_day_adventists_.jpg  .

Added 29/06/2017:

Loretta James has a brother called Simon James. Simon James has a resemblance to drug dealer Warren Lafranchi who died in the 1980s. Lanfranchi was connected to news stories about Roger Rogerson.


Added 21_03_2017

When a people visit her church, Peta Jakes mysteriously Jakes mysteriously appears near people's homes in a car and drives by. She doesn't explain why she drives by. Peta Jakes is probably a perpetrator of Trading people. Peta Jakes is a pretend christian.

Added 18/08/2017:

Fiona Vella ----?--- Tiffany O'dea, bindi Odea --- Natacha Senchal


 Fyodor Betsargis possibly connected to middle Eastern gang: Ivan Torkich, Andre Dada(Dahdah), Rene Berrier ...


Renee Berrier was possibly staying in "refuge" because she was homeless.

Wylie Pearson lived on a Road(Drive) that runs into the street where the refuge was located. Maybe Wylie Pearson became friends with Renee Berrier.

Added 14/09/2017:

There is a Andre Dada and Ivan Torkich are connected to the

"Brothers-for-life" middle eastern gang. That gang was mentioned in News reports in recent months.


Ivan Torkich <-----> Tara McDonald

Tara McDonald

from Music Video
"My my my" by
Armand Van Helden.

[George H. W. Bush
partly Cherokee Indian
(partly Amerindian)]

[Duncan Regehr]

Delgado ?
Spanish/Latin-American(South American)
pirate family ?



Keith Leyshon, Greg Leyshon, The Daily Telegraph Mirror March 11th 1992(merger of the Daily Telegraph and the Mirror newspapers), Penrith Panthers professional rugby league club, Sydney , Australia



Is Keith Leyshon somehow connected to Yaroslava who advertises herself on Youtube ?

Ярослава Спортивная (Yaroslava Sportivnaya)

Leyshon is  of Daniel Mamo. Leyshon and Mamo are friends of Wayne Brodie.



Daniel Mamo is a failed Rugby League player. Some Rugby League Players seem to resemble Mamo.

See Laurie Daly (Rugby League Player) to whom Daniel Mamo has some resemblance, and to whom Mamo might be connected.

Added 02_05_2017:

From a distance Laurie Daly resembles Daniel Mamo in movement. There exist videos of Laurie Daly on the Fox Sports rugby league channel. Laurie moves and plays rugby league in a manner similar to Daniel Mamo. However, when Daniel Mamo ran, his knees would strangely point outward more than other rugby league players ... (note that Daniel Mamo is a failed rugby league player which might make him harder to identify. He probably did not appear on television. Pictures of Mamo appear above).

Added 27_04_2017:

Mamo and his friends could be described as Australian(aussie) rednecks. Some aussie rednecks have red or blonde or red hair and freckles. Mamo is a redneck of the inbred maltese mafia greaseball variety and/or  nazism supporting British-Germanic Mongol-Hun schweinhund variety. In general Daniel Mamo and his friends are very ignorant(closeminded, primitive) in their attitudes , not intelligent in an academic sense and they believe that  their 'street smarts' or involvement in criminality and racism makes up for their lack of intelligence. Mamo and his friends are members or supporters of racist organisations such as the Ku Klux Klan, Thule Society,  NOFEAR( National Organization for European-American Rights ) , League of Rights, ANM(Australian Nationalist Movement), etc . 

Note: Some of these racist organisations change their names from time to time to make them more difficult to research. NOFEAR has tried to transformed its name into E.U.R.O.

Daniel Mamo is a friend of Wayne Brodie. Mamo and Brodie lived near each other in adjacent streets.And Mamo lived several houses away from John Rowe and his wife Corrie Rowe (pretend christian Jehovah's Witness Dutch-Jew racist who probably has connections to the C.I.A. and Mossad).

Wayne Brodie is probably of Dutch(Caucasian) South African heritage. Brodie speaks with an aussie accent and has probably has connections to extremists from the apartheid Era in South Africa. See films such as 'Lethal Weapon 2' which are descriptive of extremists and terrorists from the South African Apartheid Era. The Apartheid Era is historically quite recent. There was racial Apartheid in South Africa into the 1990s.  i.e. There are many South African apartheid racists in the modern world doing various acts of racism in countries such as Australia. The media seems to be silent about such groups, unlike this webspace.

Wayne Brodie lived across from Joshua Cameron. 'Jim' Cameron (Robert James Cameron) the father of Joshua Cameron was a pretend friendly cricket coach and secretly a sadistic vietnam veteran who died probably some time in the 1990s. Joshua Jim Cameron used expressions such as "don't be a stranger" . In hindsight such expressions were probably hints that he wanted to secretly and illegally observe families. When cricket Coach Jim Cameron invited junior cricket players to his home, they might have seen displayed in his kitchen some cloth artwork containing the words something like 'Treat them like mushrooms.Keep them in the dark and feed them Bull**** ". In hindsight, such artwork might be a hint about modern methods of slavery known to Vietnam veterans.

Therefore, Daniel Mamo and Wayne Brodie might be connected to a sadistic group of Vietnam veterans who perpetrated situations of slavery against migrant families in Australia.

Mamo is connected to Mr Adams, a localelementary school(public school) teacher who is was involved in school Cricket and Rugby League teams.ik.e. At the school sports teams level, but also the district, regional, and state(province) sports levels. The daughter of Mr Adams called Stacy Adams(Stacey? Adams) later became the girlfriend of Daniel Mamo during their high school years . On one occasion Mr Adams was driving 2 sports playing elementary school students home in his car. One student was Daniel Mamo.When the other student spoke to Mr Adams and Adams displayed strange behaviour of pretending not to hear the other student. Mr Adams carried on talking to Daniel Mamo as though he did not hear.  So there is a probability that Adams is a racist that does not want certain racial groups to be speaking to him.

Added 28_04_2017:

    During one sports day event, Mr Adams was heard by various people using the nickname "Gunga Din" toward a south-asian-indian elementary school student called Sarket Chookla (Saket Shukla ?) . 

The film 'Gunga Din(1939)' in modern times is regarded as a racist movie.

Gunga Din is a movie that portrays various racial stereotypes. 


Question: In year 2017 Mariana Pavlek is an ageing woman.  Is Mariana Pavlek a former student of the elementary school (primary school) at which Mr Adams was employed as a school teacher ? 

Added 02_05_2017:

Greg Leyshon is of similar physical appearance to Trent Merrin (professional Rugby League player). i.e. from a distance and also sometimes close up(from certain facial angles).

      Greg Leyshon during High School was friends with John Gillespie who said he came from the NSW South Coast in Australia. John Gillespie is recognisable by his ugly prominent chin that sticks out of his face like a swimmer's diving board.  Some students called him "Chinny Gillespie" in a derogatory way . John Gillespie resembles 'Jacko'  ( Mark Jackson? Peter Jackson? ) an   A.F.L.  sports personality in Melbourne Australia, except that Jacko had blonde hair and Gillespie has brown coloured hair. Gillespie is physically smaller than Jacko.  

   The A.F.L used to be called the V.F.L. (Victorian football league) and it is a sport played with an oval shaped ball but it is a spor different to Rugby League.

Added 12_06_2017:

Other names connected with Daniel Mamo:

     Simon Rowe is a friend of Greg Leyshon.  Simor Rowe resembles another person called Kurt Gackie/Gacky.

     Kurt Gacky possibly played Rugby League for a junior(amateur) club called "Blacktown City" and "Blacktown R.S.L" . Strangely that rugby league club seemed to have 2 names.  That Rugby League had yellow/orange coloured jumpers with a large black/brown V at the front, and blue and yellow shorts (short trousers), and blue and yellow socks the same the same or similar colour as the Paramatta Eels shorts.  One of their coaches was called Barry Panovic/Barry Panovich .

        Kurt Gackie and Simon Rowe are probably friends of Paul Goldsmith. Simon Rowe played for Blacktown City in the earlier years, and then Paul Goldsmith possibly joined that Junior Rugby League club some years later.

     There is also a very fat caucasian male that was referred to as "Big Chris" that played in the same team as Simon Rowe at Blacktown City Rugby League club. Big Chris was probably a student at a public school called "Oldfield Road" .  Rowe, Gackie, Goldsmith and Big Chris are now adults.

     Gregory Mellor/Meller (Greg Mellor) played for Blacktown City Junior  Rugby League club.  Greg Meller is a friend of actress Toni Collette. Strangely, Greg Meller as a school student is known to have bought Toni Collette an engagement ring while both were still primary school students. Such behaviour by people when they were primary school students probably is an indication that Australia is a sexually immoral society. i.e. Australia is a hypocritical nation that is dishonest about the sexual immorality that exists among aussies.

Added 13_06_2017:

     Paul Goldsmith and Andrew Gosper should be  mentioned because they were very much a "duo" during High School . Goldsmith and Andrew Gosper were always seen together at High School . Gosper probably needs to be mentioned, because he is possibly a Ku Klux Klan member. Andrew Gosper mentioned during High School that he was involved in a martial art called Jiu-Jitsu (the martial art from which the sport of Judo is derived).

      Greg Meller has a criminal record and Greg Meller is a friend of actress Toni Collette. i.e. Actress Toni Collette associates with criminals.

Greg Meller likes to appear without warning near people who do not want to talk with him. Greg Meller likes to appear without warning near people who want nothing to do with him. A year or two after leaving High School, Greg Meller appeared without warning near a person and mentioned that he been imprisoned as a criminal in Parramatta Jail.  Somehow, during the brief conversation, perhaps University was mentioned or the bible was mentioned and its suggestion to avoid immoral people such as homosexuals. Greg Meller objected to the idea of homosexuals being seen as immoral people. Greg Meller mentioned that he had befriended a homosexual man in Parramatta jail. Greg Meller suggested that homosexuality was somehow normal . And then the conversation ended.

       [The author(s) of this webspace should mention that Greg Meller obviously considers homosexuality normal, but the person he was talking to considers homosexuality as unacceptable. ]

In hindsight, questions could be asked about the nature of Greg Meller's friendship with a homosexual stranger in Parramatta Jail . When Greg Meller says he was friends with a man in jail ,  was Greg Meller hinting that he bent over and bent forwards for the stranger in Parramatta Jail ?

And questions could be asked about Toni Collette: Toni Collette has a homosexual brother called Ben. Is Toni Collette a woman (short,sometimes fat, ugly woman) who at some point in time decided that she would only date homosexuals ? Is Toni Collette a woman  who only marries homosexual men?  Is Toni Collette a woman who makes horrible lies about heterosexuals because she hates heterosexuals ? Is Toni Collette a woman who conspires against heterosexuals ? Is Toni Collette a woman who thinks she can turn heterosexual into homosexuals by force , similar to the opinions of her homosexual male friend Brodie Bass ?

Is Greg Meller one of the victims of Toni Collette's conspiracies?

When people become victims of Toni Collette's homosexuality conspiracies , does she somehow have a way of turning degraded homosexual people into her allies ? Has Toni Collette gained various homosexual allies over a period of years?

If Toni Collette has conspired over a number years to turn people into homosexuals by force, can she brought to justice ?


This information possibly confirms suggestions that Toni Collette perpetraste male prostiution activity.

harvey weinstein-----kevin spacey ----- ridley scott --- toni collette


spelling corrections:

Reza brahim = Reza Ebrahim.

Mrs Barracliffe = Mr Barracliffe/Barrowcliffe (male physical education/sports teacher)



Tiffany O'dea aka Tiffany Stefanovic.

O'dea is an Irish name. 


[Update  21/08/2018]

There is a facial resemblance between Tiffany O'dea(Sydney Australia) and Cassie Clark(Snell's beach New Zealand),

Snell's beach is north of Auckland New Zealand. 

Woman in Car1 hiding behind car BG-70-SS. Then she gets out of car1. car1 with a number plate but missing manufacturer insignia.

Car 1: number plate  BSF-96*  .BSF-96H ?

[The manufacturer is missing so difficult to ascertain whether the car is a Holden, Ford, Mitsubishi, etc.]

Strange behaviour of pointing somewhere with her hand while her back is turned toward a person. [She walks in front a person,her back turned toward a person, then she points across the road.]

Woman gets into car 2 then drives in the direction of a person.

The woman gets out of one car (car 1:black hatchback) then walks nearby to another car (car 2: white VW-volkswagon).

Car 2: number plate TDX-44E ?

The woman gets in the other car and drives nearby [The woman drove west on the road near a person, while a person walked east on the footpath. If viewed in profile from the north or south, it would be describable that was driving toward a person. But when viewed from east or west, it would be describable that she drove nearby on the road while a person was walked on the footpath.]


Does this aussie woman have delusions of grandeur? Does she think she is commanding a person by pointing across the road? Does she think she has the ability to command someone? Why? She is complete stranger. Does she consider that she has the ability to coerce,command,make someone go somewhere across the road where she is pointing ? This woman is a complete stranger, and she displays behaviour trying to command a person to go somewhere across the road. If she is trying command someone, are her strange actions the type of behaviour that occurs in situations of modern slavery? Who is she ? Based on her physical appearance, is she from the Pritchard,Walker(Exton), Speck or Gunther families? A person has nothing to do with the families described. A person was required to attend school, and those families attended the same academic schools.


[Posted 29/01/2018]

THe Nick Kershaw Song "The Riddle"
is a favourite song of Joshuia Cameron.

Joshua Cameron ------ Wayne Brodie.

Nick Kershaw
[song "The Riddle"
song lyrics "don't ever ever fight the riddle"] -------------- Men of Aran ( anglo-arab-jew assassins in Irish islands) Wolfe Clan in Ireland
i.e. Irish Hashisheen(drug addicted race warrior(sodomite race warriors).
Fighters trained to murder people with their hands/fists.
Cranberries singer ---------------------- Dianna Spencer
[anti arms trade lyrics] [anti-land mines]
glitter tart
Rene Berrier --- Wylie Pearson ---- Wayne Brodie Martin Okroglic[Slovenian in Australia,resembles Boris Becker tennis player]
[glitter tart, |
gold pants] -----------------------------------Ivan Torkich--------------- Knows Iranians who taught him Zhurkane martial art
| [Slovenia?,,Turkey, Turkish-jew?]
Andre Dada |
[Assyrian,Iraqi] Mili Avital lookalike
| | [Turkish Jew ?]
John Baba Fyodor Betsargis |
Bryan Gaensler

Wolfe Clain In Ireland ------------- portugal -------- spanish-arab-jews-basques
[Aran islands, George Bush? ] [Delgado, Benjumea]

Turkey,Armenia -------Germany
[torkich] [Duncan Regehr]
Togarmah Pagan worship system ----- Iran
[satanic warriors,assassins [assassins(Hashisheen)]
Satanic cult of pretend angels(Hashisheen=drug addicted race warriors)=sodomite race warriors]


Wolfe Clam in Ireland
| Melanie McLaughlin
Adam Burne [Man of Aran]----- Mar Virgona ----Jimmy Saville
| |
Rene Berrier {Boer with french name] --------------- Lorinda Noble [Jew families who prostitutes themselves to Boers ] ----------------- Sone page 3 model with Cossack/Kazhak looks ---- Turks,Turkey
related to Jews? | |
Ally moore ------------ Laura Kyle Rupert Murdoch,Kerry Packer[Newspaper Tycoons]
| [Dutch Basque]?
- Marine Le Pen ------------------------ Rockefellers[French-Dutch-Basques? USA]
racist politician]


Cameron has a freckled face.[Bird manure skin complexion, bird manure face]

Cranberries singer (O'riordan)   <--- resembles ---> Andrew Pitzing


added 01/02/2018

In the same cricket team as Joshua Cameron were Michael McGeechie,Andrew Lawless, James Toon and Nicholas Bryant who were friends with each other. 

[Joshua was the son of cricket team coach "Jim" Cameron(Robert James Cameron)  and Mr McGeechie was the manager of the cricket team. Michael McGeechie is the son of Mr McGeechie.

Andrew Lawless would sometimes mention "Gee" as the nickname of Michael McGeechie (the "G" sound the same as the insult word "git" .]

Michael McGeechie mentioned that he and his family would holiday at Lord Howe Island locted between Australia and New Zealand.

There is a possibility that Lord Howe Island has become a hideout for Cameron & McGeechie and their friends,

or maybe  a method for Cameron & McGeechie and their friends to illegally trade items over the sea, or to launder money from made from crimes.



Lorinda Noble maybe connected to Drago Pavlek.Pavlek lives near adventist Milan Terzic and lived near a Seventh Day Adventist church.

Lorinda Noble,Rose Toeta, Drago Pavlek are possibly involved in crashing planes by using "suicide body guards" that infiltrate the
social circles of actors,singers, etc who travel by airplanes, jumbo jets .

Once the airplane is flying, the suicide guard(s) start attacking the
pilots and the passengers using their fists/hands , thereby inflicting horrible injuries or deaths. The suicide body guards are trained to kill people with their hands.

When the pilots are severely injured or killed, the planes crash.
In 1993, the mother of Lorinda Noble was possibly attacked by suicide body guard(s) aboard a plane but survived. She lost her eye in the attack but survived the plane crash.
The mother of Lorinda noble is possibly a jewish spy or jewish informer.After she survived the attack and the plane crash, she and her family possibly became involved in
such plane crash mass murders. Lorinda Noble's family are possibly ritual prostitutes who find out information by prostituting themselves.

Such attacks by suicide bodyguards possibly has a connection to the planes that crashed into the World trade Centre towers in New York in September 2001. Maybe there were suicide body guards on those airplanes, and by 2001 they learned how to crash planes into tall buildings.


Rose Toeta is polynesian woman who probably pretends to be an Afro-American woman over the Omega Antenna Network.  Some years ago , she mentioned she had access to a radio station owned by the Seventh Day Adventist church, aound the same time that a television program called "Raw FM" was appearing on ABC Australia television channel.

Toeta comes from Raratonga(Cook Islands) whose polynesian population are connected to british naval criminal(mutineer) Fletcher Christian.

Toeta cohosted bible studies with Milan Terzic.

Both Toeta and Terzic are pretend christians. Both terzic and Toeta are racists that conspire against people.

Rose Toeta worked for an employment agency, but she is the type of racist that conspires to prevent people getting work.(i.e. She is describable as a modern slave trader: Toeta conspires to create situations of slave labour: situation(s) where people put efforts into getting justice but have no benefits from their efforts.situation9s) where the human body is put to work as a vehicle for a cybernetic listening device.

If people have christian notions of having employment and having a family, Rose Toeta is the kind of "anti-christian" that conspires to prevent people from having employment as described as above. Rose Toeta is the kind of "anti-christian" that conspires to socially isolate people so as to prevent them from having a family.She uses suggestions about the world coming to an end soon, so there would be no time for people to marry, then she conspires behind their backs.

         Her behaviour might suggest that Rose Toeta is connected to modern slave traders who are experts in an enslaving people through involvement with religious cults like Waco, Jonestown, etc. Rose Toeta might be a member of the Symobionese Liberation Army or closely connected to members.

She is/was married to a polyneisan man called John Toeta.

Faces doubles of both Milan Terzic and John Toeta occur in season 8 of Stargate SG-1 ., so Rose Toeta is probably connected to networks of racists who can get people's faces into the television media. 

Rose Toeta might be secretly connected to a phllipinno male called Ferdinand Santos who went to the same secondary school as Daniel Mamo. His nickname is "Ferdy/Ferdie". Rose Toeta possibly met Ferdinand Santos via her association with Milan Terzic. Milan Terzic mentioned he was visiting a local philippino charismatic/pentecostal church called "iglesia ni cristo" which was later demolished to make space for blocks of units situated along a local main road.

      The activities of  rose Toeta,Milan Terzic, Ferdinand Santos, in connection with the Omega Antenna Network might have something to do with the appearance of musical groups in rock videos such as the La Bouche, the Spice Girls, the Pussycat Dolls. Singers in such musical groups have members who afro-american/afro-british women with large frizzy hairstyles similar to the hairstyle of Rose Toeta. It is not certain whether such musical groups were friendly or hostile to Toeta. There is a possibility that people were trying to identify her(her hairstyle) but did not know her name.

Rose Toeta could have something to do with the death of Melanie Thornton from La Bouche. The laterappearance of another woman with a similar name, Melody Thornton, a member of the Pussycat Dolls, might be a way to satanically "replace" into the music industry a person who she was involved in murdering.

      See also information about Drago Pavlek, who might be allied with Rose toeta in some way. Rose Toeta was attending a Seventh Day Adventist church close to where Pavlek lives.Also, Rose toeta was co-host of a bible study at Milan Terzic's home, which is close to where Drago Pavlek lives.

There is a possibility that Rose Toeta is a friend of Robyn Loau(polynesian woman),
and Robyn Loau is a friend of Toni Collette(actress).

Both Toni Collette and Robyn Loau were students at the same High School(secondary school).

Both Robyn Laou and Toni Collette are possibly members of the church of scientology.
It is rarely mentioned in the media, but their is reason to believe that the
church of Scientology is secretly involved in the modern slave trade.

The church of Scientology is secretly accepting of slavery activity, similar to Judaism and Islam religions.https://www.newidea.com.au/cruise-and-travolta-caught-up-in-fbi-sex-slave-probe

[The media sometimes mentions human trafficking situations,
however the media never seems to mention the use of slave labour devices
in connection with the church of Scientology.]

Details of Robyn Loau's musical group:


music group name of band: "Girlfriend"
music group members:
Robyn Loau,Melanie Alexander,Lorinda (Rindy) Noble,Siobhánn Heidenreich,Jacqueline (Jacqui) Cowell



One of the members of the musical group(probably Siobhánn Heidenreich ) was featured on a channel 9 news item in
which she mentioned that she could no longer make money from music and was working in a shoe shop.
The news program was possibly ACA(A current affair) program on channel 9 or similar program on Channel 7 Australia.



1.Rose Toeta and her friends conspire to take over(to corrupt) city blocks (CBD blocks).

City blocks = areas of land divided by city streets. There are tall buildings/skyscrapers built on those areas of landi.e. city blocks with skyscraper buildings like in the Sydney Central Business district(CBD).

2. Rose Toeta and her friends in GF4 are involved in plane crash murders by using suicide guards.
this information is possibly relevent to the terrorism incident in September 2001 that occurred against the buildings in the New York CBD(Central Business District).

i.e. Rose Toeta is a ritual prostitute and anti-christian (pretend christian) who follows an ideology of taking over the earth by corrupting people sexually through prostitution. To Rose Toeta and her friends, corrupting city blocks in the CBD is part of that ideology of taking over the earth through ritual prostitution.

The mention of people such as James Novoceski, R. Lenton, John Bowles, Brodie Bass, Terry Feeny, Kristina or Joanna Stefanovic  turning up around the local railway station is part of a system of evil  or ideology of doing evil followed by Rose Toeta. 

Ritual prostitutes are degraded people, and racism is invariably part of their degraded characters.

So such racists watch people going through the train ticket gates.

Such racists follow people around to work or to university near the CBD or in the CBD.

such racists/ritual prostitutes seek to benefit the lives of some racial groups by sexually entertaining them, giving them confidence with women, etc.

However, such ritual prostitutes(racists) are also involved in creating situations of MODERN SLAVERY.

such ritual prostitutes(racists) are also involved in activity in racist activities to

stop certain racial groups going through the ticket gates,

to stop certain racial groups going to work,

to stop certain racial groups going to university,

simply because of race.


Milan Terzic says he is a christian, however on rare occasions he possibly mentions that he has knowledge of the occult.People assume that means that he used to be an occultist but stopped occultism after he became a christian. However, when people look back on events, the events suggest that Milan Terzic is a pretend christian.

Milan Terzic invites a person to study the bible,  then later all manner of unncessary problems occur against a person. It needs to be stated that Milan Terzic suffers from an incurable blood disease called Toxoplasmosis.

On rare occasions, Terzic possibly mentions to people that he acquired Toxoplasmosis digging in the backyard of his home.

This needs to be mentioned because Terzic invites unsuspecting people to his home for bible studies, but

This needs to be mentioned because: instead of Terzic being socially isolated as a result of his incurable blood disease Toxoplasmosis, the unsuspecting healthy people become socially isolated.

Milan Terzic needs to be formally reveal whether he conspires to turn people into victims of biological experiments involving  cybernetic listening device(s).

Added 19_04_2017

Terzic has a serbian father who is a follower of an U.F.O. cult. He  has been seen wearing a cap with the initials U F O on the front of his cap.

Terzic has a mother who is probably british.

Does the Seventh Day Church secretly promote a racist UFO Cult to some of its members ? e.g. there were Seventh Day Adventist speaker called John Carter . Many people in Sydney attended his bible seminars which were labelled as "The Carter Report" . Some seminars had an archaeological theme, some seminars had bible prophecy themes.During those seminars John Carter may have expressed a possibility that if Jesus Christ returns it might in the form of Jesus Christ in  UFO or Jesus Christ returning on clouds that resemble UFOs . During his seminars, did John Carter hint about a racist UFO cult within the Seventh Day church ?

Added 02_05_2017:

Milan Terzic behaves a manner that is describable as 'shifty' . i.e. Milan Terzic behaves in a manner of a untrustworthy person or criminal.

            The behaviour of Milan Terzic is similar to Bruce O'brien whom many local people probably know. 

Bruce O'brien is a friend of Martin O'kroglic.

Martin O'Kroglic is a friend of Boris Dovecer.Martin O'Kroglic is an effeminate male that might be mentally retarded in some manner but was still able to attend High School.

Boris Dovecer is a friend of an effeminate male called Bill Gigov . Former high school students might remember Gigov being labelled with nickname 'Bill Gaygov'. Based upon his appearance Bill Gigov is possibly of Ukrainian-modern-Macedonian(Skopjan) ethnic heritage.  See the picture   andrew_pitzing.jpg  for  information  aboutBill Gigov being part of a group of former High School homosexual students connected to the news story about Neal Winter (High School music teacher) being jailed for homosexual crimes in year 2005.


SDA church members believe that other planets are inhabited by angels (probably upon the writings of their false prophet Ellen G. White. ) So to many SDA church members, outer space aliens and angels are the same thing. [Various Christian denominations probably believes that when Jesus Christ returns, he will probably returns with many saints and/or angels. So many saints and angels might return with him that they look like the clouds of heaven. Some Members of the SDA church possibly have modified this belief into such a from that they consider angels might return in UFO space craft. So such beliefs among members of the SDA Church might overlaps with UFO cults and also overlap with Anglo-Saxon witch-craft beliefs that berserkers race warriors are like angels. [The SDA church is dishonest].


Gwen Terzic is the wife of Milan Terzic.In the 1990s, Gwen Terzic changed her name to Hephsibah Beulah /Hepsibah Beulah believing she was a prophet and sent her prophecies to many people in the postal mail.

Questions could be asked does Milan Terzic have secret service connections given his resemblance to Lee Harvey Oswald?

Based upon her insane ministry of '1 in 2 will die' , does Gwen Terzic have connections to secret service(spy) brain washing experiments? e.g. Mk Ultra, QK Hilltop, Waco and David Koresh, etc?

Added 19_04_2017

Gwen Terzic's name  strangely corresponds to the name later given to Omega Antennas. i.e. G.W.E.N. antennas. (Ground Wave Emergency Network Antennas.) ... 

During the 1990s  Gwen Terzic was partnered with a woman called Esther. Esther believed herself to be a prophet in the same way as Gwen Terzic.



Pitzing is an effeminte homosexual/ bisexual.

During the 1980s he was a teenage school student, and most of time he was quietly effeminate,and associated with other homosexual school students such as Bill Gigov, Brodie Bass, Thern Reynolds, Craig Neilsen, Leo Speck

and Ben Collette the younger brother of actress Toni Collette.

But on one occasion Pitzing, for no apparent reason, became brave and spat a mouthful of water at a student.

[Pitzing should not have spat a mouthful of water at anyone becausefor all the other student knew,Andrew  Pitzing probably had AIDS as a result of his homosexual tendancies and therefore the water spitting activities

of Andrew Pitzing were possibly a health risk.]

[As evidence or confirmation that Pitzing and his friends were a group of homosexuals, years later in year 2005  Thern Reynolds was mentioned in a News Story about a homosexual high school music teacher called 'Neal Winter'.

In year 2005 Neal Winter was jailed for homosexual crimes.]

It needs to be mentioned :

In a sodomite society such Australia, teenage homosexuals become confident when they discover that the women favour them. [and when teenage homosexuals become confident,they become like perverse berserkers.] Sodomite women secretly favour homosexuals, and secretly disadvantage heterosexuals.

Homosexuals and sodomite women secretly service each other in [the ways of] sexual perversion. i.e. women appreciate the company of their homosexual hairdressers, and it is not explained why.

[So, if Andrew Pitzing has the companionship of an aussie woman, it is because aussie women are sodomite women(perverse women).]

Question: Is Andrew Pitzing a friend of Ivan Torkich?  The author(s) of this webspace think that Ivan Torkich is a violent arabic sodomite (i.e. arabic/middle-eastern/turkish/slav-turkish sodomite ).

See the movie 'Ashanti' which mentions that sodomite activities perpetrated by arabic people.Sodomite activity exists within arabic culture and aussie(Australian) culture.

Added 14/05/2017:

Recent information: Actress Toni Collette and various other Australian (aussie)  racists might be of Portuguese origin.

i.e. there is possibly a Portugese connection to migration of 'operation paperclip' nazi families into the USA and neighbourhoods in Australia. 

See also mention ofmigration of caucasian south African racists (Apartheid regime racists) into Australia.

From a historical perspective, Portugal is considered as "Britain's old ally".

So if nazism activities connected to Portugal are investigated, there is a probability that connections to nazi activities by the British will be found.

Added 30/05/2017:

Toni Collette possibly considers herself a race warrior. There have been suggestions that Toni Collette conspired to murder  or murdered certain people and gave the reason that 'they weren't sticking with with their own kind'  or 'they weren't sticking to their own race' .If so,  certain people don't know what Toni Collette is suggesting, because certain people aren't racists, certain people aren't segregationists and some people are possibly part of no race at all (some people are between racial groups, not part of racial groups. Some people consider themselves citizens of the world, members of the humanity rather than members of a race, etc) . Some people don't mix with rabble (some people passionately support their basic civil right to  in freedom of association) ,etc.

    See '26/05/2017  Recently discovered information' which gives more information about the kind of race war activity that actress Toni Collette is probably involved in.

Added 06/06/2017:

Based upon some of the faces that appear in local suburban settings, Andrew Pitzing might be related to people who facially resemble singer Elton John, people who facially resemble Lewis G. Parker, people who resemble Blagoje Stefanovic (aka Bill Stefanovic).

[It might be relevent to mention that Lewis G. Parker closely resembles 'Lewis Carroll' the author of Alice in Wonderland and has some resemblance to Fred Gwynn from "The Munsters" television series ... and Blagoje Stefanovic has a resemblance to television chef Heston Blumenthal .

       Lewis G Parker is a former Seventh Day Adventist pastor. When people meet him, Lewis G Parker initially seems to be friendly. However,  the more Parker speaks , the more people begin to realise that Parker is the same type of racist as Rosemary and Stewart Hunter. e.g. In situations where Lewis Parker gives bible studies. Parker begins to talk about big men of a pale skin colour, his experiences among the "natives" of Papua New Guinea. i.e. The indigenous people of Papua New Guinea.In hindsight, Lewis Parker is the type of racist who believes that only tall caucasians of a certain pale skin colour can bring order to societies in the developing World.  See comments about Stewart Hunter and his collection of books by author Edgar Rice Burroughs. The author(s) of this website have reason to believe that Lewis Parker is a person whose racist views and racist activities in secret are deliberately meant to adversely affect citizens of Australia who are not anglo-celtic. The author(s) of this webspace have reason to believe that Lewis G Parker is a racist who has murdered people because of their race.

Added 10/06/2017:

     From memory, Ben Collette the brother of actress Toni Collette might have been about 2 years younger than herself.[The date of birth of Ben Collette posted on the internet is false.]

 Ben Collette was a homosexual student in High School: the same High school that Neal Winter was employed at as a music teacher.

Brodie Bass was a homosexual student at that High School.

Brodie Bass and Ben Collette would frequent the school library together during lunch time, along with Thern Reynolds.  Brodie Bass was not intellectually intelligent. Brodie Bass was not a great reader of books. Brodie Bass and his homosexual friends would talk in the library between each other, rather than reading books.

i.e. Brodie Bass, Thern Reynolds, Ben Collette would gossip together in the school library like a bunch of girls.

When homoasexual males gossip together with each other like girls, such behaviour  can be described in various derogatory terms: e.g. They were a group of males that would have a "mother's meeting"between each other in the school library.

[Added 12/08/2017]:
There is a blonde that has beeen seen at a local bus stop next to the railway station, a local railway train station on the richmond line and driving a car on a busy local main road.
She resembles SBS Australia news reporter Abby Dinham
resembles.She might be relative of Neal winter that stalks POTENTIAL victims of crimes commmited by groups of homosexuals.
i.e. when groups of homosexuals are conspiring to commit crimes against a person, the blonde described posssibly comes near a person.



Is the man with dark  blue shirt related to Shane Knight who knows Mathew Payne, Craig Akroyd, etc ?

i.e. The Shane Knight who has/had family working in the NSWpolice ?

Added 19_04_2017:

The man with the dark blue shirt displayed behaviour of coming near a person, stopping behind a nearby checkout and quickly  flicking his head to the side (recorded on video).  What does that gesture mean? Is he delusional aussie sodomite that thinks too much of himself?

Is the gesture of flicking one's head to the side when facing someone describable as  'no talk '  activity ?

Is 'no talk activity' associated with slavery situations in western societies that pretend to be against slavery.  i.e. This webspace is implying that Australia is a western society that pretends to be against slavery, however the existence of 'no talk' behaviour among its population possibly suggests that the Australian population  have knowledge of slavery customs. i.e. If the man in blue is deliberately displaying 'no talk' behaviour in a shopping centre, where did he learn such behaviour ?

          This webspace is also implying that police organisations in Australia are complicit in 'no talk' behaviour. i.e. In situations where Australian police organizations deliberately don't give closure to people adversely affected by middle eastern gang crimes. Situations where the police refuse to arrest to gang criminals in the hope that people will be murdered by gang criminals. Situations where 'social darwinists' in Australian police organisations turn situations of gang violence into some kind of racist entertainment arena. Possibly situations where Australian police officers or their friends have social  infrastructure camera videos of violent crimes but use those videos as entertainment for racists instead of using such videos to prosecute gang criminals.Situations where the racists police organisations start harassing innocent people with police cars and racist police officers instead of police officers going after gang criminals. When police organisations drag on such situations for years, then people in the Australian population begin to display to 'no talk' behaviour toward people who are adversely affected by gang violence  and police racism.

 This webspace is not sure about all the details of 'no talk' behaviour. It is possibly something that a person might begin to notice   if you keep to yourself, don't mix with the rabble, believe in freedom of association and when racists make lie behind your back that you are scared of people.

  No 'talk behavior' is possibly describable as situations racists don't wan't to leave a person in peace when a person in public. Racist begin accumulating around the person, and racist begin acting in strange ways , often without talking, and in a manner designed to make a person feel uncomfortable.Sometimes it involves racists pretending to have mature attitudes, racists pretending to be respectable people, but teaching their children to behave in a disrespectful manner to certain racial groups when in public. Their behaviour is deliberately designed to discourage a person from visiting public venues .  

The author(s) of this webspace think that 'no talk' behaviour is connected to the sodomite customs of Australians(aussies) where they are secretly signalling to other aussies to visit sodomite bases together (i.e. safe bases/ racial safety bases / apartheid bases/ terrorist factory bases ) .

Situations develop where aussie sodomites  are continually signalling to a person who is not an aussie.

i.e. Situations develop where aussie sodomites  are continually signalling to a person who is not a sodomite.

Such situations becomes ritual sadism situations. Aussies are don't want to leave a person in peace when in public. Aussies are continually signalling to a person to visit a sodomite base, but

    - the person does not know sodomite bases exist

     - or the person does not visit sodomite bases,

Why? Because a person is not a sodomite.

... but aussies don't care that a person is not a sodomite ...

aussies are a sodomite culture so aussies continue to bother the person.

Such situations are needless sadism.

Such situations should not be occuring.



Is this man a friend or relative of Andrew Pitzing ?

He is possibly/probably a local Ku Klux Klan member.

Question: Why might a person think that this man is  Ku Klux Klan?

Because members of racist organisations have a sadistic habit of "not leaving in peace" certain people when they are in public .

A person went to vote, and this man acted in a way where he did not want to leave a person in peace to vote. He approached a person, and made a nasty comment as he passed by.

This incident happened on the afternoon of Saturday 28/03/2015: the day of the NSW State(Province) Election .


The following information possibly needs to be expressed because it is something that racists don't want people to know about:

People who are sodomites are racially intolerant. i.e. People who call themselves gay are really racially intolerant, and people who secretly practice sodomy are racially intolerant including pairings of men and women who secretly practice sodomite customs. The author(s) of this webspace are not sodomites. This information has been recently discovered.

People who practice sodomite customs acquire an attitude describable as a "mother hen complex" .

Certain cultures practice sodomite customs, such as  Greek culture. In greek culture, there are  at least 4 words for love.

i.e. Eros, Agape, Philia , Storge .

One of the greek words for love betrays the fact that people who practice sodomite customs have a mother hen attitude.  i.e. Storge is the type of love connected to a "mother hen complex" . i.e. The type of love that a mother hen has for her chicks (chicken offspring) , but it is not really love. Storge it is a kind of selfishness. i.e. The type of selfishness that animals such as chickens display to raise their offspring, and which human beings mistake for love. 

People who have a mother hen attitude are the worst type of racists.

Sodomites are selfish for themselves, selfish for their families and selfish for their race.

The debased perverse selfish attitudes of sodomites  are connected to judging people by appearance rather than their character.[This means that  if you are biological related to them but look racially different to them, then sodomites don't consider you as one of their family.  Sodomites are selfish for those people in their family who look racially the same as themselves.]

The selfish attitude that sodomites have, tends toward  racially segregating people.

When a society becomes involved in attempting to get civil rights for 'certain racial groups' , racists start promoting homosexual agendas (sodomite agendas) .

Racists pretend that homosexual agendas are inclusive in what it means to be a tolerant society.

However , if people who seek civil rights for 'certain racial groups' accept the homosexual agendas, if they become befriended by homosexuals (sodomites), the homosexuals(sodomites) are NOT there to help the cause of racially tolerance.

The sodmites are there to observe people.

The sodomites are there to act as 'bad shepherds'  (wolves in sheep's clothing ) .

The sodomites are there to secretly sabotage the efforts of people who seek civil rights for 'certain racial groups'.

Added 13/05/2017

People who have a mother hen attitude are the worst type of racists...

When a mother hen shows care toward her chicks (chicken offspring), it is something natural.

However in homosexual(sodomite) societies, men have a 'mother hen attitude' toward other men who are strangers, and that is something unnatural (perverse) .

In homosexual(sodomite) societies men have a 'mother hen attitude' toward strangers within their race.

When people have a 'mother hen attitude' for the strangers that compose their race, that means that they don't want anyone from their race to mix with people from other races.



Shane Pisani resembles Craig Salvatore (former rugby league player ) . i.e. a resemblance from a distance and from certain facial angles. Shane Pisani is physically smaller than Craig Salvatore.

For the purpose of identifying Shane Pisani,Shane Pisani  has a bigger uglier italian nose than Craig Salvatore.

i.e. Pisani has a bigger, 'less aesthetically tolerable' 'italian-like' nose than Craig Salvatore.

[ Shane Pisani has a nose that looks it is trying to take over his face .Shane Pisani has  ]

Shane Pisani probably lived near Lalor Park Junior Rugby League. However, the italians in the local area seemed to avoid playing Rugby League . Shane Pisani played 1 or 2 matches of Rugby League and then stopped playing for Lalor Park .

Shane Pisani did not graduate high school, similar to his friend Ralph Quitadamo.

Shane Pisani did not graduate high school, similar to David Stefanovic . David Stefanovic and his cousin Douglas Jeremic are friends of Ralph Quitadamo.

Shane Pisani probably became involved in work or apprenticeship as a car mechanic. Strangely, the venue where Pisani learned car mechanic skills (or worked as a car mechanic) was a 'car service centre' that looked out upon the path that students walked to High School . 

As a teenager of 13 years age  and afterward, Shane Pisani displayed strange behaviour of wolf whistling at males.

When Pisani was confronted about his strange behaviour, Pisani feigned ignorance about his wolf whistling activity and started mentioning the name of Ralph Quitadamo. i.e. He mentioned the name Ralph in the form of "Ralphie"  i.e.  ' [Do] You know Ralphie ? ' which probably meant 'Do you remember Ralph Quitadamo from elementary school ?'   By that time, a person had cut off association with Ralph Quitadamo and was attending High School (Secondary School) . The references that Pisani made about Ralph Quitadamo did not seem to make any sense, so a person walked away from Pisani and had nothing further to do with him.

... Shane Pisani displayed strange behaviour of wolf whistling at males.

So it is probable that Shane Pisani at some stage became involved in sodomite lifestyles.

[This information is connected to the information above about a blonde who lived on a corner (street corner)] .

This information is expressed on this webspace because Shane Pisani and the blonde  are peoplerpossibly involved in years long conspiracies involving modern slavery activity.

Added 13/02/2015:000

i.e. Pisani has a bigger, 'less aesthetically tolerable' 'italian-like' nose than Craig Salvatore...

[ Shane Pisani has a nose that looks it is trying to take over his face .Shane Pisani has a nose that when viewed from the front looks like an elephant with a platypus bill hanging  downward for a trunk. ]

Added 13/02/2015:001

Recently discovered information:  In the present time, there is a business called ''Pisani brothers smash repairs' near to where Shane Pisani used to work as a car mechanic.  The place where Shane Pisani was seen working as a car mechanic on the main road was maybe  50 metres south of where Pisani brothers smash repairs in currently located. i.e. South of where there used to be traffic light on the main road. There is a now bridge over the main road where the traffic lights used to be.


Before a person moved to this area in the western suburbs of Sydney, a person used to live closer to the inner city. A person was growing up and was younger than teenagers. There were 2 teenagers called Garner Blair and his friend Tony.

Garner Blair was a polynesian (indigenous New Zealander) whose family strangely preferred to be known (or addressed) by the surname  Brown instead of Blair . Garner Blair was possibly training as an apprentice mechanic and probably did not go to High School (Secondary School) .Garner Brown had an older brother called Stewart who joined the navy.

Tony was a blonde italian male who had an older brother with brunette hair and a sister with blonde hair called Lena. Lena and her brothers moved into that area. Lena was considered a 'new student . i.e. A student newly attending the elementary school (primary school/public school) in that  suburban area.

Garner Blair was often seen working on cars, teaching himself mechanic skills even in his own spare time.

On one occasion, Garner Blair and Tony were sitting in a car chatting away. A person was nearby and overheard their conversation. Their conversation became very strange. They began talking about how they could get girlfriends (how they befriend people from the opposite sex ). Tony mentioned began mentioning that if a male seeks to befriend a female , a male can get screwed up the backside and then a male finds a female easily. That sounded very strange to a person who was a child growing up, and a person remembers that conversation years afterward.

So, based upon overhearing the conversation of Garner Blair and his friend Tony, the author(s) of this webspace make an educated guess that Italian culture is a homosexual culture(sodomite culture) similar to Greek culture.

Also terminology such as 'Greco-Roman' suggests that Greek and Italian cultures are similar.

Further educated guesses about italian Shane Pisani:

See ' shane_pisani_facially_resembles_craig_salvatore_former_rugby_league_player.jpg'

Shane Pisani is an ugly italian male. He has a big ugly nose. Shane Pisani had a strange habit of wolf whistling at males.

However, as a teenager Shane Pisani, despite being ugly to look at,  Shane Pisani found it easy to find girlfriends.

So it is an educated guess that Shane Pisani followed his italian customs.

It is educated guess that Shane Pisani became involved with his italian sodomite customs.

It is educated guess that Shane Pisani  found girlfriends by 'bending over' and 'bending forwards' for the fathers of the his girlfriends .

Maybe that is a secret that Shane Pisani never wanted  people to find out about.

Maybe that is a secret that creates hatred within Shane Pisani.

Maybe that is a secret that has resulted in Shane Pisani hating people so much that he conspires to enslave them in modern times with modern methods.

This information is expressed on this webspace because Shane Pisani is a person probably involved in years long conspiracies involving 'modern slavery' activity.


Michael Kerr is recognisable by his large buck teeth that give him the appearance of a rodent.

Michael Kerr claims to be a christian, but he has been seen to be the selfish type of racist that won't even lend a person a pencil when a person needs to write something down.

Michael played for the High School basketball team. He is friends with racists such as James Novoceski/Novaceski (pronounced No-va-chess-ki)

A school teacher called Mr Thompson coached the High School basketball team. Mr Thompson was a science teacher and Michael Kerr was a student in the science class that Mr Thompson taught. Mr Thompson seemed to have a friendly persona(manner).  Some years later when Mr Thompson became the school coach when a group of students came near to where the basketball training was occurring to see what the basketball training was like, Mr Thompson reacted very strangely to the group or an individual in the group. Thompson seemed to be strangely hostile to the group seeing who was in the basketball team.

Some years later, people from the school basketball team such as James Novoceski started turn up around the railway station in the mornings when people were traveling to University.


     Michael Kerr mentioned during his High School years that he was staying over (sleeping over) at the home of a local music teacher called Luke. i.e. Luke from "Luke's Guitar School" in the western suburbs of Sydney.  Michael Kerr asked a person if he knew Luke. Luke mentioned something about a person having good hands or artistic hands considered appropriate for playing a guitar. 

             A person answered that yes that he knew of a certain Luke. A person did not give further details to Michael Kerr, and there is a possibility that Michael Kerr has made all kinds of lies about a person afterward.

A person knew of  Luke from Luke's Guitar school because a person had attended guitar Lessons at "Luke's Guitar School" when it was a studio in the northern part of a suburb, near a petrol station and newsagent. That was before a person started to attend High School(Secondary School). However, a person stopped going to those guitar lessons possibly because although a person was a young child at the time,perhaps a person sensed that there were too many bad types  watching a person travel  to guitar lessons.  i.e. Perhaps a person sensed that there were too many aussies watching a person travelling to guitar lessons.  e.g. 2 locals called Neil and Feeny started to appear  in front of their homes when a person was travelling to guitar lessons.   Feeny played in the same Junior Rugby League club as Daniel Mamo and Greg Leyshon. i.e. A Junior Rugby League Club connected with a "Worker's Club" .

        In hindsight, questions could be asked about Michael Kerr "sleeping over" in the homes of strangers.Why was Michael Kerr "sleeping over" in the homes of strangers that were not his parents ?  In many differenthomes did Michael Kerr "sleep over" ? etc .




Kostic is friends with Tony Amabile, Gerald Kermicci, Joseph Rolela, Martin Okroglic. Kostic and/or his friends were possibly students at Seven Hills West public school (considered the worst school in the area).

added 30/06/2017

Christian Newell is a friend of Michael Kostic. A female checkout worker at a local K-Mart storein years 2008/2009 looked very similar to Christian Newell. Maybe she was a relative of Christian Newell. 



Added: 24_05_2017:

In addition to Leigh Chalker, it could be mentioned also thatAnthony Coroneous and Robert Saunders lived near to Abraham and Kamahl.

Added 05_06_2017:

Recent information:

        Why is Abraham coming near people? The author(s) of the this webspace do not know because they have nothing to do with Abraham. Recent information suggests that Abraham or his friends are concerned  that a woman in the photo information  "10_11_2016_001.jpg"   looks similar Kamahl's sister.  Kamahl is possibly Iranian.

Also recent information suggests that Sydney University has been involved in some activities in Iran that Australian racists (aussie racists) don't want people to known about ...and the information might be something like this:

   Sydney University is a racist University that like doing archaeological digs in nations with Aryan Societies.

Sydney University still involves itself with hopeless quests to find ancient Aryan civilizations (similar to the expeditions that Nazi Germany was involved in during the earlier part of the 20th Century).

See mention of the "Ahnen-Erbe" (ahnenerbe) on the internet.

Iran(Persia) is an Aryan(Indo-European) society.

Sydney University probably became invovled in subversive activities in Iran.

Sydney University exchanged some kind of information with the Iranians for money.

Actress Toni Collete somehow got involved. Toni Collete was conspiring to murder people at Sydney University, perhaps via her association with science fiction film maker Ridley Scott, and science fiction film actor Dolph Lundgen.

Dolph Lundgren studied at Sydney University.

Toni Collette possibly fed much information to the Iranian Government for money, via her association with Sydney University.

The Seventh Day Adventist church possibly became involved in such subversive activities. The Seventh Day Adventist church lures people to its churches by advertising Archaeology correspondence. courses.

There is a pastor at the Seventh Day Adventist church called Brett Eagle. Brett Eagle might be a relative of Toni Collette. However Brett Eagle did not mention to people that he is relative of Toni Collette.

By the way, it could also be mentioned that film star Dolph Lundgren is possibly a drug-addicted race warrior in his spare time. i.e. Various people possibly consider Dolph Lundgren as race warrior angel. This webspace refers to such people as "pretend angels" .See the information "26/05/2017" .

Added 09/06/2017

See also information about the duo "Boris and Dumitru". Dumitru Evgeniu  is a Romanian migrant to Australia.

His friend Boris is a serbian from the Serbian Seventh Day Adventist Church in Blaxcell Road Granville, where David Stefanovic and  Blagoje "Bill"  Stefanovic attend. The serbian Boris did not mention his surname, however Boris is identifiable by his face. The facial appearance of Boris is similar to Iranian politician who later became the Prime Minister of Iran.

So the author(s) of this webspace think that the serbian Seventh Day Adventists , described in  'serbian_sdas_seventh_day_adventists_.jpg' have a significant connection to the subversive activities of Sydney University in Iran.

i.e. Those SDA serbian adventists, together with various SDAs from Hammers Roads Road Old Toongabbie SDA Church, have a significant connection to the subversive activities of Sydney University in Iran.

Various people from Hammers Road SDA church were attending Sydney University as students, and serbian SDAs from the Granville SDA Church, such as David Stefanovic and Joanna Jovanovic,  were seen attending Hammers Road SDA church at times.

[The Boris described in these paragraphs is not Boris Dovecer. THe Boris described has an unknown surname.]

Added 25/06/2017:

A person who was probably a pretend angel, has recently lost his life. i.e. The news story about Otto Warmbier.

So Otto Warmbier  was not an angel. Otto Warmbier was a human race warrior. Otto Warmbier was a drug addicted berserker of the anglo-saxon race.  Anglo-saxons/anglo-celtics are not angels. Anglo-saxons/anglo-celtics are humans who practice sodomy as their secret custom.

See Otto Warmbier plead for his life (before he dies).

See Otto Warmbier (American Sodomite) plead for his life (before he dies).

See Otto Warmbier(Pretend Angel) plead for his life (before he dies).


Added 27/06/2017:

    A person describable as "Benoit the Iranian" probably could be mentioned in the context of Australians(aussies) secretly trading with Iran. Benoit is pronounced "Ben-wah". "Benoit the Iranian" is an Iranian male with a French name. So he might be an Iranian with connections to France. His surname  is not known.

His family migrated from Iran, and lived in the same block of flats as "Brent" an australoid boy (Australian aboriginal boy). There were some Polynesians living in that block of flats.

Benoit is a person who came as a child from Iran with his parents, and grew up in Australia . Benoit the Iranian attended public school in Australia, and probably High School in Australia. It is not known whether he attended University.

Benoit the Iranian became is/was a supporter of the Western Suburb Magpies Rugby League club.

The Western Suburbs Magpies existed as a professional Rugby League club during the 1980s, and later went out of business, or merged with the Balmain Tigers to become "Wests Tigers" .

Benoit and Brent lived on the same street as professional boxer Tony Mundine. Tony Mundine was an australoid (Australian Aboriginal ) . Tony Mundine is the father of Anthony Mundine: the same Anthony mundine that in later years played Rugby League for the St George Dragons and then became a professional boxer . Anthony Mundine at some time converted to Islamic religion. Perhaps Mundine was influenced by "Benoit the Iranian" who came from the Islamic country of Iran. Anthony Mundine possibly became friends with Brent and perhaps that it how he met Benoit the Iranian.

           The family of David Evans possibly became acquainted with Benoit the Iranian. i.e. David Evans and his friends Karen, Sherry, and the family of Mick , Mick's son Patrick, Mick's son Lawrence, Mick's daughter Paula.

i.e. Mick was friends with Margo Evans the mother of David Evans. David Evans was friends with Patrick. Patrick's name is not known. Mick looked like a twin of Don Lane the television personality.

The Evans family, and the family of Mick  lived in a blocks of flats next to the block of flats where Benoit the Iranian lived.  Karen possibly became acquainted with Benoit the Iranian or the family of Brent. The term acquainted is used because Karen was/is an Australian(aussie) racist, as is David Evans.

Karen looked like a twin of Joanne from Big W, but Karen is older than Joanne from Big W. See the

information "Image 015:mariana_pavlek__her_friends__their_possible_connections__in_1990s.jpg" .

See also  information about Garner Blair and his Italian friend Tony. Garner Blair lived in the block of flats where David Evans and his friends lived.

    David Evans has a sister called Elisabeth (spelled with a letter "s" , not a "z" ).

    David Evans has a mother called "Margo Evans".

    David Evans has a father of unknown given name, but perhaps he worked for a removalist company.

   i.e. Company that moves furniture from one house to another house.

"Benoit the Iranian" possibly might have become involved in an identity theft conspiracy against a person has "benoit" as the first given name on his birth certificate but has always considered the name Benoit as his middle name.  

     This is mentioned because when people join Junior Rugby League Clubs in Australia, Australians (aussies) are type of racist scum that use the birth certificate information in identity theft conspiracies: aussies are the type of racist scum perpetrate  identity theft conspiracies even against children that join Junior Rugby League Clubs.

    As mentioned in the paragraphs above, Anthony Mundine became involved with Rugby League. Before Anthony Mundine played professional Rugby League for the St George Dragons,  Mundine was a member of an amateur Junior Rugby League club called the "Earlwood Saints" . The Earlwood Saints had the same type of Jumpers/sports uniforms as the St George Dragons.  

There were several coaches and managers connected to the Earlwood Saints associated with teams of different ages. The different aged teams in Earlwood Saints were name with terminology such as "Under sevens" , "under eights" , "under nines" based upon the age  of players that a team would accept. Barry Nicholson was one of the coaches of an Earlwood Saints Rugby League Team. His manager was known as Mr McCarthy. Mr McCarthy had a son known as Johnny McCarthy. Johnny McCarthy played in the team that Mr McCarthy was the manager for, and Barry Nicholson was the coach. 
          There are concerns that Barry Nicholson and Mr McCarthy decided to become involved in an identity theft conspiracy against a child who played in the same team as Johnny McCarthy at Earlwood Saints. i.e. That child that Nicholson and McCarthy decided to conspire against is the person who has "Benoit" as the first name on his birth certificate but has always considered Benoit to be his middle name.

         There are concerns that the family of Anthony Mundine later became involved in the conspiracy of Nicholson and MCCarthy,  in connection with Anthony Mundine playing Rugby League for Earlwood Saints.

Anthony Mundine probably became involved in such an identity theft conspiracy, and "Benoit the Iranian" probably became involved in the same conspiracy in connection with his friendship or association with Anthony Mundine.

    [It can could also be mentioned that a child called Nathan Pritchard joined Earlwood Saints Junior Rugby League club, and a few years later was reported on the television news as killed: killed in a "fun run" (charity short marathon).

Nathan Pritchard went to the same public school(elementary school) , and was in the academic school classes as the child that that Barry Nicholson and Mr McCarthy decided to conspire against.]

Some years later, a person called "Rydah" appeared at Sydney University as an Electrical Engineering Student. There is a significant possibility/probability that Rydah is a relative of Johnny McCarthy and Mr McCarthy from Earlwood Saints.  Rydah was friends with 2 female Electrical Engineering students called Emma Rabbidge, and Jasmina Stojanovska .

      Rydah and his 2 female friends Rabbidge & Stojanovska, then conspired murder at Sydney University to cover up a case of biological experiments.  i.e. By that time, the child that Nicholson and McCarthy had conspired against had become of victim of nazi doctor experiments by doctors connected to Sydney University.

i.e. doctors including plastic surgeon Peter Haerstch,neurosurgeon Marianne Vonau, neurosurgeon Silfverskold, 3 east-Asian doctors of unknown name, etc.

     Peter Haertsch later became shown on television as a "Burn's Unit" surgeon, however in the years before that he was working as  plastic surgeon.

THe surname of Rydah is not known.

Thus Rydah and his 2 friends Rabbidge and Stojanovska might be involved in the corruption of Sydney University trading with Iran.

Thus "Benoit the Iranian" might be involved in the corruption of aussies trading with Iran.

Thus "Anthony Mundine" , "David Evans" and his friends might be involved in the corruption of aussies trading with Iran.

It might also be mentioned, that the neighbourhood where Anthony Mundine grew up in is a suburban area around the inner city  of Sydney.

The family of David Christian was an Australoid(Australian aboriginal) were a professional boxing family from the western Suburbs of Sydney. i.e. David Christian grew up in the same neighbourhood as actress Toni Collette.

The father of David Christian was a professional boxer called "Trevor Christian". See the information "david_christian_the_son_of_australoid_boxer_trevor_christian.jpg"

At some time, the family of David Christian became friends with the family of Anthony Mundine.

So the family of David Christian are probably involved in such an identity theft conspiracy.

And Actress Toni Collette , being an aussie racist but acquainted with the family of David Christian, has probably become involved in such an identity theft conspiracy.

So this information connected to "Benoit the Iranian" is possibly relevant as further evidence of  actress Toni Collette and Sydney University profitting from illegal trade with Iran

[David Evans might be a relative of aussie politician  John Howard.  i.e. That disgustinglittle(physically short) bucked toothed racist politician John Howard that somehow became Australian Prime Minister . ]


    Is Benoit the Iranian a friend of Ivan Torkich, arab Andre Dada(Dahdah) , and Renee Berrier ?

Added 28/06/2017:

     Years ago, Dumitru Evgeniu made a strange comment that "some scientists study the hair on the wings of a fly".  Evgeniu made such a comment around the time he was studying the bible with some Mormon woman missionary.

  After he studied the bible a few times with that Mormon woman, he seemed to become more confident and more derogatory with his comments about people. The author(s) of this webspace think that Dumtru Evgeniu possibly had some kind of homosexual (sodomite) experience with that Mormon woman, in the context of Australian(aussie) women being female sodomites. i.e. See the comments about teenage homsexuals such as Andrew Pitzing becoming confident when Australian(aussie) women reveal them that Australian(aussie) women are female sodomites .See the information "andrew_pitzing.jpg" . Dumitru Evgeniu possibly had such an experience, later in life, via studying the bible with an Australian(aussie) Mormon woman.

Recent information suggests that in western countries such as the USA , Project Monarch device research is stored in connection with research about "Robotic Insects". i.e. Robotic insects with small nuclear battery power sources . Note:[Project Monarch Research]=[slave labour device research]=[cybernetic listening device attached to the nerves research]  .

    [Also,Romanian Adventist(SDA) Michael Acsinte  was/is a friend of Dumtru Evgeniu. Acsinte mentioned videos about the how Freemasons and illuminati are linked together in a occultic hierarchy structure. Acsinte made a comment about  illuminati devices being nuclear powered but he did not mention Robotic Insect research.

       Michael Acsinte later changed his name to Michael Anderson. Acsinte aka Anderson is a industrial painting subcontractor. He puts coats of paint on large buildings . Dumitru Evgeniu worked for Acsinte/Anderson for a time, and then took an interest in becoming an "interior decorator".  The industrial painting business of Acsinte/Anderson probably changes its name from time to time. His industrial painting business used to be "Amecoat/Amecoate Pty Ltd" .

     The authors(s) of this webspace think that slave labour devices are not  nuclear powered, but stored together with insect research/small nuclear battery research so that less questions are asked about how such objects are powered. Such objects are possibly powered by the "stationary waves"/"standing waves" mentioned in Nikola Tesla's patent 787412 of year 1905.  ]

       The author(s) of this webspace think that Dumitru Evgeniu knows where to send information to turn a human being into a cyborg (a Slave Labour Device victim/Project Monarch device victim) . 

Added 02/07/2017:

...The author(s) of this webspace think that Dumtru Evgeniu possibly had some kind of homosexual (sodomite) experience with that Mormon woman, in the context of Australian(aussie) women being female sodomites. i.e. See the comments about teenage homsexuals such as Andrew Pitzing becoming confident when Australian(aussie) women reveal them that Australian(aussie) women are female sodomites .See the information "andrew_pitzing.jpg" . Dumitru Evgeniu possibly had such an experience, later in life, via studying the bible with an Australian(aussie) Mormon woman...

In the television series Games of Thrones,
Margaery Tyrell(female) suggests Renly Baratheon(male) sexually pretend that she is her brother Loras Tyrell(male),
so as to produce offspring.
[Renly is homosexual, so to sexually arouse Renly,
Margaery asks Renly to pretend that her body is male.
Margaery wants to produce offspring with Renly.]

added 05/07/2017:

 Oliver Bosnjak probably needs to be mentioned. Bosnjak is probably a secret [friend] or ally of David Evans, Karen, Benoit the Iranian, the family of Mick .

Oliver is Bosnjak is probably a bisexual(sodomite) that pretends to be heterosexual.

Oliver Bosnjak pretends to be a Croatian. The family of Bosnjak pretend to be nationalists.

[Croatian culture is a heterosexual culture]

However the name Bosnjak means that the Bosnjak family are Bosnians.

The Bosnians were under Turkish domination for approximately 400 years (4 centuries).

Bosnians are a nation who have been sodomised by Ottoman(Osman) Turks for hundreds of years,

and so Bosnians are a secretly sodomite nation in the Balkans.

The Bosnjak family originally lived in the inner city of Sydney. Then they moved home possibly to Ashbury, and then Mount Druitt. Oliver Bosnjak probably spent many years living in the western suburbs of Sydney. i.e. Bosnjak probably spent many years living in the suburb of Mountt Druitt , and maybe he is still residing in Mount Druitt. 

Oliver Bosnjak was said to be working as a computer programmer. However, Oliver Bosnjak probably has poor computer skills, so maybe that is why he conspires against people.

Oliver Bosnjak possibly likes to insult people with strangely incestuous terminology, so there is a possibility or probability that Oliver Bosnjak is an incest supporter. 

The mother of Oliver Bosjak is called Marina. When Marina Bosnjak invited people to her home, in the bathroom she prominently displayed haemorrhoid cream. Families who display haemorrhoid cream are possibly giving visitors a hint that such families are involved in perverse activity that sometimes makes their backsides bleed.

There is a possibility that the Bosnjak family is involved in conspiracies where doctors make lies about sane people

There is a possibility that the Bosnjak family is involved in conspiracies where doctors lie that sane people are insane.

The Bosnjak family came from eastern Europe which was then under communism, so they probably know about turning sane people into dissidents such as Alexander Solzhenitsyn. I.e. The Bosnjak know about Gulags.

Marina Bosnjak pretends to be friendly toward people in the manner that she speaks. However when her words are examined, she is always trying to insult and demean people. when her words are examined, she is always trying to insult and demean people. When her words are examined, she is always trying to put people down if she is able to speak to people.  If Marina Bosnjak gets a chance to speak to people, there is evil intent behind her words (when her analysed. Based upon the words she speaks, Marina Bosnjaks is describable as a Bosnian sodomite Witch (a vratchar or vratcharitsa:  woman who is always seeking magical revenge against humanity. Vratchar has a meaning of one who returns evil in a revengeful way. See also the word Croatian word "vrati" which means return. ).

When Marina Bosnjak speaks to people, her son Oliver Bosnjak possibly observes by town infrastructure camera systems and then conspires to murder those people.[ Or maybe David Evans and his friends such as Karen are observing via town infrastructure camera systems and they conspire to murder people. ]

Marina Bosnjak , without warning,  found a University student going home on the train at Redfern station, and she mentioned that she visited the Seventh Day Adventist church in Granville (Blaxcell Road Granville). Marina Bosnjak mentioned that she is not a fundamentalist: she cooks and eats pork, even though the Seventh Day Adventist church forbids its members to consume meats such as pork which they consider unclean.

So it can be said that Marina Bosnjak is a pretend Christian. Marina Bosnjak is probably neither a Christian nor a muslim. Marina Bosnjak is probably a bosniansodomite witch.

When Marina Bosnjak speaks, she often uses words connected to excrement or toilets.

i.e.  words like "usran" or "usranko" which means someone who soils their trousers by excreting bodily waste.

Marina Bosnjak was/is employed as a "cleaner". So Marina Bosnjak probably cleaned many toilets while working as a cleaner.  The evil intent that Marina Bosnjak expresses with her words is possibly an indication that Marina Bosnjak has a dirty mind. So given the dirtiness of the thinking process of Marina Bosnjak, maybe she was/is suited to a working in a profession where she worked in close proximity to many toilets or made contact with many toilets.




Dolph Lundgren possibly has some kind of homosexual love for Brodie Bass.

Brodie Bass is an effeminate male homosexual who became friends with actress Toni Collette.

Dolph Lundgren is married, however he is probably bisexual.

[Scandinavian cultures,including are sodomite cultures with much homosexual activity.

Swedish culture is a Scandinavian culture. Swedish culture is a sodomite culture.]  

[Dolph Lundgren is probably connected to racist film makers such as Mario Kassar, James Cameron, Roland Emmerich, and Ridley Scott. Lundgren had acting roles in movies made by such racist film makers. 

Toni Collette is a friend of Ridley Scott.]

Brodie Bass is an effeminate male homosexual who became friends with actress Toni Collette.

During her High School years, actress Toni collette probably decided that only homosexual or bisexual males were suitable for her. Actress Toni Collette was said to be the girlfriend of Brodie Bass during High School.

    Actress Toni Collette has a homosexual brother called Ben Collette.Maybe the homosexuality of her brother Ben influenced her to chose homosexual males as her boyfriends.

[also, Toni Collette is associated with several Australians(aussies) who went to Sydney  University.

Dolph Lundgren is a Swedish citizen who studied at Sydney University in Australiaas an exchange student or a similar]


Jean Claude Van Damme possibly is a friend of Lebanese-Australian bodybuilder Andrew Jubian (whose real name is Anis Jubian) .  To have a name like Anis is comical when in an English speaking country such as Australia, because Australians(aussies) pronounce the name Anis in a way that sounds like the word Anus (or back passage). 


Added 25/05/2017:

The woman carrying with handbag on her shoulder resembles another woman from Broadmeadow NSW. i.e Resembles Elizabeth Gourley (Gourleigh?) from Broadmeadow NSW.Her surname is probably pronounced Goor-lay or Goor-lee( Goor-li) .

Broadmeadows is a suburb in the Newcastle/Gosford region of NSW, north of Sydney.Elizabeth Gourley is/was a worker employed at the 'mail centre' nearest her home. A mail centre is not a post office. A mail centre is like a large factory that receives large amounts of postal mail(letters) and then distributes the mail to various post offices around the mail centre.

     Elizabeth Gourley is probably aged in her 70s in 2017 . People in Australia usually work until the age of 65, so people at that mail centre nearest to Broadmeadow would probably still remember that she worked there.

Elizabeth Gourley sometimes visited Sydney during Christmas or New year around Darling Harbour to meet new people,or maybe to find victims to conspire against.

Elizabeth Gourley mentioned that she didn't like people talking in foreign languages. So she is possibly a woman who would befriend migrant citizen(s) around Darling Harbour during Christmas or New Year but she is secretly prejudiced against migrant citizens.

      Elizabeth Gourley possibly sometimes calls herself by other names such as Elizabeth Wrightson.

Elizabeth Gourley is a tall woman who has a strange habit of hitting males. So in hindsight, she could be described as a strange woman that believes in doing violence against males.

Elizabeth Gourley might be a relative of local person Gregory Anderson (aka 'Greg' Anderson) . Gregory Anderson lived (resided) on the same street as Leigh Chalker, Abraham and Kamahl, Anthony Coroneous, Robert Saunders and the old Ukrainian woman photographed in the image 'ukrainians.jpg'.

    It can be deduced that the old Ukrainian woman is a racist in the way that she has probably observed people travelling to school and work, probably bothered the lives of people she has observed, and in the way she does not talk to certain people who she has observed.

    The author(s) of this webspace think that the old Ukrainian woman is a Ukrainian Nazi living in the local community.

The family of Greg Anderson lived close to the Ukrainian woman and have possibly observed people travelling to school and work,and bothered the lives of people that they have observed, in similar ways to the old Ukrainian woman.


Keith Leyshon has bucked teeth. Leyshon is a cousin of Daniel Mamo.


Daniel Mamo has an Uncle called the nickname 'Chrissy' possibly corresponding to the name Christopher.' His uncle Chrissy' that is chronologically younger than Daniel Mamo. Chrissy possibly has a similar facial appearance toKeith Leyshon his relative. Chrissy might be a corrupt racist police officer. It is known for certain what employment Chrissy has become involved with, but it is possible that he became a police officer.

       Another friend of Daniel Mamo that could be mentioned is Jason Jeffs.


Leah is a female name. Leah is pronounced Li-ya .


Something further probably needs to be said about the shopping centre connected to the image 16_12_2016_002_inside_the_post_office.jpg

There is Woolworths supermarket and Coles Supermarket there. Over a period of years it has been noticed that the employees at Woolworths supermarket begin to behave in a particular way when certain people go to shop there. When certain people go to shop there at Woolworths, the employees start walking around rapidly. The employees walk rapidly near certain people, as though they are going to collide with certain people, but they don't collide. The employees walk rapidly past people on a near-tangential path . The employees walk rapidly past certain people as though the employees want to be seen on camera near certain people. The employees are often small women walking rapidly past certain people as though they are trying intimidate certain people but they are too small to intimidate certain people, so maybe they want to be seen on camera being close to certain people. The supermarket employees like to 'buzz by people' as though were flies looking to land on human victims.

The author(s) of this webspace think that such behaviour by employees is some kind of provocation by racist employees. If a person makes any sudden movement when an employee is nearby, then the employees make lies that a person is lunging at them. If a person makes any sudden movement when an employee is nearby, then the employees make lies that a person is moving aggressively near them.

    The author(s) of this webspace think that such behaviour is connected to police racism.

The author(s) of this webspace think that such behaviour is connected to 'death in custody' activities where racist police officers bring a person into a police station and intend to murder a person if a person makes sudden movements.

The author(s) of this webspace think that racist police officers teach shopping centre employees to behave in the manner of 'buzzing past' certain people when they go to shop.

The author(s) of this webspace think that racist police officers teach shopping centre employees to behave in the manner of 'buzzing past' 'certain racial groups' when they go to shop.

Where such behaviour by employees is occuring in shopping centres, there is a probability that the shopping area exists in a racist suburb. Where such behaviour by employees is occuring, racists have possibly been moving into that area over periods of years, racists have possibly been corrupting people over the years, and racists have possibly consider such a suburb as their own 'playing arena' where all manner of racism can potentially occur. i.e. Such suburban areas could described as "racist enclaves" .

How are racist enclaves created?

Why are racist enclaves created ?

This webspace does not know for certain.

Possibly groups of rich racists are making "racist enclaves" in certain suburban areas so as to entertain themselves, to make places where racists can meet each other, to make places for racists to entertain themselves, to make places where racists can experiment with ways to enact racism crimes and avoid justice.

This webspace thinks it is necessary to describe such racist enclaves, (racist enclaves in Sydney Australia), as places where Australians(aussies) are prostituting their families to groups of 'rich racists' .

This webspace thinks it is necessary to describe such racist enclaves, (racist enclaves in Sydney Australia), as places where Australians(aussies) are prostituting their families to Germanic racists: rich Germanic familes whom racists consider to be royals.

It it probable that rich Germanic families deliberately making racist enclaves in countries such as Australia, so as to entertain themselves through ritual prostitution. When Australians(aussies) are prostituting their families , it is possibly like buying a ticket in a lottery. When Australians(aussies) are prostituting their families on a large scale , it is possibly a chance for a few rare individuals to some years later marry into rich Germanic families. 

Thre author(s) of this webspace possibly know of  2 families have managed to marry into rich Germanic families (by ritually prostituting their families). :

    1) A relative of Mary Donaldson who was working at Seven Hills Shopping Centre as a checkout worker in Coles or woolworths around the years 1993/1994. She was a thin brunette female of medium height. Her name is not known by the author(s) of this webspace but she is probably known to Wayne Brodie and his friends. Wayne Brodie and his friends have frequently shopped at Seven Hills shopping centre.

   2) Leah Middleton who was in the same school academic classes as actress Toni Collette. The Middleton family are slave traders with connections to American Slave trade over which the US Civil War was fought. The Middleton family in Sydney Australia, by ritually prostituting themselves in modern times, have managed to marry into a rich Germanic Family: the Windsor family in England. I.e. Racists consider Elizabeth Windsor as their Queen of England. It should be noted that the Windsor family in England are actually Germans from the 'Saxe-Coburg und Gotha' family (S.C.u.G.).   The Windsor family in England deliberately changed their surname from S.C.u.G. to Windsor to dishonestly hide their Germanic origins.

    [Toni Collette was a school student in this suburban area then later became an actress.]

The author(s) of this webspace are against ritual prostitution. [Leviticus 19:29, 1 Corinthians 6:9, Revelation 21:8 ]

The author(s) of this webspace are mentioning racial prostitution in the context of racist suburban areas, because of concern against racism. The author(s) of this webspace against racism.


These faces are connected to image  'abraham_the_brother_of_kamahl_neighbours_of_leigh_chalker_18_05_2017.jpg'

These faces lived near to Abraham and Kamahl.

[Note Abraham looks very different to Kamahl so their is a possibility that either Abraham was adopted or Kamahl was adopted by the arabic family living in that street. There was also a sister of Abraham and Kamahl that looked most similar to Kamahl. Kamahl looked slightly south-asian-indian or maybe Persian/Iranian.]


Recently discovered information:

Anglo-saxon societies such as Australia, USA, Britain are societies whose traditions and customs are connected with witchcraft religion. i.e. Before Anglo-saxons pretended to convert to Christianity , Anglo-saxons openly practiced witchcraft religion.

Anglo-saxons still follow witchcraft religion in secret, especially when they are taught to esteem their race and culture and become nationalists.

Anglo-saxon witchcraft religion is a selfish religion in which people worship themselves and their own selfish desires so it is compatible with modern atheism.

So when modern anglo-saxon people say they are atheists or materialists, many of them might be following witchcraft religion. Australia is a country based on evil beliefs and practices.

When people express belief in a christian god, then groups of racists begin to observe them and play horrible games with their lives.

See information "pascals wager".

Such groups of racists possibly dishonestly describe themselves as "angels" or delude themselves into believing that they are some kind of angelic beings.

When Anglo-saxons believe that they are angels, then such belief or such delusion is connected to racists thinking that their race is special: that the Anglo-saxon race is more special than other races.

This webspace will refer to such groups of racists as 'pretend angels' because this webspace knows that the anglo-saxon race are NOT super-humans.

Australia is an evil society where these 'pretend angels' observe churches and people who attend churches.

When these 'pretend angels' discover people express a belief in a christian god, then such 'pretend angels' conspire to murder people in ways that are very cruel and sadistic.

Such 'pretend angels' conspire to murder people according to 'Pascal's Wager'.

Such 'pretend angels' secretly say to each other "That person is being observed. That person believes in the christian God. Where is his christian god? We pretend angels want to test the existence of his christian christian god by trying to murder him and seeing if his christian god will save him."

'Pretend angels' are 'anglo-saxons berserkers' , and also similar drug intoxicated warriors such as Middle Eastern Assassins (Hashisheen) . Hashisheen is the word for assassin in middle eastern languages and it is has the same derivation as the word "Hashish" meaning illict drugs such as Marijuana.

Berserker warriors were drug intoxicated warriors,

and  ancient assassins, in a similar way,  were drug intoxicated warriors from the middle east.

However, it seems that such drug intoxicated warriors exist today in the modern world, and they are connected with acts of racism and the use of 'pretend angels'.

It should be noted that such warriors are probably less able to commit crimes when they are high on drugs.

Maybe they are more able to commit crimes when influenced by 'drug cravings'  ,

similar to when smokers of tabacco have 'cravings' for tobacco.

However when 'pretend angels' have cravings for illicit drugs, the craving are much more powerful (which possibly influences them to commit all manner of horrible crimes against innocent people).

'Pretend angels' are connected with societies where women seek to dominate men.

'Pretend angels' are connected with groups of women getting together and conspiring ways to dominate men.

'Pretend angels' are connected with women ritually prostituting themselves with strange men.

'Pretend angels' are connected with groups groups of women(groups of racist women ) wanting certain racial groups to succeed in a society, racists wanting other racial groups not to succeed.

If you oppose 'pretend angels' , groups of women begin compulsively lying that you are mentally retarded or similar.

Pretend angels are connected with groups of racists deciding to promote certain 'racial appearances', 'racial traits', 'certain looks'  in the media, in certain fashion magazines ,etc. 

By promoting certain racial traits in the media, racists are signalling to racists in the population about which races of people should be supported and which races of people should be discriminated against.

'Pretend angels' are associated with the use of body doubles or people that look like clones of each other.

If 'pretend angels' commit a crime against someone, the police pretend not to know anything about it, and the police pretend that victims are mentally retarded and pretend that victims believe in angels.

i.e. The racist police force supports the use of 'pretend angels'(satanic warriors,beserker warriors) .

If such pretend angels commit a crime against someone the police lie that the victim believes in angels and the police pretend that the victim is mentally retarded.

The use of 'pretend angels' is connected to situations where citizens are murdered in police custody (deaths in custody.)

'Pretend angels' , being users of illicit drugs are often mentally unstable people. 

Arab Andre Dada(Andre DahDah) probably beleives he an angel or perhaps something similar called a Djinn/Djinni/Genie from middle eastern belief systems.

Arab Andre Dada is possibly a 'pretend angel' , and recently it has been discovered that after he violently attacked a person in 1995 ,  Andre Dada was hospitalised and put on psychiatric medication . 

There are sometimes news stories about drug traffickers daring to go oversea and traffic drugs.

Such drug traffickers believe that they can be protected from afar, so when such 'pretend angels' get arrested and displayed in the news, they act as though they are trying to reach someone back in Australia who will protect them.

Such behaviour by 'pretend angels' is possibly associated with Australians(aussies) enslaving people in Australia and pretending that enslaved people are prisoners, and then Australians possibly try to negotiate with an overseas country in a manner where they want to exchange the 'pretend angel' with the person enslaved in Australia.

Chapelle Corby might be one of such pretend angels.Does Chapelle Corby know about people being enslaved in Australia? Perhaps overseas authorities could formally ask her such questions.

There has also been a recent news story about Cassie Sainsbury an Australian woman arrested in Colombia for drug trafficking, then being found to be a prostitute and it has been noticed by the colombian authorities that she is a compulsive liar.

http://www.skynews.com.au/news/national/2017/05/02/australian-could-be-colombian--drug-mule-.html http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/cassie-sainsbury-worked-as-a-prostitute-former-colleague-says-shes-a-compulsive-liar/news-story/e3897bc910b3c4d5d7f97d6b8eb406bc

ACCUSED drug smuggler Cassie Sainsbury has completely changed ... 'worked as a prostitute', former colleague says she's a compulsive liar.

There have been suggestions that police woman Katrina Nichols is a believer or supporter of the use of 'pretend angels'.

Australian(aussie) Policewoman Katrina Nichols (NSW Police) possibly believes in the Satanic Anglo-Saxon witchcraft religion of angels, and when people become victims of such 'pretend angels' she has made lies about people being mentally retarded or being mentally impaired in a similar way.


Policeowoman Katrina Nichols has been described in  letters and emails as a racist lesbian that has a hatred of heterosexual males and people from migrant families. Katrina Nichols has been described as a racist butch lesbian.

     Recent research has suggested that Katrina Nichols is connected to "N.A.M.B.L.A." or its lesbian counterpart organisation called the 'Butterfly Kisses Group' . Such perverse organisations probably are associated with people who support the perverse sodomite customs that occurred in ancient Greek societies between people of various ages.


It might be added that it has been  mentioned that Katrina Nicohols is a believer in a satanic witchcraft religion where drug intoxicated warrior are considered as angels. This webspace uses the terminology "pretend angels" when describing the satanic beliefs of Australians(aussies).

So this webspace is going to try to express some information politely as possibly about sodomites such as Katrina Nichols.

When aussie sodomites delude themselves into believing that they are angels, it possibly has something to do with sodomites being idolaters.

Sodomites worship things that the Christian bible regards as detestable.

Sodomites possibly believe in a perverse counterpart of the christian belief that people can be vessels of the holy spit. Seer 1 Corinthians 6:19

Sodomites believe that certain influential people from their race are holy. When sodomites engage in perverse sexual acts (homosexual sexual acts) then when they receive bodily emissions from people within their race who they consider holy. Then sodomites possibly believe that their posteriors are like vessels for the bodily emissions of powerful people whom they consider as holy. So when a sodomite is carrying around in their posterior the [bodily emissions]/[bodily fluids] of an influential person whom they consider holy, then sodomites also consider themselves as holy because of the presence of such [bodily emissions]/[bodily fluids] in their body. The influential people who impregnate them with bodily fluids are possibly considered as angels, and when sodomites are carrying around such bodily fluids in their posteriors, sodomites possibly consider themselves as angels, angelic, or in some way special.

     So this webspace is suggesting that lesbians such as policewoman Katrina Nichols are people who at times secretly engage in sodomite sexual acts with males. So lesbians are women who hate men, but sometimes engage in perverse sex with homosexual men,or perhaps receive the bodily emission of male homosexuals in jars then fil ltheir posteriors with such emissions, and that is something that lesbians don't want anyone to know about.

Why mention jars? When Robert Saunders was a former high school student.During his high school years, Robert Saunders mentioned something about women filling jars with the bodily emission of men, but he did not explain anything further about such practices. Robert Saunders and the Saunders family are a military family who probably have conspired in a significant way to create a situation of biological experiments: the use of a cybernetic listening device.

Added 30/05/2017:

The people described above are probably "race warriors" . i.e. The racists described in above paragraphs are 'drug intoxicated race warriors'. The people described above pretend that 'race warriors' are angels.  The people described in the above paragraphs are 'race war' supporters like the Ku Klux Klan, Nazis and mass murderers such as Charles Manson.  They promote the existence of societies where people are fighting secret race wars behind the backs of innocent people. They support a society where innocent people are not be able to defend themselves. They support a society where the 'safety' of innocent person become a situation where 'one group of race warriors' comes to the rescue of an  innocent person when 'another group of race warriors' intend to harm an innocent person.

  The people above support the existence of societies where race warriors don't come to the rescue of some racial groups. So

The author(s) of this website are against racism, therefore against race wars, therefore are against the existence of race warrior groups.

The author(s) of this website think that Australians(aussies) should be honest their support of secret race wars behinds the backs of innocent people.

If Australians(aussies) were honest about secret race war activity in Australia then that would be a step toward creating situations where innocent people could avoid the adverse affects of racism and/or better protect themselves against racists ... (including protect themselves against race warriors.)

    In situations where people have already been harmed by race war activity, justice must occur.

Added 01/06/17:

The information above suggests that police organisations in Australia are secretly supporting drug trafficking.

The information above suggests that government in Australia secretly supports drug trafficking.

Why? Because Australia is a society that deliberately creates groups of drug intoxicated race warriors and pretends that they are angelic beings that come to rescue of some racial groups.

There is information in some publications about the American C.I.A. spy organisation profiting from growing illicit drug crops. e.g.   Opium poppy fields in Afghanistan and various other places.

When the American CIA profit from illicit drugs, such activity is labelled with various terminology such as the Underground Economy, US Government 'Black Projects' ,the Illegal Economy, and sometimes it is labelled as 'Project Hammer' .

In a similar way , an Australian spy organisation called A.S.I.S. (Australian Secret Intelligence Service) has been mentioned in publication(s) as profitting from illicit drugs in a similar way to the American CIA .

Some years ago, the NSW Police in Australia were involved in an investigation called "Operation Hammer" in the western suburbs of Sydney.  The author(s) of this webspace think that  "Operation Hammer" in Australia has everything to do with  "Project Hammer" conducted by the American C.I.A, and that Australian spy organisation A.S.I.S. is involved in 'Operation Hammer'/'Project Hammer' .

Some of the police officers involved with Operation Hammer were Roger Rogerson, Deb Wallace, etc. In recent times Roger Rogerson has been jailed for murdering an East-Asian Australian citizen in some activity connected to illicit drugs.

    And it might also be mentioned that if you compare photos of Roger Rogerson when he was younger, he has a  similarity to George W. Bush the former American President. So Roger Rogerson might be related to the Bush family in the USA. The Bush family in the USA are an American C.I.A. family (American spies).

The author(s) of this website think that publications  mention the American CIA more than Australian ASIS because ASIS is more closely connected to British spy organisations. The British Government is more sensitive about people finding out that Britain profits from the trafficking of illicit drugs.

There are publications that mention that Windsor family in Britain profit from illicit drug trafficking. The British  nation considers Elizabeth Windsor as their queen . One such publication is the "Dope Inc. " by the "Executive Intelligence Review(E.I.R.)" . Inc. is a contraction of the word Incorporated. THe word incorporated is suggestive of some kind of business activity.

Added 1/06/2017

For those readers who have trouble comprehending written information, in summary:

  -Australia is deliberately turning people into drug addicts then using them as berserkers to attack innocent citizens(i.e. racial hate crimes).

 -When an innocent citizen is harmed by such attacks, the racist police organisations in Australia make lies that the innocent citizen believes in angels.


[i.e. Police behave as though violent criminals were invisible men. Police pretend that they don't see the violent criminals.] The police organisations make lies that the innocent person believes that angels attacked him. However the victim knows the attackers are not angels. The attackers are violent gang people. It is anglo-saxon/anglo-celtic racists in the police organisations who come from a culture with witchcraft beliefs that promotes the creation of group of drug-addicted berserkers and pretends that they are angels.

Added 15/06/2017:

The information above has been posted for various reasons.

One reason that needs to be stated, in the context of the author(s) having tried to begin an international law case, and still trying to begin an international law case against the Australian Government:

  - Australia is involved in the type of nazism where they want to separate mixed race families by force.

-  Australia is involved in the type of nazism where when mixed race families send a family member to University, Australians conspire to prevent the family member from completing a university qualification.

[When the family member continues to study to finish a qualification, Australians(aussies) try to murder the family member via an attack by a violent gang, followed by death in custody by the local police.

When the family members survives the violent gang attack, and survives the death in custody behaviour by the police, then the person goes to hospital and is turned into a cyborg by nazi doctors in Australia (Australian-aussie modern nazi doctors). Those doctors were conected to Sydney University. Sydney University turned that family member into a cyborg, as a result of that family member continuing to study at Sydney University despite the racial discrimination that was occuring.]

When that family member tries to get justice, to charges laid against the violent criminals, the police don't want to lift to do anything. In hindsight, the police were possibly making lies that the lies is somehow mentally retarded. [See the statements above  Australia is deliberately turning people(strangers) into drug addicts then using them as berserkers to attack innocent citizens(i.e. racial hate crimes).When an innocent citizen is harmed by such attacks, the racist police organisations in Australia make lies that the innocent citizen believes in angels.]

Recent Information suggests that Sydney University and the police have been making horrible lies that such a family member is mentally retarded. . That family would not have been able to become a University Student if he was mentally retarded. That family member is NOT MENTALLY RETARDED ]

The lies from doctors from University including surgeons such as Peter Haertsch, but also they include the lies of other types of doctors such as Irish racist Enda Bannan,dutch racist Maren Goerdel, german-aussie racist Amanda Snelling, aussie racist Sharon Moore.

Sydney University has something to hide about racist(nazi) activity.

The NSW Police have something to hide about racist(activity) activity.

When Australian modern nazi doctors make lies to a parent about a family member who is his son being mentally retarded, and they see that the parent still continues to care for the family member over a period of years, then Australians(aussies) murder the parent. Australian nazi doctor murder the parent like killing cattle.

When a parent in hospital in the manner of kiilling cattle, it probably has everything to do with the Australian Government doing inhumane experiments to forcibly separate people in mixed race families.

[Australia pretends to be a progressive country that is tolerant toward mixed race marriages. The horrible reality  is that Australia is not tolerant toward mixed race marriages. So Australia should be honest about its racism. Australia be formally honest about its nazi activities in the late 20th Century and the 21st Century.]

Note: The terminology such as "that family member" used in the adjacent paragraphs is in the context of a person being a relative, and does not refer to a crime organisation.


  Australia is a nation that NO LONGER has a right to exist, especially when people discover the activities of "pretend angels"/"race warriors"  that carry around the bodily emissions of others in their posterior.

Where "pretend angel" activity occurs,Australians(aussies) begin thinking their anglo-saxon-celtic race is somehow more special than other races.

Where "pretend angel" activity occurs, Australians(aussies) begin bothering people with questions such as:

   -did you speak to this person or that person ? Did you speak to this race of person, or that race of person?

   - did you touch this  person or that person ?   Did you touch this race of person, or that race of person ?

   - If you spoke to such and such a person, Australians(aussies) want you to die.

   - If you touched such and such a person, Australians(aussies) want you to die.

It should be noted that Australia is country that promotes contact sports that use the hands, such as Rugby League, Rugby Union, V.F.L.  / A. F. L .  Australia is not a country that country soccer as its main sport where people use their legs and  don't use their hands .

If a person has been tricked into playing sport for a Rugby League team in Australia, then a person has touched numerous people with his hands, and numerous people have touched a person with their hands.

So questions about who has spoken to whom, who has touched whom are meaningless in a society that has sports such as Rugby League as their main sport.

If you are an Australian(aussie) who wants to ask questions about who has spoken to whom ,who has touched whom over the years, then you are probably sadistic homosexual Nazi scum that should not be bothering person(s).

If you are an Australian(aussie) who wants to ask questions about who has spoken to whom ,who has touched whom over the years, then you are probably sadistic Ku Klux Klan scum that should not be bothering person(s).

i.e. You are sadistic homosexual  kkk-nazi scum that should be wiped off the face of the earth , instead of bothering innocent person(s), and instead of wasting the time of innocent person(s).



30/05/2017   [faces resembles ukrainiansinger  SVETLANA LOBODA ]

some time after 12:00 noon.

Blonde woman with very skinny legs. Her face possibly of eastern european appearance(maybe ukrainian). Brown coloured Hoodie with a number on the back: 21 or 27 . Black coloured skin tight track suit pants or similar. This woman came near on more more than one occasion. She is a stranger, and she walked quickly toward and past a person, possibly tipping her head forward to indicate a hello.

Added 01/06/2017:

  The behaviour of the blonde woman is probably not any kind of friendly behaviour. It is not friendly behaviour.

Her behaviour is possibly the behaviour of racists who don't want to be seen talking to certain racial groups.

Such racists have behavior of coming near innocent people but not speaking to them.

Such racists have behaviour of coming near racial groups that they hate but not speaking to them.

Such racists consider it an act of bravery to come near certain racial groups but not to talk to them.

Their behaviour is recorded on town infrastructure camera systems.

Then lies are created about such racists being friends with people who have nothing to do with them.

Such racism and lies are possibly a way of falsely labelling innocent people  as being involved in the activities of racists.

Such racism and lies are possibly a way to 'vicariously label' innocent people as being involved the activities of racists.

Added 1/06/2017

The blond woman might be connected to Brodie Bass. She has a similar looking face to Brodie Bass.

Maybe she could be described as slightly french looking. Maybe French-Ukrainian.

See information above about Brodie Bass being part of a group of High School student homosexuals(former students) connected to news stories about convicted criminal Neal Winter (High School music teacher) .

The author(s) of this website absolutely certain that Brodie Bass is closely connected to people such as Thern Reynolds and actress Toni Collette.

The author(s) of this webspace are of the opinion that Brodie Bass is probably involved in the homosexual crimes of Neal Winters.

During his  High School years, Brodie Bass was overheard making the statement:

those people who aren't gay "aren't gay yet " .

So Brodie Bass probably believes that everyone can be turned into homosexuals.

Brodie Bass probably believes that heterosexuals can be turned into homosexual by force.

The author(s) of this website have ascertained similar suggestions  about about actress Toni Collette.

The author(s) of this website have reason to believe that actress Toni Collette has become successful in the American and Australian film industry by secretly acting as a 'prostution madame'/'prostitution pimp' that provides services to homosexuals(sodomites) in the film industry.

     e.g. Hollywood Sodomites such as actor Eddie Murphy about whom a news story appeared in which he was caught by the police using a transsexual/transgender prostitute.


Andrew Andropoulis/Andropoulos is an effeminate greek male. He is friends with Saher Yousef.

During high School, Andropoulis andYousef were overheard chatting with each other.

Andropoulis said to Yousef that he wanted to change his High School and start attending a different High School. Andropoulos mentioned something about a local school called "Holy Family".

Students who attended "Holy family" eventually became students at a local High School called "JP2" or "John Paul 2".

Andropoulos made strange comments to Saher Yousef to try to convince him to change High Schools.

Andropoulis said that if Yousef was willing to follow Andropoulis to the new High School, Andropoulis would "be a good friend" toward Yousef.

    Later it occurred that Yousef, Andropoulos, and Richard Benkovic did leave their High School and became students at the other High School described in above paragraphs.

A school teacher named Mr Begnall noticed that the a group the above group of students had migrated to a new High School together with each other, and he made a comment that they possibly were students with "strange affections" for each other. i.e. Mr Begnall suggested in a comment that Andropoulis, Yousef , and Benkovic had some kind of homosexual [love] occurring between each other.


      Saher Yousef probably attended the arab-modern-egyptian church near the High School where he was a student (his first High School). After Yousef migrated to a new high school, it is probable that Saher Yousef still  kept in contact  with people from his first High School , or perhaps observed his first High School .

     Andropoulos was connected to a local fish and chip shop on the same street as the local ice skating rink.

The parents of Andropoulos were said to be the owners of that Fish and Chip shop. That fish and chip shop was possibly known as  "Greasy Joe's Fish and Chip Shop" to many local people. e.g. A friend of Saher Yousef called Theo Ballis mentioned "Greasy Joe's" during his High School years .So Andropoulos  probably kept in contact with people from his frist High School, or perhaps continued to observe people from his first High School.  The Ice Skating Rink was demolished some years ago. There is now a Centrelink building (Social Security/Dole/alledged Job Seeking building)  in the location where the Ice Skating Rink used to exist.

        Glen Rowlands was a friend of Saher Youser, and Glen Rowlands played for the same Cricket Club as Joshua Cameron and Wayne Brodie. The mother of Joshua Cameron would refer to Glen Rowlands by the nickname "Smiley" . Her name might be Margaret Cameron or Anne Cameron .


Namnes mentioned in the jpeg picture file.

John Lehane(probably deceased), Ian Falconer(plasma physics lecturer), Rodney Cross(electronics/solid state physics lecturer), Brian James, Richard Collins (Energy Physics lecturer and some time Head of the School of Physics at Sydney University) , Don Millar, Rosemary Millar, Michael Small, Douglas "Dug/Doug" Craigie.

Added 15/06/2017:

See the comment "Sydney University has something to hide about racist(nazi) activity."

See "26/05/2017 Recently discovered information:"

Added 16/06/2017:

In situations where the children of migrants gain scientific knowledge,

by study in their own time,by  attending high school , by attending University,

racists at Sydney University conspire against their parents by lying that the parents have such scientific knowledge.

[In some situations, it is not parents who have scientific knowledge. It is children who have scientific knowledge.

Sydney University conspires to cruelly murder parents of science students, by making lies against parents of science students.

Justice must occur against Sydney University.]

Added 17/06/2017: People from Sydney University who have conspired in such a way are probably:

     1)Serbian Richard Benkovic together with Saher Yousef.

       [Serbian David Stefanovic is the son of Blagoje Stefanovic who worked as a plumber and gained access

to people's homes when they needed to fix piping. Christina or Joanna Stefanovic: i.e. one of the sisters of David Stefanovic was seen to begin loitering around railway train ticket gates and observing people travelling to University or travelling to Church on a weekend. That sister of Stefanovic was seen with a female polynesian friend. That loitering activity of that sister of Stefanovic is possibly how she met middle eastern gang people such as Saher Yousef, arab Andre Dada, Ivan Torkich, etc .

       A serbian woman called Christina Nikolic was in later years seen loitering around the train ticket gates at

Granville railway station in a similar manner to the sister of David Stefanovic. She was observing people going to Granville technical college. In hindsight, it has been discovered that the Nikolic family are probably Serbian mafia in Australia.

      Blagoje Stefanovic seems to know the woman called Kata mentioned elsewhere on this webspace. Stefanovic was overheard to have her phone number. Liliana Pavlek is one of the daughters of Kata.

      Kata is a dishonest woman. She portrays herself as a Croatian Nationalist, but she probably has phone conversations with Serbians who she is supposed to hate. Kata might be a Serbian Nazism supporter who pretends to be a Croatian Ustashi nationalist.

     The name on the birth certificate of Kata is probably Ivanovic. Ivanovic is intrinsically a Serbian surname. ]

     2) Alison Rothwell together with Rosemary Hunter who now lives in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. Rosemary Hunter used to live on the property adjacent to the home of  a person who eventually died from the Nazi activities of Sydney University.

       Rosemary Hunter lives in the suburb of Woodford. Alison Rothwell has probably lived in various suburbs of the Blue Mountains such as Blaxland,Faulconbridge and maybe Yellow Rock.

i.e.  Life extension experiments over 13 years by Sydney University doctors, while unknown to the person ,such doctors had turned his son into a cyborg as way of observing his home. Doctors deliberately lied to him about his son's mental state, to create a situation where his son became a citizen whose civil rights are simply ignored, and whose concerns are simply ignored. When the person's son tried to get justice by trying to begin an international law case, the person was cruelly murdered in the local hospital, to prevent him from finding out about the horrible medical crime that Sydney University doctors had committed against his son.

              The son of the person was student at Sydney University who studied science and engineering. The son of the person has scientific and engineering knowledge. Sydney University murdered the person by making medical lies/medical corruption/medical racism  where Australian society endlessly isolates the son and pretends that the son is mentally retarded. Sydney University cruelly murdered the person by making lies that he had some kind of scientific knowledge (but he had no scientific knowledge). The person was cruelly murdered when he went into the local hospital.

                There was the use of a biological warfare agent something like the bubonic plague which results in horrible sores on the legs followed by rotting of the skin and toes, so that he died in horrible pain (agony). The biological warfare agent was possibly a "live vaccine" maybe called "Yoph" . Live Vaccines are much more dangerous than "killed vaccines/inactivated vaccines" . "Live Vaccine" are known to have killed many people over the years before doctors decided to use "killed vaccines" to vaccinate people. It is the opinion of the author(s) of this webspace that Australia is a country that is deliberately using live vaccines to murder old people when their immune systems become weakened.

The description in the above paragraphs is consistent with the concept of Sydney University doctors pretending to be friendly to the wellbeing of patients, and then slaughtering  patients in hospital as though they cattle.

Justice must occur against Sydney University.

Added 18/05/2017:

There is also information about the person going into hospital ,suffering from leg sore, and then him being a physically injured so that he could no longer walk. A large device like a crane was moved into his room and used to help him stand up when the hospital staff would clean the bed. The person would cry out in horrible agony when he made to stand up. And the person was wailing in horrible agony also when he was laying down in bed  i.e. Something happened to his leg, the doctors could have fixed the fixed to injury to his leg, but the doctors ignored the injury to his leg. His leg was somehow injured, that caused additional agony to him.

      The author(s) of this webspace have reason to believe that the injury to his leg possibly occurred due to a fall down a hospital staircase, and the doctors deliberately said nothing about such events.  Some stranger possibly pushed him down that hospital staircase. Such horrible events are possibly connected to the behaviour of Supermarket employees when they come near a person, to see if a person makes any sudden movements. When such racists come near to an old person in hospital and sense that he is physically weak, such racists possibly act in a way describable as making a person fall down a staircase . 

      Liliana Pavlek was there at the local hospital. She visted the Hospital at various times. She saw the people who were around the hospital. Liliana Pavlek possibly knows how a person a person's leg was injured. Liliana Pavlek is a Ustashi member that does not explain to people the details of her racists activities. In hindsight, Liliana Pavlek possibly knows how to murder people using biological warfare agents. Liliana Pavlek has deliberately kept silent about what she knows occurred at the local hospital. Liliana Pavlek is a crypto-racist who probably was behind the murder of the person that died in hospital. Liliana Pavlek possibly believes that her continued silence about the death in hospital is a way to lure out the son of the person, as a way to murder the son of the person.

Whether readers of this information understand this or not, whether the readers of this information want to understand this or not,

Liliana Pavlek should be labelled as a "kin slayer".

Kin Slayers are the worst kind of scum in the context of human character types. Liliana Pavlek is a person who probably conspires to murder people she is biologically related to.

Justice must occur against Liliana Pavlek.

[Liliana Pavlek conspired to force a person's son to stop attending Sydney University by conspiring together

with racists to turn a person into cyborg and then refusing to say something about the [cyborg technology]/[cybernetic technology].]

Justice must occur against Sydney University.


[Posted 04/07/2016]

Ferg Brand possibly has connections to New Zealand. During University lectures, Ferg Brand spoke with an accent that might be from New Zealand.

Brand was a physics lecturer at Sydney University (Sydney, Australia) .

Sometimes he would interview physics students. One student mentioned an interest in Tesla technology. Students who are interested in Tesla research possibly become victims of [murder conspiracies]/[attempted murder] by  Sydney University.

[ One student survived such a murder attempt and became a victim of Project Monarch cybernetic experiments . See mention of Slave Labour Device/Cybernetic Listening Device/Hippocampal Neuron Patterning which describe the same device. ]

Added 13/07/2017:

In the "School of Physics" (Physics Department) at  Sydney University, there was an Iranian staff member/lecturer/lab-overseer/physicist called Reza Hashemi-Nezhad.

And there were at least 2 middle eastern physics students: john Baba (Assyrian-arab) and Bryan Gaensler (probably Jewish/Israeli/German-Jew). Jews/Israelis are considered middle-eastern because they have a semitic origin, similar to arabs. 

Arabs are semites. Jews are semites.

The authors of this webspace are of the opinion that Hashemi-Nezhad, Baba, and Gaensler have probably profitted from selling information to the Iranian Government.  

See also information "abraham_the_brother_of_kamahl_neighbours_of_leigh_chalker_18_05_2017.jpg"

and information about David Evans, Rosemary Hunter, Alison Rothwell, the Seventh day Adventist  Church,

the duo Boris(Serbian) and Dumitru Evgeniu(Romanian) ,Marina Bosnjak .

[Boris(Serbian) has Iranian looking eyes. Marina Bosnjak (pretend Croatian,really Bosnian) has similar looking eyes to Boris. i.e. Marina Bosnjak and Boris have an Iranian/South-Asian-Indian look to their eyes.]



published 29/08/2017

Posted:  02/10/2017


Juris Ulrichs.
Sydney University physics lecturer.

Prescott Bush.
[American Racist Eugenics supporter.
American Trader with the German nazis during world War 2.
Parent of George H.W.Bush.
Grandparent of George W. Bush]

George H W Bush.
[Skull and bones member <-- similar to Nazi-deaths-head-organisation Totenkopf
racist CIA director.
former USA President.]

George W. Bush
[Skull and bones member <-- similar to Nazi-deaths-head-organisation Totenkopf
Ku Klux Klan pretend christian.
see information about "christian identity" cults.
Former USa President]

2 short woman (scrawny physique) displaying witch-like smiling/laughing behaviour.[Short scrawny inbred: possibly Ku Klux Klan types.]   <---- SCHOFIELDS AREA .

Between 10:00am -11:00am 18/05/2018.One woman looks jewish, the other has resemblance to Toni Collette.

The scrawny brunette woman with the toucan nose(jewish nose) might be from the Virgona family.

The 2 scrawny woman are possibly from around Schofields area (Suburbs of Sydney NSW Australia)

[Ivan Torkich possibly lived around the Schofields area in the 1990s.

Tokich would catch a bus that probably went through Richmond road in 1990s.

Rene Berrier his friend or relative lived in Blackett(suburb of Sydney NSW Australia) ]

3 Sorensen Crescent Blackett NSW Australia.

Toni Collette(actress) has a home around Dundas (suburb of Sydney Australia)



The author(s) of this webspace are of the opinion that such derogatory behaviour occurs because aussies notice when a person is always alone. And modern nazi technology has been used, and is being used to continually isolate a person. i.e. A cybernetic listening device has been used, and is still being used to continually isolate a person.

So aussies being the selfish racists that they are,  like to appear in together in groups and make sadistic displays against people who are always alone.

So aussies being the sadistic satanic witchcraft religion followers that they are, like to appear in together in groups and make sadistic displays against people who are always alone.

So aussies being the selfish racists that they are, they like to appear in together in groups and make sadistic provocation against people who are always alone.

Notice how the small woman thinks she can hide a from the camera.

The small woman initially laughs,then tries to hide herself behind her boyfriend, then continues to laugh.

Here grinning teeth are visible in the camera from at the top right.

When she passes by, she  then strokes her hair in a way that suggests she is wants to 'look her best' for the camera.

Added 18/06/2017

The witch-like laughing behaviour occurred at Sydney University many times, and such behaviour is racism that Sydney University has probably sought to cover up.

Such witch-like laughing behaviour occurred in this local suburban area when a person went out alone to shop, and it also was occuring at Sydney University where a person was a student travelling from one lecture theatre to another lecture theatre(lecture room). Both the local suburban area and Sydney University are immoral places probably involved in ritual prostitution activity.

Ritual prostitution probably involves advantaging one racial group by giving them sex(ritual sex), while simultaneously isolating another racial and murdering them(human sacrifice).

In the film "Watchmen(2009)" is portrayed similar activity. A prostitute appears on the walk path of the film character Rorschach, pretends to be friendly , Rorschach keeps walking past her as though he did not hear her. Then the prostitute becomes angry at Rorschach behind his back, and yells out an insult. The prostitute calls Rorschach a homosexual behind his back. The type of behaviour in the film is probably connected to the witch-like laughing behaviour that occurred many times at Sydney University. The prostitute in the film reveals that she is not friendly to Rorschach by insulting him. such insulting behaviour by the prostitute in the film is probably closely connected to derogatory witch-like laughing behaviour.

The witch-like laughing behaviour at Sydney University occured with variations. Sometimes it was people calling out horrible insults behind a person's back then hiding themselves in a crowd of uncaring racist aussies, sometimes it was groups of people quickly walking by a person and mumbling in a hostile way designed to make a person stop and look backwards at the group who made the insult, sometimes it was people stopping in a person's path for no apparent reason during University exam periods, etc .

The information on this webspace suggests that such witch-like laughing behaviour was for the purpose of socially isolating person. So, in hindsight , such hindsight such witch-like laughing is a conspiracy to murder a person. And when such laughing behaviour occurs in present times, people are probably conspiring to murder a person.

So the above image file is probably evidence of aussies conspiring to murder a person.

i.e.  the above image " derogatory_witch-like_laughing_behaviour_by_racists_walking_by__followed_by_man_carrying_a_skateboard_30_05_2017_.jpg " is probably evidence of aussies conspiring to murder a person.

Added 04/07/2017:

Is there a resemblance to actor Russell Crowe of one of the people in the photo? Is Russell Crowe a friend of Toni Collette?



2 men that might be local race warriors.
[They are describable as trouble makers.]

They are probably connected to prison in the local area.
[Maybe they are on parole.]

They got onto public transport, came near a person,
then had an aggresive attitude (pointing finger(s) in the direction a person was sitting).

The person they came near, was not afraid.
The person they came near mentioned that they did NOT NEED to come near.

Then they alighted(got off) the public transport at a shopping centre near the prison.

The man on the left has some resemblance
to a local Ku Klux Klan/N.O.F.E.A.R./E.U.R.O. person called
David Green.

David green is a friend of Greg Meller.

Greg Meller is a friend of actress Toni Collette.



Recent Information:

There was a physical education teacher called Mr Barracliffe at the same school that Neal Winter was employed as a music teacher.Physical Education teachers are referred to as "P. E. teachers". Mr Barracliffe is said to have appeared in a television advert for a Toohey's Beer .  Barracliffe was portrayed in the advert as a baseball player that hits a home run and wins the baseball match for his team.

Most of the Australian population would probably remember that televison advert:

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHRN8PbdJ0Y&spfreload=10

[The lyrics included the words:


Every one knows you're no Joe Dimaggio , and the game all swings on one hit.


 He curves it in low. Strike one, two to go. Your knuckles turn white on the grip...

The next whistles through. The  call is strike two. The bases are full, this is it.

The third one is sly, but you've got in your eye. The crack from the bat like a whip. A whip.

The outfielder throws as your heading for home,  but you're in by the skin of your hip.

How do you feel? Like a toohey.

How do you feel? Like a tooheys.

How do you feel? Like a tooheys, or two. ]

The information about Barracliffe is mentioned because it might have something to do with Toni Collette becoming an actress. There are 3 school adjacent to each other in that area.

There is : - a boys high school (single sex secondary school)

                 - a girls high school (single sex secondary school)

                -  a primary school (both sexes elementary school )

Actress Toni Collette attended the girls High School as a student.

Neal Winter and Mr Barracliffe were teachers at the Boys High School.

Robert Sigworth attended the Boys High School as a student.

Mr Adams was probably a teacher at the Public School.

Robert Sigsworth (caucasian-dutch-south-african) was involved in baseball. Robert Sigworth was involved in school baseball activities and possibly played baseball for a club on weekends. Sigsworth was a student at the high school where Neal Winter(convicted homosexual criminal) was employed as a music teacher.

The northern part of that high school was the playing fields where there was a Rugby League field with goal posts, and also a rough baseball diamond area with a tall chain wire mesh fence in the shape of an L if you looked down upon it from a airplane. Not many students took an interest in baseball. Baseball was/is a relativiely unpopular sport in Australia compared to sports such as cricket and rugby league.

The public school(elementary school) of Mr Adams is north of the baseball diamond area in the High School (secondary school) where Neal Winter was employed as a music teacher. That public school is visible through a steel fence

and through the steel chain wire mesh fence from the baseball diamond. i.e. The public school was visible from the Baseball diamond when Robert Sigworth was seen there as a High School student, and is still possibly visible.

Added 04/07/2017:

   Sigsworth and his friends were associated with a person called Jason Baxter. Sigsworth usede the nickname "Baggy" when referring to Jason Baxter. Jason Baxter poissibly is a member of a local crime family or a group of criminals.

  Sigsworth was friends with Mark White aka "Whitey" and his gang. Stephen McPherson was part of Mark White's gang.

     Stephen McPherson is Caucasian male with big ears. McPherson is a racist who possibly has an association to people  at the local "Big W" department in a local shopping centre. In the first year of High School, Stephen McPherson began making strange references to "Big W" as though it was intended to be someone's nickname. However when McPherson was speaking the words" Big W" at a person, the person did not understand the nickname, and the person had nothing to do with Stephen McPherson.

    McPherson also mentioned in a threatenning way that he(Mcpherson) has "mates" .i.e. Stephen McPherson,in his first year of high school. made a threat about  his having "mates".

The word "mate" is a colloquial aussie expression meaning "friends" . 

    Ralph Quitadamo, Reza Ebrahim and David Christian possibly formed some kind of connection to people that a local "Big W" store. Ralph Quitadamo was charged with theft (juvenile delinquency) when he stole items from a  local "Target" store. Ralph Quitadamo would sometimes jest about stealing things from the Target store by mentioning the words on a shopping receipt(docket) "Thank you for shopping at Target" . The target store was in the same shopping centre as the Big W Department store.



Robert sigsworth and his friends are "racist prima-donnas" (racist female opera stars/racist temperamental women) They act like temperamental women, in a racist, whingeing,lower class,rough gang type way, with expletives being mentioned  They sometimes engage in contact sports but they don't like being touched.

e.g.  When Roberrt Sigsworth was playing a game of touch football, but objected to being touched in a game of touch football. Sigsworth sidestepped and accidentally got slapped on the arm, and objected in the manner of racist prima-donna.  

    Such behaviour by Sigsworth was possibly a freudian-slip about his racist apartheid views and his racial ideology of avoiding physical contact with certain racial groups, even during a game of touch football.

Question: Why was he playing touch football if he did not want to be touched? 

Who was ejaculating sperm up Robert Sigsworth back side to make him act like the racist prima-donna sodomite that he was /that he is ?

The same can be said about racists such as Wayne Brodie, Keith Leyshon, Daniel Mamo.






Michael Fitzgibbon <---- chinese-philippino-aussie
[pronounced as
by Michael Walker]

Media Communications.
[Television station communications?]
Quakers Hill Pirates
Baseball Team
[western suburbs of Sydney Australia]

Michael Walker ---- Robert Saunders

Robert Sigsworth ---- Seven Hills West
[Baseball] [Crime families]
Mr Barracliffe
[High School Phys Ed/Sports Teacher ----- Tooheys Beer Television Advert
i.e. P.E. Teacher] Baseball theme.
Taylor Swift Music Video --- Ron Moss ----- Kelly Lang ---- John McCook -------
Bad Blood |
3 asian women ----- Fitzgibbon Maria Sharapova
| |
| George Bush & Rockefeller family
Nick Boserio---------------------Bridget Boserio ---- Elisha Forth
[Boserio is Italian Name.
Skateboard company in Poland]

Ralph quitadamo ----- Jason Weston ---- the Weston family
resemble John Wayne Gacy
(serial Killer, basement slavery perpetrator)

Parramatta Boys Gang
[east-asian/mongoliform gang
in Sydney Australia]

R. Lenton

Medical worker in
local hospital.

Milan Terzic
[pretend christian who invites people
to his bible studies,
closet racist(modern nazi),
incurable toxoplasmosis
blood condition]

Chinese Triads

Barracliffe --- Toohey Advert
Toni Collete
Nicole Kidman
Taylor Swift






Rock videos possibly connected to  the illegal activities of Wayne Brodie and his brother Eddie Brodie over the years :

Snow - Informer 1992 [possibly has something to do with the drug referred to as "Ice" in more modern times.


Information Posted: 17/09/2017



See information above:

Image 011:


[relevent to court room]


Image 009:


[relevent to local police station - local chamber magistrate probably knew police officers Burne and Nichols and their superintendant .

The local chamber magistrates room was very near the local police station. i.e. Very near implying adjacent or part of the same building.]


[Added 10/10/2017]

pOSSIBLY RELEVENT TO Las Vegas , Mandalay Bay terrorism incident 01/10/2017

usa.politician.richard.blumenthal.appeared.on.news.stories.connected.to.Mandalay.Bay.incident. <--- blumenthal and packer possibly conspired to create the terrorist incident.

ritual.prostitutes.are.like.an.adultery.sperm.sharing.service....voice.of.god.or.voice.of.satan.crimes.<--- god told them to kill people or satan told them to kill people,
but actually the racists controlling the antennas tuned into the large sperm molecules in their body present from adultery and then communicated with them to kill people.

The Concert goers were said to be traditional americans
The concert goers were said to be patriotic americans , pro-second amendment, pro-constitution, and anti-NWO: The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms




One of the daughters of Ion jones is called Sharon (the face at top right inside the red square )

The wife of Ion Joes is probably called Glenda (or Glynn/Glen perhaps her nickname)

On 19/02/2009 a man resembling Ion Jones was seen at a local shopping centre.

i.e. The  shopping centre corresponding to

image file "16_12_2016_002_inside_the_post_office.jpg"

and image file "24_03_2017_events__supermarket_in_same_building_as_post_office___.jpg"


Information Posted 23/06/2017:


A newspaper article from some years ago about actress Toni Collette. Toni Collette was a short fat ugly person grew up in the western suburbs of Sydney. She was too ugly to become an actress, so perhaps her acting career is a ,decoy for some other illegal activity from which she makes money.

         The author(s) of this webspace are of the opinion that actress Toni Collette makes money from crime, and launders money she gets from criminals.

i.e. The crimes of Toni Collette include nazi doctor activities in Australia against a person who went to the same elementary school as herself. 

Nazi doctor activities are a breach of article 147 of the Geneva Convention. i.e. The Geneva Conventions prohibits biological experiments. Also the Nuremburg Code has been breached. ]

Justice must occur against Toni Collette.

Australia as a nation, is culpable for Nazi doctor activity, because the Austraaian Government has known about such nazi doctor activities over a period of years, and the Australians Government has decided to remain silent.

Australia is a culture that simply stands back and watches nazism occur, instead of speaking up about nazism.

Australia is a society that stands back, and tries to point fingers overseas. Australia is a society that thinks it can trick certain racial groups into believing lies by standing back, being silent about nazism, and pointing fingers overseas . However Australians(aussies) should be pointing fingers at themselves about blame, because Australians(aussies) has allowed  nazi doctor activity to occur in Australia over period of years.

Justice must occur against aussies.

Nabil Saada
Arab(lebanese) Jehovah's witness.Pretend christian, arab racist.Was living in Huntingwood (western suburbs of SydneyAustralia ),maybe still lives there.

Information which suggests Saada is an arab racist:When he conducted a bible study, he made a strange movment with his tongue, as if to suggest, do you have an "arabic tongue", or can you make arabicsounds with your tongue ?
When Saada invites bible studies to to his jehovah's witness church(Kingdom Hall) he suggests people should get formal clothes.So Saada sends them to some suspicious clothing store in Cabramatta. When his bible studies go to buy clothes, they can't buy anything there because the clothes don't fit. The clothes are too small. Cabramatta is/was a suburb with a large crime rate.

Saada's aussie friend from the Jehovah's Witnesses.Resembles Randoplh Hearst.
Description of behaviour/character:He is intolerant of people who ask questions.If people discuss Jehovah's witness religious doctrines with him, he states his interpretation.
If people keep asking questions about religious doctrines, he becomes impatient and uses expressions similar to "I thought we already cleared up that question/issue before".



Possibly relevent to Toni Collette's racist breeding scheme.
[Sodomite racists in "safe bases"/"germanic terrorist factor ies" involved in ritual prostitution to inject Germanic characteristics into local populations.
Racists being illegally migrated from one location into other locations.
where people are expected to look a certain way.
i.e. racist Anglo-celtic "caste system" activity.]
When people migrate, they possibly transport drugs with them.

Such racist migrations involve sadistic activity of racists coming near the innocent victim of cybernetic experiments,
or being seen in media advertisement by the innocent victim of cybernetic experiments.


Randolph Hearst
Patty Hearst





Sarah Jane Olsen,Russell Little, [Willy Wolfe?] 
SLA(American Terrorist Organisation)
Symbionese Liberation Army

Toni Collette
Wayne Brodie

David Stefanovic
John Bowles
Wylie Pearson
Joe Rolela
Reza Ebrahim

Olga Belova,Alexey Pivovarov(Segodnya: "Ukraine Today" news program )



Toni Coilette

Josie Maran and her mother.

Roseleigh Rose
[mother of Schapelle Corby]

Schapelle Corby

Sarah Ferguson

Andrew windsor
Jeffrey Epstein

Patty Hearst

Ransdolf Hearst

Added 10/03/2017


The SLA are connected to "death angel" activity.

The SLA are connected to religious cults such as Jim Jones/JonesTown/. See terminology "the people's temple" .

The SLA conform to the idea of a illuminati organisation(freemason/militant-racist-occultist-satanist organisations) composed of modern sodomite groups
that infiltrate suburban areas with [safe bases](germanic terrorist factories), cause "fake religious revivals" in various religious contexts.

[i.e. Like seventh day Adventists Milan Terzic or Rose Toeta iniviting people to their bible study group and then saying that their church is dead spiritually,
wishing that materialised angels would visit their church to spiritually revive their church.
SLA possibly infiltrates such religious groups, or has already inflitrated such religious groups.]

illuminati organisations(freemasons/militant-racist-occultist-satanist organisations)


"gary glitter" ------- dr who "tom baker" ------- "randolph hearst" 

gary Glitter <---------> Dr Who song (Tom Baker) <------> Randolph Hearst
                                                 Peter Payne (doctor who fan) -----Toni Collette,Andrew Millett, Robert Saunders

Gary Glitter is a convicted sexual criminal , who was a former Rock Music star in the 1970s.

His songs include lyrics about caucasian gangs, perhaps biker gangs ?

See also information about Jimmy Saville(rock music industry television celebrity) and Neal Winter(music teacher)


Possibly all these
names are the same person.

Lynn Palm(Holland?),Anna Jagodzinska(Poland? Belarus?),Emma Salmon(Dutch Boer/Caucasian South African)
Possibly Illegal immigration
Poland --Czech Republic(?) -- Bosnia


Chloe Sevigny,Lynn Palm,Paula Slier(RT News),Olga Belova(Segodnya, Ukraine today News)
,Hedvig Palm
Actor Dolph Lundgren[old enough to be someone's grandfather]

the face of
Chloe Sevigny
a male actor
from the movie
Zulu (1964).
Perhaps the actor Stanley Baker

RT News Channel
is like a mouthpiece of
racist/fascist politician
Valdimir Putin.

ACP (Australian Consolidated Press) <---> Raslph Magazine (Nick Chan )

Australian Consolidated Press

Rupert murdoch,Matt Handbury(murdochs nephew)

Matt Handbury, Malcolm Turnbull(AU Prime miniter) <--invested in--> Australian Rain Corporation

Australian Rain Corporation
[Rain Making Technology,
Tesla Technology,
Weather Control Experiments technology
whether people want to believe it or not.]


racist_policeman_brad_morgan__morgans_probable_criminal_connections__23_06_2017.jpg   <---that policeman


That name of the policeman  might be Brad Morgan or Brad Morgan knows him.

That policeman is probably a friend of Paul Saunders (the brother of Robert Saunders).

See the image file "saunders_and_apartheid_bases_connected_to_terrorist_activities.jpg"

That policeman worked in the same local police station as Adam Burne,Katrina Nichols and Peter Mort.

Then later he was seen sneaking up behind someone near Penrith railway station.

So maybe later her was working at Penrith Police station (NSW Police)

or South Penrith ? NSW is a state/province of Australia. 


There are certain families in the Seventh Day Adventist Church that lure innocent people to their church and then follow people around, even years after people stop attending their church.

Seventh Day Adventists pretend to be friendly, and  innocent people are lured to their church through advertisements,magazines,,

There are certain families in the SDA Church that conspire to murder people if people shake hands with one of their family members.

The author(s) of this website think that such conspiracies occurs by SDA families who are really sodomite families.

See the information above about "8/06/2017:Australia is a nation that NO LONGER has a right to exist, especially when people discover the activities of "pretend angels"/"race warriors"  that carry around the bodily emissions of others in their posterior[s]."

i.e. Certain SDA families, perhaps many  SDA families are sodomites.

Certain SDA families, perhaps many SDA practice customs of having sperm up their backsides,

and they think to have sperm up their backsides makes them somehow more special than other citizens.

Certain SDA families, perhaps many SDA families,  practice customs of having the sperm of influentual people  from their race, up their backsides,
 and such SDA families believe that it makes them somehow more special than other citizens.

This is a serious description of aussie customs.

Names of such SDA families include:

        - Youth Pastor Danzie from the Parramatta/Old Toongabbie SDA Church. The Danzie family are probably secretly homosexual. The Danzie family have been seen parading through a local shopping centre, past someone who is a victim of nazi doctor experiments.Also, various other events have occurred.  Youth Pastor  Danzie has a daughter called Kelly Danzie (birth certificate name). Kelly Danzie is an Australian body double of an American called Jaycee Lee Dugard.  Jaycee Lee Dugard is connected to stories about slavery.

       The author(s) of this webspace would like to state that the Danzie family are secretly connected to the Ku Klux Klan, and/or similar racist organisations. It is Ku Klux Klan customs to be sodomites.

        The Danzie family are modern slave traders (as hinted by news stories about Jaycee Lee Dugard).

     -  The Ramachi/Ramacci family from Paramatta/Old Toongabbie. Ramacci is prononounced "Rah-mah-chi" and is probably an italian name.

The Ramacci family have been seen coming near a person at a small supermarket in Pendle Hill, some years after a person stopped attending the SDA. i.e. A small supermarket south of Pendle Hill railway station.

The Ramacci family seemed to be trained/groomed/involved in activities against basic civil rights such as "freedom of movement" . 

When the Ramacci family are targeting someone to become a modern slave,members of the Ramacci family parade outside railway ticket gates, perhaps in pairs of people.

[They might be relatives of the Ramacci family, or they might be their friends. ]

Groups of racist corrupt police officers stand somewhere inside the railway ticket gates. The police officers observe people by  standing somewhere inside the ticket gates.

This kind of behaviour by the Ramacci family and racist police officers occurs on a number of occasions.

If a person keeps walking through the ticket gates, then more police officers arrive.

Perhaps the police officers arrive at the train station by travelling by train.

i.e. See one of the first image files posted on this webspace:

"image 001:  nsw_police_in_australia_10_11_2016__000.jpg "

That image is evidence of police arriving by train at the same railway station where the relatives or the friend of the Ramacci family were parading outside the ticket gates.

The behaviour described above involves racist families parading outside railway ticket gates.

The behaviour described above involved racist corrupt police accumulating in numbers inside railway ticket gates.

The behaviour described above has the intent of stopping a person from using the railway train system.

If a person is comfortably traveling by train somewhere, the behaviour described involves racists doing things to make railway train travel uncomfortable.

If a person is comfortably traveling by train somewhere, the behaviour described involves racists doing things to make a person stop using the railway train system.

Such behaviour by racists is discrimination.

Such behaviour by racists is for the purpose of stopping a person traveling.

such behaviour by racists is for the purpose of making a person stay in one place, and do nothing.

Such behaviour by racists is modern slavery activity.

such behaviour by racists is modern slavery activity, and the NSW Police are involved in perpetrating modern slavery.

such behaviour by racists is modern slavery activity, and the NSW Police are culpable (to blame).

[justice must occur against the NSW Police.

Justice must occur against the Danzie family.

Justice must occur against the Ramacci family.]

... see also information above about Christina Stefanovic, and Christina Nikolic loitering outside railway train gates. Stefanovic and Nikolic are members of SDA families.

SDA = Seventh Day Adventist(s) .

added 26/06/2017:

       When hostile people are loitering around train ticket gates observing people, the circumstances might correspond to an English language expression "If you cross my path". The English language expression about crossing a path is a threat which means something like "if you come within my sight, something bad will happen to you".

     "If you cross my path" might be some kind of conspiracy that freemasons and witches do against innocent people.

Added 29/06/2017

    Kelly Danzie resembles Jaycee Lee Dugard and Kelly Danzie has younger body doubles.

There is evidence of a Kelly Danzie body double appearing on 18/09/2007 near the street where actress Toni Collette lived. She had a pink cloth shopping bag carried with handles over shoulder She appeared walking together with a male that looked Arabic.

Then on 17/09/2010  around 2:20 pm a Kelly Danzie body double was seen getting off a bus and walking up the street where actress Toni Collette lived.She was wearing a black coloured work suit with female trousers.She had wore her hair in a loose long ponytail. She carried a dark coloured cloth shopping  bag with the handles over the same shoulder. 



Added: 09/10/2017

danzie = dansie.

Kelly Dansie is probably spelled Kelly Dansie.

Dansie is probably a danish name. The Dansie family are probably Danish aussies.

The Dansie family are pretend christians, probably involved with "survivalist" groups. Survivalist groups are probably often involved in Ku Klux Klan interpretations of the bible, aka "Christian Identity" cults.

The Seventh Day Church possibly caters to Ku Klux Klan survivalist groups by providing Youth Halls where the so called worship services are more like charaismatic/pentecostal rock concerts, similar to the Hillsong/Hills Christian life centre.

Venues with pentecostal style church meeting and loud rock music are venues connected with materialised angel activity belief systems. The materialised angels are really modern sodomite  human race warriors.

[e.g.. Situations of prejudiced people saying someone is their angel because someone "comes to the rescue" when foreign racial groups turn up in the midst of racists and segregationists. When pretend angels are said to ccome to the rescue, it involves harming foreign racial groups , making foreign racial groups disappear from a location.  Such prejudiced people often like the stereotypes portrayed in television soap operas. So pretend angels/sodomite race warriors probably often conform to the racial types seen in television soap operas.

When foreign racial types appear somewhere, the soap-opera-racial-type sodomite race warriors start watching the venue, the  soap-opera-racial-type sodomite race warriors start appearing , so as to replace the foreign racial types.]

So this webspace describes such activity as "pretend angel" activity in which such groups are infiltrated by modern sodomites.

The above information suggests that family of Kelly Dansie are [modern sodomites]/[race warriors]/[modern slave traders] masquerading as christians. <--------- i.e. pretend christians/false christians.

Added 06/12/2017:

Nerida Ramacci has a double(face double, lookalike) who has advertised herself on the internet as "Nina" .

Ramacci is italian. Nina is possibly South-American.


Andrew Andropoulos was heard mentioning the name Sheldon. So Sheldon is friends with Ali Haaki, Justin Howlett, Brian Hill... and Sheldon is probably friends with Saher Yousef, Richard Benkovic, Andrew Andropoulos, Theo Ballis .

Note : George Bush is not FBI (USA Federal Police).

George Bush is C.I.A. (U.S.A. Spies.)

The author(s) of this website are sure that the Bush family are involved in nazi doctor experiments against certain racial groups in Australia.

See the book   "George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography" by Webster Tarpley which describes the connection of the Bush family to Eugenics organizations in the USA, and Prescott Bush trading with the German Nazis during world war 2.

     Eugenics supporters are invariably connected to Nazi ideology and/or Nazi activity. 

... and it should be stated also that both the Bush and Clinton families are connected together in illicit drug trafficking activities at Mena Airport, Arkansas during the 1980s decades.

[The "Iran-Contra scandal" is possibly connected to the drug trafficking activity at Mena Airport.

The Iran-Contra scandal involved USA citizens hypocritically selling armaments to Iran.]

The Iran-contra scandal was the USA transporting and sellling contraband items to overseas.

The drug trafficking activity at Mena Airport , Arkansas was the USA transporting and selling contraband items.

THe Iran-Contra scandal become public in news stories. The Mena Airport  drug trafficking activity was kept secret by most of the western media. Most of the Western media decided not to mention Mena Airport.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton is connected to the "Whitewater Scandal" . There is a high probability that Whitewater  property investments were a way for the Clinton family to launder illicit drug money.

... and ,by the way, Bill Clinton was adopted into the Clinton family. Bill Clinton is biologically a member of the Blythe family.

... Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are closet racists. Bill Clinton possibly has illegitimate Afro-american children such as "Danny Williams". Bill Clinton is the type of racist that prefers to relegate his Afro-american children to the status of "bastards" instead of recognising them as part of the Clinton/Blythe family.


see information above. What is her full name?  People who know her name include: Shane Pisani, Ralph Quitadamo, Stephen Collins, the Camilleri family, Richard Bazlidenski and his sister.


       Recent information suggests that the blonde on the corner is part of neighbourhood of people whose families have been interbreeding with each other over decades. So they have many similarities in their genetics. When such people have families, the offspring often resembles other families in the same neighbourhood.

The conspiracies of such neighbourhoods involve harming,murdering, enslaving migrant families that are lured to buy homes in such neighbourhoods. 

   This blonde woman who lived on a corner would observe many people when they passed by the corner to go shopping. She is one of the neighbourhood racists involved in harming,murdering, enslaving migrant families that are lured to buy homes in the neighbourhood she was living in.

She looks pperhaps Czech or Hungarian but she might have similarities in her genetics to an Australian(aussie) man called Les Sanday who lived in a nearby street.Her conspirings over the years have possibly been to transplant her italian-german-british relatives into communities in eastern Europe.   

Her Italian-german-british relatives are somehow taught [the] sound of speech and dialect of the migrant families that they harm/murder/enslave. Perhaps such racists use recording devices(cassettes recorder) to learn the language and dialect of migrant families that are lured to buy homes in such racist neighbourhoods and they teach the offspring of their relatives in eastern europe how to speak from such recordings.

   ... possibly a description of racism(nazism) connected to [Operation Paperclip]/[Operation Overcast] in Australia and similar countries.


About the blonde who lived on the corner:
A recent source of information suggests that...

... she is the type of racist that secretly conspires against people for years while she lives in neighbourhood.
Then she moves out of a neighbourhood making it more difficult to conspire.
She then advertises her relatives as a way of continuing her conspiracy.
[She advertises her relatives as a way of trying to falsely associate her relatives with the people she has conspired against.

    Racists and slave traders have the attitude of trying to keep their victims in ignorance. They don't want their victims to be able to read or write.They don't want their victims to see anything,hear anything,know anything.

When their victims look at information connected to conspirers and conspiracies , racists and slave traders make the kind of lies that are designed to prevent victims finding further information.

If the victims of  conspiracies find the racist's relatives advertising themselves, then many lies are probably made about the victims. ]


This woman grew up as a neighbour of Rachel Griffiths,Maryanne Camilleri(Maryanne Grifa), Stephen Collins, Rosemary Finn.

Rachel Griffiths was a friend of Shane Pisani.

In year 2017 The mother of Rachel Griffiths is a neighbour of the parents of the woman in this picture (holding her child) . They have been each other's neighbours over a period of decades. They are probably friends of Rosemary Hunter.

The mother of Rachel of Griffiths drives a red car with number plate AIM-321 and a white car of number plate TWG-00D (similar to words "too good" ) .

The mother of Rachel Griffths is/was a member of St Bernadettes Catholic Church in Wheeler Street Lalor Park.

Wheeler Street goes leads to Seven Hills West which is an area probably with crime families.

The author(s) of this website are of the opinion that Mrs Griffiths is friends with crime families .

[Mrs Griffiths used to give car lifts(car transport) to person(s) attending St Bernadette's Catholic Church.

However some person(s) stopped attending St Bernadette's church.

The neighbourhood that Mrs Griffiths lives in the type of neighbourhood where Australian(aussie) adults were friendly toward children from migrant families.

However, as such children grew up, people in the neighbourhood became unfriendly, and probably conspired murder .

Mrs Griffiths still observes survivors of such neighbourhood conspiracies but she has not spoken with them in years/decades.

So Mrs Griffiths should not be coming near such person(s) (survivors).

So Mrs Griffths should not be sending her friends to bother such person(s)  (survivors). 

The author(s) of this webspace are of the opinion that Mrs Griffiths and her neighbourhood friends are

pretend Christians.  The author(s) of this webspace are of the opinion that Mrs Griffiths is a modern witch(modern sodomite) thatuses her car to follow person(s) around when person(s) go to shop. ]

See similar comments about Shane Pisani who followed person(s) around when they were High School student(s).

Question: Is the woman in this photo(image file) a relative of Vanessa Speight ?

Speight is/was a neighbour of racist Wayne Brodie .

Added 12/07/2017:

This information might be of some relevence:

St Bernadettes Catholic church (Lalor Park) <---> Mrs Griffiths(the mother of Rachel Griffifhs) visited St. Bernadette's <---> Rachel Griffiths <---> Shane Pisani  .

Miss Crowley (art teacher) <---> Catholic priest "A. Crowley"  St Bernadettes Catholic church (Lalor Park)
There was a catholic nun "sister Francis" from St Bernadette's catholic church who would visit schools to give scripture classes.
Sometimes she would visit the homes of people who attended St Bernadette's Catholic cHurch.

Miss Crowley (art teacher) <---> Shane Knotley Smith(art teacher) <---> Neal Winter(music teacher.Winter was convicted for homosexual crimes in 2005)

[A school publication spells her name as "Crawley" but people always pronounced her name as Crowley.
Knotley-Smith  might be spelled as Notley-Smith.
Knotely-Smith and Neal Winter would be seen together in the school car park maybe 30 minutes or 1 hour after the end of the school day.
Maybe  sometimes travelled homeward together in the same car when the school day finished. Or maybe they travelled similar paths in 2 cars to their homes.
Knotely Smith and Winter were possibly observing lone school students who walked home near the school car park.]

Mr Barracliffe(P.E. Physcial Education teacher) <---> P. E. Staff Room<---> Art Staff Room  <----> Mrs Crowley, Shane Knotley Smith (Art Teachers)

[The art staff room and the P.E. staff room were close to each other.
The p.e. staff room was in the same small quadrangle as the art class rooms. So the P.E. teachers and the Art Teachers probably knew each other quite well. ]

Ralph quitadamo,Tony Azzoparadi and his older brother visited St Bernadette's Church at that time. Shane Pisani lived near St Bernadette's catholic church.


Rachel Griffiths (actress) and Toni Collette(actress) in the film "Muriels Wedding" <----> A differrent Rachel Griffiths lived in the neoghbourhood that actress Toni Collette grew up in.

[i.e. The Rachel Griffiths mentioned above (in the context of St Bernadette's Catholic Church) is a different person to the actress Rachel Griffiths. So actress Toni Collette knows a Rachel Griffiths who went to St Bernadette's Catholic Church in Lalor Park. 

     It is strange that an actress with the same name appears  in a film with Toni Collette. ]

added 13/07/2017:

     It could be mentioned that the camera recording shows  the sodomite woman with the red hair mentioning the obscene word "f*ck" and then she walks away to meet with an older woman.

i.e. The red haired woman in the image file "03_07_2017___witch_behaviours__sodomite_behaviours__friends_of_rachel_griffiths_and_shane_pisani_coming_near_or_waiting_on_the_travel_path_000.jpg"


Australia has been discovered to be a sodomite country that is involved in horrible cybernetic experiments against certain racial groups.
Australia is involved in "slave labour device" experiments against certain racial groups.
Such slave labour experiments are continuation of the plans of the Nazi Party in World War 2.See publications such as "Conversations with Rauschning".
Australians aussies over a period of years have refused to formally speak up about the existence of slave labour device experiments in Australia.
Australians(aussies) are bringing destruction upon themselves because aussies are Nazism perpetrators, and Nazism collaborators.
Australians(aussies) are bringing destruction upon their men,women, and children because aussies are Nazism perpetrators, and Nazism collaborators.
Australia is nation that needs to be utterly destroyed because it has chosen the path of Nazism.

In the context of men,women, and children dying because of the unjust/corrupt/sinful ways of their nation,
here are some justifications from the bible for the need of certain nations to be utterly destroyed.

Joshua 6:21
And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city,
both man and woman, young and old, and ox,

and sheep, and [donkey], with the edge of the sword.

1 Samuel 15:3 ►
Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not;
 but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and [donkey].

[This information is NOT for the purpose of being nasty.

This information is posted as a reaction against the unnecessary ritual sadistic activity of Australians(aussies).]

Australians(aussies) don't need to be doing ritual sadism against any person.

Australians(aussies) don't need to be racially discriminating against any person.

Australians(aussies) don't need to be doing Nazism against any person.


'Question: What was  Julian Cadman doing in Spain ? 

Mysterious correspondences:

- 2 people(presumably mother and daughter) boarded public transport at 15/08/2016

on the same street in Lalor Park that channel 9 news shows Julian Cadman riding his bike.

Lara Vella from Channel 9 present the news story about Julian Cadman's death.The Vella family are known around Lalor Park. Joe Vella was a rugby league league coach of the Lalor Park Kookaburras Junior Rugby League team. 

Further questions:

The Vella family are known around Lalor Park. Joe Vella was a rugby league league coach of the Lalor Park Kookaburras Junior Rugby League team. question: Why did Lara Vella from Channel 9 present the news story about Julian Cadman's death. Are the Vella family somehow connected to murders of people who have homes in Lalor Park and surrounding suburbs? Are the Vella family part of an international network of murderers from Australia to Spain?



Australia is a racist country that is trying to blur the difference between 'victim(s) of slavery' and 'criminals' .


A victim of slavery is not the same as a prisoner.

A victim of a slave labour device is not the same as a prisoner.

Prisoners are criminals. Prisoners have criminal records.

A victim of Slavery is not a criminal. A victim of a slave labour device is not a criminal.

Slavery is an illegal activity against a citizen.

A slave labour device is illegal technology used against a citizen.

The Australian nation is culpable in the context of 'nazi doctor experiments' ('slave labour device' experiments). 

Government in Australia need to face justice for experiments because of their support of  'slave labour device' technology.

Government in Australia are criminals who need to face justice because of their support of  'nazi doctor experiments' ('slave labour device' experiments).

Added 22/08/2018:

        Blagica "Betty" Stefanovic <------> John Daly (John Deli, anglo-celtic aussie, ) <---> Elizabeth Gourleigh/Gourley

Blagica works as Prison Guard.

John Daly from Hazelbrook NSW Australia (Blue Mountains) was a former "Mail Centre" blue collar employee, then he became a prison guard.

Elizabeth Gourliegh was a "mail centre" worker. Mail centres are not public post offices. Mail Centres are like large factories where large quantities of postal mail arrives and gets distributed to various post offices and homes near the mail centres.

    Gourleigh is probably a relative of Gregory Anderson, who is a friend of Brett Beehag, Scott Herman and Rosemary Hunter .[See the information above.



[  see also information:

Australia is a racist country that is trying to blur the difference between 'victim(s) of slavery' and 'criminals' .


A victim of slavery is not the same as a prisoner.

A victim of a slave labour device is not the same as a prisoner.

Prisoners are criminals. Prisoners have criminal records.

A victim of Slavery is not a criminal. A victim of a slave labour device is not a criminal.

Slavery is an illegal activity against a citizen.

A slave labour device is illegal technology used against a citizen.   ]


Ukrainian Yulia Skripal resembles Betty Stefanovic (Blagica/Blagitsa Stefanovic)


Toni Collette[Actress]
Wayne Brodie
Anthony Rutter
Robert Saunders
Robert Gunther
[Stewart Gunther's Brother]
Leigh Castle's Brother
[worked as
a paperboy
walking with
a trolley
of newspapers
which he sold.]

A newagent that used
to exist near
'Luke's Guitar School'
and a corner Petrol station
with a 7-11 shopping store oniste.
That newsagent was the source of
newspapers which the paperboys sold.

Rupert Murdoch
[Newspaper Tycoon.
Born in Australia.]

Toni Collette's mother looks similar to
Robert Gunther's mother.
[Toni Collette's father is unknown.
Toni Collette is probably
a bastard offspring(illegitimate).]


Terminology in diagram:

Randolph Hearst -
[Newspaper Tycoon,
builder of castles in USA,]

Keith Murdoch
[Newsapaper Tycoon]

[Newspaper Tycoon]

(Castle Imagery,
Media wizardry)

Satanic Pagan Cult of Pretend Angels
which are really Race Warriors
(race-warriors/drug addicted berserkers/
modern sodomites/ritual prostitutes/
homosexual criminals)
<----> (race-warriors/ku-klux-klan/modern nazis/
racial segregationists)
Popularised in the western media in television
programs such as Touched By Angel,Highway to Heaven,
Buffy the Vampire Slayer,Zorro,Charmed
This cult of a pretend angels is a plan for a world religion.

International Council of Churches

(Castle Imagery,
Media wizardry)

Animatronics -------- Illegal Cybernetic Experimiments---- Project Monarch
on humans.


S.L.A./Satanic Reds/Vadyan Clique
[Symbionese Liberation Army]
Homosexualised totalitarian organisations which propagates
a religion of pretend angels(race warriors).
It uses sodomites to infiltrate belief that systems
that are connected with materialised angel beliefs.
Jonestown massacre, Waco, Seventh Day Adventist Church, Mormons,
Pentecostal music worship.
Also, the SLA pretends to communists/socialists but
are really fascists.
THe name Symbionese they want to attach themselves to peoples lives
and watch people. i.e. They consider themselves "watchers" like in the
book of Enoch. They are an organisation connected with demonic phenomena
but they use electrical technology & sodomite customs to induce such phenomena.
They have been misusing Nikola Tesla's antenna technology over a period of decades.
Since the 1960s or 1970s they have been involved in
Cybernetic Implants experiments and are part of the 20th Century nazi agenda
to enslave certain races of humans.
The Nazi agenda overlaps with the pagan/clan/tribalistic/ritual Masonic Agenda to
bring about a world religion based upon witchcraft/sodomite-religion/ritual sacrifice.
Freemasons are militant occultic racial brotherhoods based upon medieval
racist,racially-segregated,occultic military organisations like the Knights Templar.

Project Monarch

Angels in UFOs cults.
Angelic-Worlds cults/Angelic-Outer-space-Planets Cults.
Communication-with-outer-space-angels cults.
Sometimes Fallen Angels cults(watchers)

Sodomite Pits(and Pagan High Places),
Safe bases,Underground Bases.

The Rand Corporation.
[Advisors the USA military,
Multinational Organisation
[Underground Economy Oranisation],
Think Tanks,
Involved in Science-Fiction films]

US Military

Cheyenne Mountain Military Base
Colorada Springs,Colorado,USA
Grand Canyon area.
[Nikola Tesla electrical device research.
Fortified against EMP.
Nikola Tesla had his research lab
in Colorado Springs.]

Playa Lake Military complex (California,Nevada)
Death Valley, Lake Groom

George Bush Presidency(1992)

California Cops --- Rodney King racial violence incident(1992),
Los Angeles Riots(1993)

San Francisco Police.
Margo Evans in australia
the mother of David Evans.

Tesla's research

General West/General Hammond's military
base in Stargate movie & series.

ACP(Australian Consolidated Press)

20th Century Fox.


Sony Studio Canal.

Stargate is a Pretend Angel/Race Warrior/Berserker film.
The USA military are the pretend angels/race warriors
that appear through the stargates to
perpetrate a racist-revolution/racial-murders.

Posted 21/08/2017: family tree of Rupert Murdoch ( newspapers & television media, aussie racist,aussie expatriate)

information originally posted: 30/11/2010

Names: Goerge Govett, Fanny Govett, William Henry Greene, Rupert Greene, Marie grace Forth(Marie grace De Lancey), Annie Brown, Patrick John Murdoch,Keith Murdoch, Eiisabeth Joy Greene...

brothers& sisters of Rupert Murdoch: Helen Murdoch, Anne Murdoch,Janet Murdoch

wives of Rupert Murdoch: Patricia Booker, Anna Torv, Wendi Deng

offspring of Rupert Murdoch: Prudence Murdoch, Elisabeth Murdoch, Lachlan Murdoch, James Murdoch, Grace Murdoch, Chloe Murdoch .


Alison Rothwell.
Ugly inbred bucktoothed female that is probably part of
a vast network of sexual criminals.

Her 2 upper front teeth are turned inward toward each other. giving  her the apparance of a country red-neck when she opens her mouth.
Rothwell studied Chemistry at Sydney University.
Rothwell is a modern slave trader. When male(s) reject her,
she conspires to murder and/or enslave them if they survive.
She possibly refers to her slavery activities as "Projects".
She is involved in activty where she and her ritual prostitution
connections socially isolate males while not leaving their lives in peace.
By continually bothering people's lives, she has the a mindset describable as
" delusions of  sodomites".
By continually bothering people's lives, she has delusions people will come to her.
When she is bothering the life of a male, she likes to stalk her male victims
when her male victims are alone.When she stalks her victim, her stalking behaviour conforms to situations such as being seen in the company of another males walking across the road from the
male that she is stalking.

The Rothwell family possibly became friends with  Rosemary Hunter when Hunter moved to the suburbs of Woodford in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney Australia.

Names: Alison Rothwell, Don Rothwell ,Rosemary Hunter.

Berhardt of the Netherlands.

Wilhelmina Armgard



Names: Wilhelmina Armgard aka Beatrix of the Netherlands,Roslyn Packer,Kerry Packer,James Packer,Gretel Packer.[Television Channel:Channel 9 Australia]Jana Wendt,John Ward,Brenden Ward,John Bowles, Justin Howlett,Richard Benkovic.
[Jana Wendt is pronunced Yunna Vent]

added 19/08/2017:

James Toon aka Jamie Toon--- Mike Munro story about James Toon weight loss (television program "A current affair" Channel 9 Australia sometime between years 2000 - 2005).

Toon was a member of Joshua Cameron's cricket team.

Toon is a Caucasian male who is genetically fat. Toon has a weight problem that is genetic.

[Added 10/10/2017]

pOSSIBLY RELEVENT TO Las Vegas , Mandalay Bay terrorism incident 01/10/2017

usa.politician.richard.blumenthal.appeared.on.news.stories.connected.to.Mandalay.Bay.incident. <--- blumenthal and packer possibly conspired to create the terrorist incident.

[blumenthal resembles Kerry Packer]

ritual.prostitutes.are.like.an.adultery.sperm.sharing.service....voice.of.god.or.voice.of.satan.crimes.<--- god told them to kill people or satan told them to kill people,
but actually the racists controlling the antennas tuned into the large sperm molecules in their body present from adultery and then communicated with them to kill people.

The Concert goers were said to be traditional americans
The concert goers were said to be patriotic americans , pro-second amendment, pro-constitution, and anti-NWO: The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms





British Opium Traffickers via Submarines?

[drug inspired songs
such as
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". <-- song about LSD drugs.
"Yellow Submarine".
Psychedelic Era.
Also elements of Aryan pagan religion/hinduism.]

Andrew Taggart

song: The Real Thing by Russell Morris

Jason Nicholson

Michelle Gibson(Beatles fan, Go go dancer)

Racist aryan religion priestess music genre:
Body piercer Aryan paganism/western hinduism.
["Ashkenaz/Riphath pagan religious system music genre. <---- similar to "Cicciolina".
[italians]/[maltese]/[romanains]/[mixed jews] with blonde hair.]
- Grimes.
- Brooke Candy
- Die Antwoord

[See also how Xerxes the Persian(Aryan) King is portrayed
as a body piercer in the movie "300" .]


Added: 22/08/2017:

Taggart was known  as simply "Mr Taggart" to former High School students.

Taggart appears in the list of names below as "A. Taggart". Is his given name Andrew rather than John?

Is he Andrew Taggart ?



There was a strange conversation overhead between Andrew Taggart(school teacher) and Peter Payne (former school student). Peter Payne had begun attending ISCF meetings. (ISCF = Interschool School Christian Fellowship.)

When students would be walking in groups from one school class building  to another school class  building in the afternoon,school teachers  John Taggart and Harry Auerswald(akaOzwald) would sometimes be walking through the main school quadrangle at the same time.

On one such occasion, as Peter Payne was walking through the school main quadrangle, and Peter Payne mentioned to Taggart  "I really hate you"  and Andrew Taggart replied "I can understand that" . 

They way they sapoke to each other was in the manner of 2 friends who go to go to pub together and get drunk together, rather than a school teacher and a student.  

In hindsight, they way that Peter Payne spoke to Andrew Taggart sounded like a situation where Peter Payne got drunk , fell asleep somewhere , and John Taggart took advantage of Peter Payne in some way. i.e. As though Taggart had played some kind of trick of Peter Payne, and Peter Payne did not appreciate the trick that Taggart played on him. 


Joshua 6:21
And they utterly destroyed all that was in the city,
both man and woman, young and old, and ox,

and sheep, and [donkey], with the edge of the sword.

1 Samuel 15:3 ►
Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not;
 but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and [donkey].

People might question why such verses are in the bible.

The author(s) of this website think it has something to do with Sodomite Nations committing horrible crimes against families that are meant to last perpetually from one generation to the next.

The bible described that sodomite nations in ancient times created outcries of injustice .

Modern sodomite nations such as Australia, the USA and Britain are probably perpetrating similar injustices in modern times.

in Sodomite nations, groups of sodomites are themselves families of "perpetual servants" in the way that they act ritually/automatically, (in the context of providing ritual sex to those people that they accept socially,  and probably in various other ways).  

The selfishness of groups of sodomites means that they trying to subjugate heterosexuals so as turn heterosexuals into a "perpetual slave class" below the "perpetual servant class" that groups of sodomites belong to.

This information is placed here as a response to a message that Lewis G Parker conveyed over the antenna network (GWEN/ Omega) some years ago. Lewis G Parker communicated the Seventh Day Adventist Church is really a racist organisation(pretend-christian-organisation) whose real purpose is to turn certain families into "perpetual slaves" via cybernetic experiments.

  i.e.  The author(s) of this website are suggesting that  Seventh-Day-Adventist pastor/[retired pastor] Lewis G. Pastor is a sadistic modern sodomite(illuminati perpetual servant) who has conspired to turn certain families into perpetual slaves.


Summary/Reasoning which supports bibilical verses Joshua 6:21 and 1 Samuel 15:3,

in a 20th century/ 21st century context:

 Because modern sodomite nations such as Australia want to destroy heterosexual families by making them "perpetual slaves" from one generation to the next,  it is justice that Australian(aussies) families should be totally destroyed men , women and offspring as a balance against the horrible crimes that Australians(aussies) are perpetrating against certain racial groups in modern times . 


Sodomite nations such as Australia are possibly involved in "racist breeding schemes" or "perverse breeding schemes" .

In such breeding schemes, when sodomites see that people from heterosexual societies are intelligent. capable of having employment, capable of producing families, then groups of sodomites murder them , or enslave them. i.e. heterosexual person(s) are enslaved in a sodomite societyif heterosexual person(s) survive murder attempt(s),the sodomite society enslaves them, as to prevent them having employment/families etc.

When person(s) from heterosexual nations are murdered by sodomites,  people from the sodomite nation are promoted to the positions that the heterosexual-nation-people would have been promoted.,and  people from sodomite nations produce families,, instead of the heterosexual nations. 

When person(s) from heterosexual nations are enslaved by sodomites, there occurs a sadistic activity of sodomites coming near , and later sodomites being promoted to profitable positions in the society, and sodomites producing families,, instead of the enslaved person(s). 

Such sadistic activity by sodomites is probably occurs in situations where certain heterosexual-nation families are turned into perpetual slaves. 




Astronomy/Astrophysics lecturer
resembled David Yeldham
[Physics3(University Year Level 3)]
His name possibly Professor Cramm,
or Professor Cramm knows him.

Physics student called "Elizabeth" who attended the same
 physics lectures as Bryan Gaensler when
Gaensler was undergraduate student at Sydney University.
[Elizabeth might be related to/connected to Yeldham and the astrophysics lecturer.]

Elizabeth had a strange squareness to her jaw. the rear part of her jaw looked like it was a "right-angle" or 90 degrees, as indicated in the image file above. Elizabeth was a tall woman, maybe around 5 feet 10 inches.

     When Elizabeth was a physics student, she possibly lived near Homebush railway station. i.e. The suburb of Homebush within the city of Sydney NSW Australia. Elizabeth was seen walking in the direction of Homebush railway station when  a person was walking toward the public library [south]/[south-west] of Homebush railway station. i.e. Elizabeth might be a woman who stalks Project Monarch victims.

Four Corners - 17/02/97: Courting Disaster. Australian Broadcasting ...

www.abc.net.au › Four Corners › Archives

Feb 17, 1997 - ... David Yeldham  ... sexual encounters with other men in public toilets.








(ambigous) News Story :  

Physics professor Rod Cross defends experiments in Gordon Wood case


25/06/2017 - item 2

A Theory by one of the author(s) of this webspace:

When Australians(aussies) become involved in Sodomy, their nervous systems are able to interact with waves from Antennas.
When Australians(aussies),Americans,British become involved in Sodomy, their nervous systems are able to interact with waves from Antennas.

[When their bodies/nervous systems are interacting with waves from antennas, they behave in a manner describable as "witchcraft" or "magic".

But "witchcraft" or "magic" were a superstitious way to describe such behaviour.

 "Witchcraft" or "magic" are superstitious terminology to describe such behaviour, before the discoveries of modern science.

There is some kind of physical effects occuring when Australians(aussies) behave like witches.

There is some kind of physical effects occuring, to do with waves, in situation where Australians(aussies) behave like witches.]
 The ground antennas are not an evil invention.The ground antennas were invented for a useful purpose.
 It is Sodomy that is an evil practice.                                       
[ My theories/discoveries/knowledge about Sodomy come from thorough reading/understanding of Christian Bible.

  I am not a sodomite.I am heterosexual.]

=============================================================================================A theory about Sodomy based on the words DRUGGERY and FORNICATION mentioned in the bible. [PHARMAKEIA AND PORNEIA mentioned in the bible.]

i.e. When the bible mentions Druggery/Witchcraft, is probably describing Sodomy lifestyles.


[PHARMAKEIA or DRUGGERY/Witchcraft/Paganism]

                                           <----- {Witchcraft is connected with Druggery(Drug Use)


See the word "druggery" in the bible.

The word druggery is often connected with sodomy,witchcraft,paganism,dishonest cultures.

Druggery is a greek word "pharmakeia".

According to the website www.biblefood.com/drugs.html

The Greek word "pharmakeia" literally means "drugs", and appears five times in the New Testament: in Gal 5:20, Rev 9:21, 18:23, 21:8, and 22:15.


[PORNEIA or FORNICATION/Adultery/Sexual Immorality]

          <----- Such sexual immorality by worldly nations probably has everything to do with Sodomy lifestyles.

The bible might suggest that sodomy lifestyles are similar to drug addiction.

i.e. Sodomite societies are DRUNK with the wine that is connected to fornication.

Revelation 9:21 connects both druggery and sexual immorality(probably sodomy).

Revelation 9:21 connects both PHARMAKEIA(pharmakōn) and PORNEIA(probably sodomy).

Thus, the bible possibly suggests that sodomy lifestyles probably are connected to drug use.

i.e. See Revelation 9:21; 21:8; and 22:15 <--- These are verses where druggery is [also ]mentioned.}

See Revelation 9:21 Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. [and revelation 18:3]

For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies.


Question: So what is the relevance of perverse/sodomite lifestyles to drug corruption?

Sodomy and drug corruption are possibly connected.

Sodomy lifestyles are like an addiction , perhaps similar to drug addiction.

Sodomy lifestyles are physically painful, and drug addiction is possibly a way to ease the pain.

[Sodomy is unnatural sex, the human body is not designed for sodomy. sodomy creates unnecessary stresses and pain to human body. So perhaps drug addiction is a way to ease the physical pain of sodomy lifestyles.]

Australia,USA, and Britain are societies widely corrupted by sodomy.

This information is not meant to corrupt anyone.

This information is an attempt to do something against the horrible corruption that drug trafficking creates in Western Societies such as Australia,USA, Britain.

i.e. Horrible corruption where Australians(aussies) behave like witches.

note: Antennas refers to those Antennas which react with the Ionosphere.

i.e. Ionospheric antennas, ionospheric waves, ground waves, the "standing waves" mentioned in Nikola Tesla's patent 787,142 of Year 1905. Omega Antennas, G.W.E.N. antennas.

Ionospheric waves can be produced by antennas, but they are also probably produced by solar radiation hitting the earth's atmosphere.

Ionospheric waves are often  a natural phenomenon, but when humans want to make their bodies sensitive to such waves, humans involve(d) themselves in UNNATURAL CUSTOMS called Sodomy.

added 26/06/2016:

Nikola Tesla's antennas are planetary engineering technology invented in year 1905. Nikola Tesla's antennas aren't evil.

They were originally invented for a good purpose.

It is sodomy that is an evil custom.

Modern Sodomites discovered that Sodomy is a way to interact with the waves from Nikola Tesla's antennas.

Sodomy is away to bodily interact with waves.

Sodomy is a method for human bodies to physically interact with waves from Nikola Tesla's antennas. The antennas are able to find Sperm (bodily fluids/bodily emissions) .

Sperm possibly contains physical structures similar to caduceus coils.

[Caduceus Coils are artificial technology objects.Receiving circuits probably contain Caduceus coils.Receiving Circuits are mentioned in the Antenna patent.See the antenna patent: US patent 787412 of year 1905 by Nikola Tesla.]

[The information in this theory section is from emails that have already been sent internationally in year 2015.]

some image moved below. See below


NSW Australia politician kristina keneally double in a junk mail catalogue, around the years 2007,2008.

Keneally made a strange comment in parliament that  she(Keneally) is "nobody's girl" .

25/06/2017 - item 1

A person who was probably a pretend angel, has recently lost his life. i.e. The news story about Otto Warmbier.

So Otto Warmbier  was not an angel. Otto Warmbier was a human race warrior. Otto Warmbier was a drug addicted berserker of the anglo-saxon race.  Anglo-saxons/anglo-celtics are not angels. Anglo-saxons/anglo-celtics are humans who practice sodomy as their secret custom.

See Otto Warmbier plead for his life (before he dies).

See Otto Warmbier (American Sodomite) plead for his life (before he dies).

See Otto Warmbier(Pretend Angel) plead for his life (before he dies).



"The B52s" music group.Genre: Retro(1960s)/Sci-Fi/Experimental(Alternative)[Sci-Fi like Barbarella(Angels in Space.), Dino De Laurenttis Films?]

Possibly secret theme of former USA President Linden B. Johnson's desire to explode nuclear bombs over Vietnam, to win the vietnam war.[The USA lost the Vietnam war.]

Does terminology "Rock lobster" have slavery themes?If people are told to "rock lobster" , is it a euphemism for threatenning people to hide in a basement, in a safe base, or underground ?

A favourite song of Joshua Cameronand his sister Leanne.[See information about the Cameron family involved in bank tellerconspiraces to murder people and steal the moneyin their bank accounts.
Leanne was woring as a Bank Teller in around the 1990s. She is a friend of Lousia Kennwell who was working also as a bank teller:she served bank customers at a counter.

Togarmah Pagan Worship Religion.

[Various racists possibly know about such a religion,
but it is something that they don't want to describe.]

    - they believe in materialised angels.
    - they have have their own stories about the great flood(Noah's Flood/ Ziasdras flood).

    - they have their own kind of eternal life belief

(probably satanic, or based upon Luciferian knowledge,sodomite knowledge.)


They are racists. They are tribalists, racial clan supporters, racial segregationists,nationalistic extremists)

They are involved in Shem-Japheth racism: the type of racism described in Genesis 9:27.






Some of the pagan priestesses are of the "Cicciolina" variety. Blonde women with Arabic/Armenian features to their faces.

Oblong/angular faces with gills around the sides of the mouth.



Their music concerts are like a soft-core-porn version of the Hills Christian Life Centre(aka Hillsong?) in Sydney NSW Australia.

[The author(s) of this website think that many professing Christians(pretend Christians) know about this kind of pagan worship but they don't want to describe it. Professing Christians in the Seventh Day Adventist Church(SDA Church) possibly refer to this kind of worship as "no-negro-hour". Seventh day Adventists invite negros to their church because the Caucasians want to conspire and put the blame on innocent negros. When negros are no longer around, the Caucasian woman in the SDA church rebel and hold a "no-negro -hour" in which they reveal to Caucasian males the true nature of Indo-european(Aryan societies. i.e. The ritual-prostitution nature of Indo-European(Aryan) societies.]

Also the Serbians in the SDA church have Eastern Orthodox connections, and the Eastern Orthodox church secretly know about this kind of pagan worship activity, but they don't want to describe it. The Eastern orthodox church and countries such as Serbia were under the domination of Ottoman turks for approximately 4 centuries. Many Turks possibly consider themselves as members of Togarmah, along with Armenians. So various Serbian SDA woman probably hold a "no-negro-hour" when the negros they invited to church stop attending...

... and many professing Christians who attend  Hillsong possibly know about such pagan worship activity but they don't want to describe it.

Wayne.Brodie,Joshua.Cameron.and.their.friends.probably.are.followers.of.such.pagan.worship, and they openly non-Christian.


Their music concerts are like a soft-core-porn version of the Hills Christian Life Centre(aka Hillsong?) in Sydney NSW Australia.



Berrier and Gibson possibly knew each other years ago.

Renee Berrier:[dressed like a prostitute in "gold pants".]

Michelle Gibson.
[Go-go dancer ?,beatles fan,gave a class presentation,possibly about "physical culture",dressed in a Leotard(scantily clad ),in elementary school(primary school/public school)

Physical culture was "group exercise" activity before gyms and aerobic dancing(aerobics)  became popular.

Physical culture was the type of "group exercise" activity that occurred in countries such as Nazi Germany.

Posted 18/08/2017

Aussies are pretend-friendly toward migrant families for a couple of years
then become unfriendly when they find out when migrant families comes from.

evidence that a person "knows of" the people.
[The person does not "know" such people because they are not friends.
The person "knows of" such people because the state of NSW Australia required a person to attend school when he was growing up.]

A person does not follow astrology, but remembers the star signs of various people.
They mentioned their star signs during school academic classes.
Perhaps Astrology was more popular some years ago in Australia. e.g. In morning television chat programs.

Evidence (Astrological Signs of various people mentioned)
Rosemary Hunter - Scorpio.
Tony Collette - maybe Scorpio.
Elisha Forth - Libra.
Cathy Lake - maybe Leo.
Greg Meller - Aquarius.
Leigh Chalker - Aquarius.
Daniel Mamo - Gemini
Genevieve White - Cancer
Monique White - Cancer
Joshua Cameron - Libra
Wylie Pearson(Peer-son) - Capricorn
John Towers - Pisces
Maryanne Camilleri(Maryanne Grifa) - Capricorn.

Simon Davis - Cancer.
Michael Chebyl - Aries

A person discovered long ago the physical/astronomical phenomenon of "precession" where the astrological signs shift their position
1 place every 2 millennia approximately.So if you were born on a certain day of the year under the astrological sign pisces 2000 years ago,
you would be born into the astrological sign aries or aquarius in modern times.

See also the musical "Hair" and the song "Age of Aquarius". 2000 years ago used to be considered the Age of Pisces. Modern times are considered the beginning of the "Age of Aquarius".  Such "Astrological epochs" or "astrological ages" are based upon the physical/astronomical phenomenon of "precession" of the earth's axis.


18/10/2017: Recent information:

There are currently strange news stories in the USA about a film maker called Harvey Weinstein.

Those news stories might have something to do with american ritual prostitutes such as Gweneth Paltrow and her body double Kirsten Dunst and the Omega Network(G.W.E.N.)

it is not certain why those news stories are occuring. A relevent desription of such news stories might be:

when the American sodomite nation gets afraid/upset that its racism conspiracies are not going to plan,  groups of sodomites pick one of their own people to victimise. It is possibly like a process of pirates casting. lots So Gweneth Paltrow and many of her friends have decided to single out Harvey Weinstein for victimisation.

The name "Michael Walker" might be relevent to such news stories.

Michael Walker is a person from the local area that resembles Harvey Weinstein.

Walker is his surname. He probably does not walk much.

Michael Walker is a friend of Robert Saunders. Walker was adopted by Aussie parents who used to live on a local busy road. Walker looks jewish and he has an adopted half brother that looks greek.  Robert Saunders referred to Michael Saunders as "Cat man" because the home of michael walker smelled of Cat Urine. His home was full of cats that urinated inside the home. Michael Walker and his adopted brother were involved in a board game called dungeons and dragons. Michael Walker and his bought a computer called an Amstrad and they had a computer game on it called Ghosts and Goblins . On one occasion Michael Walker invited Robert Saunders to his home to compare the computer game Ghosts and goblins on the Amstrad Computer, and the Commodore 64 computer.Saunders mentioned to Michael Walker that the music on the Amstrad computer sounded "tinny" or too metalic.

There is a possibility that Michael Walker might be the biological son of someone in Harvey Weinstein's family.

i.e. Perhaps a situation where american film industry people visit safe base/sodomite bases in Australia and procreate with the Aussie ritual prostitutes.

[such situations might have something to do with Toni Collette becoming a film star.]

Is Walker Mossad informer in Australia ?

Michael Walker could be identified by his innability to pronounced certain words/name correctly.

e.g. Michael Walker would be heard mentioing expressions such as "Where's Fitzgibbon?" when asking about a philipinno called Michael Fitzgibbon. However the way that Michael Walker pronounced Fitzgibbons's name, it sounded like "Where's Ferth-gibbon? "  or "Where's Ferzth-gibbon?" 

Another person who Robert Saunders and Michael Walker possibly became friends is "Eric Frantham".

Eric Frantham could be described as a short thin xenophic male with an American accent. Maybe Frantham is an american-jew. He attended the same school as Robert Saunders for a brief time, but probably changed school because the school that Saunders attended was too multi-racial for Frantham's liking.


Michael Walker facial approximation:

Note Walker's teeth are short rodent-like:
the teeth are not bucked,
are smaller than bucked,
but are still rodent-like.


This Chinaman(chinese man) has a newsagency situated near/outside the ticket gates of a local railway station in year 2017.

During the 1990s his newsagency was situated near/outside the ticket gate of the old railway station that existed with the same platforms,but the concourse was above the eastern ends of the platforms.

During the 1early 1990s, he had a employee/apprentice that was a younger chinese male.That younger chinese male would say to people "Enjoy your weekend" when certain pornography magazines were bought from that newsagent.

Possibly some of the magazines being sold by the newsagent around the years 1992//1993 were describable as "brand piracy" porn magazine.

Update 03/11/2017:

Probable name of the chinaman:  K.S. KIM  or  T.S. KIM


Roshan's sister is Sri-Lankan.

When they were High School students,
Robert Saunders lent or gave Roshan
a box of Commodore 64 cassette games
(probably pirated computer games on cassettes) <--- computer games were loaded into the commodore 64 via a "datasette" or cassette drive, instead of a disk drive.

Someyears later Roshan joined the Australian Army,
as a pathway to employment.

Gregory Anderson(usually referred to as Greg Anderson)
lived next to Roshan and his 2 sisters.

"Roshan the Sri-Lankan"
is different to
Roshan the brother/half-brother/adopted brother of Reza Ebrahim.

added 05/01/2017:

Roshan's sister was the Sri Lankan in the "Woolworths the Fresh food people" advert around 1993 or 1994.
Most people in NSW and/or Australia would remember seeing her face on television.

i.e. Australians(Aussies) are racially ignorant, so maybe to many Aussies she possibly looked Afro-american, but she is not Afro-american. She is Sri Lankan (similar to South-Asian-Indian)


Name Possibilities: Marie Johns ? Natalie Johns? [given name and surname unknown.]

The name "Marie" (Mah-ree) was possibly mentioned by someone in physics 1 labs at Sydney University when she was a student there.

Are current "Natalie Wood" & Robert Wagner news relevent to her? She resembles Zeta jones. Zeta jones has some resemblance to Natalie Wood.

   Has the Wood family allied itself with the Johns family over recent decades/centuries?


Stargate was a film that arose from a suburban community in Sydney Australia that probably makes money from "brand_piracy" "counterfeit consumer goods".

Mili Avital and/or her double in Australia made money from "brand_piracy" "counterfeit consumer goods" goods.

A suburban community in Sydney Australia were putting local prostitutes into a porn magazine, falsely labelling it as a well known porn magazine,
and then selling it at a newsagent at a train railway station.

... labelling it like a special edition series of a well known porn magazine...

A suburban community in Sydney Australia were doing piracy with porn magazines, similar to the piracy that asian businesses later did with music CDs(music compact disks) .

The piracy with porn magazines is possibly connected to businessman Nick Chan from Ralph Magazine.


The author(s) of this webspace think that these groups of people have a system of ritually visiting each other while
perpetrating slave labour activity against a person they have racial hatred toward.
[probably so called baphomet-worship-customs <--- freemasons, templars,hashisheen,
they are selfish people who pretend to worship a baphomet, but worship in deed worship noone except themselves.
Baphomet worship is really a materialistic selfish religion where people worship themselves while pretending to worship a baphomet.
The baphomet is the person that they perpetrate slavery/slave labour activity against..

local area:
Murat Kol- turkish
Levenne Kol- turkish
Deepak Sethuram- Indian (Kshatriya Caste)

Andrew Jubian(Anis Jubian) - Lebanese arab.
Mrs K. Byrne- art teacher -  jewish?
Serhan Haaki
Ali Haaki.

Emad Jaber
Erkin Aktivez
Given name: yilmaz
erkin aktivez
given name charlie
given name kassan
unknown - possibly saudi arabian arab
Nadeem Nazir - pakistani(ethnically indian, unknown caste)
Clive Bunker - probably Jewish.

Reza Ebrahim - Is ethnically an African Zulu and claims to be  muslim.

Saher Yousef.

Dennis Deery.

George Deery.

Michael Chebyl.

Jim Chebyl.

Middle Eastern Gang (21st June 1995):

Ivan Torkich
Andre Dada
[Renee Berrier, but she might not be middle eastern] <------> Possiblyknew/ knows Michelle Gibson(dutch jew?)
4th member of middle eastern gang - unknown name.

Mili Avital double <--- She was seen standing with her turkish boyfriend at the same bus stop seats where Ivan Torkich later appeared.
                        [Those bus stop seats were demolished some years ago and new bus terminals built in another location near raliway station.]

another suburb far away in Sydney:

Kaled Bey (Khaled Bey) - Lebanese arab.
Given name "Memet/Mehmet"-possibly turkish
Given name "Bashir" - possibly arab.
Arzu - Turkish ? (female)
Marcel and George (identical arab twins)

Buttercup Bread Advert Interschool Competition (1982) <--- George and Marcel appeared on television in one of the competition adverts.


Rankin-Bass Company - (animated films,marionettes?,puppets?)
Peter Haertsch(resembles Rankin family) <---->  Brodie Bass ?


Added 14/09/2017:

There is a Andre Dada and Ivan Torkich are connected to the

"Brothers-for-life" middle eastern gang. That gang was mentioned in News reports in recent months.


Added 16/10/2017:

(arab) Andre Dada <--> (arab) Jason Lowe <---> Wayne Brodie

Jason lowe is known by the nickname Lowie .  He has a sister called Robyn.


Added 18/10/2017:



Nadeen = Nadeem Nazir

Robert Saunders has taken one or more plane trips to Saudi Arabia. 

He mentioned a plane trip to Saudi Arabia in an email sent some years ago.So maybe he formed some kind of association with the Saudi male. 

Robert Saunders was on various occasions talked to Nadeem Nazir. Nadeem used to refer to Saunders as "Sarn-ders" in his Pakistani accent. Maybe Robert Saunders sometimes shared a sandwich with Nazeem Nazir.

In secondary school , Nadeem Nazir would use such expressions as " Sarn-ders , your the smartest kid in Year 8 " in praise of Robert Saunders, even though other students got better academic marks than Robert Saunders. 

"Sarn-ders, yoor de smut-test kid in yi-arr ate"

Nazir was an immigrant so he was maybe 2 or 3 years older than the students in his secondary school year.  


posted 14/08/2017






Possibly evidence of some manner of "race war" activity by the police in Britain.

Posted 21/08/2017 

Recently rediscovered information:

Below is a list of names connected to Neal Winter when he was a secondary school music teacher.

[News stories have misleadingly suggested that Neal Winter was simply a piano teacher. In actuality,

Neal winter  is connected to far more people than a piano teacher would be, because Neal winter was  a school teacher, organiser of school musical groups, and organiser of school plays. So Winter has connections to many people such as Miguel Grifa and his girlfriend/wife Maryanne Camilleri(aka Maryanne Grifa.)],G Notley-Smith (the same person described above as Shane Notley-Smith), Mrs K. Byrne, Harry Auerswald(Music Teacher,I.S.C.F=Interscool chrisitian Fellowship organisation, name pronounced "Ozwald" by aussies),  A. Taggart (the same person described above as John Taggart).

The murder conspiracies perpetrated by homosexuals such as Neal winter, Brodie Bass, Thern Reynolds, Craig Neilsen result possibly result In the use of slave labour device(s) against heterosexuals.

Australia is a country that does not seem to care about the conspiracies of hateful homosexuals such as Neal Winter and his friends.

Australia is a country that does not seem to care about the use of slave labour devices.

Australia is country that does not care about the existence of nazi doctor experiments within the borders of Australia.

So here are the names of as many worthless Australians((aussies) as possible. 

A significant number of these Aussies might have information about slave labour device technology in Australia.

The question remains if any of these worthless aussie sodomite trash people  are willing to formally speak up about their knowledge of slave labour device technology.


[modern slavery news stories/hints]

See also:

secret_space_program_and_space_angel_themes:"20 Years a Slave in Secret Space Program" <--- homosexual criminals like Neal Winter enslaving people, committing ritual prostitution crimes then going into prison but being silent about enslaving people.

Secret Spaceprogram <---> space angel themes

Aaron Sainsbury is mentioned. Is he a relative of Australian(aussie) Cassie Saisbury that is jailed in Colombia ?

The name K Burne is misspelled. It is K. Byrne(art teacher).

Kittisak Tunhavasana.

Brakoulias was the surname of a doctor at a local hospital sometime between years 2004-2006.

bibke education group = bike education group.

further information found: 10/01/2017:


Kevin Spacey
The Race to Erase Kevin Spacey

Ridley Scott,Toni Collette.
[Riidley Scott <--?--> Enda Bannan (Aussie Psychiatric Doctor,practices in the western suburbs of Sydney Australia)]

Stephen Collins [actor]

Stephen Spielberg Fanclub/
Raiders of the Lost Ark fanclub/
Boy Scouts <---> Jason roberts in Western Sydney[see u.r.l. http://subliminalsynchrosphere.blogspot.com.au/2017/11/the-hollywood-jewish-gaypaedo-mafia.html :]

There have been suggestions
that Toni Collette's acting career is based upon financially profitting from sexual crimes against young males/boys.
[i.e. Toni Collette is a "Madame"for homosexuals in hollywood and Australia that prey on boys.

See inofrmation about Greg Meller and his sodmoite career as prisoner at Parramatta Jail in Sydney NSW Australia.]

Neal Winter [convicted sex criminal former High School music teacher, which the western media lyingly portrays as simply a piano teacher.] Brodie Bass & Thern Reynolds.

assorted information

[ritual prostitution(sodomy) news stories]

references:kevin_spacey__space_angel_theme_surname_resembles_mossad_pimp_harvey_weinstein,corey_feldman__steven_Spielberg_fanclub__mossad_pimps__holloywood_pedo_mafia,internet_news_story__Charlie Sheen_sodomized_Corey_Haim_at_13_on_set_of_Lucas,australia,secret_space_program_and_space_angel_themes,elijah_wood__wilfred__ricky_ponting__alan_sparkl,elijah_wood__frodo__lotr__peter_jackson__mossad_ring_in_new_zealand__resembles_jason_and_luke (Peter Jackson <--?---> Toni Collette<---> ridley Scott), dino_de_laurentiis_movies__barbarella__Space_angel_actor_robert_crewe,media stories about nasa slave colonies on mars, John_benet_ramsay_news_stories__death_by_jay_terminology__film_maker_Jay Weidner,the_little_pebble_cult_in_sydney_australia,david_koresh_cult_seventh_day_adventist_church,jim_jones_cult__jonestown_massacre,SLA_symbionese_liberation_army,Patty Hearst, Randolph Hearst, american castles, disney logo, Peter Righton advisor to the Home office of British Government,scouts__organisation_of_watchers_that_Want_to_change_the_world__angelic_worship_themes,scientology__ufo_cult__operating_thetans__space_angel_themes, scientology is a religion/cult that [secretly promotes]/[secretly accepts] slavery simiar to judaism and ,islam


[modern slavery news stories]

secret_space_program_and_space_angel_themes:"20 Years a Slave in Secret Space Program" <--- homosexual criminals like Neal Winter enslaving people, committing ritual prostitution crimes then going into prison but being silent about enslaving people.

Secret space program <---> space angel themes

scientology is a religion/cult that [secretly promotes]/[secretly accepts] slavery simiar to judaism and ,islam


Maltese Names (probably maltese mafia members in Australia):

                " Ugly Kid"  Joe Zammit (inbred maltese,now adult) <---> double of Bear Grylls.

                 Michael Gretch,Nick Seguna,Rennie Seguna,Mary-Louise Seguna,Charlie Camilleri,Maryanne Camilleri (married Miguel Grifa became Maryanne Grifa),Selina Bonello, Angela Morris,Joe Vella,Joe Vella & Linda Vella,Jason Vella,Troy Vella,Darren Zarb aka "Zarbie",Daniel Mamo, Keith Leyshon & Greg Leyshon,R. Lenton.


People associated with each other:

Maryanne Camilleri ,Toni Collette(actress)<-----> Neal Winter (perverse person, convicted homosexual criminal)

associated (via  "combined high school musical 'Band' ").Neal Winter organised inter-high-school theatrical plays,

and also organised the inter-high-school musical group  that played music in a school hall shared by 2 adjacent high schools.




republished 06/02/2018



Tara Colegrave,Samantha Jade,Kate Cooper[Channel 7,2008/2009]

Chris Benaud[Lost Islands television series 1970s]

USA Gymnastic Team

Lost Islands television series (1970s) : (theme music lyrics)

... To bring children from all places
With all kinds of faces
Together into a sailing ship
There were 40 boys and girls
They would sail their ship around the globe
So they called it The United World

Question: Is Chris Benaud or one his male relatives the secret biological parent of Toni Collette? 


Summary(recently discovered)

In the neighbourhood that Toni Collette grew up in during the 1970s & 1980s,
racists make an illegal business of advertising children.
Racists who lived in the neighbourhood conspired to infiltrate local school(s) with teachers who were their relatives or friends.
Racists sending their relatives(& friends) into local schools as teachers was a way to observe children.

Sydney University was/is involved in such illegal business since Sydney University allows such racists to be trained as school teachers via its bachelor of education degree course.

[and there is a scientology centre at Greek Street near Sydney University (Camperdown campus) near the CBD.Toni Collette is probably a scientologist.Toni Collette became involved in such illegal business.
Toni Collette has profitted from such illegal business.]

[Information: neighbourhood residents & corrupt eachers]

-Toni Collettte during 1980s.

-A woman living at 297 on a busy road - probably a relative of teacher Barry Boon, and school adminstration worker called Mr Johnson. Then another Mrs Johnson[2] became a school teacher of Toni Collette's academic class in year 5 (1983). During 1983, Toni Collette' academic school class had 3 different teachers: 1)Mr Tunks, 2) J Black(Jenny?/Jane? Black) , 3) Mrs Johnson[2]. 

The number of different teachers that occurred during 1983, and multiplying of the name "Johnson" would suggest that some kind of academic corruption was occuring at that elementary school.

-Rosemary Hunter - a girfriend of Barry Boon(school teacher) who later married Stewart Hunter.

Rosemary Hunter's birth certificate surname is not known, however she resembles the Patillo family.

-Louise Davis - her next door neighbour was called "Mr Clarke" (relief teacher who sometimes appeared/workedat the elementary school which he lived near). Ralph Quitadamo refeered to him as "the man with the parachute", since he would bring his large parachute and take the school class onto the grassed area of the school to do exercises with/around the parachute as a group.

Barry Boon had a corrupt habit of inviting students to his home during the summer holidays after they finished the final year of elementary school(primary school). i.e. Students who were aged 12-13 years old. Students such as Selina Bonello,Angela Morris,Maryanne Camilleri.


Andrew Millett's family continued such activity at a local High School:

trainee Mathematics teacher called Mr McCartin/MacCartin and English language Mr Pitt were probably relatives of Millett into a local High School.


Larry Nassar[Sports Doctor]

eric frantham[& robert saunders -- michael walker ,alan sparkl, aussie mormons, aussie jews ?]

Kathleen Keating (end of the world prophecies) <---> old ukrainian (Coppack/Adamov).
["Last Warning"/"Final Warning" memes]
connections to "Spirit Electronic Society"?
Spirit Electronic Society <-----> Seventh Day Adventist Church.
THe Seventh Day Adventist church is probably involved in some kind of "neo-animism" agenda where they want to make stones speak to people.
They want to make inaminate objects like stones seem to speak to people.
They use Nikola Tesla's antennas and "caduceus coils" to simulate such a phenomenon.


REPEAT- Steve Quayle cern demons through your tv LAPTOP 1



Is Nabil Saada involved in cocaine trafficking ?
Nabil Saada(Jehovah's witness/lebanese arab racist)


Daniel Mamo ---- Michael Hagan(assistant rugby league coach to Australian Wallabies Rugby League) ------ Barnaby Joice (Politician)
[News stories aboutAustralian Prime Minister Malclom Turnbull Banning sex between politicians and their office staff.
Would such news stories suggest that sex between Australian(aussie) politicians and their staff has been considered normal over the years/decades ?
This news story is evidence of ritual sex activity among Australian Politicians.



... a global network of eight Omega stations.
Plans had been completed for eight stations located in
- America;
- Argentina,
- Japan,
- Liberia,
- New Zealand,
Owen Wilkes, Nils Petter Gleditsch, Ingvar BotnenC
- Hawaii,
- French island of La Reunion,

built in
-Norway  <----------------Probably Norwegian Author(s) of book: Loran-C and Omega.

[would therefore be smaller, less powerful and of an entirely different design]

three more stations to exactly the same design at
- Riga,
- Irkutsk
- Sakhalin





Probably Norwegian Author(s) of book:
Loran-C and Omega. A Study of the Military Importance of Radio Navigation Aids.
By Owen Wilkes, Nils Petter Gleditsch, Ingvar Botnen


Majestic Twelve( "MJ-12"is really an anti-immigration secret project formed in the USA after World War 2:) <BR>

[After World War 2, the USA discovered how to use atomic bombs to propel space craft through outer space,<BR>
and this knowledge also became a plan to exterminate others races of humans on earth and simultaneously<BR>
for the anglo-saxon race to escape into space and survive. SEe information about "Project Orion" , "Project Daedalus" , "British Rail UFO" ,etc] <BR>
Recent Information:<BR>
Atomic Bombs were used against Japan toward the end of World War 2.<BR>
After World War2, USA Presidents Harry Truman, and David Dwight Eisenhower became concerned about the migration of various racial groups into the USA and across Europe.<BR>
Atomic Bombs were considered as an antidote to the migration of certain racial groups into countries such as the USA. i.e. Atomic bombs as away of population reduction of certain racial groups.<BR>
However, the use of atomic bombs would adversely affect anglo-saxon populations that were stuck on the earth's surface. Countries such as Russia might retaliate.<BR>
Then the USA discovered a method to use atomic bombs to potentially propel a group of anglo-saxon people through space, so as to survive a nuclear war. <BR>
i.e. [Atomic Engines] /[Nuclear propulsion]/[nuclear powered spacecraft].<BR>
Nuclear propulsion projects such as the "British Rail UFO" are a hint that UFOs are really man-made phenomena:<BR>
Sometimes UFO phenomena are propulsion technology, maybe often anglo-saxon drug induced hallucinations<BR>
& anglo-saxon sodomite lying processes (also sodomite coded language connected to Baphomet Worship customs). See Project Bluebeam.<BR>
[anglo-saxon]sodomite coded language connected to Baphomet Worship customs... further information:<BR>

The political leaders of the anglo-saxon race (such as Truman & Eisenhower) are concerned/paranoid that a new culture will arise and overtake the USA socially,economically,technologically. <BR>
If/when such a new culture emerges, such a culture would be considered as god-like by the anglo-saxon race. So anglo-saxon leaders and their followers use coded language and refer to such a culture as outer-space aliens.<BR>
The political leaders of the anglo-saxon race, when they study history, realise that other races created the first civilizations. The creators of the first civilisations were not Europeans. <BR>
The political leaders of the anglo-saxon race, when they study history, realise that Europeans stole civilisation from races which were not European. <BR>
Races/cultures such as like the Sumerians and the Ancient Egyptians were civilized when the ancestors of Europeans were running around uncivilised in animal skins.<BR>
Races/cultures such as like the Sumerians and the Ancient Egyptians were considered god-like by the ancestors of the Europeans.<BR>
So coded language about outer-space-aliens is used to refer to god-like civilizations from the past such as the Sumerians and Ancient Egyptians.<BR>
So coded language about outer-space-aliens is used to refer to perceived threats about new cultures which could overtake the USA socially,economically,technologically.<BR>
connected terminology:<BR>
project horizon, ,project solar warden, "secret space program" , project paperclip(operation paperclip,project overcast)<BR>
<HR />


Recollections about the behaviur of Dumitrru Evgeniu: 

When Dumitru Evgeniu is with his romanian friends, they are overheard calling him the nickname "Mitika" :a nickname derived probably from the name Du-"mit"-ru.
If you are a person who Dumitru Evgeniu invites to his adventist church to study the bible, and you overhear him speaking with his Romanian friends, and you call him by the nickname Mitika,he snaps back at you with the words  "don't call me Mitika!"

 Dumitru evgeniu considers his Romanian friends as an inner circle of more value than anyone he misleadingly calls a friend at church.
Evgeniu is a Romanian nationalist , not a christian.



Physics Student faces, Sydney University, 1990s .

Harry from Merrylands Sydney Australia.Appearance approximation[email: perry@morgan.net.au in year 2001]
Elizabeth has similarface & jawline to author Lynn Picknett.[Book:The Stargate Conspiracy]

Kirsten Hogg

Robert Lipka.(approximate appearance - probably without beard.Polish[Poland] name )

Recent information:

Kirsten Hogg (Sydney University, physics) ----- Kaiya Jones (television series:the saddle club, neighbours)

Kirsten Hogg & Kaiya Jones ----- psychedelic/drug trafficking music videos probably associated with Sydney University
[Junkie XL, Elvis Presley - A Little Less Conversation (2015)]
that rock video makes reference to 1990s psychedelic/drug trafficking music videos
such as : I'm free by Soup Dragons, Groove Is In The Heart by Deee-Lite,Unbelievable by EMF.

Kirsten Hogg & Kaiya Jones ----- Rodney Hogg (1970s cricketer,Dutch-irish?-italian?) seamen/pirates/illicit drug smugglers (Opium traders) -- Tiffany O'dea


[further information(1)]

Kirsten Hogg & Kaiya Jones ----- psychedelic/drug trafficking music videos probably associated with Sydney University
[Junkie XL, Elvis Presley - A Little Less Conversation (2015)]
that rock video makes reference to 1990s psychedelic/drug trafficking music videos
such as : I'm free by Soup Dragons, Groove Is In The Heart by Deee-Lite,Unbelievable by EMF.

See also information below about:
"sodomite segregationist pimps" and "aryan sodomite priest pimps" ,armanen ordern nazism.
Modern psychedelic music videos have themes which probably overlap with the activity of such types of immoral people.


[Further information (2)]

("sooner or later" song variant 1) by Saddle Club <-----> ("sooner or later" song variant 2) by GF4(aka Girlfriend music band)

variant 1: original singers : Sooner or Later by The Grass roots.
variant 2: original singers : Sooner Or Later by The Innocents (1980)

"melanie alexander from GF4(aka Girlfriend music band)" ----- Jenny Black/Jane Black(elementary school teacher from 1983 photo) ------ "alison mack from smallville" (nxivm sex cult)

"melanie alexander from gf4" ---- Melissa Doyle(channel 7 tv talk show) ---- amanda hart (channel 10 tv news weather presenter)

Jenny Black/Jane Black ---probably related to-- Stewart Hunter the husband of Rosemary Hunter.

Lorinda Noble (GF4/Girlfiriend music band singer)----probably related to --unknown female "computer science" lecturer at Sydney University in 1991. Dark brunette hair and of anglo-greek-jewish appearance. She had a similar nose(aquiline), similar profile to Lorinda Noble in the "Sooner or Later" music video by GF4.



information about kirsten Hogg & Kaiya Jones  psychedelic rock videos/neighbours tv series connections:



See rock videos:
- Nicky Jam & J. Balvin - X (EQUIS)
- mi gente by j balvin & willywilliam.



On one saturday morning during the 1990s, Blagoje "Bill" Stefanovic was overhead speaking to his son David Stefanovic.
As Blajoje and David walked into the front entrance of their serbian adventist church in Granville NSW Australia, Blagoje Stefanovic was overheard to mention the words
"Zoran's Nazi theories", but he did not want to mention anything further about pastor Zoran Gajic.

i.e. Blagoje stefanovic used the words "zoranove nacističke theorije"
(zoranove nacističke teorije) .


Is Kata a friend of Rene Berrier, Andre Dada(arab/assyrian) , and Ivan Torkich ?Did Kata form association with Berrier,Dada and Torkich in circumstances of a circus ?

Kata , the mother of Liliana Pavlek, possibly has developed a fascination with circuses,because her husband Velko was killed as a pedestrian by a motor vehicle.
Velko was hit by a car, somersaulted over the car, and hit his head on the asphalt of the road.In croatian language somersaults are called "salto mortale". The word mortale has connotations of death.[The birth certificate name of Kata is probably Kata Ivanovic.]

Rene Berrier, Andre Dada(arab/assyrian) , and Ivan Torkich might be employees of a circus freak show.(Employees/former Employees.)
Berrier and Dada look like Dwarves.Ivan Torkich would be considered gigantic by most people.

Kata resembles these faces:Samantha Maiden(newsreader Sky News). Mariana Rudan(SBS sports). Semir Osmanagić (Ancient Aliens theory supporter/questionable history theories/. Bosnian Businessman based in Houston Texas USA)


Various pieces of information which could be connected.


[former model
Kate Fischer converted to Judaism(and scientology?)
and renamed herself Tziporah Malkah]

This news story might be connected to the above names and organisations.
There is possibly a DUTCH(HOLLAND)-JEWISH(ISRAEL) CONNECTION to these news stories.

[dutch faces in the news story ? Is Alison Rothwell somehow connected to this news story.]

Flying Fruit Fly circus (Albury/Wodonga Australia) ------- Simon Townsend, Johnny Young ?

simon Townsend used to host a children's program on channel 10 Australia called "Simon tonsend's Wonderworld". On one episode of Wonderworld was featured the flying fruit fly circus.

Johnny Young:(born Johnny Benjamin de Jong; 12 March 1947) is a Dutch Australian singer, composer, record producer, disc jockey.
[Philippines controversy[edit]
In the early 1990s, Young learned that Terry Higgins, a former Young Talent Time studio director, had contracted HIV.[8] By 1993, Young had financially supported Higgins, who sought
alternative ozone therapy in the Philippines, but the clinic turned out to have a forged license[29] and when it was raided, the Filipino authorities mistook Young for the owner and
arrested him under charges of running an illegal AIDS clinic after accompanying Higgins.[1][2][3] Young was tested for AIDS and threatened with deportation back to Australia. Subsequently,
all charges were dropped, but Young's public image was damaged by media coverage of rumours regarding his sexuality]

[networks of sexual criminals possibly promote homosexual relations between between men and boys. e.g. the organisation NAMBLA.
networks of sexual criminals possibly promote homosexual relations between between women and girls. e.g. the butterfly kisses group (BKG)
Educated guess:
Such organisations don't mention is that they sometimes NAMBLA and BKG trade humans between each other.
Sometimes the BKG trades girls to the men in NAMBLA.
Sometimes the NAMBLA trades boys to the women in the BKG.]

So the news story about MALKA LEIFER and the sexual abuse of girls could be secretly a news story about Malkah Leifer sharing her victims with men from NAMBLA.

[Bryan Gaensler from Sydney University might be connected to this news story.
i.e. Gaensler is probably a jewish sodomite involved in ritual sex activity.]

[former model
Kate Fischer converted to Judaism(and scientology?)
and renamed herself Tziporah Malkah]

fashion models ---- monoracial settings with groups of women spinning wool/yarn dressed up in colourful clothing(germanic pagans/witches/sodomites/ritual prostitutes) ------ HAO High Armanen Orden (Guido von List)



Around 1993 or 1994, David Stefanovic's family took in a boarder called Milan.  <------referred to here as Milan(2)
Milan was an old Serbian man with failing health who would probably sometimes go into hospital.

Milan was mentioning to people something about himself paying prostitutes $20 .
Milan mentioned this to person(s) who did not use prostitutes, and did not know him, so person(s) did not take notice of  what Milan said.
Milan was living in the home of David Stefanovic over a period of weeks or months, so David Stefanovic and his family would know the details of $20 prostitution.

A few years later, Milan died in the local hospital.

[David Stefanovic's orginal home was sold and demolished to make way for an commercial re-zoning of a previously residential area.
Where David Stefanovic lived in the 1990s is now a busy road/avenue with much car traffic and shop buildings.]

Milan(2) is another person to Milan terzic. 


The Milan who died in hospital looked very similar to the Serbian father of Milan Terzic.

Muilan Terzic's father is still living, and is a follower of a UFO cult. He has been seen wearing a baseball cap with the words "U.F.O." displayed on the front of the cap which covers the forehead.


;In 1994 , Dumitru Evgeniu; and his friend ;Boris the effeminate Serbian' initially taken in by the Stefanovic family as migrants newly arrived to Australia.

i.e.  "Boris and Dumtru" were seen to be in the residing for a time at the stefanovic home, in the same way that Milan the old Serbian was residing in the Stefanovic home for a time.


- "Milan the old Serbian" was possibly connected to some illegal immigration activity that the Stefanovic family are involvement describable as 'taking in immigrant boarders who have no homes'.

 - "Boris and Dumitru" were possibly connected to some illegal immigration activity that the Stefanovic family are involvement describable as 'taking in immigrant boarders who have no homes'.

Some of the Boarders that the Stefanovic have taken into their home are possibly have legal migrant status. 

Some of the Boarders that the stefanovic family have taken into their are possibly illegal immigrants.

Ivan Torkich is possibly an illegal immigrant that Serbian racists such as the Stefanovic family have taken into their homes, or taken into Safe Bases(sodomite bases).




Recent Discovery:

Kata (Ivanovic) and Illegal Immigration:    Croatia to Italy.

[Around 1955-6, Kata escaped Croatia, via Slovenia to get to Austria. Then she migrated to Australia.]

The family of Kata (born Ivanovic) might come from the Ribarevic region in Croatia near Montenegro & Albania.
There are islands of the coast of Ribarevic.
Kata has possibly profitted over the decades from illegal immigration between Ribarevic Croatia and Foggia/Matinatta Italy.
The presence of Ivan Torkich in Australia possibly has something to do with such illegal immigration between Croatia and Italy, during the 1990s war in Bosnia.
The Torkich name appears in Slovenia, and Kata possibly escaped Croatia through Slovenia to Austria around 1955, before she is migrated to Australia.
It is possible that Ivan Torkich is an illegal immigrant because he is difficult to find in government records.

Quitadamo Clan crime family[Foggia/Matinatta,Italy]

Ivanovic(Ivanovich) family.[Ribarevic,Croatia near Montenegro and Albania]

It could als be mentioned that newsreader Samantha Maiden possibly appears on Australian television as a challenge to see if people can guess the [maiden name] /[Birth certificate name] of Kata. Kata's birth certificate name is probably Ivanovic/Ivanovich.


  Kata is the mother of Liliana Pavlek who is married to Drago Pavlek. Liliana has adult siblings Tom and Ruzica(Rosie).

Ruzica is pronounced "Roozh-it-sa" where zh sounds like the s in treasure.


This poem in a book connects spy(spies) with modern slavery activity.
Spies are buying and selling information about people, and its a way to enslave people.

This line appears in the first part and seventh chapter of George Orwell’s novel, 1984. It reads as:

“Under the spreading chestnut tree
I sold you and you sold me:
There lie they, and here lie we
Under the spreading chestnut tree.”
(1984, Part 1, Chap 7)

[People who prospered/prosper in totalitarian governmental systems probably more about
how selling information about people and modern slavery work together.

See information about "trading humans".
It probably involves social situations where humans are overpopulated,
and corrupt people act like gossips, predatory sadistic nuisances,
observing and conspiring behind the backs of innocent people.

The corrupt people become "hangers on" secretly following around innocent people,
and creating unnecessary problems for innocent people.


Recent information:

Racists selling information to each other about people, results in situations where people's lives are hit at the worst possible times
in ways where people are not meant to recover.
It results in murder attempts by racists at the the worst possible times.
e.g. Instead of graduating from University, a person gets murdered, or severely injured, and so are prevented from having a qualification, prevented from having employment.
It results in people pretending to be friendly at church, showing you their basements where they intend to survive persecution against christians.
Instead of forming associations at church,a person ends up enslaved you a basement of one of the church people.


[This should be considered the real flag of the Australian nation.

Reasons to reject Australian nationalism.

[same as the reasons to reject USA nationalism.

same as the reasons to reject British Nationalism.]


further names:

Lindsay Saunders and Tracy Davenport.

[Lindsay Saunders might be slightly mentally retarded, perhaps due to inbreeding.

Lindsay Saunders is possibly mentally retarded and lecherous. Lindsay Saunders was fond of Tracy Davenport.]

Lindsay Saunders has a brother Duane Saunders.[ Duane is pronounced Dwayne].

Monique White seemed protective of Lindsay Saunders. i.e. In Australian slang terminology, Monique White would "stick up" for Lindsay Saunders if he got into an argument with other people.

Monique White has a sister Genevieve, and a brother Alistair White.

These names might be relevent to a[pirate harvesting]/[money laundering] conspiracy that Alistair White and his sisters were/are involved in. There have been suggestions that wealth from harvesting/laundering is stored in connection with mentally retarded people such as Lindsay Saunders, and accessed by people who consider themselves more intelligent when they feel like it, or when it becomes possible over time.


Boris the effeminate
serbian Adventist(S.D.A church),
Appearance approximation.

Dumitru Evgeniu (Romanian)
[resembles movie director James Cameron
when James Cameron wore a beard.]

Boris is part of the duo "Boris and Dumitru".Betty Stefanovic (Blagica Stefanovic)
referred to the duo in the terminology"Boris and Dumitru" as if they were 2 males married to each other.

During the 1990s Boris and Dumitru were living in a block of flats in Rose Hill within walking distance
of Harris Park station. Rose Hill is a suburb of Sydney NSW Australia)

Boris and Dumitru said they were christians,however they appeared to have some kind of
relationship to each other similar to the television series Perfect Strangers.
The manner of Boris resembles Bielkifrom the television series Perfect Strangers.

Pretend christian "Boris the effeminate serbian" uses expressions such as "Dis not christian !" (This is not christian, as compared to This is christian).

The word christian is sometimes pronouced "Ker-shtun" by Serbians.


It seems to be part of Serbian culture for Serbian families to strive for jobs that use guns, as a way to murder, main, and enslave people, including in countries such as Australia.

When Serbian families get jobs with access to Guns, they think they can do anything to against people's lives and escape the consequences, no matter how intelligent or strong the victims of Serbians conspiracies are.

Serbian  males and females  were  sodomised , by Turks for around 400 years, under the Turkish Ottoman Empire,

so in modern times Serbians have probably absorbed many elements of Turkish Culture. i.e. Serbians want to dominate every other culture. Hence the Serbian obsession to get access to guns.

Betty Stefanovic has employment has worked as a prison guard ( a profession that uses guns).

Douglas Jeremic , the cousin of David Stefanovic, is said to have worked a security guard (a profession that uses guns).

Boris the effeminate serbian somehow managed to get a job as a railway security guard on trains ( a profession that uses guns). He was last seen on Hornsby railway station, and also on Westmead railway station around the year 2000.



Pretend Christian Peta Jakes (Ku Klux Klan racist Peta Jakes) turned up in a local industrial area.A person was catching a bus from a local industrial area to visit an Adventist Church about 30 kilometres away in Old Toongabbie/Parramatta. Peta Jakes was supposed to be going to that same church, but for
no apparent reason, Peta Jakes appeared in the local industrial area driving a car, showed her face, and then drove off.

-Andre Dada ,Renee Berrier

-Chinaman (Chinese Man) T.S. Kim?

-Turkish "Car Wreckers" Businessman/Worker (Turk)

-Ali Haaki (Turk)

-A Turkish-Cypriot  who says he's Greek. (Turk)

Households that tried to make a turkish neighbourhood on 2 sides of a busy road. [Turkish neighbourhood that
used to exist]

One side of the busy road was residential zoned. The other side of the busy road was zoned industrial.



These Turks know the Mili Avital double.

the relevence of stating this information is that


The Mili Avital double was probably a student there and knows Toni Collette.

The Mili Avital behave in a way where she wanted to befriend a person at all costs,
because she is lower down in the anglo-celtic caste system (her being an Turk or Arab).

The Mili Avital double would possibly describe by Australians (aussies) as a Turkish "Bush Pig" ,
and so not very desirable. Bush Pig is a derogatory terminology for unattractive females.

She saw that she could not befriend a person, and then she embarked on a murder conspiracy,
which become a years long cybernetic slavery situation: the person survived the murder attempt.

The Mili Avital double is part of some prostitution mafia ring that wants to force anglo-celtic Caste System racism upon citizens.
Caste System implies that discrimination is enacted simply because of race.


some prostitution mafia ring that wants to force anglo-celtic Caste System racism upon citizens
<--- means that there were many anglo-celtic racists supporting the conspiracy of the Mili Avital double.


[People from that High School are taught to follow people around who become University Students,
and murder people who are seeking to finish a University qualification, simply because of race.
The stduents from that girls High School are even taught how to enslave people.]


The Mili Avital double was probably a student there and knows Toni Collette.
The 3 turkish males lived in the same neighbourhood as toni Collette (actress) .


Female Sydney University Students are possibly involved in the prostitution described below.
See information about about a Catherine Zeta-Jones

Recently discovered information:
Terrorists groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS are supported by western women(Europeans) who prostitute themselves.
Western women(Europeans) secretly take trips to Iran and prostitute themselves to middle eastern men.
Western women(Europeans) take secret trips to Iran because Iran is an Aryan nation in the Middle east.(Aryan = Indo-European).
European racists and Israel have been secretly building up the technology of Iran ,because Iran is an Aryan nation,
and because to pretend that Iran is an enemy state is a way to make much money.
Such behaviour of Western Women(Europeans) are based upon the kind of racism where European don't want to be seen in public with migrant races.
She doesn't want to be seen with migrants races in public, but she'll meet migrants in a safe base for money, (safe base = sodomite base)
She doesn't want to be seen with migrants races in public, but she'll meet migrants overseas for money.
Hence news stories about Australian,American,British citizens converting to Islam,and travelling overseas to fight wars in Syria. Syria is close to Iran.

{News article: Who are Britain’s jihadists?
Approximately 850 people from the UK have travelled to support or fight for jihadist groups in Syria and Iraq, say the British authorities.}

Such racism by western women is a way to partially reverse immigration.
Western women, by travelling overseas, and encouraging migrants to meet them overseas, is away to send migrants back where they came from.

the instagram dubai whores
{Dubai is very close to Iran}


recent information:

Concerns about Australian(aussie) homosexual/bisexual males who cruise bus stops looking for young males.

these people were seen driving past a bus stop close to where Toni Collette(actress) and Michelle Coppack lived.

Names: Mr Davis who has daughters Louise and Natalie  and a third mentally retarded daughter, Wayne Brodie , Mr Chalker who has sons Leigh Chalker and Jason Chalker and Daughter Christie Chalker , Charlie Camilleri who has daughter Marianne Camilleri.

Such behaviour of males using their cars to "cruise" past bus stops possibly has some connection to News stories about convicted homosexual criminal Neal Winter.  [See information about Maryann Camilleri aka Maryann Grifa being colsely connected to Neal Winter. Neal Winter was involved in organising musical events and school plays for 2 adjacent High Schools.]

See also information published some months ago about Shane Pisani prostituting himself as a teenager to get girlfriends. (i.e. Shane Pisani was possibly a neighbourhood male prostitute, and maybe his friends Ralph quitadamo and Donny Quitadamo

were neighbourhood male prostitutes. ]

See also News stories about australian(aussie) Trevor Garland being knighted by Elizabeth Windsor of England and committing homosexual crimes against young male(s) .


The information above possibly has something to do with news stories about television actors being caught with prostitutes in the back seats of cars or taxis around the year 1995.

   - Hugh Grant (film actor) caught in motor vehicle with prostitute Devine Brown in  June 1995.

  - Eddie Murphy(film actor) caught in motor vehicle with transvestite prostitute .

Hugh Grant might be related to a friend of Wayne Brodie named John Towers(English migrant to Australia).

There were news stories in magazines / journals about "Hippocampal Neuron Patterning" (HNP) which is technology to create cyborg soldiers (expendable human being research) , and probably the technology to create cybernetic slaves .  i.e. There were HNP news stories in magaxzines in Journals about melding neurons to silicon chips , around the same time as the news stories about film actors being caught in cars/taxis with prostitutes.


[Australia is probably a sodomite society where sodomite males get married to sodomite females.

sodomy(definition) : sexual intercourse usingthe human back passage ,  anal sex,  buggery ,   

Australian males probably practice sodomy on males and females as practice to  commit homosexual crimes against people they racially hate.

or state another way:

Australian males (aussies) practice sodomy on their wives,girlfriends, and male "mates"  as practice to commit homosexual crimes against people they racially hate.

Australia is a country where ,

if you don't want to be a sodomite "mate" , aussies conspire to murder or enslave you

compare with the information published some months ago (Posted [20/10/2017])

...Australia is the kind of society where males and females seem to go together to produce families,
however the compatibilty of the average male & female aussie couple is [possibly] centred around how compatible the back-passage of the aussie female is for the aussie male...


Ukrainian Yulia Skripalresembles  Betty Stefanovic (Blagica/Blagitsa Stefanovic)

names:Yulia Skripal,Betty Stefanovic,Nataliya Veselnitskaya


Milan Terzic mentioned something about his working on a speech to text  recognition system. He was using "Visual Basic" as a programming environment. 

Also , Milan Terzic mentioned something about his having access to a "neural network" at the local "Saint Pats" school (Saint Patrick's Boys High School ).

The Speech recognition system that Milan Terzic was trying to develop probably has something to do with the Neural Networks at St PAtricks School, and probably something to do with the local Safe Base (Sodomite Base) .

That High School is on "one road", which runs onto "another Road". The Safe Base(Sodomite Base) is on the "another Road" .

See  news stories about homosexual crimes occurring at that St Patrick's High School .



some years before the speech recognition system , the Seventh Day Church was conducting a correspondence course about archaeology called "Digging Up The Past" .  That correspondence was authored or presented in printed form/written form by  David Down, an Adventist from Waitara Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Person(s)who successfully finished that archaeology correspondence course where directed toward the closest Adventist Church that they lived near. Milan Terzic was a member of the local Adventist Church, and he would take person(s) to see archaeology videos that screened at a hall in a local Adventist retirement village. 


News story 21/04/2018

Smallville star Allison Mack arrested for 'her role in sex slave cult Nxivm
just weeks after taking over as leader of the group when founder was hauled off in raid on their Mexican hideaway'

Possible connections to Australia:

kristin kreuk(nxivm sex cult) ------ Joanna Jovanovic (Granville Seventh Day Adventist Church ,Sydney Australia)

KR that members brand on their skin possibly has
something to do with Windows XP and Bill Gates.
Bill Gates might be a member or a client of the sex cult.

(XP are also "Chi" "Rho" symbols in the Greek alphabet.
Maybe some Eastern Orthodox racism connection.
Serbian Orthodox church racists ? Theosophy ? )

Eastern Orthodox --- Microsoft connection ?

The nxivm Sex cult possibly had something to do with Bill Gates retiring from Microsoft
and windows changing from Windows XP being reprogrammed to Windows 7 .


Waco Cult -- Seventh Day  Adventist Church --- S. L .A. (Symbionese Liberation Army , American terrorists)


KKristin Kreuk(actress) has a resemblance to Joanna Jovanovic from Granville Adventist Church, Sydney NSW Australia.

Also, Kristin Kreuk(actress) has a resemblance to a porn star calling herself "Ivana F*ckalot" .

The porn star calling herself "Ivana F*ckalot" has some resemblance to a friend of Joanna Jovanovic called Miodrag with nickname "Mick."
Miodrag migrated from Serbia to Australia and married a woman called Vesna from Graville Seventh Day Adventist Church.


"alison mack from smallville" ----- "melanie alexander from gf4" ----- Jenny Black/Jane Black(elementary school teacher from 1983 photo) --- Barry Boon, Mrs Johnson.
GF4 = Girlfriend music band.

Jenny Black/Jane Black(elementary school teacher from 1983 photo) --- Ivan Torkich with number 83 on red gridiron shirt(gridiron = american football)
See also information about Ewen Cameron, inhumane experiments on humans, gridiron helmets(american football helmets.
See also information about Suicide Security Guard on Airplanes & aircrashes , <---> modern hashisheen(assassins), berserkers, drug addicted race warriors(drug addiction = drug craving to commit crimes), sodomite race warriors,satanic warriors.

Suicide Security Guard on Airplanes & aircrashes <---> Lorinda Noble (Jewish Boer in Australia,Apartheid racism) <---> Mossad

melanie alexander from gf4, Lorinda Noble, Siobhánn Heidenreich <---> GF4 (girlfriend Music Band)

Siobhánn Heidenreich <--resembles--> Bindi Odea (Seventh Day Adventist, Parramatta/Old Toongabbie Adventist Church)
[Bindi O'dea is the sister of Tiffany Odea.
Tiffany Odea is the wife of David Stefanovic.
David stefanovic is a friend of Joanna Jovanovic. Stefanovic and Jovanovic are members of the same Adventist Church.]



the author(s) of this webspace think that joanna Jovanovic is describable as as "screw boys ! who needs boys ?" woman.

For further description of what a "screw boys" woman is

see the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuyrbtXjV6A
The video is title "Fkboys why we care about boys who dont care."

Joanna Jovanovic is someone that complained about not being married. She used to say that she's "still not married" when she was among people from her Serbian Adventist church. The author(s) of this website think that Joanna Jovanovic's sadness about not being married was false and that her complaints about not being married are a cover or front or deceptive display for something more sinister.

the author(s) of this webspace think that joanna Jovanovic is describable as as "screw boys ! who needs boys ?" woman, and that the Von Paulos double is one of the "naughty scout master(s)" that commits sexual crimes against young males. 

Fkboys why we care about boys who dont care.mp4
<---- recent discovery: western(anglo-germanic) homsexual criminals are possibly associated
with situations females are criticising males and using expressions such as "f**k boys".


So , because Joanna Jovanovic is possibly connected to the sex cult nxivm in the USA, 

That sex cult is possibly involved in committing homosexual crimes against young males.

Bill Gates has been knighted by Elizabeth Windsor of England,

in a similar way to how

homosexual criminal Trevor Garland from Australia has been knighted.

So Bill Gates is possibly someone connected to the NXIVM sex cult, and he commits homosexual crimes against young males, while also using the services of the women from the NXIVM sex cult.


The information above about  " 'screw boys' women "   has something to do with how NAMBLA is connected to the Butterfly Kisses Group .



current information:
Joanna Jovanovic's father resembles Tennis player Ivan Lendl.
Both Ivan Lendl and Joanna Jovanovic's father are sexually preferring young males/boys.

High School english teacher Peter McDonald is possibly one of Ivan Lendl's contacts in Australia.
Peter McDonald worked in the same high school as Neal Winter (convicted sex criminal).
Peter McDonald has an irish accent.


In reference to  the Kata (Ivanovic) and her use of the term "Drek na Shibitsi"

[Kata is the biological mother of Liliana Pavlek"].

which suggests that Kata is(has been) secretly a sodomite over a period of decades:

See a documentary "Where to invade next" by Michael Moore.

In that documentary the words "its time to pull the stick out of your ass (arse) " while interviewing a person from the Portuguese Prison System. 

This dicumentary confirms that the word "faggot"is to do with perverse people using small sticks(sticks/matches/toothpicks) upon their bodies in a homosexual way. (i.e. Sticks up human backpassages)

Kata is a female faggot. Kata probably has been probably using sticks/matches/toothpicks to stimulate the nerves in her

backpassage over a period of decades, and that is why she used the disgusting expression "Drek na Shibitisi".

as state above some months ago...The author(s) of this website think it is relevent to state something further about Kata and her uncultured expressions. The author(s) of this webspace think that the expressions that Kata uses are connected to American terminology for homosexuals. The author(s) of this wespace are of the opinion that the language Kata frequently uses is connected to the American Slang term "faggots". The word "faggot" means a "stick" if you look it up in many dictionaries... however in  American slang the word faggot means homosexual. The author(s) of this website thinks that Kata is a woman who gives people hints that she secretly uses small sticks(sticks,matches,toothpicks) upon her own body in some homosexual way.  Perhaps homosexuals use small branches or matches or toothpicks on their body to prepare themselves for perverse sexual activities. Perhaps it is a way that homosexuals(sodomites) consider that they are cleaning themselves before they engage in perverse sexual activities.

       Therefore, the author(s) of this webspace think that Kata is a sodomite that is a woman...


Billy corgan(USA musician) ----- Alexander Litvenenko (Ukrainian deceased from Polonium poisoning) -------- ------------Nikola the serbian ------ Boris the effeminate Serbian(SDA Adventist)

Nikola the serbian lived locally and has a small romanian wife.

Nikola's wife resembles singer Selena Gomez in one of her rock videos.

Nikola's wife was seen patrolling around on the central street of the local suburban area in June-July 1995.

Lucy Getzky was in the same music band as Billy Corgan  (Smashing Pumpkins) and is dressed a "glitter tart" same or similar attire to "gold pants".

See rock video "Bullet with butterfly wings".

On 21st June 1995, Rene Berrier was dressed as a glitter tart. Rene Berrier was wearing gold pants.


Holly Valance,Brooke Satchwell,Kylie Minogue------Neighbours television series-------Mouche Phillips(actress)----Imogen Annesley(actress)------- Brett Beehag

Mouche Phillips, Imogen Annesley --- film called "playing beattie bow" ----- Simon Townsend ---- Johnny Young.

[The film "playing beattie bow "was featured on a episode of Simon Townsend's Wonder World(television program).  Imogen Annesley was iterviewed on Simon Townsend's Wonder World.


Faces possibly associated with a pirate harvesting conspiracy.

Names: Unknown chemistry student(Sydney University): she wore "gym boots" sneakers. 

Daniel Mamo, Madina Kochenova,Olga Belova .


    Some years ago, when they were secondary school students in year 10.Robert Saunders, Peter Payne & Michael Kerr(Mormon/LDS) were sitting around a table reading a library book about religious cults in the secondary school library.

      The library book mentioned religious cults such as the Jehovah's witnesses, Mormons, but it also mentioned

a cult called "The Children of God" which predicted that the end of the world would occur in 1993. 

The author(s) of this webspace think that situation of reading a book on religious cults has something to do with Saunders,Payne & Kerr becoming involved with Safe Bases(Sodomite Bases). 

This information is possibly relevent to news stories about actress Rose McGowan making accusations against Harvey Weinstein: Harvey Weinsten resembles Michael Walker. Michael Walker is a friend of Robert Saunders, as described in paragraphs above.

Rose McGowan was brought in the "Children of God" religious cult.

Rose McGowan is portrayed by the media as a victim, however the author(s) of this webspace are of the opinion that Rose McGowan is an evil ritual prostitute who is involved in ritual murders, racial murders, conspiracies,and perverse ritual behaviour such as coprophilia (similar to instagram prostitutes who visit Dubai. )


Rose McGowan possibly was one of the people associated with planning the Columbine School Massacre in 1999 . 

[Rose McGowan in North America was possibly communicating with Emma Rabbidge from Sydney, during 1999, via the Omega Antenna Network. Emma Rabbidge is possibly a relative of R. Lenton, and she has a face similar to Peter Payne.  R. Lenton and Peter Payne would sometime walk to school with each other, and Robert Saunders was walking with them.]

Rose McGowan is an evil woman who probably knows something about Nazi doctor experiments against human beings, but being the selfish sodomite racist that she is, Rose McGowan would rather advertise her sexual activities in the media, instead of saying something about modern Nazi experiments and technology.

[It might also be mentioned, that the author(s) of this website are NOT fans of the Harvey Weinstein either.]

 06/05/2018 :000

Marian Baraba(Barraba?) --?-- Ivan Milat (convicted serial killer)

Marian Baraba(Barraba?) --?-- Pat Buchanan (USA Politician).

Marian Barraba is a adventist(SDA) possibly a member of the Croatian Adventist Church in Dundas, however he would sometimes visit the Serbian Adventist Church in Granville, possibly to observe people.

Marian Baraba is asosciated with cryptic expression such as "Why you look ?"  (Why do you look?).

Such expressions suggest that Baraba is a racist that does not want certain racial groups to have eyes.

Such expressions suggest that Baraba is a racist that does  not want certain racial groups to be able to see what is around themselves.



Possibly a terrorist from eastern europe. Possibly had something to do with the Lindt Cafe terrorism incident on 

15–16 December 2014.

Less ---?-- Ellie Goulding (singer) ---?---- Tiffany Odea (Tiffany Stefanovic).

Some sources of information suggest that Less or her friends/associates having established themselves in Balmain suburb of Sydney NSW Australia in year 2018.


Less possibly communicates over the years with Australian(aussie) blonde women connected to Wayne Brodie in western suburbs of sydney Australia.

Mark Jeremy a physics student from Sydney University possibly is from Balman suburb of Sydney.His friend Malcolm Turki died of a drug overdose in the 1990s. There are reasons to believe that Malcolm Turkey was murdered by the physics staff at Sydney University: Malcolm Turkey was bragging out loud in the physics lab that he was sleeping with the wives of Sydney University staff. Malcolm Turkey wore a T-shirt with the words "use more drugs" printed on the front or back. 

         Mark Jeremy looked Jewish and maybe was a Turkish Jew in Australia with an Australian accent.

It should be stated that Mark Jeremy and the Turki family are probably racists who think they can murder people and then ask for help the survivors of murder conspiracies. They possibly have connections to racist Jews in Israeli Mossad and racist jews in the C.I.A.

So this information is posted here for reasons not to assist the Mark Jeremy, and not to assist the Turki family. This webspace does not care what happened to the worthless sexually immoral drug-addicted racist aussie-Turk-Jew Malcolm Turki. 

This information might be relevent to finding drug networks connected to Sydney University, and also to investigate murders and murder conspiracies perpetrated by Sydney University against various people.


Rose McGowan is known to be a satanist. She was the girlfriend of singer Marilyn Manson.


Children of god Cult infiltrated the Philippines some years ago.
It it might be connected to Philippino gangs such as the" Parramatta Boys" in Sydney Australia.


Kylie Minogue might be connected to NSW Police ritual murders.

Kylie minogue was a girlfriend of singer Michael Hutchence.
Michael Hutchence died in a manner portrayed as a sucide, however Hutchence was possibly ritually murdered by Kylie Minogue's relatives.
Kylie minogue possibly ritually murders people similar to a police death in custody

Michael Hutchence died strung up hanging by belt from the ceiling like a police death in custody. NSW Police ...

John Bowles was known be a fan of Kylie Minogue in year 9 of secondary school 1987 . In 1991 John Bowles and Brodie Bass were seen together walking over the railway station bride positioned over the railway tracks.
Racist Policeman Peter Mort was seen patrolling around that area in the 1991. Peter Mort is a friend of Daniel Mamo, and probably a friend of racist jewish NSw Policeman Brad Morgan. [there is a description on the website about the bahaviour of 1995 police officers Adam Burne and Katrina Nichols acting in the manner of an intended Death in Custody which the victim survived. See references to those NSW police officer acting like "Evil Bludgers" .]

See the corresponding website about John Bowles propositining people to do anal sex(sodomy) in Year 10 of secondary school. John Bowles (aka John Bowels) was making reference to the Australian television program "Blah Blah Blah" hosted by aussie jew Andrew Denton.

Sodomite aussie Jew Andrew Denton later got married to anglo aussie sodomite woman Jennifer Byrne from Channel 9 "Sixty Minutes"program.

See also information above about Linda Vella.

Jew's aren't special. Jews aren't protected by God.
6 million jews dieing in World war 2 proves that God does not protect jews.

Modern Israel is a sodomite nation.
Jews became homsexualised by the ancient Romans.
Jews were forced into exile, and became a homosexualised nation]/homsexualised people].
See information about the Jrewish Diaspora.

The transexual Dana International who won the Eurovision competition in year 2000 was a hint that
modern Israel is controlled by modern sodomites.


There might be a connection between people who like being a crowd , people who's consider their purpose is to entertain people, and homosexual lifestyles.

Situations where people are crowded together like in a sardine can, possibly has something to do with overpopulated situations, the creation of homosexual lifestyles ,and people who want to advertise themselves publicly like in the modelling industry, on stage in theatres, in the film industries, etc.

Over centuries, over thousands of years, entertainers have been considered not much better than prostitutes.

The author9s) of this website think that the modern entertainment industry is very much connected to ritual prostitution activity (sodomite activity).

To be crowded together in sardine can situations is probably the opposite of what nature intended. Humans were living more naturally when they were in low population density situations, such as hunter gather lifestyles, 

low population density villages and towns, etc.

This information is possibly relevent to the information above about the poem from the novel 1984, and racists selling information about people.  Networks of homosexuals/sodomtes are possibly often involved in selling information about people.


Australian(aussie) Politician "Bronwyn Bishop" possibly has connections to the High School(secondary School) that Toni Collette(actress) attended as a student.

both Bronwyn Bishop and Katrina Nichols possibly have a connection to some banned "news group"/"usenet group" that possibly sounds similar to Los Angeles Models. 

i.e. Australian i.s.p. companies ban newsgroups, and Katrina Nichols' relatives and Brownyn Bishop's relatives find a way onto banned newsgroups.  <----> underground economy .

Bronwyn Bishop has a daughter called Angela Bishop who works as a reporter for Ten News Australia.

Angela Bishop  similarities in appearance to Ally Moore who worked for Channel 9/Kerry Packer business program "business Sunday" .    <----- Vichy French nazism supporter faces  from World War 2?

Bronwyn Bishiop resigned from a political position as House Speaker as a result of some travel rorts scandal which included helicopter transport.


Angela Bishop appears on the Sky News channel together with media homosexual Alan Jones, and Derryn Hinch.

Derryn Hinch resembles Trevor Garland who was knighted by Elizabeth Windsor of England.

Recent media news stories suggest that Trevor Garland  commits sex crimes against  youthful males. 

Sky News channel is owned by Rupert Murdoch.

Alan Jones was arrested by police in 1988 for indecent behaviour in a public toilet in Soho London in 1988.


Hinch Live is an Australian television current affairs and commentary program, broadcast on Sky News Australia and hosted by Derryn Hinch. 


News story from 16/05/2018:
WA Police have laid more than 700 charges as part of two operations targeting drugs, particularly methylamphetamine.
Operation Vitreous, Operation Actum.
A 55-year-old Blacktown man has been charged with possession and intent to sell or supply.
Police on duty noticed him acting strangely while in possession of the [golf] clubs.
[ cocaine hidden in the shafts of a set of golf clubs.]



This webspace has opinion that this is an interesting news story. It mentions a Blacktown man arrested for drug trafficking.

There are possibly more men from Blacktown involved. (Blacktown/Seven Hills suburbs of Sydney NSW Australia).

R. Lenton, Robert Saunders, Peter Payne,Daniel Mamo,Jason Gabb.

Terry Feeny,Peter Mort,Brad Morgan,Katrina Nichols, Adam Burne,Nicholas Bryant.

[Mort,Morgan,Nichols,Burne <------- worked as corrupt racist police officers during the 1990s. Seen on the railway station or near the old railway station. I.e. The old railway station that used to exist above the east side of the platforms before it was demolished and a new railway station built above the west side of the platforms around 1996.]

Daniel Mamo and Peter Payne have spent time in Western Australia (W.A.).Daniel Mamo played Rugby league sports for the "Western Reds" in WA state/province. 

During their years as High School students,

Lenton,Payne & Saunders would walk to an from High School together in a group. They would walk past Terry Feeny's home.

Feeny and his neighbour Neil were friends of Jason Gabb, since Neil played in the same Junior Rugby league club as Jason Gabb.

Daniel Mamo played in the same cricket team as R. Lenton.

In later years, after High School had finished, the adult Lenton would on occasions be seen standing at the bus stop seats, but he suggested that he was going to catch a taxi. 

Lenton said he was involved with Golf: perhaps amateur or semi-professional golf.

Lenton played some kind of Golf , but no-one knew who he was. His name was never mentioned on television.

Robert Saunders said he liked playing golf , because thought it was a game for scientists. However, Robert Saunders studied engineering at University, not science. 

Gabb was seen standing near the bus stop seats in the same place that Lenton was seen standing.

Nicholas Bryant was seen standing around the bus stop seats area to catch a bus.Bryant would be standing nearer a ice cream/candy store that used to exist, looking toward video game parlour called "Time Zone".

[Why was Nicholas Bryant standing there? Nicholas Bryant probably lived somewhere in the neighbouring suburb of Seven Hills.]

There were 2 video game  parlours along the main street that went past the bus stop seats.

Terry Feeny worked a railway station employee.

Both Lenton and Saunders use to own commodore-64 computers on which they played a golf game called "Leaderboard 2" .

There is a golf course near that Railway station. The Golf Course is near the R.S.L club. The Golf Club is hidden from view behind residential homes, behind the railway station car park, north of the railway station, near the road that goes to Richmond suburb.


08/05/2018:003 - recent information:


The 1997 music video
"Mo Money Mo Problems" by The Notorious B.I.G. and Puff Daddy(Sean Combs) is possibly connected to the news story about drugs being transported in Golf Clubs handles.


The music video features a singer called "Mase" who is not mentioned in the song title.
Mason Durell Betha: stage name (Mase/Murda Mase)
Mase resembles Pierre Nkurunziza(president of Burundi)

The rock video also protrays something like 2 men in an underground tunnel lit with lights <--- tunnels that go beneath the USA and Mexico border ?

The 2 men and also various dancers are wearing plastic lab coats/intel bunny suits/space suits possibly worn by people who are manufacturing illicit drugs.

There is possibly some drug trafficking/money laundering connection between Australia(south Sydney) Burundi and Belarus and Holland
Red and Green colours.

Red Baseball caps
Baseball in Belarus?
Baseball in Holland?

Eddie Murphy <-----> Puff Daddy(Sean Combs) <---?---> Big Sean and Ariana Grand
[2014 music video by Big Sean - I Don't F**k With You <--- gridiron/american football themes.]

Ariana Grande is said to be jewish but looks Romanian. Romania---Italy.

Puff Daddy(Sean Combs)------- Mariah Carey -----Jamie Packer & his mother Roslin Packer --- Wilhemina Armguard of Holland.

Red Baseball caps <-----> DLASTHR middle-eastern gang (Ivan Torkich)
Mario Kassar -- Stargate(1994) ?


Puff Daddy(Sean Combs) was romantically linked with singer jennifer Lopez (Spanish/South American surname).


singer Tupac was possibly murdered in the 1990s because he had information about Puff Daddy(Sean Combs) being involved in illegal activitiy. Tupac criticised Puff Daddy(Sean Combs) .


[Alexander Lukashenko(president of Belarus) and pictures of Vlad the Impaler(Romanian).

Romania--- Italy.

Does Alexander Lukashenko consider himself a descendant of the romanian historical figure Vlad the Impaler?

[Vlad the impaler/Vlad Țepeș/Vlad Dracul (son of the dragon/devil)  connected with the name "Dracula". Bram Stoker based his novel Dracula on stories about Vlad the Impaler.)


Joe Vella ---- tennis courts in cumberland (westmead) --------- Parramatta Marist School
[cumberland is possibly "hidden suburb/lost suburb/renamed suburb" somewhere around Westmead.]

Jason Vella, Brian Hill ---- Joshua from parramatta Marist school.
In 1989,year 11 Brian Hill and Jason Vella were seen together in a car, visiting the High School where they were no longer students. By the end of 1988 (year 10), or before, they had stopped being students at that school,so it is not known why they were visiting that high school in 1989.

Joshua played as in Brian Hill's rugby Union team around 1986.
Joshua was a school student at parramatta Marist.
Joshua was mentioning to other members of the Rugby Union strange things about a school teacher
touching male student's legs when they were sitting down at their desks.
Some members of the Rugby Union team might have thought that Joshua was joking, or a wordly immoral teenager that got high on drugs and was imaginging such incidents.
some members of the Rugby union team played a few games and stopped playing for that Rugby Union club, maybe because they thought that Brian Hill was unfriendly and a liar about a giving players a free trip to New Zeland, and that people like Joshua were a bad influence.

Joshua used terminology something similar to the teacher's playing "handies underneath the desk(s)"
of male students.

In 1984, Joe Vella was the coach of a Junior Rugby league team. One or more of the team members were visiting Jason Vella the son of Joe Vella. Then, without warning, Joe Vella decided to drive members of the junior league team to some tennis courts, possibly in cumberland westmead area. There were some friends of Joe Vella and his wife Linda there at the tennis courts. There was a blonde women there who was a friend of Joe and Linda Vella.
On that occasion,or a similar occasion when playing cricket with a tennis ball, Joe Vella possibly mentioned something about a team member being a "Star" . What did that mean? Was Joe Vella advertising the children in the junior rugby league team to strangers? Was Joe Vella "trading humans" or trading information about the children in the Juniour Rugby League team?

[On the day  that Joe Vella called one of team a "star", that member of a team skillfully  dived and caught the tennis ball to dismiss the batsman, then the match came to an abrupt end.

Joe Vella was challenging that member of team with words something like "C.mon star . Get him out. (Find a way to dismiss the batsman) ". Then that member of the team caught the ball to dismiss the batsman, so Joe Vella and the others, out of jealousy , or embarrasment decided to stop the match, considering that  the "star" member was too skillful at cricket. ]

Recently, it has been discovered that over a period of years there have been news stories about Parramatta Marist school involved in sexual crimes against students.



As an adult, Toni Collette(actress) has a home in Dundas, which is probably close to schools such as Parramatta Marist.

An approximate description of how modern doctors Nazi plan to develop slave labour devices over the decades,to use against certain racial groups.

1)1970s - 1980s - early 1990s
Surgically attaching/hiding [devices] in the bodies of SHELTERED WORKSHOP WORKERS [mentally retarded workers] .
politician Leo Kelly and a sheltered workshop that used to exist in "Forge Street" in the 1980s .

THe Sheltered workshop workers would go to or from work at the same time as school students.
2)mid 1990s
Surgically attaching/hiding [devices] in the bodies of [MENTALLY NORMAL WITH NERVOUS SYSTEM PROBLEMS[nervous systems damage from the environment?]
3)21st century and afterward People from certain racial groups.

Ku Klux Klan politician Leo Kelly(deceased) supported illegal experiments upon humansin a sheltered workshop in Australia.

THe vivisection experiments on animals killed by the Shire Dog Pound have something to do
with the willingness of racists in local government(Shire Council)to do illegal experiments on humans.


Racist Barbara Bush(deceased) noticed her sonNeil Mallon Bush was mentally
retarded(he could not read), so the Bush family supported illegal experiment upon humans.
The bush family believed that such experiments could help Neal Mallon Bush read.


Makram Girigs and Sydney University were involved in selecting selecting candidates for illegal experiments(victims).
[experiments done forcibly without warning.Person(s) who survive murder attempt(s)]

Makram Girgis worked as a Neurologist in Blaxland Road Eastwood (suburb of Sydney NSW Australia)
during the 1990s.Maybe he found a job as a real estate agent afterward.
[See also mention of Holly Valance(actress) being a "Nazi Lebensraum" real estate criminal .]



1)1970s - 1980s - early 1990s
Surgically attaching/hiding [devices] in the bodies of SHELTERED WORKSHOP WORKERS [mentally retarded workers] .
politician Leo Kelly and a sheltered workshop that used to exist in "Forge Street" in the 1980s .

THe Sheltered workshop workers would go to or from work at the same time as school students.



Lovren is a probable member of  [Solntsevskaya Bratva]/[the brotherhood gang]  in Sydney Australia.

Lovren is a friend of Bill Gigov(nickname Bill Gaygov, Macedonian-Ukrainian?), Richard Benkovic(serbian), Boris & Renato Dovecer(croatian-ukrainian?), Andrew Pitzing(anglo-german) .

During the 1990s, Robert Saunders was mentioning to people that Marko Lovren had a boyfriend called "Scotty".

Robert Saunders was describing Lovren as a homosexual/bisexual/sodomite. It might be also mentioned that perhaps Saunders was hinting at himself being a homosexual/bisexual/sodomite, since Saunders had a friend called Scott Taylor. Was Robert Saunders homsexually friends with Marko Lovren via Scott Taylor ?

First approximation to describing [Solntsevskaya Bratva]/[the brotherhood gang] in Sydney Australia which have existed since the 1980s.
Can this information be confirmed by others ?

Solntsevskaya Bratva (Russian/Ukrainian) - possibly has a "bulgarian" chapter in Sydney since the 1990s.


They have been known as "the brotherhood" gang since the 1980s/1990s

Bulgaria is a country bordered Serbia,Romania,Greece,Turkey,Macedonia(Skopjans),
so Bulgaria is probably a major artery of gang activity,underground economy,
Bulgarian music has an Indo-Persian sound to it, so probable connections to Iran.

Solntsevskaya Bratva/the brotherhood are probably connected with "eastern orthodox whores" that attend orthodox churches but are involved in prostitution as a way of murdering people,corrupting police, trading illegal drugs, etc.

Track suits with a vertical stripe down the outside of each leg.

names of probable members of Solntsevskaya Bratva/the brotherhood
in Sydney:

Richard Benkovic (serbian)
Bill Gigov (openly homosexual ukrainian-macedonian aka Bill Gay-gov)
Marko Lovren
David Shlat (changed his name to David Redding.).
Renato Dovecer and his brother Boris Dovecer (Says they are croatian, but mix with Serbians).
An indian(south-asian-man) man with given name "Krishna" who is a friend of Renato Dovecer.An indian boxer/streetfighter/hooligan. Krishna maybe has Bulgarian Gypsy connections.
David Stefanovic.
Douglas Jeremic.
Kristina Nikolic(female eastern orthodox church whore: News articles suggest that Nikolic are Serbian mafia family with connections between Sydney and Perth,horse-racing).
Joanna Jovanovic (female eastern orthodox church whore who is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. See terminology "gang moll/gang mole" )
Dumitru Evgeniu? (a Romanian pretend christian(Adventist) that possibly considers himself like Vlad the Impaler)
Vladimir Putin() is probably has significant connections and influence in [Solntsevskaya Bratva]/[the brotherhood gang] since the 1990s or before. Vladimir Putin used to be KGB spy leader and is now Russian President.
Ivan Torkich (Slavic first-name, surname that means "Turkish" .) <----- Possibly a connection between DLASTHR gang(middle eastern gang) and The Brotherhood( semi-slavic gang ?)



The Brotherhood Gang <------> Motorcycle gangs (Night Wolves:ukrainian-russian,Hell's Angels(USA), The Finks(Australia) <--- around Kellyville suburb of Sydney NSW Australia ?

DLASTHR(assyrian/arabic/jewish/turkish gang ) <----------> motorcycle gangs.
DLASTHR(assyrian/arabic/jewish/turkish gang ) in Australia <----------> connections to USA.

Night Wolves - ukrainian-russian motorcycle gang.
[in the documentary, Alexander Zaldostanov says he considers Ukraine and Russia as united/the same entity.]


Vladimir Putin (russian president) <-------> Night Wolves , Alexander Zaldostanov

[The Night Wolves have possibly established a presence in Sydney Australia.
News stories about biker violence around Kellyville,Kellyville Ridge,Vinyard,Windsor
possibly have something to do with the the Night wolves in Australia.
The Night wolves have possibly formed an alliance with the aussie Finks biker gang).

Alexander Zaldostanov resembles Dumitru Evgeniu(Romanian)

The Brotherhood Gang,Night Wolves & Finks <---->Renee Danielle Berrier <----> DLASTHR(Australia-USA),Hell's Angels (USA)


Peter Kelu (Serbian Adventist church Granville, ) says he is serbian but has a Romanian surname.

Peter Kelu <----------- resembles-----> Jonas Brothers(Disney company) ----> Camilla Belle ----> Maria Sharapova.

Peter Kelu <---->   [Solntsevskaya Bratva]/[the brotherhood gang]

conspiracy to do with railway trains possibly hinted in version-2 of a Camilla Cabello rock video

note the gang tracksuits with vertical strips down the sides:

Camilla Cabello (jewish/american singer) <---> Camilla Belle,Maria Sharapova.


The Brotherhood Gang,Night Wolves & Finks <---->Renee Danielle Berrier  & arab called Andre Dada<----> DLASTHR(Australia-USA),Hell's Angels (USA)

See information in above paragraphs.


The death/murder of Alexander Litvinenko possibly has something to do with Litvenenko witnessing Vladimir Putin committing homosexual acts against young males, Litvenenko was going to publicly proclaim in the media that Putin is secretly homosexual.

Litvinenko claimed Putin was the 'Kremlin pedophile' in blog post months before his death after Rus...

Alexander Litvinenko's murder: The inside story - BBC Newsnight




Terry Feeny is a male.

Terry Feeny has a face similar to female singer Nicole Millar in the rock video "Gimme a Break".

i.e. Tery Feeny's face is the male counterpart of the face of female singer Nicole Millar in the rock video "Gimme a break" .

Hypothetically, ifTerry Feeny(male) had a twin sister, she'd look something like singer Nicole Millar.


Brenden Buston ? (year 1988/89) <------ this local person possibly has connections to the "One nation" political party of Pauline Hanson. The surname buston has been in the news recently. 

Brian Burston (one nation political party) <-----> Brendon Burston(Was secondary school student in 1980s, local suburban area.)

ScottBannan (One Nation political party)  <-----> Enda Bannan works locally(Australia) as a medical professional (racist corrupt medical doctor.Has Irish accent: Northern ireland Britain ? ) .


There are 2 Shane Knights.
-local Shane Knight (western suburbs suburb of Sydney NSW Australia) who was probably friends with Robert Sigsworth,Shane Trougton,Mark White.
-another Shane Knight from near Earlwood(suburb of Sydney NSW Australia), who was the son of a policeman and was probably friends with Craig Akroyd,Mathew Payne.
His family would invite families to his birthday party.


Gambino  (italian mafia in Italy and New York USA.) <----> old ukrainian woman (coppack/adamov).

Gambino <----> "Fidenza" glass blocks factory/warehouse that used to exist in year 2004 in local area (western suburbs of Sydney Australia). i.e. Fidenza was the name of company in Sydney Australia that sold ornamental "glass blocks/glass bricks".

Such glass blocks might be a way of transporting contraband such as drugs.

Fidenza is a town/region in northern italy connected to Parmalat company . Parmalat was a company that collapsed around the year 2004. Parmalat might be the italian division of "The Rand Corporation" . Parmalat in Italy was possibly a way for USA multi-national/trans-national company "The Rand Corporation" to launder money.


Maria Sharapova is probably connected to a pornography organisation called "Siberian Mouse".
Siberian Mouse is associated with the name "Masha"(Masha Babko/The Babko sisters), and Maria is another "Masha": Masha being a Russian language nickname for "Maria".

Names possibly connected with Siberian Mouse:Masha Babko, Babko Sisters,masha and veronica,Maria "Masha" Sharapova,Anastasia Bezrukova,Kristina Pimenova, Алёна слинкина(alena slinkina),  Gina Gerson.

Siberian Mouse are possibly influenced by Ukrainian-Mongol connections. Maria Sharapova is connected with Omsk in the Siberian Khanate of Russia (Khanate as in Genghis Khan and Golden Horde Mongols). 

Siberian Mouse advertise pornography , and they are probably involved in prostitution and illegal immigration of people.

Maybe some kind of Eastern European/Mongol --- British Connection with Siberian Mouse.

Some of the models advertised look partially british or partially germanic.

There illegal trading network possibly goes something like:

Omsk/Novosibirsk ---- Ukraine --Black Sea-- Romania --- Bulgaria       [<------- Brotherhood Gang?]

Omsk/Novosibirsk ---- Ukraine ---- Poland ?----- Britain --- Portugal ---- Malta ----- Italy ----- Romania ---- Bulgaria

[Omsk/Novosibirsk ---- Ukraine ---- Poland ?----- Holland]

Omsk/Novosibirsk ----- Vladivostok ----- Nauru ? ------ Bribie Island, Queensland Australia -------- Sydney University.

[Bribie Island possibly has something to do with a lookalike of Maria Sharapova known as "Nata". Nata is possibly part of a different pornography group to Siberian Mouse. However, Maria Sharapova might be connected to more than one pornography organisation.

During the 1990s, there was a woman called "Chaystens Besso" advertising herbal remedies in alternative news magazines. Chaystens Besso looks similar to someone called "Carol" that is part of the same pornography network as Nata.Also to mention, Carol looks similar to 20th century film actor James Stewart in American cowboy films.

Books/ news stories suggest the  Nauru (island in pacific ocean) was connected with international mafia activity before it came to prominence in Detention Centre/Immigration news stories.

See information in above paragraphs about music videos by PNAU being connected to the music industry in the Ukraine.  Music industry connections between pacific islands and the Ukraine possibly have something to do with Nauru, Wallis & Futune islands once being a centre of mafia activity.]

Omsk/Novosibirsk ----- Vladivostok --- Japan(U.S. Bases) ---- USA .

In the context of music being mentioned, Mary-Ann Camilleri aka Mary-Ann Grifa(Maltese surname) possibly has some connection to Siberian Mouse. A pornography actress known as Gina Gerson is possibly a member of Siberian Mouse, and Mary-Ann possibly dresses up like Gina Gerson sometimes when enacting her ritual prostitution activities in safe bases. i.e. Perhaps Gina Gerson and Camilleri have communicated with each other over the years, via safe bases. 

    Mary-Ann Camilleri is connected to convicted sex criminal Neal Winter. Camilleri played in the combined high-schools musical band that was overseen by Neal Winter when he was secondary school teacher in the 1980s.

[The 2008 Eurovision song from Malta (Vodka) was possibly a hint about illegal trade networks between Eastern Europe and Malta, as described above.

Malta is a currentlyBritish colony, and ally of Portugal.]



Carol sometimes is seen together with "Mia" . The faces in such photos maybe have to do with people seen at [different points]/[adjacent points] of an illegal trade network.

"Carol" : faces from  Bribie Island, Queensland Australia.

"Mia": Sydney University,NSW,Australia. Faces such as Zoran's girlfriend (Zoran from Physics in the 1990s.).

See also the "unknown woman" physics in the post "2_physics_students__and_racism_at_a_bus_stop__06_08_2017.jpg",

and her anglo-celtic caucasian boyfriend with large frizzy hair. Zoran's girlfriend and the "unknown woman" are probably relatives of each other.

   Zoran's girlfriend was not a physics student. She probably travelled from the western suburbs, and prostituted herself to people at Sydney University and that is how she met Zoran the Serbian physics student in the 1990s.



Angela Morris likes to use the word "twit" to describe people she is trying to label as stupid.
[She would use the word "twit" when she was a student in primary school(elementary school).





The P.C.Y.C. is a way for Police paedophiles(police nazis) to observe people and follow people around.
PCYC hosts "BLUELIGHT DISCOS" for teenagers and elementary school students.

In the 1980s, the PCYC was known as "The Police-Boys Club" .

Brad Morgan Mossad Pimp in NSW Police  similar to Jeffrey Epstein, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein.

[Chrissy Leyshon(cousin of Daniel Mamo), Peter Mort,Brad Morgan, Katrina Nichols, Adam Burne are probably Mossad pimps from the NSW Police force, similar to Jeffrey Epstein, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein.]

Daniel Mamo and his cousins, Peter Mort, and Brad Morgan attended Bluelight discos as teenagers, and that probably had something to do with them getting jobs in the NSW Police and then acting like pimps.

[Brad Morgan might be connected to news stories such as:


The daughter of Kate Spade might have posed in an internet publication named something like "Magazine Fashion 12" {or "Magazine Fashion 42" }. i.e. Fashion designer Kate Spade might have been part of paedophile network.]


a local PCYC is adjacent to a Serbian Orthodox Church, and and R.S.L club(Australian military).

Also , Serbian Orthodox church <---within walking distance of---> Ukrainian Orthodox church in town centre area near police station and large shopping centre.


[The German Orden was defeated in World War 2.]

When Germanen Orden is defeated,
Armanen Orden is sent across national borders as trojan horses.(see references  in pragraphs above to the H.A.O.  - High Armanen Orden and the Bilderberg Society: homosexual-nazi-agenda, sodomite-nazi-agenda )
Armanen Orden are the "beloveds" of the Germanen Orden: ritual prostitute nazis who are connected to the formation of neighbourhooods of paedophiles over the decades.i.e.  Ritual prostitute colonists whose purpose it is to sexually corrupt and convert people to nazism.

The word Armanen probably  means "Those who areloved" or beloved.

The migration of the migrations of the Armanen Orden has something to do with Operation Paperclip migrations of German Nazis to the USA. Australia is a similar country to the USA.

The Armanen Orden possibly create situations of "Weimar Republic" style immorality.

The Weimar Republic was followed by Adolf Hitler's Nazi regime.

Elisha Forth (incest/paedophilia hinted at by Kim Worth in 1983).
possibly Donny Quitadamo and Mr Henderson in 1984/85.
possibly Ralph Quitadamo and Mr Davis in 1985/86
possibly Shane Pisani and the father of Rachel Griffiiths.
Scott Campbell and Simon Davis's mother around 1988.

[Joe Vella's home was situated between the home of Forth and and the home of Davis.

Ralph Quitadamo lived near Elisha Forth,. Ralph Quitadamo and David Christian were said to be the boyfriends of Elisha Forth in 1984 during elementary school. They were said to be "going with each other" in a romantic sense.Ralph Quitadamo lived 2 house away from Mr Henderson. whose son was Gerald Henderson and whose daughter was named Carissa Henderson. The Hendersons were known by the nickname "The Stink-pots" but it is not known why. In hindsight, maybe the nickname of the Henderson family has something to do the smell resulting from sodomy customs.

     Ralph Qutadamo became the boyfriend of Carissa Henderson in 1984, and later that year, that possibly had something to do with Donny Quitadamo becoming the homosexual/sodomite boyfriend of Mr Henderson.

Maybe anglo-aussie-racist Mr Henderson took revenge against the italian Ralph Quitadamo for going with daughter Carissa Henderson. i.e. Mr Henderson took revenge against Ralph Quitadamo by making Donny Quitadamo his homosexual boyfriend. Donny Quitadamo is the brother of Ralph Quitadamo. Such homosexual unions are possibly customary between anglo-celtic-aussies and italians, so they happen and then italians like Ralph and Donny didn't want to talk about such immorality.]

The British form of Nazism is probably more like the High Armanen Orden (HAO).

[i.e. The Australian form of Nazism is probably more like  the High Armanen Orden (HAO). ]


Elisha forth has a brother called "Christian Forth".(Christian forth was probably friends with Tony Collette's homosexual brother Ben Collette).

Elisha Forth has a mother called "Elsie Forth" .


In 1985, Mrs Davis drove near a student going to school , and offered the student a lift.The student said no, preferring to walk to high school(secondary school), not trusting the Davis family.
Mrs Davis and her daughter Louise Davis were inside the car.
Later in 1985 or 1986, it was mentioned by someone that Louise Davis and Ralph Quitadamo were girlfriend and boyfriend of each other. Peter Payne said that he thought it was very strange that such the Louise and Ralph had become romantically attached during their early High School years.
Around 1987, Ralph Quitadamo became expelled from High School because of his bad behaviour.
The incident with Mrs Davis offering a lift to a student, probably had something to do with Mr Davis's behaviour in the 1990s of driving his car past bus stops, probably crusing for young males.
[Deductions/educated guesses.

- Mrs Davis offering lifts to students in 1985
- Ralph Quitadamo probably bent over(forwards) for Mr Davis so as to make Louise his girlfriend in later 1985/1986.
[ See comments above about italian Shane Pisani bending over (forwards) to get his girlfriends.
- Mr Davis's behaviour in the 1990s of driving his car past bus stops, probably crusing for young males.

There fore, Mr Henderson, the neighbour of Ralph quitadamo is a member of the group of sodomite males that

drove past bus stops cruising for males: Mr Davis, Mr Chalker, Charlie Camilleri, Wayne Brodie. ]

Louise Davis had 2 sisters.
- Natalie Davis who became an unmarried mother , strolling her pram around in the 1990s.
- A mentally retarded sister whose name is unknown.



Elisha Forth is possibly related to anglo-germans who resemble actor Michael Preston and musician Malcolm Young from heavy mental music band AC/DC .

Mark Virgona resembles Lawrence of Arabia aka (Thomas Edward Lawrence,T. E. Shaw, John Hume Ross)
[Lawrence of Arabia son of Thomas Chapman]

Mark Virgona <--related to?---> Sonya Chapman <--?--> Angela Morris

Mark Virgona & Adam Burne & Andrew Millett <--?-> arab gang members (DLASTHR: Arab Andre Dada, Ivan Torkich).

Mark Virgona (Spanish Jew) <----?----> middle eastern slave traders (jew & arab slave traders .)

Mark Virgona (Spanish Jew) <----?---->  Benjumea family in Spain (Benjumea = arab jews) <---> Netanyahu in Israel & Lithuania 



08/05/2018:003 - recent information:


The 1997 music video
"Mo Money Mo Problems" by The Notorious B.I.G. and Puff Daddy(Sean Combs) is possibly connected to the news story about drugs being transported in Golf Clubs handles.


The music video features a singer called "Mase" who is not mentioned in the song title.
Mason Durell Betha: stage name (Mase/Murda Mase)
Mase resembles Pierre Nkurunziza(president of Burundi)

The rock video also protrays something like 2 men in an underground tunnel lit with lights <--- tunnels that go beneath the USA and Mexico border ?

The 2 men and also various dancers are wearing plastic lab coats/intel bunny suits/space suits possibly worn by people who are manufacturing illicit drugs.

There is possibly some drug trafficking/money laundering connection between Australia(south Sydney) Burundi and Belarus and Holland
Red and Green colours.

Red Baseball caps
Baseball in Belarus?
Baseball in Holland?

Eddie Murphy <-----> Puff Daddy(Sean Combs) <---?---> Big Sean and Ariana Grand
[2014 music video by Big Sean - I Don't F**k With You <--- gridiron/american football themes.]

Ariana Grande is said to be jewish but looks Romanian. Romania---Italy.

Puff Daddy(Sean Combs)------- Mariah Carey -----Jamie Packer & his mother Roslin Packer --- Wilhemina Armguard of Holland.

Red Baseball caps <-----> DLASTHR middle-eastern gang (Ivan Torkich)
Mario Kassar -- Stargate(1994) ?


Puff Daddy(Sean Combs) was romantically linked with singer jennifer Lopez (Spanish/South American surname).


singer Tupac was possibly murdered in the 1990s because he had information about Puff Daddy(Sean Combs) being involved in illegal activitiy. Tupac criticised Puff Daddy(Sean Combs) .


[Alexander Lukashenko(president of Belarus) and pictures of Vlad the Impaler(Romanian).

Romania--- Italy.

Does Alexander Lukashenko consider himself a descendant of the romanian historical figure Vlad the Impaler?

[Vlad the impaler/Vlad Țepeș/Vlad Dracul (son of the dragon/devil)  connected with the name "Dracula". Bram Stoker based his novel Dracula on stories about Vlad the Impaler.)

Lukashenko is  a Ukrainian surname.


Female Blonde Dwarf with her boyfriend.[ukrainian blonde?]

These 2 people possibly came from the neighbourhood where David Stefanovic and Zachary Etcell live/lived.

They appeared in a sinister manner: in the manner of observers (crypto-racists who observe people) around 11:00am.

Zachary Etcell is a South Sydney (Rabbits/Bunnies) Rugby League supporter.

See information above about Alexander Lukashenko(ukrainian surname), Sydney--Holland--Belarus--Burundi illegal trading connections.


The old old italian man came near a person around noon 14/06/2018.

He is possibly one of Ralph Quitadamo's & Shane Pisani's older homosexual boyfriends.(Homosexual/bisexual italians and maltese)

The old italian man resembles maria sharapovas tennis coach: : nick  bollettieri


The music video "rockafeller skank" by fatboy slim possibly has something to do with Maria Sharapova's family prostiting themselves to anglo-celtics/Australians(aussies)/Americans via safe bases.

[The family of Maria Sharapova are illegitimate Rockefellers from eastern Europe and the Siberian Khanate (probably Khanty nation)] Maria Sharapova's family are Rockefeller bastards.

That music video was released in 1998 : the same year that Electrical Engineering students and Physics students made trouble for a student at Sydney University.

That music video has something to do with someone at Sydney University wearing a hat(sports cap) in 1991 for a few weeks and stopped wearing the hat.

Maria Sharapova was wearing the same type of cream coloured hat(sports cap) when she appeared on television in early 2009. Maria Sharapova knows racists from Sydney University. Maria Sharapova had won the tennis Championship in the Australian Open in year 2008, and she was expected to defend her title in 2009.

[But instead of defending her title in 2009, Maria Sharapova decided to concentrate her efforts on murdering people in Australia.]

Maria Sharapova was about 11 years old in year1998 when the fatboy slim music video was made.

Maria Sharapova was about  22 years in year 2009.


about George and Marcel (arabic identical twins, arabic dwarves?):George and Marcel are males have faces similar to this arabic woman.

See mention about a buttercup bread advert from 1982.Security van (van carrying money with securit[y] guards).George and Marcel played the security guards in the 1982 advert.

Lisa Van Aker[dutch surname]

pronounced Van Ack-ker

Craig Akroyd.

Buttercup Bread Advert 1982.

Roslyn Packer

Wilhelmina Armgard.

George and Marcel.[2 arabic twins.Dwarfs?]


George & Marcel (arab twins,dwarfs?) --?-- arab/assyrian "Andre Dada"
Lisa Van Aker --?-- Renee Danielle Berrier
Craig Akroyd (has mouth gills) --?--- Ivan Torkich (has mouth gills)

Craig Akroyd says he is anglo-aussie but he has some similarity to greek Denis Legonaris. Is Craig Akroyd partly greek ?


Craig Neilsen (nickname "Cat")
said during his high school years that he intended to become a Kindergarten teacher.

- [Brodie Bass & Thern Reynolds] --- Neal Winter , Toni Collette(actress) --- Maryanne Camilleri.

[Neal Winter: Sex criminal. convicted in 2006.Former high School music teacher.]

- John bowles --- Joshua Cameron --- Wayne Brodie.
- Mark White,Shane Troughton,Shane Knight(2) ---- Robert Sigsworth(Baseball connections)
- Richard Benkovic - the Brotherhood Gang
- Saher Yousef(modern Egyptian Arab) - Middle Eastern Gangs

[Saher yousef studied at Sydney University to become a school teacher]


Craig Akroyd --?--- Craig Neilsen.


Is local person Michael Kostic a member of the Brotherhood?

Bill Gigov(aka Bill Gay-gov) - is Bill Gigov a member of the Brotherhood ?

Gigogv is possibly Macedonian- Ukrainian.


[Kostic is Macedonian(Skopjan). Kostic as a slightly aquline nose (eagle-like) which might suggest he is jewish.

Is Robert Lipka from Sydney University a member of the "The Brotherhood" gang ?

Lipka is from Poland.


The televisionseries "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" has a lookalike/double of Neal Winter. 

That television program might be Neal Winter's American connection, and to do with Toni Collette's activities in Australia and the USA. [See information above about toni Collette being a pimp/madame for Hollywood homosexuals/ bisexuals/sodomite sex criminals. Maybe actors such as Kevin Spacey, Hugh Grant,Eddie Murphy, Sean Combs , etc. ]


Henri de Laborde de Monpezat (aka Henrik, Prince consort of Denmark).

[deceased 13 February 2018]

Henri Monpezat was the father of Frederik of Denmark.

Henri Monpezat was the father-in-law of Mary Donaldson.

Mary Donaldson[is/was Australian citizen,(Tasmania)dutch Boer accent(south Africa/Apartheid regime)]

There is a Mary Donaldson double/lookalike appeared in a music video by "La Bouche".
Mary Donaldson was advertising herself sexually during the 1990s in music videos.
Mary Donaldson possibly organised the murder of the lead singer Melanie Thornton to suppress
memories of Mary Donaldson advertising herself.

Note similiarities in the face of Henri Monpezat to George H. W. Bush , Pat Buchanan (related to Ivan Milat?)

and commentator Les Murray (?) from SBS television channel Australia.

Note similaritires in the face of his wife to Patty Hearst(american terrorist) the daughter of newspaper tycoon Randolph Hearst.


Nicholas Shehadie
[Deceased 11 February 2018]

Mary Bashir , Nicholas Shehadie



Evidence that Australia(so called first world country) is involved in trading humans. 

The television program "Plumpton High Babies" is a series, probably featuring mostly anglo-celtics. 

Plumpton is a suburb of Sydney Australia . (i.e. western suburbs).


Ralph Quitadamo,Donny Quitadamo[facial approximations]

They have a third brother Robert



There has been information over the antenna network about Donny Quitadamo having a strange obsession about putting people in danger and then seeing if they can roll out of the way of the danger while they are down on the ground.

    i.e. "what would you do?" questions similar to David Koresh's cult and the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) terrorists.

When Donny Quitadamo was homosexually taken advantage of by Mr Henderson in the 1980s, Donny Quitadamo possibly thought he could save himself by rolling out of harm's way. Maybe Donny Quitadamo tried to roll under a hole in the fence in the backyard, or Donny Quitadamo was on the floor in Mr Henderson's home, or on Mr Henderson's bed and tried to roll out of danger. Or maybe Donny Quitdamo thought that if he rolls to face upward, maybe Mr Henderson could not harm him.
This information is mentioned because over the years, Donny Quitadamo and his brothers have probably become criminals and racists who have conspired to vicariously blame innocent peolpe. It is Donny Quitadamo and his brothers that should be asked many questions about their criminal activities and their racism, so for people to know this information about Donny Quitadamo's rolling obsession might be a way for people to ask them questions.

        In the year 2001, Donny Quitadamo's obsession with rolling out of the way of danger was being communicated ambigously over the antenna netowork, so such information might have something to do with Quitadamo's connection to P2 Mason terrorism networks. P2 terrorism networks and italian mafia in New York, the Gambino family possibly had something to do with the terrorism incident of September 2001.


Harry's brother.Perry(possibly given name)email address: perry@morgan.net.au in year 2001.

Harry : physics student in the 1990s at Sydney University.

Zoran:  physics student in the 1990s at Sydney University.

Zoran's girlfriend.

Bribie Island.



####Hood female 2 (see below) is possibly an S.I.S.(BRITISH) SPY or a "blowback" trained by the SIS,#######


Hood female 2 (see below) is possibly an S.I.S.(BRITISH) SPY or a "blowback" trained by the SIS, in a similar way to how Osama Bin Laden was a "blowback" trained by the American C.I.A. spy organisation.

[SIS = Secret Intelligence Service, and in modern times SIS spy organisation seems to overlap with MI6).

    In the street that Toni Collette(actress) grew up in lived an old woman called Veronica Abbot who was possibly a British SIS agent. Veronica Abbot is probably desceased some years ago. SIS possibly specialise in murder conspiracies where people's faces are harmed/mulitated  and their identities stolen . i.e. Conspiracies where racists conspire to pretend a citizens never existed (but citizens really exist).

     In the shopping area that this hooded female appeared, there are businesses selling food with workers who have faces similar to Charlie Camilleri ,Bill Bayeh(crime boss) , and Graham Langlands(aka Changa Langlands, deceased Rugby League player .

posted: 19/06/2018

2 Hooded females around different shopping areas: shopping areas tens of kilometres apart.
Friday 15/06/2018
Hooded female 1. (short stocky physical build)
Shop worker/employee 1:[rudely speaks into people's faces as they are walking past]
Shop worker/employee 2:dances at people as they walk past.
Monday 11/06/2018
Hooded female 2. (tall thin physical build)

same shopping area as the Svetlana Loboda face double with the number 21 on her clothing.

See the post "30/05/2017 some time after 12:00 noon."



hooded female 1 (15/06/2018,area 1) has some resemblance to Teresa Emilogu (Romanian-aussie) .

hooded female 2 (18/06/2018, area 2) has some resemblance to the Goldsmith family. (female 2 could theoretically be like a sister or female cousin of male Paul Goldsmith, based upon her facial appearance.).

Maybe some elements of resemblance to Andrew Gosper also. Gosper and Goldsmith were friends of each other.  Mormon faces ? 

Gosper is probably Ku Klux Klan. 




recent information:
There is a behaviour oocurring where there are "sodomite segregationist pimps" working as employees
as stores, and their hooded sodomite ritual prostitutes walking around shopping areas. When shoppers
enter a store to buy something, the ritual prostitutes enter a short time afterward to see who the
shoppers are, and to visit their pimps who are working in the store.

The ritual prostitutes are anglo-celtic women (and other races) who pretend to be muslims, (and maybe
also maid marions/robin hood/medieval era clothing.)

Aussie sodomites from Sydney University possibly teach each other to act according to such perverse
racist customs.

The "sodomite segregationist pimps" follow some kind of racist ideology where they are planning and
commiting acts of racism to prevent interracial friendships with males and females.
The ideology pimps is anglo-celtic racism where some races are considered as animals from stories like
"The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling. The ideology of such pimps is to disadvantage-through-racism
certain races and then pretend-to-teach certain races about how racists think that anglo-celtic
societies should be, in the manner of trying to apes/monkeys how to be humans.
e.g. The Disney Version of the Jungle Book had a song with animals sinnging that they want to be like
a human. i.e. A song with lyrics "I want to be like you-hoo-hoo".

The ritual prostitutes patrol around areas, and pretend to be friendly. However, if people from
certain racial groups are polite or friendly with such ritual prostitutes, the ritual prostitutes
conspire racism where they pretend that people from certain racial groups are animals who mean to do
harm.Such ritual prostitute sodomite women pretend to escape towards and gather around their
segregationist pimps, as though the prostitutes are in need of protection.

When people don't understand what kind of customs are occuring around them, it becomes a process of
people becoming socially isolated. Such sodomite anglo-celtic customs of pimps and patrolling
prostitutes have the intent of producing situations where there are no women around males from certain
racial groups, and all the women are around the segregationist pimps.

[The method of racism that such pimps and their ritual prostitutes enact is describable as a process 
of ostracisation, and marginalisation.]

Such segregationists secretly advertise in the media.
Genre's connected to such segregationst pimps and prostitutes include:
John Taggart & scout group(s), Lewis G. Parker.

1950s disney films: e.g. The jungle book, Song of the South.

Films with hawaiian island themes & Ukeleles (small guitars).

anglo-celtic colonialist(colonies) civilising the savages/natives themes through music.

Anglo-celtics in mink coats playing Ukeleles among the natives., to teach them about western music.

(often polynesian natives).

"Saturday Night Fever" movie style pimps from the 1970s.

Italo-disco music genre pimps from the 1980s.


Guru Josh.

"Rockafeller skank" by Fatboy Slim.

Bitterweet symphony, Oasis, Beatles  <----> British opium Traffickers.

[gloomy and drab inner city situations with caucasian pimps travelling around and meeting up with their prostitutes at certain locations, or on public transport. Pimps and prostitutes meet up but they don't speak with each other. They travel together to some location, looking for potential customers. So if a person is friendly with one of the prostitutes, a person does not know he is being observed by her pimp.]

Beck ?

Scout Groups where racists follow people around as though they are tracking wild animals.

faggot in the mink coat : "money for nothing" music video by Dire Straits <--- sodomite aryan priest pimps  
sheep skin boots as worn by aryan sodomite priest pimps <----- armanen ordern nazism.

Such segregationist pimps are against heterosexual love/lust. They want to "homosexual-ize" certain races to prevent heterosexual love/lust occuring .

In the perverse ideology of such segregationist pimps,:

      - other races who are heterosexuals are considered jungle animals.

     - other races only become men when they become homsexuals/bisexuals/sodomites.


22/06/18 recent information:
Hooded woman 2 from 18/06/2018 is possibly an Iranian(Persian) woman following around people who [aussie crimiminals]/[aussie racists] want to murder.

Maybe she is an illegal immigrant. Maybe she is a drug trafficker. Maybe she is an Iranian terrorist ? [Paul Goldsmith possibly has partly Iranian traits/genetics.]

Ivan Torkich was possibly following people around, acting similar to her in year 1995. Torkich possibly knows Iranians who taught him the Iranian(Persian) martial art of Zhurkane in which middle-eastern assassins are trained.

arabic indentical twins/arabic dwarves (?) "George and Marcel" possibly know her or sent her to follow people around.



A tall blonde from Parramatta/[Old Toongabie] Seventh Day Adventist Church.
[She might be I.R.A terrorist(Irish Republican Army) or German-Irish Nazi(Orangeman member or affiliate)

facial approximation of tall blonde.

From a distance, her and Kelly Danzie resemble body doubles of each other.


Faces that appeared in 2009.[Possibly conencted to the tall blonde.]
People with similar faces getting on to the same public transport vehicle at different times, different locations.

These woman are possibly ritual prostitutes that "meet up"  with each other and their pimps around time when they are expect someone to die or to be murdered. 

[They don't talk publicly with each other wen they meet up with each other.]

They are possibly conspiring very much in year 2018.



These faces might be Celtic-nazis  from the same "people"/"small ethnic group"/county/region as celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst, (and probably Gweneth Paltrow, Laura Dern )  <--- Ku Klux Klan (icon) movie actresses. They have racist jewish fans (probably including Mossad pimps) .

[See Genesis 9:27 about racist alliances that has been occuring between Indo-European(Aryan) and Semitic groups over centuries, millennia.  ]

      Kirsten dunst is connected to music group Savage Garden, Woody Allen , superhero movies (Spiderman) , etc.



[ Woody Allen ---?---  Millett]

[When Kirsten Dunst is observing over the Omega antenna network, people possibly start mentioning modified names like "Carsten".]


Recent information:

sodomites behave in away where :

sodomite1 gets behind sodomite2,then sodomite1 performs a perverse sexual act on sodomite2, and sodomite1 is speaking how he wants circumstances to be, while performing the perverse sexual act.

Sodomite1 talks into the back of the head of Sodomite2, as though using the skull of sodomite2 like a biological microphone that absorbs the words being spoken.[sodomite2 is hearing the words with his ears.]

Sodomites cultures possibly refer to this act with terminology such as "telling a person 'how it is' " .

Sodomite1 is affecting the nerves at the base of the spine of sodomite2, by performing the perverse sexual act.So the act of sodomy is probably often used like a "brain washing" technique.

Music videos such as "You don't know"(how it is) by Alison wonderland hint at such activity.  The music video portrays scenes about a person being abducted, suggestion of the person being corrupted in some way,then not wanting to speak what happenned: instead, the victim seeks to do the same to the perpetrator .

Question:What relevence does this information have to modern nazi technology? 


Racist doctor Ewen Cameron constructed his torment technique with Gridiron Helmets based upon such ideology. 

Messages being played at the victim over and over again have similarities to sodomites coming up behind the victim and telling the victim how they want things to be while performing a perverse sexual act. 


Modern nazi researchers invented slave labour devices with based upon such perverse ideology. The slave labour devices torment the victim by accessing the nerves in the head . And if you read antenna patent U.S.A. Patent 787412 of year 1905, it has the capability of 1) tracking 2) communicating messages 3) remote control/remote influencing. So sodomites torment the victim by accessing the nerves in the head, and conveying messages about how they want things to be.  

[See also pictures of Delgado's antenna experiments upon the heads of bulls.]

Also, if modern sodomites start talking into the back of people's heads in some public venue, in might be a sign that they are planning to commit homosexual crimes against a person, or maybe a crime of technology. 

e.g. venues where people are crowded together and people are sitting in front of the other people, such as public transport, cinemas, sports stadiums, etc. 


The Australian education system is a sodomite education system.[Anglo-celtic education systems are sodomite education systems, In the western suburbs of Sydney , groups of secondary schools would form something called "school council" or "inter-school councils" . Those school councills  are probably connected to safe bases.Safe bases are probably sometimes referred to as "Security Units" by the Australian media. 

     Western education systems produce interesting text-books, but the teachers/lecturers tend to be morally worthless people who sexually harm students if students associate with them beyond a certain point. i.e. If teachers want to be friends with students afterschool, or if teachers start inviting students to their homes for social meetings , it is probably a sign that the teachers intend to do sexual harm to students.

Interschool councils are possibly a way of preparing school students to become adult sodomites. If students aren't sodomites by year 10 (16 years of age) then school councils observe students so as to ensure they become sodomites.

An economics teacher might mention that "it is expected" that a student studies economics,

(the economics classrooms being in view of groups of females that the teachers never intend the students to become friends with unless they are first sodomised.)

An English teacher might start mentioning school council, and then whisking away students by car to interschool council meetings without telling the parents of students. <---- English language teacher Miss Jenny Reen and student Andrew Millett in 1988. The interschool councils would be held at a High School called "Evan's High" in the western Suburbs of Sydney. At the interschool council was a female student called Daniela(maybe a serbian) who was probably a friend or associate of Toni Collette(actress) when Toni Collette was in year 10 of High School.i.e. Daniela and Toni Collette were probably in the same year at the same High School ..

louise davis is the face in the bottom left corner.


Andrew Royds & Louisa Kennewell & Joshua Cameron ---- "Cherry Pie" by Warrant (music video)

Louisa Kennewell & Joshua Cameron ---- Wayne Brodie.

Louisa Kennewell ----- Toni Collette.

Andrew Royds --- Scott Herman, Greg Anderson ------ Brett Beehag, Clive Bunker ---- Joshua Cameron

Ali Haaki and Andrew Royds were possibly "dueling" with each other in the early 1990s, and that has
something to do with Ivan Torkich appearing at the bus stops near the local railway station in 1995.


R. Lenton ----- Joan Kirner [political Premier of Victoria(state/province) Australia 1990-1992]
R. Lenton ----- Jenny Reen (English language teacher) resembles Joan Kirner.


How to insult an aussie(australian) woman:
call her a "SHEET-CANT"

- and replace the "letters EE" with "letter I"
- and replace the "letter A" with "letter U".

If you mention this terminology to an aussie woman, she will understand that the shameful un-hygienic abominable sodomite customs of aussie women have been discovered.[Leviticus 18:23-25]

There is probably a need to post this information somewhere, because biological experimenters are secretly making a fuss about this terminology. 

Such terminology is possibly like a mental switch that turns aussies(sodomites) on and off, in a mind control context and/or ritual behaviour context. Aussie women don't want to mention what words from aussie culture that trigger shame emotions within aussie women, so this website thinks it necessary for people in other nations/ other societis to know about the degraded nature of Australian society. so as to lessen the ability of Australian women to conspire injustice. 

'Such derogatory terminology would be understood implicitly to apply to British, American,Irish women because they are Anglo-celtic cultures similar to Australians(aussies).


See also terminology on the internet about slang word "slag" meaning saliva or spit .

Slag can be used as  derogatory word for aussie women,

because aussie women have customs of having sex with men while the bodily emissions of other men are still present inside their body. The bodily emissions of other men probably looks like saliva or spit.


1.Rose Toeta and her friends conspire to take over(to corrupt) city blocks (CBD blocks).

City blocks = areas of land divided by city streets. There are tall buildings/skyscrapers built on those areas of landi.e. city blocks with skyscraper buildings like in the Sydney Central Business district(CBD).

2. Rose Toeta and her friends in GF4 are involved in plane crash murders by using suicide guards.
this information is possibly relevent to the terrorism incident in September 2001 that occurred against the buildings in the New York CBD(Central Business District).

i.e. Rose Toeta is a ritual prostitute and anti-christian (pretend christian) who follows an ideology of taking over the earth by corrupting people sexually through prostitution. To Rose Toeta and her friends, corrupting city blocks in the CBD is part of that ideology of taking over the earth through ritual prostitution.

The mention of people such as James Novoceski, R. Lenton, John Bowles, Brodie Bass, Terry Feeny, Kristina or Joanna Stefanovic  turning up around the local railway station is part of a system of evil  or ideology of doing evil followed by Rose Toeta. 

Ritual prostitutes are degraded people, and racism is invariably part of their degraded characters.

So such racists watch people going through the train ticket gates.

Such racists follow people around to work or to university near the CBD or in the CBD.

such racists/ritual prostitutes seek to benefit the lives of some racial groups by sexually entertaining them, giving them confidence with women, etc.

However, such ritual prostitutes(racists) are also involved in creating situations of MODERN SLAVERY.

such ritual prostitutes(racists) are also involved in activity in racist activities to

stop certain racial groups going through the ticket gates,

to stop certain racial groups going to work,

to stop certain racial groups going to university,

simply because of race.


1. Allan Sparkl ---- Aaron Spelling (television series maker) -------- David Silver character in Beverly Hills91210 (lookalike/double of Ivan Torkich) ----Ivan Torkich---?---Mario Kassar(movie Stargate 1994)

Allan Sparkl --- David Christian (David Christian possibly a fan of Aaron spelling series,stunt scenes.)

[Sparkl and Spelling have similar eyes. Sicilian eyes and possibly connections to Hungarian Gypsies.]
2. Mr Henderson had 1 son and 2 daughters:
- Gerard/Gerald Henderson
- Carissa Henderson
- another daughter with a genetic heart problem(unknown name)

His daughter possibly was a patient of doctors or surgeons from Westmead Children's Hospital.

Mr Henderson ----- medical corruption at Westmead Children's hospital & Westmead General Hospital.(Main hospital). ---- Milli Avital double (triage doctor), Amanda Snelling, Sharon Moore, R.T. Brad.

[Requests for medical records which were simply ignored by Westmead Hospital]

Mr Henderson ----- medical corruption at Westmead Children's hospital ---- Ricky Ponting news story(black eye) 1999 --?-- Allan Sparkl.


 crime family with political connections.


Recent Information about Genesis 9:27 semitic racism.(racism triangles: 2 sides are racists, 3rd side are victims)

-Where there is Ku Klux Klan they import(migrate) the racist semites (arabs, Jews).

-Where there are racist semites( Jews, Arabs) , they import(migrate) Ku Klux Klan .


Where there is Ku Klux Klan they import(migrate) racist semites (arabs, Jews). The arabs & jews become like a layer of insualtion between anglo-celtics and other racial groups. Racists conspire racial segregation by such method, over periods of time. 


situations occur where there are arabs & jews , then they allow/import/migrate Ku Klux families into the situation, but jews and arabs don't want to say anything about the Ku Klux Klan presence. 

When Jews&arabs see people coming near the ku Klux families, jews&arabs act in a way to divert people away from the Ku Klux families, to prevent people from finding out who the Ku Klux Klux Klan families are, to prevent people from finding out names.

When Jews&arabs see people coming near the ku Klux families, jews&arabs act in a way to divert people away with "Hello. follow me over there (please)" behaviour. <---- meaning they want you to be over there somewhere, not near the  Ku Klux Klan family.


Eastern Orthodox racism is similar. The Eastern orthodox church is a nationalistic racist denomination(s) that is oftern working in unison with racist organisations such as Ku Klux Klan, Freemasons, racists/segregationists within the Mormon and Adventist churches.

Eastern orthodox church was conquered by Turkish muslims in 1453(Fall of Constantinople)  and similar events(Mongol invasions). Eastern Orthodox Church denominations were under muslim control for 300 years, 400 years. So Turks & jew, arabs probably taught eastern orothodox denominations how to do racism.

When eastern orthodox racists do the  behaviour of "Hello. follow me over there (please)" , they might use expressions such as "Za menoi <name> !" . Za menoi means something like "behind me" / "follow me" .


Since eastern orthodox church wereunder muslim control for 300 years, 400 years, questions could be asked about whether Eastern orthodox denominations are really christian any more, or did eastern orthodox become muslims in disguise, over the centuries ? In modern times, are eastern orthodox denominations really muslims in disguise?

22/07/2018 (sunday) around 10:00am


Bikers and Ku Klux Klan?
[Many probably bikers have cars or know how to drive cars.]

He leaned slightly over to look at a person's shopping on the checkout conveyer belt,
and then said "Life Happens"

A person replied
"Life doesn't happen for some people.
It's a Ku Klux klan area (around here)."  <-- suburban area in (western) Sydney NSW Australia.

He didn't reply. He kept talking to the female checkout worker.

His car:
Blue Volkswagon
(German car Company)

Some kind of wave of east asian scientologists is occuring on public transport and shopping areas.
It is probably relevent to mention, because they believe they are invisible to camera systems.
[Fleshly humans beleiving they are invisible possibly connected to primitive cults of pretend angels.]<- sodom

Relevent times:
16/07/2018 3:12pm .
27/07/2018 11:51am

UFO Cult imperialism <----> Satanic,Racist cult of pretend angels.

triangular racism connection:

Ku KluX Klan ----East asian subman cult(Scientology,British Imperialists) ---- British Opium War imperialists in China(pretend angel cults, sodomy, drugs) .

Scientologist cult of the East Asian "Sub-Man" ?
He overcomes not by physical strength,but through overpopulation, outnumbering ?




[East asian cultures ally easily with Ku Klux Klan,

similar to how arabs&jews ally easily with Ku Klux Klan]

Outrage over "racist" detergent commercial [from china]




"body of molech" versus "body of christ" (1 Corinthians 12:12-27)

Illuminati organisations are possibly named according to [parts of]the body of their god molech [the Baphomet]
i.e. Together they are the body of Molech

illuminati organisation "opus dei - work of god - hands of god" "hands of molech"
another organisation is possibly "god knows - god nose - nose of god" "nose of molech"

Possible names of "God knows":
voluntatem dei
scientia dei
vult dei
deus vult
volens dei
nasum dei

mens dei

Rose Toeta is possibly a ritual prostitute for an illuminati organisation describable as "god knows"/"god nose" .

[Rose Toeta says she is a christian. Rose Toeta is a pretend christian.. Rose Toeta is an antichrist. ]


"God sees" - "eyes of god" - "Eyes of Molech"

videre dei ?

oculi dei  <--?---> grand society of enlightened oculists <----->  copiale Cipher.

[Oculists said to be a society that holds the secrets of freemasonry.]




ears of god (pagan) -ears of molech

Possible names:

auris dei.
spica dei.
auricula dei.


Ora dei - the day of the lord(pagan) ? , (Day of Molech).

versus the christian "day of the lord"  <----- (2 Corinthians 6:1-2),(Isaiah 13:9-10),(Acts 2:20),(Joel 2:31)





Information about murderous racist television personality Ally Moore:

Ally Moore (television presenter Business Sunday 1990s Channel 9 Australia)----related to?--- Isabella rossellini, Benito Mussolini( facist/racist political leader of Italy during World war 2)

Benito Musssolini was possibly an Italian Basque or Raetian (Tyrol)  <--- Ugric/Ugrian racial type.

[See also Laura Kyle : newsreader on Al-Jazeera(arab news) and CCTV . Kyle resembles Ally Moore.]

[See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_and_the_Brothel 

         2003 British documentary by Louis Theroux.

    <--- one of the prostitutes in the documentary is a body double of Ally Moore. Ally moore possibly has some

kind of ritual prostitution connection to the USA. ]


Isabella rossellini(actress) < ---related to---> Benito Mussolini( facist/racist political leader of Italy during World war 2)


The Weather Underground(Rainbow and Sig Rune[German Nazism/Satanism] ) <---- pretend communists,really fascists(Totalitarians).
Terrorist Organisation that possibly controls/influences safe base activity.
[Safe Bases = Sodomite Bases = Anglo-germanic-terrorist factories = Racial safety bases(racism)].

Operation Paperclip/Operation Overcast----> The Weather Underground(totalitarianfascist terrorism)

Operation Paperclip/Operation Overcast(Weather&Climate terminology)
[migration of german nazi scientists
to the USA and other western countries }

German Nazi Bunkers (world war 2)

German nazi bases in south America.
[Uruguay,Paraguay, Argentina]
After World War 2

The Weather Underground
(Rainbow and Sig Rune[German Nazism/Satanism] )
pretend communists,really fascists(Totalitarians).

Safe Bases
americanised dating habits,

Mike Bailey.
[1980s/1990s television advert:
would you rather have a drink
with Mike Bailey or Tom Cruise]

Church of Scientology

SafeBases/Sodomite adultery

Climate Change News Stories
[John Conor, Au Climate institute]

Tim Bailey.
Meterologist/(television Weather man)

Leyton Hewitt & Beth Cartwright ---------- Neighbours (television series, racial stereotypes, racist actors)
Holly Valance,Kylie Minogue, Kaiya Jone, Kylie Minogue, Imogen Annesly

Tennis racists
(tennis terrorists)

Maria Sharapova

Ivan Lendl .

Mark Philipousis
Nick Kyrgios


Jason MacKlisky & his blonde female friend Kylie.

(spelling: MacKliskie,McKliskie ?)

Jason MacKlisky is probably Polish-Scottish. McKliskie is a blonde male. He had a obsession with Papua new Guinea, especially events during World war 2 in Papua New Guinea. He mentioned a group of native Papuans called "Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels" who would come to the rescue of Australian military soldiers when they fought in the Jungle.

[Jason McKliskie moved into the local area for about 1 year,became a student in year 6 in a local elementary school(public school) in 1984 , then he moved out of the area.]

Kylie lived across the road from the old Ukrainian woman. Kylie lived on a street corner.

A Kylie displayed strange behaviour: As an elementary school student, she seemed friendly and spoke when Jason MacKlisky was nearby. As a High School student, Kylie would come near but was unfriendly and did not want to speak.

[Kylie's behaviour is possibly evidence of "Shut up slave" behaviour/customs being taught to people in this suburban area.



during the 1990s, Katrina Nichols and her relatives were involved some kind of prostitution activity around a local train station.

[Katrina Nichols: 1990sracist butch(masculine) lesbian police woman.See top of this webpage for a facial approximation of Katrina Nichols.]

Female prostitutes would get on the train, sit on seats around the train carriage entrance, then get off at the next train station and go to a shopping centre. 

 See information above about Terry Feeny being a railway station employee, Lenton appearing nearby there at bus stop and saying he was involved in golf,racist  Peter Mort patrolling as a Policeman near the ticket gate at that local train station.

A short thin scrawny red-haired woman referred to as "David Stefanovic's ex-girlfriend" was involved in the same train prostitution activity as Katrina Nichol's relatives around 1994. Maybe around 5 feet tall.   "David Stefanovic's ex-girlfriend" was working as a hairdresser  in a salon in Dunmore Street Wentworthville Suburb of Sydney NSW Australia in 1996. David Stefanovic drove a person there in 1996 and introduced her as his(Stefanovic's) ex-girfriend.



David Stefanovic's ex-girlfriend might be connected to the terrorism of the Lindt Cafe . Man Monis was named as the gunman by news programs in Australia.

Man Monis was connected to a group of woman around Wentworthville suburb of Sydney NSW Australia.

[Stefanovic's ex-grilfriend is probably a scottish-aussie, and Stefanovic is an serbian-aussie.]

David Stefanovic's ex-girlfriend is connected to Wentworthville via her work as a hairdresser, and she is was train prostitute in the 1990s.  She is a itual prostitute.

[David Stefanovic'  ex-girlfriend and the other women connected to Man Monis possibly influenced Man Monis in a similar way to the events of Mandalay Bay Nevada where approximately 50 people were killed by a gunman.


Educated guesses about the blonde that lived on the corner, Camilleri , and Graziano.
[Graziano is pronounced Grat-zi-ah-no]

See also:



Some time in the late 1980s Samy Graziano(italian-aussie) from a faraway suburb in Sydney, established a alliance with the family of Marianne Camilleri(maltese-aussies).

[Samy is pronounced the same as Sammy.]

The Camilleri family lived 2 houses away from the tall blonde that lived on the corner.
[Tall blond possibly Slovak, Slovenian, Czech , Hungarian.]

One of Samy Graziano's relatives began working in a "mail centre" in the western suburbs of Sydney Australia.
Maryanne Camilleri was possibly teaching piano lessons to people,and around the same time, Graziano's relative was working at the post office and mentioning something about piano lessons and the word "jiggi-jiggi" . Late 1980s-early 1990s.

[Note that later news stories about Neal Winter(high school music teacher,convicted homosexual sex criminal) suggest that winter was teaching piano lessons in a similar way to Mary-Ann Camilleri.

Samy Graziano and the tall blonde have probably been fighting some kind of race war between each other since the late 1980s. i.e. a race war involving ritual prostitution,

Sammy Graziano was a fan of the Batman Series starring actor Adam West. Adam West possibly bexcame involved in the race activitiy.

Adam West possibly is connected to the Westboro Baptist church in the USA (Fred Phelps, Topeka Kansas USA).

The Westboro Baptist church has been featured in a documentary by Louis Theroux (British-Jew).

Adam West was possibly a spy (or connected to american spies/CIA): a spy network of CIA and Mossad doing PNAC subversive activities in former Soviet republics around the Caucasus Mountains.
(Georgia, Osetia, Dagestan and similar regions.)

In those former Socviet replublics,the CIA have possibly allied with Iranian secret service agents.

The subversive activity of the CIA includes illegal immigration, breeding illegitime offspring, as a way of establishing western european families in the Russia and former Soviet republics. <--- This probably involves western "safe bases" being secretly established in former Soviet countries.

Some of these families probably advertise themselves on youtube and similar, maybe like a status report about how racist illegal immigration breeding programs are progressing in Eurasia, as a way to reconnect to their unknown familes in western nations, etc.

There is some kind of Romanian connection to such activity, possibly via the Brotherhood Gang, and western music stars such as Ariana Grande (star of "Sam and Cat". some of the advertisements have Disney themes.

Also Miley Cyrus and Ksenia Sukhinova might be part of the Disney-Eastern Europe/Eurasia in illegal immigration,safe bases(sodomite bases),racist breeding schemes.


Tiffany O'dea aka Tiffany Stefanovic.

O'dea is an Irish name. 


[Update  21/08/2018]

There is a facial resemblance between Tiffany O'dea(Sydney Australia) and Cassie Clark(Snell's Beach ,New Zealand),

Snell's beach is north of Auckland New Zealand. 


Tiffany Odea might be a relative of Rodney Hogg(former professional cricketer).

So Kirsten Hogg from Sydney University physics might be a relative of Tiffany O'dea from Sydney University (science-physics).

[See information above about Kirsten Hogg : Kirsten Hogg is probably a drug trafficker.

[During a church service in the 1990s, David Stefanovic stood in front of group/crowd of Church people and was telling them of how he and his cousin Douglas Jeremic were users of illicit drugs, and how Stefanovic's Christian belief supposedly was strong enough to overcome his drug habit. However, in the context of David Stefanovic's conspiracies to murder people, there is reason to believe that David Stefanovic has remained a drug user over the years. So David Stefanovic is still a drug user : David stefanovic lied to his Church.

David Stefanovic will probably be happy to discover that his wife Tiffany is a relative of drug trafficker Kirsten Hogg, unless Kirsten Hogg's drug trafficking network is investigated,charged, jailed.


... and worse.

Kirsten Hogg's network of crimnals are probably involved in slave trading activity (groups of criminals walking past people at traffic lights. Scientologists possibly euphemistically refer to such slave trading activity as "Traffic Reports" .   <---------- Ivan Torkich, Renee Danielle Berrier, arab Andre Dada were doing the same kind of Slave Trading activity in June 1995. See information above about Torkich possibly being a relative of Jack PArson who was a friend and homosexual lover of L Ron Hubbard (satanist,science fiction author and founder of the Church of Scientology).

See adjacent image below from 11/10/2017 .


People walking past between traffic lights in November 2017. There seems to be a correspondence of the walkers past to racists from Sydney University and racists who were students at a local High School .

Names: Kirsten Hogg, Kamahl's sister(Indian/Iranian), Leigh(Lee) Chalker, Simon Cianter whose surname pronounced as "Sienna" by Leigh Chalker .

Robert Kirgan

See information above:

....Kirsten Hogg's network of crimnals are probably involved in slave trading activity (groups of criminals walking past people at traffic lights. Scientologists possibly euphemistically refer to such slave trading activity as "Traffic Reports" ...   


(2)Ivan Torkich, Renee Danielle Berrier, arab Andre Dada were doing the same kind of Slave Trading activity in June 1995


Recent information:

Les Sanday, Mr Henderson, and the Submariner(lookalike of Gary) are the kind of sexual criminals that 

give people pets(dogs) as a way to get access to people backyards and young males who play in the backyards of their homes.

Perverse racists giving people pet dogs is connected to racists posting "lost dog" posters on telegraph poles, traffic lights, bus stop shelters, etc.

If perverse racists can get a dog into the backyard of their potential victims, it can develop into a ritual prositution conspiracy and a biological experiments conspiracy...

Les Sanday has a relative in the Seventh Day Adventist Church that was the owner of a dog called Sasha .

That relative of Les Sanday was friends with Blagoje Stefanovic. ...[to be continued].


      The Seventh Day Church(SDA church) might be secretly profitting from an American pornography magazine called "Evil Angel" .

The pornography magazines has many polynesian and jewish types displayed, it might be a connection between the Seventh Day Adventist Church and  Mossad & CIA .

The name of the magazine is similar to a movie about the disappearance in year 1982 of a adventist child called "Azariah Chamberlain" . The movie about the Chamberlain family was called "Evil Angels" and starred Merill Streep.

Such magazines might be how the hypocritical racist "Seventh Day Adventist church" overlaps with the underground economy(illegal economy).

There have been suggestions that the Seventh Day Adventist is a secretly racist organisation that follows belief that anglo-germanic racial groups should have easy lives, other racial groups should have lives filled with suffering and unhappiness.  <---- This ideology is probably connected to pagan sodomite cults of pretend angels.

See above for mention of the  Togarmah pagan worship system.

As a way from profitting from pornography and the underground economy, the SDA church possibly deliberately commits racial murders, racial injustices, then drags them on for years, pretends to investigate them.

In the racist ideology that the Seventh Day Adventist secretly follows, there is some kind of twisted reasoning that for church members to become involved in illegal activities, the beleive there is a need to  create an injustice somewhere else and then drag it on for years and years.

The full details of such a belief are not known to the author(s) of this webspace. To publish this information might be a stepping stone toward revealing the pagan ritual sadistic racist sodomite beliefs that the Seventh Day

Church secretly follows. [The SDA church is an American religion. Americans are an anglo-celtic culture. Anglo-celtics are a sodomite culture.Anglo-celtics are a gay-marriage culture.]


Rose Toeta, her adventist friends, and GF4 music group members might be somehow connected to pornography magazines such as "Evil Angel" .


Brad Morgan <----> Pussy Riot (music band)

The Cousens family are inbred, maybe anglo-dutch-hungarian jews.
[Steven Cousens the friend of Joshua Cameron]

Cousens possibly related to:

1.--- Neal Winter (High School music teacher, convicted homosexual criminal)
2.--- Svetlana Loboda and/or lookalikes of Loboda
See information posted:
{30/05/2017 [face resembles ukrainiansinger SVETLANA LOBODA ],Blonde woman with very skinny legs.}

[Loboda is a Ukrainian singer: Lodoba = Ukrainian-Hungarian Jew in the Ukraine.
See also information about Trevor Garland the Ukrainian youth music industry:
the Ukrainian youth industry seems to have many ukrainian-jews. ].

- Лобода(Loboda) - Суперзвезда(Superstar)
Svetlana Loboda
- Сумасшедшая(Mad Woman) by Алексей Воробьёв(Alex Sparrow)

Сумасшедшая(Mad Woman) is possibly a song about old women(older women?) who conspire to make groups of young males to go with them.  Note the 1950s/1960s "twist" dancing of the older woman , and 1950s/1960s jumpers-sweater(s)-jackets of the 4 young males in the one car.
The mad woman in the music video is facially similar to Mrs Cousens, the mother of Steven Cousens (nickname "Cuzzie").
The music video might be hinting that singer Loboda is a mad woman, mad for groups of young males.
[See information about 1980s High School student Scott Campbell who became a lover of the mother of his fellow student Simon Davis.]

Neighbourhoods where older women conspire to make younger males go with them,possibly are hiding more horrible secrets.
Such neigbourhoods possibly are where older males conspire to make younger males go with them sexually .
[See information about how Shane Pisani probably got his girlfriends.]


The number of 1970s/1980s families with Genetic diseases in several neighbourhoods
suggests they are INCEST NEIGHBOURHOODS in Sydney Australia.

[Older males performing incest with their biological daughters is
possibly a conspiracy for Older Males to go sexually with Young Males.

Henderson - Gerald Henderson's other sister (HOLE IN THE HEART).
Gerald Henderson has 2 sisters. One is called Carissa.
His other sister is of unknown name.
Gerald Henderson is the son of Mr Henderson.
Chalker- Christie Chalker (CROSS EYES).
Davis - Louise Davis's younger sister (MENTAL RETARDATION FROM INBREEDING)
Seguna - Rennie Seguna (MENTAL RETARDATION FROM INBREEDING: "learning difficulties")
Worth - Kim Worth (MENTAL RETARDATION FROM INBREEDING: "learning difficulties")
Stefanovic - Betty Stefanovic,Joanna stefanovic,Kristina Stefanovic(DWARFISM)

                     : look like they are on the verge of becoming dwarves.
Millett - Andrew Millett (EPILEPSY)
Saunders - Mark Saunders (CEREBRAL PALSY: "mild cerebral palsy" )
Cousens - Stephen Cousens and his brother (genetic cond[i]tion describable loosely as " VENTRILOQUIST JAW " )

In 1983, during a school camp to Jervis Bay,
Kim Worth was mentioning (to people) that elementary student Elisha Forth
was having father-daughter incest relations.

Wayne Hanson (DWARFISM)
Milos Vujanic : Is physically short (DWARFISM) . On the verge of Dwarfism.

See also  " [08/06/2018]:004 - Female Blonde Dwarf with her boyfriend.[ukrainian blonde?] "


This information is also relevent to 

" 09/09/2018,Brad Morgan <----> Pussy Riot (music band),The Cousens family are inbred, maybe anglo-dutch-hungarian jews... ...Neighbourhoods where older women conspire to make younger males go with them,possibly are hiding more horrible secrets.
Such neigbourhoods possibly are where older males conspire to make younger males go with them sexually .
[See information about how Shane Pisani probably got his girlfriends.]"


Wayne Moise(Polynesian) ---- Reza Ebrahim (Zulu) & Roshan Ebrahim(South-Asian-Indian) 

In 1983 the Cornett brothers moved into the neighbourhood where Toni Collett was lving.

The Cornett brothers were living near Ebrahim & Moise, in the same street.

Renato CORNETT & his brother Gordon Cornett .

Renato Cornett is/was a professional boxer. (italian-modern macedonian?) French-english surname ?

Trevor Christian (Australoid Boxer) was living in the same street as Cornett, Ebrahim, and Moise, Michael Petrosevic,Mark Doran.

By 1984, the Kornett brothers had moved out of the neighbourhood.

Gordon Cornett had a flat face similar to Bill Gigov. (Thracian faces ? Or slavs intermixed with mongols? Modern Macedonians are considered slavs.Ukrainians are considered slavs. Such faces probably occur among Modern Macedonians and Ukrainians.) Steve Tyler "Aerosmith" type lips.

Wayne Moise--- Wayne Brodie, Douglas Jeremic.

Reza Ebrahim --- Daniel Mamo,Wayne Brodie, Mrs Johnson.

Gordon Cornett was friends with Ralph Quitadamo, Jason Harris, Michael Chebyl .

Gordon Cornett attended the school camp at Jervis Bay.

At that school camp there occurred a situation where students gathered around a campfire at night, and groups of students performed songs which were viewed by the other students gathered around the campfire.

Jason Harris and Michael Chebyl performed a song with the tune from the British television series "Dad's Army" but they modified the words to "Who do you think you are kidding Mr Honess, if you think we're on the run... If you think you can squash us, you are probably right".

Mr Honess was the school principal(school Headmaster) and was attending that camp at Jervis Bay.

Mr Honess was very overweight, which Chebyl and Harris were hinting at in their song.

Gordon Cornett was somewhere nearby the campfire, shining a battery powered torch into his face, probably trying to look scary at night.

Jervis Bay NSW Australia has a civilian camp site, but it also has a Naval Base(military base).



Bill Clinton is biologically a Blythe. Clinton is his adopted name.


Deceased slain motorcycle gang leader Mahmoud "Mick" Hawi <---resembles----> George Deery, the brother of Denis Deery.



Comachero's motorcyclist gang. <---> named after American indians similar to Grid Iron(American Football) teams.
[shirts with numbers on them]


Les Sanday --- possibly related to---- Alison Rothwell

(similarity in teeth)

Les Sanday has teeth similar to Toni Kowalczyk from Pussycat_(band) 1970s music group.


Kowalczyk is Polish name, but such teeth are possibly Hungarian and/or Wendish/Kashubian/Sorbian .


Wends(Ugrian) ---- Basques(Ugrian)

Beehag (probably Basque surname) ----possibly related to ----- Des Robles, De Robles family(Basques,Pyrenees mountains spain/France border) ,


Marionetas, Lorena Robles

Marionettes are a kind of puppet .

Surname Robles maybe pronounced as "Robe-lez"

 [De Robe-lez, Dez Robe-lez]

When observing over the Omega Antenna network, the de robles family are possibly connected to the words "I'm a preterist, not a terrorist.)

Preterists beleive that the prophecies of the book of Revelation in the bible have already occurred.

,however the de robles family maybe had something to do with the Boston Marathon Bombing  April 15, 2013.


Basque terrorism (E.T.A. terrorist organisation) <---------------> Juan Carolos of Spain <-----> Benjumea (arab-jew slave traders in Spain).

[note:Felipe of Spain,  he son of Juan Carlos of Spain has a facial similarity to arab politician Bashar Al-Assad in Syria.

Assad might be secretly related to the Yezidi-arab people in northern Iraq.

also, there are many Assyrian semites in Northern Iraq.

Spain was under arabic domination some centuries ago, via the Saracen invasion and occupation against Spain. ]

<==== This means that the FAMILY OF JUAN CARLOS are racists(nazism supporters) but they are NOT RACIALLY PURE.

They are intermixed with arabs(semites) .





(Possibly a place to have sex with Ukrainian prostitutes?)

UKRAINIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH: Possibly a place tomeet Ukrainian prostitutes
(illegal immigration?)


POLICE STATION [corrupted by Ukrainian Prostitution.]

SHOPPING CENTRE (workplace of Agata Rynkiewicz)

Liliana Pavlek RESEMBLES Agata Rynkiewicz

Drago Pavlek (husband of Liliana Pavlek)

Pavlek lives near Milan Terzic(Anglo-Serbian Seventh Day Adventist)


Old ukrainian woman
lives in the same neighbourhood
that Toni Collette(actress) grew up in.

In a 1980s decade context
Coppack/Adamov lived a few houses away from:
- Gregory Anderson
- Roshan the Sri Lankan and his 2 sisters.
- Kylie the friend of Jason McKliskie
- R. Lenton.
- Anthony Coroneous.
- Robert Saunders.

[and near the sister of Dr Karim a local general practitioner (female Modern Egyptian Arab ]

Coppack Adamov probably visits the Ukrainian Orthodox Churchnear where the News Story occurred.Maybe she is a member of that orthodox church.


Toni Collette lived a few houses away from:

  - Michelle Coppack

 - Peter Payne

[Michelle Coppack lived a in a house across the road from an old italian man that resembles Nick Bolletieri(Tennis coach).

See the image file above "15_06_2018__old_italian_man__resembles_maria_sharapovas_tennis_coach.jpg" ]


Toni Collette lived near Elisha Forth

{Elisha Forth lived : down the street eastward and a right turn southward from the house where Toni Collette lived.}


Elisha Forth(probably house number 24):

Various people lived a few houses away from Elisha Forth: 

-Scott Williams (House number 26? 28? same street as Elisha Forth.)

- Jason Gabb

-Andrew Millett.

-Jason Vella.

-Scott Gardiner ?

-Denis Deery and George Deery (Deery is an arabic/lebanese? name. See also variants of that surname such as Al-Deery? )


2 Have French first names: Michelle and Renee.

[Ukrainian Nazis --- "Vichy French" Nazis connection, from World War 2 ?]

Toni Collette(actress)

Michelle Coppak .

(Collette & Coppak) Lived a few houses away from each other during 1980s.

Renee Danielle Berrier

Old Ukrainian Woman[Coppak/Adamov]

Ukrainian Church (near news story)


Peter Payne lived across the road from Toni Collette(actress) during the 1980s .

Michelle Coppak lived nearby Collette and Payne.

[Coppak is probably a Ukrainian Mongol]

Peter Payne brought a pornography magazine to High School(secondary school). The magazine was named "Ribald" .

Ribald is an anal sex(sodomy) porngraphy magazine. 

Peter Payne and Robert Saunders became best friends of each other around Year 10 of High School (secondary school) .

Year 10 is the year that most students graduate to find work as manual laborers and tradesman apprenticeships. Year 10 and it is 2 years before the graduation of the more intelligent students. The more intelligent go to Year 12. 

Peter Payne's Ribald magazines are possibly where Robert Saunders got the idea for an illegal immigration scheme (Sodomised Ukrainian  Wives scheme = Buggered Ukrainian wives scheme) . 


Buggered, Buggery means Sodomy. 

Buggered,Buggery does NOT mean Bugging/Listening Devices. 

[probably Australians are deliberately making some confusion about such terminology.

So the differences in meaning are stated .]


Buggery act (year 1533) <---- This law was passed in Britain against the kind of sodomite described.


Australia is a nation with the same type of perverse culture as Sodom and Gomorrah.

Australia says it is a modern country with anti-discrimination laws (laws against racial discrimination) .

In a practice, Australia seeks to inflict by force, against migrant families(because of race), an uncivilised 3 tiered system of 1)perverse masters,2) perverse servants,3) slaves.


Racism triangle 1.

[Racism is part of sodomite selfishness.

Selfishness for one's races.

selfishness to a horrible extent. ]

Corrupt racist politicians,
corrupt racist judges,

[murder/slavery conspiracies by
perverse race warriors]

Perverse Race warriors such
as Neal Winter who:
- commit homosexual crimes (Buggery)
- then go into jail but don't want to say
anything about cybernetic experiments.
[Neal Winter(perverse race warrior,high school music teacher)
through ritual prostitution activity
conspires to murder people because of race(=ritual murders) ]

Racism triangle 2

2 groups of racists enacting Bounty hunting activity to do with Australia's Underground Economy(Project Hammer).
There is a third side that the Australian racist groups don't want to get into court.

2 groups of racists enacting Bounty hunting activity to do with Australia's Underground Economy(Project Hammer):
being portrayed as legal cases between racist groups who fight race wars against each other.
Racists seeking millions of dollars in compensation while a third side is kept out of court by inflicting slave labour experiments (Australia is a society that inflicts slave labour experiments upon citizens to prevent them from having paid jobs,to prevent them from opening a business, to prevent them from getting theri legal cases to court).
The millions of dollars that Gordon Wood was seeking is really bounty hunting money for enslaving and murdering people because of race.

Robert Saunders.
Illegal Immigration of Ukrainians.

Slavery/Expendable Human situation(s)
occuring in Australia

When letters are written to solicitors,
solicitors don't want to write formal letters.
Letters are simply ignored.
[Such behaviour by Australian solicitors has
something to do with Australian doing inhumane experiments
against humans, without any official explanation.
(no formal letters are sent to victims of such experiments.
Such experiments are arbitrary, against modern law systems ,
against international laws,at a very fundamental level.)


This information describes a situation that requires to go international court.


Ralph Quitadamo <---------> Bonjovi (singer whose family come from Milan Italy)

Zachary Etcell, Zachary Etcell's cousin who worked in a Franklins store in the same suburb that Zachary Etcell lived during the 1980s, 1990s.

Franklins was a store similar to modern IGA food shops . Franklins closed down as a food store chain/franchise in Australia some time around year 2005 . Frankilns was own  British/Hong Kong company.  Hong Kong is a former British colony near China.


Ralph Quitadamo was the boyfriend of Louise Davis around year 1985/1986.

Peter Payne thought it strange that David and Quitadamo were boyfriend and girlfriend of each other, so Peter Payne probably started watching/observing Ralph Quitadamo.

Quitadamo lived in the same street as Stewart Gunther and Robert Gunther. 

Quitadamo, Louise Davis ----Peter Payne-----Zachary Etcell.

Quitadamo lived 3 house away from Steven Essam. 

Steven Essam ---- Evette Nelson ----- Zachary Etcell, Daniel Mamo ---- Wayne Brodie.


Kylie Former -------- Cardona?, Cadorna? from Milan Italy. Decorated World War 1 veteran(s) ? 

                                    Genoese textile merchants ?   Textiles/threads is possibly sometimes used as slang for illicit drugs [ Cocaine =?= thread(slang language) ]

                               [Genoa was fighting merchant wars against other italian city states such as Florence and Venice some centuries ago]

Kylie Fromer is a friend of David Evans, Karen the body double of Joanne from Big W , Sherry a body double of Bindi Odea, Shane Knight the fan of the muppet show & MASH television series, Lisa Van Aker, Craig Akroyd, the Pritchard family , Vicki Taber, Teresa Emilogu, Lisa Michenton, Mathew Payne(spelled with single t letter)

Kylie Former is a probable relative of racist lesbian policewoman Katrina Nichols  and Les Sanday. 



Stephen Collins lived across the street  from Maryann Camilleri(Maryann Grifa), Rosemary Finn, and a tall blonde that lived on a street corner.

Stephen Collins lived on the street corner across the street from the tall blonde who herself lived on the opposite street corner.

Stephen Collins is possibly involved in Banking conspiracies.

There was a woman working in the same banking company as Leanne Cameron.

[Leanne Cameron worked in Parramatta for that Bank company in the 1990s

That woman facially resembling male politician Graham Richardson was seen in a local branch of that Bank Company in the 1990s.]

That woman resembled a female version of politicial Graham Richardson.

Stephen Collins is possibly a relative of that bank worker.


Stephen Collins is a friend of Shane Pisani and Ralph Quitadamo.

Rosemary Finn was a friend of Ralph Quitadamo, Jason Harris, Gordon Cornett.

The mother of Rosemary Finn was a double double of Rosemary Hunter.



"Smallville" superman television series(NXIVM sex cult) -----"Lois and Clarke" Superman tv series---Dean Cain and/or Lou Diamond Phillips--------- Phillippines/Japan  --------Parammatta Boys Gang(Philippino Gang in Australia 1980s, 1990s ,chinese triad connections? yakuza connections ? ) ----- Johnny Young & Terry Higgins .

Johnny Young was arrested in thePhilippines on charges of involvement of running an illegal AIDS clinic.

["Ozone Therapy" "alternative medicine" AIDS clinic ?

See also "Chaystens Besso" who was offering alternative medicine treatments from Bribie Island Queensland Australia during the 1990s Judy Nunn(,Judith Anne Nunn, pen name of Judy Bernard-Waite) from the TV series "Home and Away" who has become a book author living on an Island off western Australia, Trisure Corporation (Scuba Diving and Salvage company/Ship wrecks/Treasures sunk at sea) which possibly has to do with illegal immigration and illegal trade via island locations . ]

Judy Nunn <----> Abrolhos Islands, Western Australia(WA state), Australia.

Houtman Abrolhos Islands: a chain of islands with a treacherous past of shipwrecks and mayhem.

[source: http://judynunn.com.au/]

Judy Nunn (female) has some facial resemblance to (male)Shane Knight the fan of "The muppet show" and "M*A*S*H*"

"Home and Away" is a similar television series to "Neighbours" .

See also mention of the television "Lost Islands" .


Around the year 2003/2004 it was mentioned by Tiffany Odea(Tiffany Stefanovic) that David Stefanovic had become involved with a scuba diving training course. 

Around the year 2006 David Stefanovic went to jail .

David Stefanovic---Douglas Jeremic( cousin of Stefanovic)---Wayne Brodie---Louisa Kenewell(pronunced Ken-ee-well)----Toni Collette(actress)


Terry Higgins, a former Young Talent Time studio director, had contracted HIV in the 1990s .

H.I.V.  is a precursor condition to dieing of A.I.D.S .

 [Terry Higgins from Australia has the same name as a British man that died of AIDS in 1982. ]


 Johnny Young is probably a closet homosexual/sodomite( someone who practices ritual sex ) 

See terminology "Swingers" , "Group sex" sodomites .

The Philippines is a popular destination for paedophiles who take overseas by airplanes: e.g. Gary Glitter and trips to Thailand.

See also information about Mark Virgona and his trips to Thailand.


Rose Toeta possibly has something to do with a news story about illicit drugs and Genevieve
Horsely(the daughter of a solicitor/barrister).


[Rose Toeta says she is a Seventh Day Adventist christian.
She invites people to study the bible. She is a friend of Milan Terzic.
She gives "car lifts" to people in connection with Adventist preaching
work.i.e. She drives people around in connection with her Adventist bible
preaching work and bible studies. ]

During the 1990s,on weekends, Rose Toeta would frequently drive around The
Horsely Drive, Cowpasture Road, Horsely Park, Smithfield, Wetheril Park
which are suburban roads and areas of Sydney NSW south east of Prospect

Such roads and suburban areas are possibly where Rose Toeta looks for illicit drugs to buy.

Rose Toeta, or her sisters, or her mother might be drug addicts.

Rose Toeta has 2 sisters. One sister is called Leilani/Laylani  or similar name.

[The Toeta family are Polynesian adventists from Raratonga(Cook Islands) where British Mutineer Fletcher Christian sailed the ship he stole from Captain William Bligh . i.e. See terminology "Mutiny on the Bounty " .

One of  Rose Toeta's sisters was the girlfriend of a polynesian male living in Parramatta. He worked as a  security guard. 

During the 1990s , Rose Toeta was living in a rented unit. She probably
moves from times to time to new units. She probably lives in places where
there are many units together, like a large car park full of units where
the car is parked outside without a garage.


Ally Moore<--possibly related to-->Fifa Riccobono<------has resemblance to ---> Paul Stanley from K.I.S.S. music band (Paul Bert Eisen) .

[Telelvision presenter Ally Moore might be an Australian official in the "KISS Army"(KISS fan club) , as a result of being a relative of singer Paul Stanley.)

Fifa Riccobono <----- some resemblance to ----> Phoebe Cates(american actress).

Fifa Riccobono --- possibly associated with ----- Angry Anderson(Gary Steven Anderson),ACDC music band , Col Joye  , John Paul young(singer) , Johhny Young ("Young Talent Time" television program 1970s-1980s)

Liam Young(recently deceased son of Angry Anderson) has some resemblance to Gordon Cornett. 

question: Who is the wife of Angry Anderson? Is the wife of Angry Anderson related to Gordon Cornett, and/or Isabella Clarke(Junior Eurovision 2017 competitor from Australia.) ?

Does Angry Anderson have some connection to Neal Winter ? The High School that Neal Winter worked at as a music has school uniform with Jackets the same colour as the  Manly Sea Eagles professional rugby league team. Is Angry Anderson a fan of the Manly Sea Eagles ?

Angry Anderson is musician(singer) and probably a motorcyclist(biker/bike-ee) .

Why have there been so many deaths among his fellow musicians in the music band "Rose Tatoo"  (5 death among his band members) ?  Did they die of radiation poisoning ? Is Rose Tatoo involved in illegally immigrating radioactive people from places like French Polynesia, Central asia via Vladiovostok ? Is illegal immigration done by using submarines in modern times ?

Or are illegal immigrants making suicide missions to Sydney Australia?Do illegal immigrants find out that aussies are a sodomite nation, and